Ek Post 'Bheegi-Bhaagi Si' : 109 Bolly-Rain Songs !!

Rain..Baarish..Barsaat...Sawan...Paaus...Varsaad....whatever you call it. Still it will remain purest part of God's blessings on mankind. And that brings so much to us. Happiness, sorrow, crazyness, madness [to go and dance], childishness [to play in mud], 'hunger'ness [yummy Pakodaaaa...], Wander'ness', sexiness [well...umm..] 'bad'ness, 'crime'ness [nahinnn....Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chhod do..]. And much more,,,ness hi ness. [Ahem...not the Wadia.]

On a serious note, this post is a dedication to Rain in Bollywood. What would our beloved Bolly would be, without rain?

There would be no crime, like the one below, fantastic opening to one of the best thriller of recent time. Johnny Gaddar.

There wouldn't be mushy mushy romance inside when its raining outside. Just like this hot couple below, in Pyar Ke Side Effects.

Or else, there wouldn't be a gal, catching drops of rain on Nth floor at a Marine Drive Tower...Life in a Metro, such a wonderful movie which makes excellent use of Mumbai Baarish.

Or there wouldn't be discussions at Marine Drive, discussions abt life looking at calm see. Feeling rain - at the wall of Marina. [JTYJN]

There wouldn't be Oh...So..Hot..dances in Bollywood. Gosh..bolly, you are the inventor of most powerful (!!) form of dance. With equally amusing dressing. The sexy Saree.

There wouldn't be World's shortest Lovestory.. and SRK selling Chai..:P

Or else, tear jerker scenes and awesome chemistry...would be out of this world.
[Guru+U Me aur Hum+JWM (in header)].

There would be no Pure Fun in Rain songs. I absolutely love the following -what energy is all about. Mindblowing dance movements [Aish !!!] and stupendous sound recording by Late H Shridhar, you can feel the rain all around you. And how can I forget the Gujju Doha in between..Ahh..Rahman !!

Yet another song of Rahman. Showing Fabulous visuals of life on a road, in rain. Movie Doli Saja Ke Rakhna. I don't know but it must be Santosh Sivan who had captured this.

And how can I forget yet another Rahman. 'The' Waheeda Rahman. In Kaagaz Ke Phool.

Also not to forget 'it happened one night' movie Chameli with some great visuals of Mumbai on a rainy night.

And, there would be No Legendary Song. Do I need to describe this ??? :)

Finally, 'the' most favorite Rain scene : From Guide. After numerous viewings- I still cry at this.

So there, are my feelings of Rainy Rainy Bollywood. And How else could I conclude this post, but with a Jumbo Playlist of Rain Songs. Its been a hectic job to find links to almost all of them. Do check them out, all links lead to YouTube. And tell me more songs. Cause I am a loser at older movies. And also tell me YOUR favorites. My Favorites are marked as ***.

I have also included the songs which do not feature rain at all. But its not just to complete the list. Do 'listen' to them. They are included cause they have all feel of Rainy day. i can tune all of them and feel beautiful rain outside.

Oh, and DO NOT forget to check out readers' choice in Comments section, and tell me ur favorites too.

Pure Baarish Songs :

1. Ghanan Ghanan : Lagaan***
2. Jhirmir Jhirmir Meha Barse : Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi
3. Woh Bheege Pal : Manorama 6 Ft Under
4. Ab Ke Saawan : Shubha Mudgal***
5. Dekho Naa : Fanaa***
6. Barso Re...: Guru***
7. Saawan Barse Tarse Dil : Dahek***
8. Boondon se Baatein : Thakshak***
9. Bhaage Re Mann : Chameli***
10. Rimjhim Rimjhim : 1942-A Lovestory
11. Dhagala Lagli Kal : Jalwa [remix]
12. Garaj Baras Saawan : Paap
13. Lagaa Re Jal : Paheli
14. Taal Se Taal : Taal
15. Bheegi bheegi raaton mein : Adnan Sami
16. Barse kyon Barsaat : Khoobsurat
17. Bheega Mausam : Adnan Sami
18. Woh Lamhe : Zeher
19. Bheegi Hui : Chameli***
20. Idhar Chala Main : Koi Mil Gaya
21. Koi Ladki Hai : Dil Toh Pagal Hai
22. Nahi Samne : Taal***
23. Jeena : Dum
24. Mhare Hiwda mein : Hum Saath Saath Hain
25. Megha Re Megha : Lamhe***
26. Morni Baagaan ma bole : Lamhe
27. Parbat Se kaali : Chandni
28. Lagi Aaj Sawan ki : Chandni
29. Kahan se Aaye Badra : Chashme Buddoor***
30. Dum Dum Diga Diga : Chhaliya***
31. Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi : Chori Chori***
32. Yeh Mausam Bheega Bheega Hai : Dharti
33. Rimjhim Gire Saawan : Manzil
34. Ab ke sajan Saawan Mein : Chupke Chupke
35. Sawan ka mahina : Milan***
36. Umad Ghumad ke : Do Aankhen Barah Haath***
37. Geela Geela Paani : Satya
38. Zindgi Bhar nahi Bhulegi : Barsat Ki Raat
39. Sun Sun Sun Barsaat ki dhun : Sir
40. Barsaat Mein tumse mile hum : Barsaat

41. Ad Jingle of Maruti Alto Car : Boondon mein jaane kya...***
42. Megha Re Megha Re : Pyasa Sawan
43. Rimjhim ke geet sawan gaaye : Anjana
44. Paigam Laya Saawan : Lakeer [John Abraham]
45. Garjat Barsat Savan Aaayo re -Barsat Ki Rat (1960)
46. Ja Re Badra Bairi Ja-Bahana [1960]
47. Aaya Sawan Jhum Ke - Aaya Sawan Jhum Ke
48. Pani re pani-Shor
[last minute additions]
103. Deewana Hua Baadal - Kashmir Ki Kali***
104. Tarrum Pum Tarrum Pum : Doli Saja Ke Rakhna***
105. Bheeg Gaya Mera Mann - Kailash Kher [Chaandan Mein]***
106. Bekaraan - 7 Khoon Maaf***
107. Guzaarish - Guzaarish***
108. Kaare Kaare Badraa - Mirch***
109. Dedh Inch Oopar - Soch Lo ***

Baarish, Girl & Fun :

49. Bheegi Seeli si : Ek Chalis ki Last Local***
50. Ek ladki bheegi bhagi see: Chalti Ka Naam Gadi
51. Naa Jaane Kahan se Aai Hai : Chalbaaz
52. Dilbara Dilbara : Dhoom
53. Dekho zara Dekho : Yeh Dillagi

Love.....and Ooomph !!!

Tip Tip Barsa Paani : Mohra***
55. Bolo To bolo naa : Shabd***
56. Hum Tum : Hum Tum
57. Chori Chori jab : Kareeb***
58. Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai : Jism
59. Baadal / kabhi neem neem: Yuva
60. Tanha Tanha : Rangeela
61. Pyaar hua iqrar hua : Shree 420***
62. Mohe Ang lag jaa : Mera Naam Joker
63. Aaj Rapat Jaaye : Namak Halal
64. Badal Yun Garjata Hai : Betaab
65. Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein : Ajnabee [old] [awesome remix by Leslie Lewis is here]
66. O Sajna Barkha Bahaar Aaai : Parakh
67. Roop Tera Mastana : Aaradhana
68. Tip Tip Tip Tip Barish : Afsana Pyar Ka
69. Dil tera diwana hai sanam : Dil Tera Diwana
70. Kaate Nahi Katate : Mr India
71. Jo Haal Dil Kaa: Sarfarosh
72. Hai Hai yeh Majboori : Roti Kapda aur Makan
73. Bheega Bheega Sa yeh : Chocolate
74. Aankhon se tune yeh : Ghulam
75. baras jaa ae badal - Fareb
76. ab ke sawan mein jee dare-Jaise ko taisa

77. Rimjhim barso megh : Yeh Hai Prem [PopAlbum] ***
78. Aakhir tumhe aana : Yalgar
79. Pehli Baarish Main Aur Tu - Phool Aur Kaante
80. Tum sa koi pyara - Khuddar [Govinda]

Backdrop of Rain :

82. In Dino..: Life in a Metro***
83. Jaane Kya Chahe Mann : Pyar Ke side Effects***
84. Woh Kagaz ki Kashti : Jagjit Singh***
85. Leja Leja Re : Ustad & the Divas [pvt album]
86. O rey Piya : Doorie [Atif Aslam]
87. Pyaar Ke Liye : Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic
88. Sanwar Gayi : Saawariya***
89. Shauk Hai : Guru***
90. U me aur Hum [Male version]
91. Piya bole : Parineeta***
92. Yeh hum aa gaye : Veer Zaara
93. Jiya Dhadak Dhadak : Kalyug
94. Do Bunde Sawan ki - Phir Subha Hogi [1958]
95. Zindgi ki naa tute - Kranti

Not Rainy, Yet Rainy Songs :

96. Ajnabi khwab mein : Superstar
97. Sakhi Piya : Khoya Khoya Chand***
98. Closer Than Ever : Bombay Dreams***
99. Kya Dekh Rahe ho tum : Taal
100. Dheemi Dheemi : 1947 Earth***
101. Devdas Theme
102. Gateway theme : Bluffmaster***

New York : Movie Review

When I first knew about this movie, I was sure it will be compared to magnificent Khuda Kay Liye. And for that reason, the movie will let down many viewers, including me. Exactly the same is happening. Each and every critic is recommending Khuda Kay Liye, in their reviews. This was but natural given theme, storyline is exactly identical.

Three college friends, find their life tangled due to aftermath of 9/11. Which puts them on the way which leads to terrorism and disruption of their lives. Given their religion is often questionable so they had to face much from the law agents.  - a storyline we have been following since last 7 years. I wonder why Aditya Chopra got idea of the movie just now??

Movie starts off very well. With Neil Nitin Mukesh [Omar Sheikh] being caught by FBI officer Irrfan Khan as an accused for act of terrorism. He is interrogated and the movie gets into flashback mode, when Omar was in college. He meets Katrina [Maya] and John [Sameer] and gets to be friends instantly. The whole college sequence is shot so beautifully. We can feel beautiful New York around us. And by the time, Neil's act simply starts growing on us. John gets just nothing in first 45 minutes. Even in whole first half, its only Neil and Katrina [Maya] who sweeps away all the attention. Movie comes to an interesting twist at the time of intermission. And that by far, one can expect to come. There we can see something, in John.

After intermission, a big editing glitch is waiting for audience. If you've missed 5 minutes after interval, you will get totally confused wht is going on !! Anyways..by far, now John is getting more attention. And he plays his part honestly. One can feel pain of him when he is being tortured. There is another glitch in form of a side plot. Without that, the movie would do just fine and could have been shorter. The plot of Nawazuddin, a driver, is absolutely out of the place and could have been avoided. It does nothing to the movie. And this one is another movie which suffers a bad climax. [Gulaal, Delhi6]. It was totally unconvincing how the movie ended. Aditya must have ran out of ideas how to end this up and the movie goes blank at climax. Without giving any message.

Overall, the movie is packaged very well. Its brilliant in most technical department [given above glitches]. Cinematography of Aseem Mishra is pleasing. So the awesome background score by Julius Packiam. Also the songs are well integrated. And as expected, my favorite 'mere sang' was lovely. Also I loved the way 'Tune Jo Na Kaha' is used. But a little disappointed why 'Aye Saaye Mere' is not included at all??!!! I thought it would have been used to carry forward the story ! Action dept. is a little weak. There are hardly much thrilling moments for a movie abt Terrorism. But given the drama and romance sprinkled, its okay with me ;)

Performance are a relief. I was expecting balanced act from all, and that got fulfilled. Since his last two films, Neil Mukesh is guy I watch out for. And this is for thrid time, he has succeed. He carried most of the movie on his own. Giving John run for his presence. Though John shines in second half. His act in scenes of detention at FBI interrogation, gives goosebumps and makes us feel what had been going on then. This is one of the best performance of John by far. Still I wish his role could have been longer. Irrfan Khan as Roshan, the FBI agent, is always a guy to watch out for. He can never go wrong. And with his trademark speech, he makes presence felt whenever he's on the screen. Most surprising to me was Katrina. Though she has not been given much to do in this all male movie, I could see some serious act overhere. Also this was her regular, plays herself [Anglo-indian kinda] act. And she looked lovely throughout the movie. But amongst them all, its Neil who's hand is up.

Overall, this is the one movie which mixes mush with guns. Drama with terror. Commercial meets cause. That's New York. the Movie. [and yes, its different from Khuda Kay Liye !!]

I would rate this 3 / 5.
After all, it has got all the E-Factor. [E=entertainment]

My Tweet Review : Less gripping moments, more mush, gr8 music score + picturisation, fine acts (irrfan+neil) shallow ending : 3/5 #NewYork

Love Aaj Kal : Music Review

Expectations are sky high. And why not? After serene Socha Na Tha, and full of life Jab We Met soundtrack, [okay, much was lifted, but OST was good though] one can easily demand more from the director- Imtiaz Ali. And for soundtrack of his next Love Aaj Kal, he again has roped in Pritam Chakraborthy. Movie has flavor of fun, and this time much more then JWM, where only Girl was Paagal, in here, both Girl and Boy looks Paagal. And for such paagal movie, some fultoo paagal music is needed. So, has Pritam done justice? And how many tracks he has lifted this time [i dont know that, dont ask me, ask itwofs.com. :P
Hemant Kumar must be crying for killing his one of the most famous tune in first track 'Twist'. I have had enough of Neeraj Shridhar. Aren't there any more singers left? Okay, the track is 'killing' in terms of instant addiction. Instant foot-tapping. But that's only because of 'Naagin' tune. Otherwise the track is so badly composed. So, thumbs down at very first track. :( Again, it is re re mixed in Twist remix track, later in album.

If someone was listening to my cries over the first track, instantly second track made me fly high. A haunting whistling sound coming from a distant place with winds blowing, and Voila !! Mohit Chauhan !! Singing 'Yeh Dooriyaan' a regular, soaked in sweetness, lovely song by Mohit. Words by Irshad Kamil, does fantastic job. And the 'theme' the song has, must be used in various parts of the movie. Also it is used in Main Yahaan Hoon track. Fresh breeze of romance is felt all around. Traces of Tum Se Hi are felf here too.

Next track 'Chor Bazari' is a fun foot tapping track. Girl and boy having fun. Sung by Neeraj Shridhar [again] with Sunidhi Chauhan. Though composition is quite insteresting but it fails to hold up the attention. And turns out to be less impressive all over. The track reapeats as a remix [useless] version too.

'Main Kya Hoon' is a 'wide angle' track if we talk in terms of picturisation. A sound that I feel designed for endless journeys. Going through endless road, higher and higher. After all, its K.K. who takes us there. Up next are funky Guitar strings. The track Aahun Aahun is so interestingly composed. Everything is designed funky. A sure shot dance hit in DJ community. Jazzy B and Neeraj Shridhar rocks the floor. Also there is a remix of the track, but I would prefer the original.

Time for some relief. When we listen drum beats increasing slowly and croon of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, in same fashion as 'Teri Aur'. The Track 'Ajj Din Chadheya' is a beautifully written track by Irshad. And is mostly goes by vocal. And what more can we ask for if Rahat is singing it??

Concluding the album, a 'Shaadi' track. 'Thoda Thoda Pyar' is a typical Punjabi marriage song, with pretty good vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan with a touch of folk. A completely situational track, nothing much.

So surprised I am, that why Imtiaz Ali has come up with such an above average soundtrack? Looking back at his movies, I was hoping an extravagenza. But this is a big disappointment. Okay, given that movie doesn't belong to genre of Musical, its a fun on the go,kinda movie. But still..... Again I am surprised that Shaan, who is voice of Saif, is not used at all. And the album is so much Male dominated. I dont think there would be much more mushy mushy moments. Nahiin.....Jab we met ke baad We wanna see some more like that,,,,,,don't we?? May be its because the movie is co-produced by Saif. So he must have all the attention, isn't it? :P

My Rating :
3 / 5
My Top Picks : Yeh Dooriyaan, Main Kya Hoon

Jashnn : Music Review

Bhatts, oh dear Bhatts !! How much I love thy music!! Yes, really. Mahesh Bhatt and brothers, can never disappoint you when it comes to music of their movies. So consistently they are coming up with some really good scores since long time. And still they are such underrated. And that's why I was interested in this, low publicized movie, which surprisingly has some really good tracks. Jashnn  directed by Raksha-Hasnain. The duo who directed The Train two years back which had quite good soundtrack composed by Mithoon. And this time for Jashnn, they have picked up Three music directors for a movie which has tagline 'the Music within'. So lets see how's it -
Album starts with a soft note later turning into crooning of KK. Yeah, he's here. So get ready for a fabulous track. 'Nazarein Karam' is a trademark KK song, with some fast beats and background vocals by Shreya. An instantly likable song with equally addictive words. Nice to humm around. Lyrics are by Kumaar which has some really good lines.

Next up is 'Aaya Re' which starts off with one can easily identify as a concert song. A song which reminds most of 'star launches' from past. Again, KK in his own style, and some funky beats makes this track fun. And with some electric guitar sprinkled over, I would say Just Go For It - play it loud. Both of this tracks are composed by Sharib-Toshi, the new guys has given instant hit tracks in their debut album. Good going.

Music stays for a while, when 'Dard-e-tanhai' takes over the album. Written-Composed and Sung (!!!) by Nouman Javaid. A lonesome track which has some typical yet effective words. The track goes at high pitch with Guitar strings and the track concludes fantastically.

After such different tracks, here comes a traditional 'love song' by Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal. 'Tere Bin' reminds me of Teri iss baat ne [Kalyug]. Which has similar cute, love all over the track. The duo sings is so smoothly and makes a very nice guest track by Sandesh Shandilya. [such an underrated guy!!] Words are by Neelesh Misra.

I was really surprised at next track. 'Main Chala'.  After listening to it, I got up and checked CD cover, if there is anything wrong. But no,'it is' composed-written-SUNG by Nouman Javaid. Because the track is so much 'LUCKY ALI' kinda. I can identify each string, each thehrav in Nouman's voice so so similar to Lucky. And that actually is a complement for Nouman. In his debut, he sounds so mature. The track is an Unplugged one. With beautiful strings, talking about rise and fall of self. Making me expecting something outta movie.

The only glitch in the album is 'Aish Karle'. Composed and sung by Sharib-Toshi. Its all about doing fun, about youth and partying. A peppy track but not 'in line' with all other tracks listed earlier. But thats okay with me, cause after all, its a fun one. From Lyrics, I can see it must be fun on screen.

Next two tracks are remix of Dard-E-Tanhai and Nazarein Karam, which keeps fun going. And a different version of Dard-E-Tanhai as 'Meri Tanhai', yet another unplugged version. Again a good listen.

Overall, this album, not at a single moment, let you down. Such fresh strings and vocals makes it worth listen. And might be a reason for me to watch an 'Adhyayan Suman' movie !!! But hey, there is also cutie 'Anjana Sukhani' and mighty 'Shahana Goswami' !! And videos look 'actually' good. So There, Bhatts, I am coming to cinema hall...

My Rating : 4 / 5 (!!!)
My Top Picks : Main Chala, Nazarein Karam
Movie Release Date : 17 July

Dawn of a New Era !! :-P Umm...well....


I hereby declare this day as Dawn of a New Era. Now, king will rule all over the world. And that too, with his own symbol. A symbol of harmony. A symbol of unity. A symbol of peace. A symbol of.....

Ahh...leave it. i know it was really bad.

But here, I want to introduce Official Logo of my blog. Presenting you, dunkdaft, the Logo. After years of research, and design development, here comes my masterpiece. But hey, that was not done by me. Actually, I have designed a very basic shape of the logo. And 'MAHA Thanks' to Soumyadip of Cutting The Chai, [Twitter is a great help too] for casting a spell with his magic wand on it, and creating a masterpiece. :) So here it is -

From Now on, you will see it everywhere. On images, on my mug, on my mousepad, on Tshirts of beautiful girls out there [okay, come back come back]. actually on my Tshirt. I am completely in love with it. Thanks again Soumyadip.

Tell me how's it? Did you like it? Any more color variants?

Kambakkht Ishq : Music Review

After an underrated soundtrack of Lovestory2050; here comes yet another big outing of Anu Malik. Though Lovestory was a disaster, I 'actually' liked songs from the movie. [am I in the minority?] The music was perfect for 'futuristic' feel. And here, in Kambakkht Ishq, the theme/feel is Wacky, Akki kinda fun. So Anu here gives more peppy, pop corn kinda music.
Kicking off with a track composed/sung by RDB, 'Om Mangalam' - the album promises a fun outing ahead. Sanskrit chant mixed along with word Kambakht Ishq makes it an addictive listen.  Its a track you just can't resist but to play LOUD. Really Loud. The lines 'u'r my baby u drivin' me crazy' sticks to ur mind long after. Next track 'Lakh Lakh' is a song for 'eve teasing' :P. Well, just like many bolly songs about teasing/chasing a girl, this one is another addition. Regular Akki voice, Neeraj Shridhar does the honor of singing the track. And with Punjabi flavor, this one is an average song yet a foot tapping number.

What makes a perfect composer/singer combo? Definitely Alisha+Anu. Despite clashes between them, they are now coming with songs together. And this time for 'Bebo' Kareena, the song is titled 'Bebo' itself. And typical 90's pop style song sung by Alisha Chinoy, makes it special.

Again next track, disappoints. The title track, where I was expecting something solid. Cause the word 'Kambakht ishq' derived from similar Dhamakedar song from Pyar Tune Kya kiya. So one has to break that. But here in the track 'Kambakht Ishq' its just a regular fare. Sung by KK and Sunidhi Chauhan [u were far better in New York, girl] the song is Nothing much special. But yes, Lyrics are quite fun. Must be good on screen.

Then, some soothing sound comes out of the speakers. Smooth piano sound makes a good start to 'Kyun' sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan. A simple love song reminds me of 'Baahon Mein Chale Aao'. Because of the tch..tch..tch...sound. The song repeats as a solo version by Shreya. Nice track after such fast tracks earlier.

Album has 4 remixes of all fast tracks mentioned earlier. All are just normal remix, nothing special to write about. But album concludes with a cool track composed by guest composers Aaum and Sulaiman Merchant. Welcome to Hollywood sung by Karsh Kale and Anushka Manchanda. Its kinda theme for the movie and must be played throughout. Good one.

So there, one of the most anticipated movie has an above average score. Which is full on fun, but hardly any tracks are there that we can remember after a few days. But thats okay for a fun movie. Where songs are required for - ofcourse - fun. Nothing else.

My Rating : 3 / 5
My Top Picks : Om Mangalam & Kyun.

New York : Music Review

New York - second movie by Kabir Khan after much acclaimed Kabul Express. Is again a movie with a backdrop of Terrorism. But this time the movie is set in US of A and especially New York, so the music must match the feel. Cause in Kabul Express, we have heard some not yet mainstream but great tracks. And here, I was quite eager what he has in stores cause he chose Pritam for this one. And happy I am that this one doesn't disappoint at all.
Album starts of with some familier guitar strings. Last heard in Keh Raha mera dil jo [kabul express]. Thats ofcourse 'Yaaron'. A lively track with dash of friendship and ambitions and youthfulness. With ever dependable K.K. After giving us a gem in Sikandar, here he is again at his best. This soft rock track wins over me and everyone instantly. Lyrics by Pradeep Shrivastava is also simple and lovely. Sample this - [my favorite lines]

kabhi jo milenge, Raaste, pal mein hi chamkegi hansi purani toh..
kaho kya kahoge, fir humein..kaise chhupaoge nami yeh palkon ki...

Another soft rock number shows up - Mere Sang. My favorite from all tracks. Even its remix version is so good that I like it more over the original. And voila, its Sunidhi Chauhan. This one is a song about a girl, taking her love into a dreamy mushy world. Magical track. I am looking forward to how this will turn out on screen.

And how better it can be, when next up is Mohit Chauhan's trademark Love Ballad?!! I am seriously worried though, if Mohit is getting typecast. But still, all his tracks are so smooth and lovely. 'Tune jo na kaha' starts with his humming, later turning into a lil' high pitch. And towards the end, the track changes its mood from mushy to sad one. Overall, a good one to hum around.

Then comes a 'sufi' track composed by Pankaj Awasthi After series of very well integrated 'Ha Raham' from Aamir, and 'Allah hoo' from Sikandar, this one is another track about ground realities of the world around. Track 'Aye Saaye Mere' sung by composer himself, has rhythm you can easily get attached to. But somewhere it falls short to create 'the impact' which is needed in a movie with such theme. And in 'antara', it reminds me of a song from 'Hey Baby'?!!!

Next two tracks are remix versions of 'Hai Junoon' and 'Mere Sang'. Perhaps are a few from recent remixes, which I do not skip while listening. Quite nice easy on ears remixes. And so much I love 'mere sang' that I listened to it 4 times at a stretch when I heard it for the first time :D

Album concludes with two instrumental tracks. First one is 'Sam's Theme' [John Abraham's] composed by Julis Packiam. has vocals [humming] by Caralisa Monteiro. Track slowly turns calm, and starts with theme of 'Mere Sang'. Again turns up like an Opera, and sound is so fabulous. Last one is 'New York Theme' - another instrumental - but this time more dark and thrilling one. Must be used quite often in the movie.

All in all, the album holds up attention as far as you listen to it. And with breezy 3 songs, this one is worth listen to. Though it is not having 'great' tracks [as we are spoiled by Rahman] but for some freshness and fun; go for 'New York'. And surprisingly, the movie is releasing so early after the music release. Its up on 26th. So can't wait to see a 'big' movie after 3 long months !!!

My Rating : 3.5 / 5
My Top Picks : Mere Sang & Sam's Theme

Lagaan : Legend Revisited

"Lagaan : Sau Saal Pehle Ki ek aisi kahaani, Jo Itihaas ke pannon mein kahi kho gayi thi.." The baritone was echoing in my mind, as I was walking through the soil, the dust and the sands of Champaner. Yes, the village Kunariya where the movie, the legend was shot in the year 2000. My yet Another uncertain journey as always..this time stopped at 'the' place where 'the' Legend was written.

[As I watched Lagaan on next day of its release, i.e.16th June, 2001; Here is its Anniversary Special on same day, 2009]

It was a Friday, when I just completed reading The Spirit of Lagaan - the book written by Satyajit Bhatkal on making of Lagaan. An extraordinary tale of how this larger than life world was captured in the movie. So, after reading it, naturally I put up my disc and started watching the movie. And then suddenly, got idea, why not go to the place and celebrate the anniversary a little earlier? Its about 400kms away from my city. So instantly I called up my friend who lives in Bhuj, instantly got my tickets of Bus service which I boarded late night and voila!! I was in Bhuj very next morning. Took my friend's Bike, and went away, to discover the village. [I even couldn't find it on Wikimapia, nobody had marked it, but I did it later. See it here]

But the task was so easy. So easily I found the village because of very good road connectivity. Which was absent 10 years back, when Ashutosh took a great chance of setting up whole world in the desert. So there I was in village Kunariya, 20 kms away from the city Bhuj. There I was, in my Mecca, in my Amarnath, in my Chardham, whatever you say, it was the moment to cherish. And what did I find??

the dust which covered the unitThere was no hills and mountains visible as in the movie. I panicked. [and my i-pod was playing...Tu Aaja Re.....Mitwa..] And thank God, someone was walking on the deserted way, I stopped him and asked about where was the shooting place? I knew he must had the answer. As so many villagers were included too. And he instantly show me the way. And so accurately he guided me, in flat 10 minutes, I was there....at Champaner.

Still I had doubts. Cause there was so much of sand on the soil, and I knew this was not it. And there, came my saviour, in form of a tractor driver [heck, i should have clicked him]. And he gently asked me, how on earth I am here in this desert? [gora chitta ladka, in this hot desert - though it was only 9.30am] I asked him about the shoot..and heck...'He did participated in it !!!!' Yes, he said, I had worked to raise the village, the homes of characters!! And there, he pointed out at this - a huge rubble of cement floor structure. And that too, was behind a small hill. And how on earth I could not identify it?? It was the 'Toilet Block'!! Yes, it was. Cause they wanted to hide it, it was created behind this rock hill. And how thankful I was to that man who later shown me the way to go to the main farms where the village was standing?!! He vanished away saying 'you should have come 10 years earlier...' Yes, yes, point taken :-D


So, what a great (!) start, I thought. Though my bike was shouting high, due to absolutely sandy soil. I cut it off. And climbed up the hill. Soon I found this on a rock -
love on the rocks
Mind it ! This is not a tourist place where people do come and write crap like this. This WAS from the crew members itself. It is for sure. [and btw, my mom+dad has same initials :P ]

And after reaching at the top of the rocks, I was ready to die. Yes, Yes, It was the moment. I can see the Champaner in front of my eyes. There-was temple, There-was Bhuvan's house, There-was the pitch. Yes, There- Was LAGAAN : Once Upon a Time In India. The same track was playing in my ears.
Photobucket'The' Location The surrounding hills
See the first pic above, that's the Lovers' Hill. Where Bhuvan-Gauri romanced [my saviour told me that]. And the third one [I suppose] is the hill where the Temple stood.What a feeling?
And instantly, I remind of following frame from the movie. Yes ! I was standing on the rock where Chale Chalo was filmed !! What eyes Ashutosh has? The view is just wonderful. And just so much perfect for the shoot.

I could only think - what an effort?  What level of passion, How desparate was everyone for making this happen. In just 2 hours, I was getting burnt over my [delicate :P] skin, the heat was on at only 10:30am !! The dust, the sand was getting over me-everywhere from hair to toe. And I thought, what life the crew had lived in 6 months of year 2000?
just look at the sand
I was there in month of June. How cruel the nature would be in April and May?? How hot atmosphere eveyone handled 'Playing Cricket on these fields'?????
Rude SoilLook what's coming
And then, God sent me another saviour. "Hey Baadal, arrey Baadal Aai Gya Re....." Yes, the clouds were there. Making me little confortable, and vanished in few minutes :) just like the movie. Leaving me alone..in burning rays of Sun.
Arre..Baadal aai gyo re..the soil where once Champaner stood
I searched, searched if I could find just 'anything' related to shoot. But that was insane, Yes I know, but my level of insanity is that only :P But nothing was there left for me. Cause the land is used for farming. And owned by villagers. So no traces were left besides the Toilets :). And that was the reason, I could not go further and further far away near to the hills shown in below. Cause the area is cordened by the farmers, And I too was not willing to disturb them.
Impossible to go near hills..the planes are endless
I just sat on rocks, cherished each song in burning sun rays. That, was the moment, I would cherish whole my life. I could tell everyone, when they will watch the movie, Yes, I had been there. At the legendary place. Where history was created. Where, determination resulted in a rock solid result. Where each member of the crew, had lived their lifetime. The heat and dust, which made the task un believable, ended up in being an unforgettable part of the movie.
Goodbye Champaner, I'll be back !!
Goodbye Champaner

And there was someone to bid me farewell. Well, have a look.
Traffic choked up !!
Later, I returned to Bhuj. And visited majestic palace of Maharo Pragmalji. Which lies in ruins because of 2001 Earthquake.
Prag Palace-Bhuj Aaina Mahal-Bhuj
And, the place Where Salman and Aishwarya took saat phere [yes, seven rounds of marriage]. Well, not in real, but in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The Cenotaphs-below. The structure got major damages in earthquake. One temple is totally vanished.
Cenotaphs of Bhuj

And then [as I tweeted] why I did watch Kal Kisne Dekha? Well, How could I let go  my temptation of watchin a movie where LAGAAN was premiered?? Here,,,is SurMandir talkies, where Aamir had arranged first show for villagers / local crew.
Where Lagaan was premieredinside SurMandir
There, my day ended with a crap movie, but great feeling of watching movie where Aamir, where the Lagaanites were sitting. Yes, that guy was right I should have come 10 years earlier...

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