My Black-list : Five black things I desire

Obviously my favorite color. Black. Mysterious, stunning, sexy and what not. Everything around me, I try to first own in black color. (Well, being practical ofcourse). So when Blogadda got this initiative out, I instantly came up with a list. Here is the first installment from the list of things I desire, in Black. 

HTC One M8 - Black

Nothing beats HTC One M8 when we talk about killer looks merged with equally killer specs. And this beast packs both in it. Just one thing it lacks - Black. There is still no black color and that is the one I desire. How utter sexy it will look with that metal back and amazing UI. This phone is black, is sure to get envy from everyone around.

Black iPod Touch - 1TB
Tell me it is possible, isn't it? 1 TB for the huge song collection of mine, is still insufficient. But carrying all of my favorite songs, that too, in suave black design. Black headphones will add yet another charm. I would never let anyone get hold of it if it becomes a possibility

Black wardrobe
From black t shirts to black tuxedos. Shining black shoes to swanky black watches. Everything black is something that I would love to have. Always. In fact, my present T shirt collection reflects the same. But still, how awesome it would be to have everything black. Dashing looks naturally comes alongwith that color. Isn't it?

Black Cat
A cat. A real cat. Not the commando. Cats have always fascinated me. Have always wanted to have one as my pet. Even though black cats are counted as evil force, back here in India. But no pet as cuddling, as mysterious, as gorgeous as a black cat is. And when those eyes shine in pitch black night - priceless expressions from people - guranteed ! Would love the cat roaming around brushing smooth silky black fur over my feet.

Black Diamond Ring
Just look at that pair of rings. That mysterious black piece of stone looks stunning. Would love to get a pair for us. Paired with my favorite metal - Platinum (again, dash of black), this Black diamond  can never go off my sight.

So, this is my 'black'list. Part 1. What's yours?
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