The Dirty Picture : Music Review

Bappi da, RDB and Pritam. Confusing? OK, these are the sounds that Vishal-Shekhar has created in The Dirty Picture. Starting with the colorful Ooh La La, lyricist Rajat Arora makes sure to put a grin on your face with fun words [in all tracks]. Bappi da is more fun to hear in Ooh la la than Shreya . A total riot. While next Ishq Sufiyana is 'Pritamish' love ballad, fantastically sung by Kamal Khan. But the sound is pretty familiar, instant reminder of songs from Ajay's recent hits [Singham, OUATIM] The song repeats as a female version by Sunidhi. Next Honeymoon ki raat by Sunidhi is another one from genre in which Bappi da rocked - disco. An okay track that should be situational. RDB styled Twinkle Twinkle makes a fun listen because of its lyrics. And oh, that is not Vishal singing with Shreya. Its Rana Mazumdar ! 

The 70's sound is throughout the album, and why not when its set in that period. Overall, a fun album that should perfectly gel with the movie. 

My Favorite : Ishq Sufiana, Ooh La la

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Aadat Se Majboor [Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl] : Lyrics

Bachke zara, shaitaniyaan meri, oh Ladies, 
Karke zara, zara, beimaaniyaan meri, oh Ladies, 
karu seena zori seena zori, tumhe ho na ho manzoor, 
phir dil ke chori, dil ki chori, hai mera kya kasoor, 

kya karoon oh ladies, Main hoon aadat se majboor. 
 huzoor, huzoor, main hoon aadat se majboor. 

Ricki Behl baby, and he's smooth as silk, 
before you can blink, this cat drinks the milk
Indifferent wherever you go,  you never seem coming and
Keeps switching his mask, he is young, keeps changing his colour
Con man baby, he is a lover, cons karne ki hai khujli
Chakmaa deke, he is out of there quickly

Seedha nahi tedha, bio data mera, lipstick se likhna hai mujhe,
Har ek haseena ke, bank account ke, debit mein dikhna hai mujhe, 
zara jee hazoori jee hazooori, main karta hoon zaroor, 
phir dil ke chori, dil ki chori, hai mera kya kasoor, 

kya karoon oh ladies, Main hoon aadat se majboor. 
 huzoor, huzoor, main hoon aadat se majboor. 

Aankhon ke neeche se, kaajal chura loon main, aisi safaai hai meri, 
Entry hai phoonk si, exit toofan hai, yeh muh dikhai hai meri, 
Kholoon har tizori har tizori, haan main toh hoon mashhoor, 
phir dil ke chori, dil ki chori, hai mera kya kasoor.

kya karoon oh ladies, Main hoon aadat se majboor. 
 huzoor, huzoor, main hoon aadat se majboor. 
Dhokha khaa gayi, India ki har bandi
Sirf cash pe aish, maana jagmandi
Hai mundaa bada changa, lekin niyat gandi..

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Desi Boyz : Music Review

Make some noice for the desi boyz - sounds age old regular stuff that Pritam churns every now and then. But I'm sure it will work perfectly in the movie. [with stripped boyz ;)]. Trance-pop sound of Subah hone na de makes an addictive listen. Shefali Alvaris [remember yeh dil hai nakhrewala?] with Mika - perfect. Jhak Maar ke - a rehash of Jhor ka jhatka from Action Replay - is annoying with same old Pritam+Neeraj Shridhar stuff. Sigh.. Harshdeep Kaur in such song. Allah Maaf Kare - Sonu Nigam ko, man. Why did he select this song? Duh.. And another singer is wasted. Shaan in Let It Be - though it has nice lyrics [situational] giving lessons about life. Pretty regular stuff. Bah. Anyways, what more can we expect from a regular comedy flick?  But atleaset they could've given something like Garam Masala.

My Favorites : Subah Hone Na de.

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Ra.One : Movie Review

Worth the wait. Thats my oneline review for Shah Rukh and Anubhav Sinha's Ra.One Yes, it has flawed script, yes it lacks 'director's touch', yes, the first part is slow, yet it entertains you. And throughout the running time, there is not a single dull moment. That was what I expected. And the same was delivered by the makers.

I saw the 3D version ofcourse-though I think it is gimmicky and just to follow the trend. But the 3D conversion is smooth. When you see kids around you jumping in their seats-you know the makers have striked the right chord. SFX team has done great job, hats off to them for making such awesome moments come alive on screen. The train sequence, the car chase, the Ra One faceoff in front of Raavan were really really a highlight. Add Vishal Shekhar's pulsating score it totally sucks you in the happenings on the screen.

Kareena - has never looked so ravishing before. And thank God, in this superhero movie, the heroine does not shout for help. SRK is a charmer as always. Though I prefer his human being avatar more than the virtual one. Arjun Rampal is menacing, really really menacing. I was a little disappointed why he did not have much screentime. But it is understood when we go by storyline. Won't be surprised if sequel is planned - and he remains very much in the cast.

Watch it for efforts of the team. Watch it for SRK's dedication. I am not THAT BIG fan of him, but still I am saying this. His efforts shows in the movie. That can not be just passed off saying 'oh, its a copy of Robot'. Nah. If sci-fi is a common theme, that doesn't make it a 'copy'. If so, all the romantic movies should get called a copy of YRF movie, no?

No one can make Diwali as sparkling as SRK does. He proves that, again.

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Ranbir Kapoor & Nissan to make a Bolly-movie, auditioned on Facebook !

Actually, can't call it a movie because its just 3 minutes long. But this is too early to assume anything. As Nissan's press release says it will have everything, music, stars and much more. To go further in detail -

Nissan India and Ranbir Kapoor are searching for 20 passionate members of the public to star in the world's first Bollywood movie auditioned entirely on Facebook. From October 19th, movie-fans will be able to join in one of the world's largest on-line talent hunts by uploading a short clip on of themselves dancing for a chance to appear alongside Ranbir in the 3-minute Bollywood blockbuster – New Star of India.

Members of the public will vote to decide who the 20 lucky Ranbir co-stars will be, and will also help produce the movie by shaping the plot, choosing the music, picking the wardrobe and naming the characters. As well as being screened to millions on Facebook, New Star of India will be premièred at exclusive red carpet events in cities across India in January 2012, where there will also be a chance to win one of six all-new Nissan Micras.

Ranbir said: "I'm incredibly excited to be involved in this ground-breaking movie with Nissan – no-one's attempted anything like it before. Speaking to all Bollywood fans out there, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to join me in the magic of the movies. I'm looking forward to seeing your auditions and can't wait to meet my co-stars, so get dancing, get voting and get involved!"

Steps to follow :
1: Choose your favourite soundtrack on the Facebook page
2: Get dancing – either solo or with up to nine friends
3: Upload the clip to the site and wait for the votes to pour in.

Nissan will also be taking New Star of India on the road and will be touring shopping malls across the country to film live auditions in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkotta, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad & Aurangabad from October 22nd.
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Item (Euphoria) : Music Review

Finally some good news for Indipop lovers. Kailasa are almost ready with their 'Rangeelee', and before that Euphoria is already here with their 'Item'. Palash and gang are here with their sixth album. With their usual pop-rock tracks fused with Indian sounds.

Ram Ram Ali Ali reminds of their own Soneya. As earlier albums had, this too has some fab lyrics reflecting religions and their meaning, passes the muster. C U Later starts slowly but gets completely Guitar heavy during midway. Not too easy for me to get used to the sound. Sajnaa is the safe zone of the group. Fusion . Predictable yet lovely track. Mere dost mere bhai [Tum Hi They] has a familiar sound. Interesting lyrics it has.  Another one to look forward to. At prelude, Gumsum sounds exactly like Sha Na Na. But soon it turns out differently. Arrangements are minimal here [so, makes an 'easy on ear' listen ;)]. 

Jeene do rides heavily on Palash's voice, with rebelious lyrics, the track didn't work for me. Kabootar (!) starts with Gabbar singh's trademark laugh [yes!] and soon that fades in a heavy rock thing. Nah... not for me. [Ram naam satya hai, aata sab ka waqt hai - I was ROFLing]. And what the next track Dukeli was all about - before I can figure it out it went away in 37 seconds ! But soon it gets cleared that it was kind of prelude for next one - A sequel to 'Ab Na jaa' - Akela [na jaa]. Loved it. Finally, the title track Item arrives. An item number on a pop album ! ah well. With 'desi' pronounciations and and desi beats the track tries hard, but falls flat. No fun. nah. 

All in all, past was the best times when we had some GREAT songs by the team. But something's missing this time. 

My Favorites : Akela, Sajnaa, Mere dost mere bhai

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Favorite 'Rahman' Movies

A R Rahman is back (!) in heart of everyone again with the release of Rockstar's soundtrack. [though I never thought he had gone anywhere, but that is totally a different issue I won't like to discuss]. This is a moment where I would like to discuss Favorite 'Rahman' Movie. Movies, that are hard to imagine without Rahman's scintillating score. Just mute the movie and you will understand how his music a inimitable part of what is ongoing on screen. [Call me over excited, but I am looking extremely forward to Rockstar because reportedly it has 14+6 tracks in the movie].

Here are top 3 of my favorites [have restricted the list to Hindi films only]. Would love to know what are yours.

3. Meenaxi-A Tale of 3 Cities :

Colorful, vibrant and lively the movie is. Ditto the score by the genius. From mysterious Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai that talks about that 'first love' from the eyes of lady protagoinist, to 'sexy' Dhuan dhuan sung by Asha ji that depicts desire of her. Vision of M F Hussain's unusual & dreamy thoughts is translated in Do Kadam aur sahi. And the vibrance and gress of 'The beauty' is perfectly described in one of the most fabulous sufiana style : Noor-Un-Allah. Colorful cities of India - Hyderabad and Jaisalmer looks perfect with Chinamma Chilkamma and Rang hai. Oh, and not to forget 'opera'ish background score for the parts shot at Prague. The addictive desi sounds of Jaisalmer. Innovative 'The cyclist's Rhytham' and 'Potter's village'. Add Tabu in all the frames, and one can die with awesomeness. Sigh..

2. Rang De Basanti:

Very few movies are there that weaves Rahman's tracks so perfectly that it becomes inseparable to even think of thos movies without BG Score playing in mind. Rang De Basanti - talk about it and mind starts playing the finale theme sung by Rahman himself [the one when the friends are walking towards the radio station]. Gets me goosebumps everytime. The piano tune that plays through many scenes [the one when Sue reads out the diary] perfectly creates pictures of haunting past. Adrenaline rushes into your veins when the title credits roll and also when the bikers go wild after attending the 'Paathshala', Khalbali induced theme when friend goes to the place where Karan proposes Sonia and 'fly with the plane' happens. On the other hand - for the past, totally different tracks - when Sue imagines her characters in the DJ gang, Chasing Ram prasad Bismil & Ashfaq, Kakori Train loot, The Azad at Ramlila - list can go on and on. Not to forget perfect amalgamation of the songs and the movie. Till date, I can't stop my tears when Khoon chala or Lukka chhuppi happens. Oh man.. Oh man.


[See, that is in CAPS LOCK, Got it why? ;)] Well, this is the most obvious choice whenever I talk about Rahman's finest works. This is a movie where each and every character has their own identical score. Close your eyes and you can identify just by the sound that plays in background - yes, that is Lakha, oh there comes Gauri - ah, Elizabeth is escaping from the palace, ooh, the aerial shot of the village. Each and every moment is framed with Rahman's notes. Each track is so well fitted and in-line with the screenplay - the songs are something that one can never hit FF even after watching for nth time. I had never liked the game of Cricket - blame it on the maestro for his tense score uptill the climax. Mention of climax makes me go bow the genious how smoothly he mixes up tunes of each song in just one stretch. Starting with the moment when Bhuvan falls and fills his hands with sand and release it towards the sky [Mitwa theme] the sequence ends with Gauri and Bhuvan hugging each other while Elizabeth watches them [O rey chhori] and finally rain dance with Ghanan Ghanan. Oh my dear Rahman - what this movie could've done without you ! Salutes !!

Honorable mentions :

Delhi-6. This is the closest one when it comes to inclusion of songs into the movie. Most favorite part ? The one when Daadi [Waheeda ji] returns to her home and the carnatic piece of Rehna Tu [comes as ending of the track] plays in background.

Swades. The leisurely paced movie was worth because of the almost silent score-perfect for the theme of the movie. Most favorite? the 'Entering' theme when Mohan enters the village. [I seriously believe Avatar's theme is totally inspired by this one] and Geeta's theme.

Dil Se. Visual orgasmic the movie is. And those breathtaking visuals captured by Santhosh Sivan are incomplete with the BG score. Ladakh will never look so beautiful as it was in this movie. Most favorite? The theme of Meghna. The one that starts 'tu hi tu' - often repeats in the movie.
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Rockstar : Music Review

This is one Rahman album which has 'that' feel - 'listen to it more and let it grow on you'. I am still confused on what to write. Can't gather words. Can't complete the full album. Can't move to other tracks without re-re-re-re listen one after another. [4 songs are already famous on TV/web, but I heard all for the first time, now- except Kun Faaya Kun !]

Phir se udd chala took me in the sky with its free-bird feel. Jo bhi main is an anthem. Yeah yeah... yeah yeah yeah... Haven't imagined Mohit Chauhan in this mood - ever. Oh wait, that is true for Saadda Haq too. Ground breaking rock anthem it is. Earthy Katiyaan Karoon is extremely addictive from the word go. Harshdeep Kaur's voice is just perfect for bubbly naughty girl. The song takes a totally different turn while it concludes. Love love it. Aaaand....Here comes the God himself singing divine Kun Faaya Kun. With Javed Ali and [fabulous] Mohit Chauhan, the song is indeed a journey to another world.

Irshad Kamil shines throughout the songs. Man ! What words ! what words ! Can't get enough enough enough..

To settle the things down, next track Shehar main is peppy track with fun lyrics. It takes us straight to the studio where a composer [Anu Malik?] is teaching Jordan to sing a track. Mohit FTW again. And after that trip to recording studio, Rahman takes listener to a gypsy outing. Close your eyes and let Hawwa Hawwa show you the gypsy dance around you. Excellent arrangements and singing - and interesting story telling inside the song. All the 'feel good' tracks, the album enters the rebellious and dark mood. [including Sadda Haq]. Aur Ho is all about Mohit and his outstanding vocals combined with fabulous words. Equally fabulous words and this time Rahman singing pacey Nadaan Parindey - takes an interesting turn when Mohit's part comes.

Was surprised to see Kavitha ji in credits. Its been a long time, but somehow Tum Ko does pale in comparison with all the other tracks. A slow tabla laden haunting track it is. May be it will take time [or after watching the movie] to grow. [just like Khili re..from Raavan]. The track has traces of next track - Tum Ho. Even the little piece, The Meeting Place has dashes of this tune. Mohit is in his regular genre in Tum Ho makes an engaging listen. Instrumental Tango For Taj has sound of Hawwa Hawwa with fantastic piano tune. While fusion of Guitar and Shehnai in The Dichotomy of Fame makes an excellent listen. Last piece - The Meeting Place leave listener craving for more. Very short one.

Well, this was definitely worth all the hype, wait and curiosity generated around the album. Hope Imtiaz Ali has translated it well on the screen. [that looks assured - by the videos which are out by far, Jo Bhi main is my favorite]. Fingers crossed for the movie. Because it has 6 more tracks [may be instrumental ones]. A last thought and request to Imtiaz -- Can we have this movie in IMAX ???? Pleeeeez?

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