Ra.One : Movie Review

Worth the wait. Thats my oneline review for Shah Rukh and Anubhav Sinha's Ra.One Yes, it has flawed script, yes it lacks 'director's touch', yes, the first part is slow, yet it entertains you. And throughout the running time, there is not a single dull moment. That was what I expected. And the same was delivered by the makers.

I saw the 3D version ofcourse-though I think it is gimmicky and just to follow the trend. But the 3D conversion is smooth. When you see kids around you jumping in their seats-you know the makers have striked the right chord. SFX team has done great job, hats off to them for making such awesome moments come alive on screen. The train sequence, the car chase, the Ra One faceoff in front of Raavan were really really a highlight. Add Vishal Shekhar's pulsating score it totally sucks you in the happenings on the screen.

Kareena - has never looked so ravishing before. And thank God, in this superhero movie, the heroine does not shout for help. SRK is a charmer as always. Though I prefer his human being avatar more than the virtual one. Arjun Rampal is menacing, really really menacing. I was a little disappointed why he did not have much screentime. But it is understood when we go by storyline. Won't be surprised if sequel is planned - and he remains very much in the cast.

Watch it for efforts of the team. Watch it for SRK's dedication. I am not THAT BIG fan of him, but still I am saying this. His efforts shows in the movie. That can not be just passed off saying 'oh, its a copy of Robot'. Nah. If sci-fi is a common theme, that doesn't make it a 'copy'. If so, all the romantic movies should get called a copy of YRF movie, no?

No one can make Diwali as sparkling as SRK does. He proves that, again.

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  1. Right on, i'm off to see this on friday with a pagal SRK fan which should make it even more enjoyable,I'm not mad about him but my friends goos and gahs over him is something to behold. I was so sick of the aggressive marketing but finally its here, and I'm hungry to see what the noise is all about.

  2. I decided not to pay over 20EUR to go to Hamburg and back again and watch the movie in a cinema there... I will for Don 2, though, I guess.
    It sounds promising, however, also I like that Kareena doesn't scream for help as you said.

  3. Watched this movie recently.. after reading reviews in couple of websites... we have viewers globally accepting Predator, hollow man,Spider man etc.. ( where is the logic there ? ) and why not this from Bollywood from an actor like Sharukh... its a wonderful attempt from Baadhshah !!.. This movie didn't disappoint me!


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