Lamhaa : Mini Review

Yet another wasted opportunity after movie Sikandar on similar background. There was a time when Kashmir and terrorism was hot favorite subject of many makers. Lamhaa stands along with many such movies. But not as good as they were - Roja and Mission Kashmir for examples.

Promos were fantastic and that made me watch it. But movie is a big downer. Starts of on a good note, but the typical cliches and mindless thrills and twists makes it a headache worthy. Music was real good, but it has been used only in bits and pieces. Bipasha and Kunal Kapoor are literally wasted. Sanjay is sleepwalking all around.

Would not recommend this to watch at all - check out its nice soundtrack by Mithoon instead.

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  1. :( so sad it didn't do well and you didn't like it as much


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