Band Baaja Baaraat : Mini review

It annoyed me from the very first promo of the movie that the 'hero' looked so average. Wondering 'what did Aditya Chopra see in him that was worth a three film contract'? The movie and his performance answered me for that. Ranveer Singh is the star of the show, well not only him, but Anushka Sharma shines as well.

Again, a movie based in Delhi - Dilli. Showing true colors of the city. Unlike posh urban culture of 'Aisha', BBB has its heart set in the streets of middle class Delhi and get it absolutely right. More interestingly-it is shot 'on location' capturing true flavors, true colors of the city.

Dialogue and screenplay are pretty sharp. Music is absolutely addictive [Salim Sulaiman]. There won't be a single person who did not want to dance when 'Baari Barsi' and 'Ainveyi Ainveyi'. Pace is apt. Acts are flawless. Ranveer shows sparks of talent in each frame. So is Anushka. She is a 'patakha'. As a bindaas girl aspiring to be a successful business woman, she's a treat to watch. Enjoyable moments between the lead pair. - what more one can want from a movie?

Definitely one of my most favorite movies of the year. Don't miss it.

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  1. Completely agree. I think BBB has been my favorite film this year. It's fun and addictive the same way that Jab We Met was. Ranveer's a star for sure. :)


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