Lata Mangeshkar & A.R.Rahman - When Legends Come Together..

Lata Mangeshkar and A R Rahman. Two names. Two legends of Indian Cinema. Indian music is incomplete without them. There is no alternate of both of them. While Lata ji has been here since so long time, I am perhaps fourth generation to listen to his voice. Truly God gifted.

On the other hand, Rahman is Master of Music, i believe. Whatever he does, whatever he makes is simply out of this world. Amazing !

The thought of both of these personalities coming together, made me so excited while I heard about Dil Se... Rahman was I think singing a full fledged song, for the first time. And on the other hand, Lata ji was going to sing a song under his music. The song 'Jiya Jale' started jugalbandhi of these music talents. It became an instant hit. With Rahman's unique fusion of Tamil lyrics for Hindi song created magic. It was Lataji's voice which made it 'sone pe suhaga'.

Then after some time, again both legends came together. This time surprise was, Lataji herself was on screen !! Playing herself. She starred in song of movie 'Pukar'. Song was 'Tu Hi Bharosa'. Which talked about keeping faith in tough times. Heartrending words made the song unforgettable. And adding to this was Rahman's fabulous chorus singing. Where he used school children for the same.

After that, Director Shyam Benegal brought Zubeidaa. One of the Best score, Rahman had ever given. It featured not only one, but TWO songs by the diva. 'So Gaye Hain' & 'Pyaraa Saa Gaon'. While the later one, was dreamy and soothing composition. 'So Gaye Hain' comes in two parts with feel of sadness. Loneliness. Rahman's orchestration is so amazing that I can go on listening it and have goosebumps all over me while chorus is singing alongwith Lataji.

Then came long shelved 'One Two ka Four'. A bad movie with average score by Rahman. Maybe long time in the making, cost this. But here also best of lot was Lataji's song. 'Khamoshiyan Gungunaane Lagi' starring equally beautiful Juhi Chawla. A first duet with Rahman, Lata paired up with Sonu Nigam. Juhi looked wonderful in this - see

Then came the best phase.

Lagaan- Perfect voice for a perfect movie. Devotional song - O palanhaare - with Udit Narayan, Lataji did wonders in the song. The best devotional track bollywood ever had. Rahman did magic with his keyboard & similarly Lataji gave so much input that the song has become immortal. Udit has also gave his best. And its no wonder that this one is Rahman's personal favorite of his own work !!

Then Bharatbala got them together in recreation of national anthem 'Jana Gana Man'. Where who's who of Indian Music scene, was singing our beloved anthem. Here Rahman got both sisters - Lata and Asha together after a long time. And as expected, this worked wonders.

Whats much better than listening both of them singing together?? Rakeysh Mehra would always be proud of having both - Lataji and Rahman together in a duet !! in Rang De Basanti. A song about mother and son. 'Lukka Chhuppi' - is my favorite Rahman song of all time. Sure to bring tears to everyone. Everything is so perfect - from Prasoon's words to Rashid Ali's [yes, the same - singer] superb Guitar strings. Everything was par excellence.

I can write an essay on the song itself. Here I would like to share my some thoughts about 'Lukka Chhuppi'. Listen It Here.

Song starts with guitar strings, followed by xylophone tunes. Symbolism for youthfullness but still child to his mother. To a mother-her son is always a child. Then Lataji's voice comes, along with only the strings playing in background. She sound so natural. She has never got married, but worry of a mother, whose son hasn't yet returned home. The emotion is so deep there.

Then comes ARR. Sound of the song, changes to vast outlook. To symbolize that her son is in another beautiful world. Touching new horizons.- Perfect voice, perfect music for such song. Guitars strings gets changed by now. Then in first Antara [para.], along with great words and vocals, another instrument is introduced. Tablas. That sound takes centrestage and Lataji brings tears to eyes of listener.

In that line, listen carefully - when Lataji sings 'Mere Chanda tu hai kahaan...lukkachhuppi....kaha kaha dhundha tujhe...' at that moment beautiful use of Flute is done. (Time 03:30 to 04:05) Only for a few seconds, but a fabulous mastered piece of music. Divine.

Then listen, how tables turn to Rahaman 'kaise tujh ko dikhaun yahaan hai kya....'. The song by now is getting into VASTNESS. Like we are taken to a high mountain. Watching widespread world around us, and suddenly Rahman takes us at new heights with words 'Chhaya liye bhali dhup yahaan hai' (Time 04:32).

I get more lump in throat by last line Rahman sings 'Yahaan sab kuchh hai maa fir bhi, laage bin tere mujh ko akela....' (Everything is here mother, but it feels so lonely without u'). I can never sing those two lines properly, Because I just can't. And this is where, Tabla are stopped. Atmosphere becomes so silent with light guitar strings.

And here comes BEST portion - a Jugalbandi between the two. A classical rendition. The duo singing awesome piece of classical Raga together. AWESOME. Tabla sound gets speed up and Lata/Rahaman together creates magic, pure divine sound. I haven't taken any formal training in music. But still I tried many many times to recite the same - and by far I could succeed in most of the notes.

Though I think this is incomplete, because I couldn't get Rahman's flawless rendition, those some notes are missing. But still when I learned this in whole, I was so so so very much happy. Here, are the same, I would love to share it with you. Hope you will like it to sing along. [right click and save image in your hard disk]

Then still Rahman singing and in background Lata's amazing vocals. Superb ending to a superb track. Leaving us stunned with its awesomeness.

Below is my Playlist of videos. It has even got Making of the great song 'Lukka Chhuppi' and some live performances by the diva. Along with all songs mentioned above. Tell me, which one is your most fav??

A.R.Rahman wins Two Oscars !! And India wins Three !!

Hurray...Three cheers for A.R.Rahman for winning not one but two Oscars. This is very glorious moment indeed. Just imagine, How does Rahman himself must be feeling? One of the most memorable moment of his life. Congratulations to him !! Love You !! For everything, for making India proud !!

Here is news piece from indian express...

A R Rahman scripted history by becoming the first Indian to win two Oscars for the Best Original Score "Slumdog Millionaire" and its foot-tapping song "Jai Ho".

"Before coming here I was excited and terrified. The last time I felt that way was when I was getting married," he told in his acceptance speech after bagging the Original Score Academy.

"There is a Hindi dialogue 'mere pass ma hai' which means even if I have got nothing I have my mother here. I want to thank her for coming all the way to support me," the 43-year-old musician said.

"The essence of the film is about optimism and home. The power of hope in our lives. All my life I had the choice between hate and love. I choose love and here I am," said the musician while accepting the award for best song, penned by Gulzar.

Okay, though awards does not matter much as the fuss is all around them always. But its the recognition of your work, and that too when you are giving your best after best each and every time. And at an International platform, the biggest one - Oscars. That does matter, and this goes to all work which Rahman did in past.

I would like to put some links related to Rahman for those who still do not know much about Rahman. So it will be much of use to them. And how can I miss to put up the video itself which drove crores of fans?? Here is the video 'Jai Ho'. Sung by Sukhwinder Singh, Tanvi Shah, Mahalakshmi Iyer & A R Rahman. With Superb lyrics by veteran lyricist Gulzar.

Here is Rahman on Oscar's Thank You Cam -

And Here is Rahman's Acceptance Speech...

Also a worth mention to Resul Pookutty - Best Sound Design for Slumdog.. A well deserved for a guy, who has worked upon some great projects like Saawariya, Ghajini, Gandhi-My Father and many Hindi films. Here is pic from Ghajini's publicity pictures.

Here below, are links to Everything about Rahman.

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Delhi 6 - A Kaleidoscope with a single mirror !!

Delhi 6 Movie Review - A Spoiler free initiative by Darshit :-D

Each time when I saw posters of Delhi 6, they got me confused. And worried. Cause it states 'From the Director of Rang De Basanti'. This is very heavy burden, what Rakeysh Mehra has on his shoulders. And everyone can't help but compare both the movies. So by that warning, I kept very low profile about the movie since its promos. And that helped me a lot while watching 'Delhi 6'. The most anticipipated movie of first quarter of 2009.  I did never compare the two movies any time, just to make sure I can get more out of this.

Delhi 6 is a story about Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan) who returns to India with his ailing Grandma (Waheeda Rahman), cause she wants to die in her homeland-India. Both comes to their old home, in Chandni Chowk. Here the journey starts towards love-hate relationship with the Walled Delhi. How interestingly he gets involved with riot of emotions and madness of Chandni Chowk, is worth to watch out for.

Pen, Paper & Projection
Making a concept movie is very dangerous in Bollywood. Rakeysh did this once (Aks) and failed miserably. Still he was sure about this one, and man he succeeds by far. On a thin storyline of 'Black Monkey', Rakeysh has weaved such a strong movie. One just wonders how the connections are made. Movie starts with the aerial shot of Chandni Chowk. [the same in promo]. I got goosebumps all over. till a minute or so. And main theme starts unfolding. Suddenly we are taken to New York where Roshan and Grandma are about to leave. And comes to their ages old Haveli in Delhi. Till now we see grandeur  journey of Delhi. Not the delhi which we are used to see, like Red Fort or President Bhavan. But real delhi with choked up roads, with mad people. With lively relations.

In the first half, which is light hearted, I was totally in love with the gully and nukkad of Chandni Chowk. One by one each of the fabulous ensemble cast is introduced. And that too, coming with a unique point. Unique moral is attached with each character. Like issue of being untouchable, being a muslim, being an unmarried sister who is getting older, dowry, being extreme hindu or a muslim; each characteristic is introduced along with the character. And that works the most for the movie.

The beautiful concept of 'seeing God in ourselves' shown with the help of a Mirror is so touching. I would love to make a special mention to it. Beautiful thought which can inspire a lot. This is why we got the dialogue in soundtrack. 'Zarre Zarre mein usika noor hai...'.

Another special mention is to 'Ramleela' scenes, which takes the movie forward at one by one points. Ramleela sets are done fantastically. I would love to be a part of such large magum opus.

Story is somewhat lagging in between the movie, because idea of the movie is quite different then usual. But its the screenplay, SUPERB cinematography and performances [including Rahman's - music] which holds the viewers. Editing is good cause movie gets wrapped up in perfect timing of 2.5 hours. ONe of the biggest strong point of the movie is its art direction and cinematography. One just can not identify whether any portion is shot on a set. Everything looks so real.

The Biggest Strength of the movie is its ensemble cast. One of the finest I have seen recently. It would be unfair to praise only a selected person. Because everyone has just perfected themselves. I just cant help though. So here are my favorite from all - Divya Dutta as Jalebi - an untouchable.

Atul Kulkarni-a cowering guy who knows much more then others. Pawan Malhotra-an aggressive guy. Deepak Dobariyal-Finest performance. Om Puri, Prem chopra, Vijay Raaz, all just all of them played their part so brilliantly.

Besides them, main leads are also in full form. Abhishek does a great portrayal of confused desi who just has seen this crazy world around and how he behaves to that. By the time movie grows, he gets more better. Sonam as a Delhi Firecracker girl is just awesome. She looks so ravishing you can fall instantly in love with her. Besides that, She acts flawlessly.

Lovely Waheeda Rahman as Grandma is so adorable. She reminded me of my own Dadi. She is the one who still proves that bollywood owes her a lot.She is here since long time and man, how awesome. she is. Similarly Rishi Kapoor, who is getting better and better by his age. After LuckBychance, this is the movie where he once again shines with his act.

Music :
When its an A R Rahman movie, you have to make sure you got all songs right, at right place. The placement of the songs is always a tricky zone. And RDB was a brilliant example of such weaving of songs into a movie. Here Rakeysh has tried the same, and somewhat he is succeed. I dont want to compare at all. So as a standalone, this is very nicely done. One thing I liked that songs are used at complete different situations. [except one/two]. I had imagined certain situations for songs, but I found them at different situations and I loved them for that.

For example 'Rehna Tu...' you must be thinking of mushy moment between couple. But wrong, see the movie, its beautiful on screeen. And a superb innovative picturisation of 'Dil Gira Daftan' that I am in love with it. Many pieces from the soudtrack are used at different scenes throughout the movie [like flute sound from end of 'Rehna tu..' is used as Nostalgic moment]

'Maula mere Maula' is picturized awesome that my eyes got widen a lot. :-) I was struck by beauty of wide angle shot of Jama Masjid and area around. Also many aerial shots makes it worth another watch. 'Masakali' is also a beautiful track with beautiful Sonam. She looks lovely with the pigeon [and yes, pigeon is not 'Stuck' on her head, don't worry PeTa]

All in all, as my favorite critic puts it - 'this is a movie with heart, and that makes it worth'. Really, what is spread all over is Rakeysh's love for his beloved Delhi and we could feel that. Watch it for brilliant performances by all actors from whole cast. Watch it for beautiful 'Dil ki Nagari [city of hearts] DILLI.

My Rating : 4 out of 5 stars !!

I need your help Bloggers

I am so confused about my template these days. I am using this Minima template since last 3 years. So I started looking for a change. After so many template I zeroed on following. Now I need advice from YOU dear Bloggers, shall I change my template - or stick to my makeshift template? Or shall I look for more templates rather then this??

Here is what I have selected - is it good ??

Favourite Truck Songs

I was being selfish, when I earlier deleted this post. Because I wanted people read my Billu review first. I thought after that I would publish this one. But I felt bad, and tBF too insisted, so here I publish this post again.

After Favorite Car Songs post by theBollywoodFan; I got so many ideas to make a playlist about such songs. After going through some options, I zeroed on TRUCKS. The heavy vehicles with light hearted drivers. Most of them in India, are dominated by Punjabi people, especially jolly Sardars.

Indian trucks are always colorful. Mostly Orange. And behind them, there is always something written. Shayaris, names of family members and philosophical [!!] quotes too…. That makes them so special.

Here I have selected 10 songs, having trucks in them. I know there are many more, but I could find these so far. Please let me know if there are any more songs. At the end of the post, I have put my Youtube Playlist of all songs.

10. Musafir Jaane Wale [Gadar]: Udit Narayan’s rendition and Uttam Singh’s brilliant score made this song so special. I am not a fan of this movie, but somehow the music touches chord in me. What makes it more special is crooning of lady in background [Preeti Uttam]. Sunny Paaji has also done good job driving truck along with Amisha Patel. Visuals were disturbing, showing partition of India. The movie was based on original Punjabi movie starring Gurdas Maan – ‘Shaheed-e-Mohabbat’ with superb score by Nusrat Saab. But it did not have any truck song.

09. Prem Dagariya [Chalte Chalte]: Shah Rukh Khan – as a truck driver !!??!! Well, not really. But in this song, he is a truck driver. Carrying heavy load of Rani Mukerjee :-). Again, Udit Narayan takes over the mic, and sings the Jatin Lalit composition. One of the last soundtrack of the duo. This is more fun unlike earlier song of Udit. And quite enjoyable while going out on trip.

08. Humne Ghar Chhoda Hai [DIL]: Aamir…… How can I forget this song? This was the movie from which Aamir became my most favorite. [in the time of QSQT, I was a little kid]. The typical, truck with dry Grass in it. Song starts with good view of truck going over road. And the chemistry – Aamir+Madhuri. Wow. Again, Udit Narayan [this guy is awesome!!] with music of Anand-Milind.

07. Chori Chori Hum Gori Se [Mela]: Fun Fun. This was below average movie. But music by Anu Malik was good. The song itself is really fun. [Udit Narayan, Again, he is unstoppable]. Thanks to theBollywoodFan, for reminding me that this song is from Mela, not from The Guru. This movie was based on Nasir Hussain’s Carvan. A story revolving completely around a Truck and Two truck drivers. Here played by Aamir and his brother Faisal Khan. See this song in my playlist, there is a surprise in it too. .

06. Awaraa Bhanware [Sapanay]: Well, you would jump now and say where is truck in this one?? There is, okay for so little time, but the visuals were superb so its hard to resist. Just imaging Kajol, lying on corn, in truck. Yellow color creates unforgettable image. And add Rahman’s music and Hema Sardesai’s mesmerizing rendition…

05. Mere Humsafar [Mere Humsafar]: Jeetendra and beautiful Sharmila tagore. Standing (!!) in a truck. Sings this love ballad. Mukesh & Lata Mangeshkar lends their voice for this beautiful Kalyanji Anandji composition. The beats of Tabla makes it unique [later to inspire same titled song in Refugee, with same kinda beats].

04. San San Woh Chali Hawa [Kagaz ke Phool]: Why do I love this song?? Just because of this reason -

Waheeda Rahman looks so so beautiful. With the dream pairing-Guru Dutt. Though they are sitting in a car, song is sung by a group going ahead of them in a truck. Group led by Mehmood !! Again, a truck with dry grass in it. S.D.Burman gave memorable tracks in this legendary movie.

03. Yeh Honsla [Dor]: A song about determination and to believe in yourself. Stunning voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan and great score by Salim-Suleiman. The song is weaved so well in the movie, and the visuals of Kashmir to Rajasthan, make it memorable. Add Gul Panag’s expressions and song dives into your heart. [I couldn’t find video in Youtube India, but I am sure in other Youtube versions, the video is there, do watch it, its fabulous]

02. Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai [Guide]: Till last moment, I didn’t recall if this has truck in it. Only a day before yesterday, I was watching this movie and I jumped at this song. Lovely Waheeda ji again, and this time in a standard truck [Filled with grass you know :-) ] As declared earlier many times, I love Waheeda Ji. And again, music by S.D.Burman. The immortal song by Lata Mangeshkar. My all time favorite of her and Waheedaji’s too.

01. Nazarein Milana [Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa]: I know everybody has assumed this one. Grass, goats and all friends. Singing a rocking song in truck. Having fun together. A R Rahman with a great bunch of singers [Anupama, Naresh, Tanvi, Shweta, Chakraborthy, Darshna]. The young feeling is allover and you get along it like you are travelling with them. And great looking Genelia, awesome. An easy one to top my chart.

Here is my playlist.

Honorable mention to movie Caravan here. A superb movie revolving around truck and truckers. Jeetendra and Asha Parekh gave memorable performance. Equally great movie and music too. I am sure there is song in truck, but I can’t recall it.

I couldn’t resist to put in some interesting scenes too. Dil Chahta Hai has this funny sequence involving truck. Truck is not shown, but we could see by expressions of Saif, that how tough it is to sit in a truck from Bombay to Goa !!

A noteworthy scene is from Sarfarosh. Aamir goes to a Dhaba (a highway hotel where truckers hangout), surrounded by trucks and says this powerful dialogue: “Kya Thakur, tere ko kitni baar bola, tu aata nahi?”

And lastly opening credits of Oye Lucky Lucky Oye !! Designed in line with drawings on the trucks. Also the title song has got words “oh jee, truckaa vala geet hai jee”. A near miss from my charts, just because it doesn’t sport the vehicle.

So there, this is my list. Any new list is coming up???senyum

Billu - Not Good, Not bad !!

So Finally I got a chance to catch up Billu on Monday. Actually I hate when I miss a movie in weekend. I prefer to watch in Friday-Sunday period. But better late then never, and New multiplex has opened near to my place, so I was definately looking forward to the screening [No, not because of the movie, but because of new screen that's it. ]

I wasn't expecting much from the movie. Nor waiting for it like I did for earlier release like LBC and DevD. But I thought this will be refreshing outing of 'Bolly movie' after 'different' movies in recent past. So while being impressed by red-black interiors of hall, Billu started. With some nice Title credits. Nice images and collages kind of greaphics with nice music. Hummm...this would be nice. Opening scene of North Indian village is wow. Nice location they have chosen for the movie. But as the movie progressed I was finding how to go deep into it. Cause It was so very much shallow. It was not engaging its viewers till now. Some were expecting a couple of laughs as its a Priyan's venture. But that was not there too.

Besides that, Irrfan is doing good job till now. And Lara Dutta did look marvelous. [she should be standardized for sultry village woman, she was looking equally wow in 'Mumbai Se Aaya mera Dost']. Humm..enter SRK. Suddenly we are taken to Planet Mars !! Some dazzling effects -and there, King Khan is - I knew this is gonna happen, Khan is used to play himself in his movies nowadays - and then 'press start' for the item number !!! Start !! Press Stop !! STOP !! Two scenes...........some dialogues........START !! Another IT Number !!! STOP !!

Why?? There was no need of song 'Ae aa ooo' with clippings of all SRK movies, claiming that 'He is King'. discussions please :-). SRK comes to Irrfan's village to shoot for his movie. Villagers go frantic. In filmi way ofcourse. Larger than life. Rumours fly in village that SRK is friend of Billu. Everyone goes crazy and makes Billu their God. Now Irrfan plays this part very good, maintaining his charm and low profile. Lara and two kids also go nuts about meeting their favorite star. There, Lara was good with cute kids too. Still movie isn't engaging. I was thinking why ??? Till interval, why this movie doesn't get grip over viewers? Everything is perfect, so why?

Second half was also like this. Story moves on, but hardly any comic relief. & we get 2 more IT numbers !! Story moves on, but lacks of punch. Story itself is so very much simple, that it can't grip us or make us involved in it. Climax was good though [of course, having SRK in climax, is a worry free zone]. I was hoping that this could have been much more engaging and more involving.

Irrfan is -good [not best in this] . I never have complaint about him, in even a tiny role of his any movie. He plays his part perfect always. But problem was with character's development. Also much importance was given to SRK too. So the attetion of writer must have been divided between the two resulting injustice to Title character of the movie. Lara was very good. She looked fabulous and acted well too. Two kids were also good especially the boy 'Duggu'. Supporting cast - Asrani is just about okay. Rajpal Yadav [uff...I hate him] is average. Om Puri is wasted.

SRK - he is playing himself. And it shows on screen. He makes each and every issues clear on screen. He got chance cause this is his movie, he resolves Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar issue. He tells indirectly that he is here to work, not to play politics. He even makes remark about religious comments by politicians. And much more. And that all is fine. I liked the way he interected with a 'school trust' guy, who was making remark about bollywood. That was real 'him' -not the character. In climax scene, speech in school was damn good. SRK performs that scene very well.

And there, movie goes wrong. Movie titled after Irrfan, gives much attention to SRK and fails. Screenplay could have been better if they emphasized on Billu more. Also, if they had used North Indian dialect in dialogues, movie could have been better. What we hear was villagers speaking clear Hindi !! Art direction was good. Only two problems are, main set of village street - especially Temple and Gate looks so unreal. Besides that, overall it is good. Cinematography is brilliant. Beautiful village is picturised so well that many frames look like a painting on canvas.

Songs were quite OK. I haven't heard soundtrack since it got released !. But it was good on screen. Especially, I liked how 'Khuda-ya-Khair (village version)' gets transformed into 'Khuda-ya-Khair (Lounge version)'. Very smooth transition it is !! Loved Priyanka in it. In first IT number, Deepika was looking very average [looked tired, to be specific]. And Kareena is looking WOW !! Overall, only one item number 'Ae Aa ooo' was bad, out of place. Other songs were just okay.

At the end of the day, its a movie that you can love it or hate it. Mixed reactions are everywhere. Many people are loving it for its simplicity and many hates it cause very less laughters are in it [being a priyan's movie]. I too, have mixed reaction, something was good and something was bad. I was not bored, still I was not satisfied.

So here I would Rate it 2.75 out of 5 stars !!

P.S.: am I going blah ..blah ..blah ..these days ? I think I m writing so many words !!

Valentine's Day with Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (SEL) are masters of peppy, sweet songs. Many of the movies, where they have given music, are romantic dramas. And somehow, most of the time they get along with Javed Akhtar, ending up creating sweet mushy cuddly love songs worth to play on the Valentines. So here are my picks for the V-Day to play along with your loved one around.

Again, I have made a Youtube playlist for all of them [well, almost] tell me if you liked it or not. And how about your OWN list? [besides SEL- will also do]

10. Yeh Pyar Kya Hai [Marigold]: Surprising choice, isn't it? This movie is largely unknown. But music of it, was worth notice. Shaan gives life to superb words of Javed Akhtar. Guitar strings are great. I could not find original video, but this animated one, is really sweet and cute.

09. Kitni Narmi Se [Dil Jo Bhi Kahey] : This is another movie, which is un-noticed. But here its Sonu Nigaam. Rendering this sweet song of a boy, falling in love for the first time. Again sweet words by Javedji. Dreamy dreamy song, like a shower of rain in green hill garden. I haven't found original video of this too. So I have put video of my favorite TV series 'Remix'. Audio is same only video is from series.

08. Aao Naa Aao Naa [Kyon, ho Gaya Naa] : Ash looked beautiful like never before. This thing I have marked that, when she was in love with Viveik, she looked awesome in all her movies of that time. I am not big fan of hers, but I loved her in this and in Shabd. The song clearly goes to singer Sadhna Sargam. Udit joins her lately in second half of the song, but Sadhna is just so fantastic.

07. Pyaar Ki Dastaan [Luck By Chance] : Now this is recent favorite of mine. Typical bollywood love song, with different feel to it. Fabulous visuals. Great words again by Javedji. Amit Paul and Mahalaxmi performs this one with so much love.

06. Meri zindgi Mein Aaye Ho [Armaan] : This song is little bit special to me. Some sentiments you know. Javedji's words and [surprising] Sunidhi Chauhan's voice makes this so special alongwith ever dependable Sonu Nigam.

05. Tumhi Dekho Naa [Kabhi Alvida...] : Colorful. Is a single word to describe it. Never have I seen such brilliant use of color in a video. Making it so so much lovely. And SRK / Rani jodi looks great. Javedji again.....Alka and Sonu does great job.

04. Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein [Rock On] : Oooh...Love is all around. Guitar strings and Dominique Cerejo's amazing voice, make you fall in love. [javedji again :-D]

03. Bol Na Halke Halkie [Jhoom Barabar Jhoom]: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Mahalaxmi Iyer. A wow composition and equally wow vocals. Dash of sufi and Gulzar saab's great words, makes you drool. The video though, let me down by weird looking Abhishek. But besides that, great visuals of North India.

02. Kaisi hai yeh Rut [Dil Chahta Hai] : Dreams of love. First love. Akshye Khanna. Singer Srinivas. Visuals. There are so many reasons to love this song. Brilliant....lovely, I can feel falling hearts around me, whenever I listen to this.

Now I am being selfish, cause I just couldn't decide between following two. So I can't help but put TWO songs on the post of No.1.

01. Jeene Ke Ishaare [Phir Milenge] : Again this was a small movie about a cause. SEL are guest composers. But they created this memorable song for this. Starts with Guitar strings [these guys are best at using Guitar]. Shankar himself does the job of singing and he is just so fabulous. Shilpa looked lovely with Salman on screen. The chorus singing, always gives me goosebumps of joy, of love. And this was amongst the first of now acclaimed writer Prasoon Joshi.

01. Kuchh Toh Hua Hai [Kal Ho Naa Ho] : There is not a single song, that can match lyrics of this. Complete description of first love. And at the same time, so simple lyrics by Javedji. Shaan and Alka Yagnik does superb job, and on-screen Saif-Priety looks so so good. I just love the song so much.

So these are my favorite songs from SEL, I hope I haven't missed any good one from them. are there any? And yes,

Happy Valentines Day to you you Bloggers !!

Surprising / Confusing Reviews of Dev D

While the movie - Dev D -  is celebrated among Blogosphere, Critics seems to be under great confusion. Very contradictory reviews given by major critics. See for yourself. While Nikhat Kazmi of Times Of India, has given whopping 5 / 5 stars, Taran Adarsh gave just 1 / 5. Rest of the list is here.
Nikhat Kazmi (Times of India) : 5 / 5
Taran Adarsh (ETC channel & : 1 / 5
Rajeev Masand (CNN-IBN & :  2 / 5
(Rajeev is my favorite critic, but he is under scanner since he rated JTYJN only 2 / 5 )
Raja Sen ( : 3.5 / 5
Shashi Baliga (Hindustan Times) : 3.5 / 5  : 3 / 5
Mumbai Mirror : 4 / 5

Dev D - Movie Review

2009, till now, has been a bad year for me. So less films I have seen till now !! I used to be a Friday Freak, watching each movie on Friday. But see what happened? After CC2C I couldn't watch a single movie on Friday. I was desparate to see all movies follwed by, Raaz, Luck..and DEV.D. Somehow I couldn't made it to First day [Hummm....this is what I call 'Curse of CC2C....HA HA HA'] Even, my movies list has very tiny little figure. Only 5 movies I have seen in 1 month + 1 week !!!

Anyways, putting that apart, Lets come to Dev. DevD. Bollywood's latest installment [6th maybe] of Saratchandra's novel. Now I am not against of self destructing character of Devdas. I actually like him. Also I like the novel too. To me, Best Devdas was ofcourse the SRK one. And now, I think DevD will make its way to my fav too...obviously becuase It has got Abhay Deol in it, its got high merit. I like him in whatever he plays. He never disappoint in any role.

And Anurag Kashyap, the man with such a different thinking about movie making. Or can I say 'the dark man'?? I was drooled over on 'No Smoking'. And damn I have dvd of 'Black Friday' but still I have to see it. I feel that he just don't worry about the audience or the critics, and potrays whatever he feels. And thats' very good of him. That's how we can see something 'different' on screens wht bollywood has never seen.

Dev D starts with the typical storyline of the novel, kids Dev and Paro growing togather. And Dev is sent to London to study. When He returns, his Paro is waiting for him. OK, Stop . Similarity Khatam !!! . Now what we see is nowhere in the novel. Anurag just keeps the thin, very thin storyline of the original and goes full on with his own version. And creates a very enjoyable starting of the movie. Paro (Mahi Gill) looks so beautiful in starting sequence and also through out the movie. Sometime she reminds of Geet from Jab we met, but that happens when you are potraying a Punjabi girl's character.

Movie goes on alongwith great songs. Anurag throws all major songs, one by one in first half. Sometimes he doesn't let us breath and second song starts !! But I am not complaining. As I loved soundtrack since long time, it was musical extravagenza for me to listen all tracks in hall. To see Mahi, dancing on tunes of 'Dhol Yaraa Dhol'. Moving forward, 'Emotional Atyaachar' creates RIOT in cinema hall. Everybody was shouting over the song.

Then director seamlessly weave Delhi's famous MMS scandal and introduces Lenny [Kalki]. Who has her own story, her own world, later to get involved with Dev in his sorrows and again to get departed.

Movie suddenly gets trademark 'Kashyap' style of movie making. In first half, it was made lighter and some dash of sex, [maybe to please masses, but it was okay]. But what I liked about that is, Anurag has tried to justify desire of Woman. Which is largely ignored all over the world. If man can do whatever he wish, why can't woman?

Last half hour is quite intriguing, and will be liked only by serious movie lovers. I would not tell about that in detail, cause it will ruin fun. But its good and different.

We can see thin storyline of original novel, all over the movie. But its just thin. We can identify only a few scenes from earlier movies. And hey, this is not a Dark movie, as everyone tells. I loved sattire and fun of the movie.

Performance wise, Abhay has again performed well. Dev is aggressive, and Abhay just shows that. No where we can see that he is kind of playboy or something what each 'Hero' does. And that's good about his character. Rise and fall of him is damn well performed. Mahi Gill looks lovely (she is without makeup I assume) and wins accolades in first half hour of the movie with her act too. In second half, she does not have much to do, but whatever little she does then, is also great. Kalki besides being a non-Indian, she performs so well. Her Hindi accent is good. And in second half, she steals the show. The actor who plays modern Chunni Baabu is also good. [can I know his name?]The modern chunni babu, is little different then that of the novel, but still he is enjoyable.

Overall look of the movie follows state of mind of Dev. Colorful Punjab in opening, and then its getting darker and darker. And I loved it. Cinematography is apt. We have never seen THIS Delhi. The dark, full of druggist, drunkards and Hotels somewhere out there in the city. Screenplay is little bit down from the level of expectation. Dialogues are good. Mix up of fun, satire and reality is in there. Editing is also well carried out. I did not feel that movie is slowing down in last half hour, but it was getting in different mood.

Songs are delight in the movie. The movie is kinda Musical. Songs carrys this movie on their shoulder. Opening of the movie was 'Dhol Yaraa dhol'-most favorite of mine. Lovely dancing of Mahi Gill. And then one by one, each song came and I got lost in it. While 'Atyachar' was riot of fun, 'Aankh Micholi' was very well placed. 3 male dancers featured in 'Pardesi' and 'Saali Khushi' are excellent. Choreography was awesome of the three.

All in all, STRICTLY-watch it, if you are really serious about the movie. Don't expect cheap sleaze from it. Do not expect a love making scene [a la Emran Hashmi] in it. Do not expect Devdaaaas.............Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaroooooo........kind of marathon scenes. Just expect the unexpected. Expect good acts, good music, good crispy production values... Enjoy !!

Audience Reactions :
While I was in hall, I could see that most of the audience is of my age. The 20 something guys and guys only. Only here there some 3 couples and a couple with their daugher [why on earth they come for 'A' certificate movies, with family?? they left the hall in interval !!] . The moment the movie started, people started shouting. Making comments [happens....young ones]. Most memorable to me was Emotional Atyachar. When people knew it is gonna come, they started shouting [along with me, of course]. Starting clapping and 'Singing' along. I was so excited. That was great fun. I wished someone could have stand up and dance in front of screen, I would surely have joined him :-). As the movie progressed, people started yelling cause not smooch was there, as they has expected. And till last scene they were just making comments, that's it. I could see that most of them didn't find it that good. But everyone has had good time watching it.

My Rating : 4 / 5

Luck By Chance - Movie Review

There is one scene in the film, Farhan tells Konkona 'Chances do not come your way, They must have to be taken; believe in yourself and keep doing what you believe in'.. This is the true essence of the movie. And so honestly it sticks to it. You just get involved in it like it is around you. Inspiring you.

‘Luck By Chance’ directed by Zoya Akhtar, lives up to all expectations. For a debut director, this is one of the best ventures in recent times. It’s a movie, about movies [and I just Love that genre]. Which is more of a cliché in Bollywood. So many movies are made about movies. But this one, travels the same road with a different vehicle. And the journey is so realistic yet entertaining. I would not tell Zoya has outshone Farhan for making a debut, cause both movies are so different. I would not like to compare them. But still, Zoya looks more sincere while Farhan likes to have fun around. Both are best at their own places.

Pen, Paper & Projection :
One thing I was really worried about, was risk of being cliché. So many movies made earlier, showing insides of Bollywood, casting couch, envious couples due to one’s success and so many faces of movie making. Here everything is there, but it is shown such a different way, nowhere you feel that you have seen this before. Treatment is so very different. Story revolves around struggling actors, big banner producer, failed actor turned director, old time diva and her daughter going to become star and a superstar. Each character developed such extensively. You can instantly relate to each of them, but uniqueness of the writing is that – you cannot identify them that ‘this is the real life producer, that superstar etc.’

Screenplay is also brilliant. You can see everything around in film industry. Whenever there is party on screen, you can feel aura of stars around you. Like that you are partying together. Dialogues are witty and satirical. Javed & Farhan does great job with DCH kinda one liners too. That’s Farhan’s trademark style. Cinematography is bright and crispy. Everything is so colorful as Bollywood. I could see girlish feel all over though. And that’s good. Girls do love colors so much, and our films are like rainbow. Remember, another lyrics writer daughter’s film – Filhaal [directed by Meghna Gulzar] – that movie too had this colorful works and if looked amazing.

Editing could have been more better when film progresses. Still no complaint of getting bored. I did not get tired of seeing stars stars and more stars [there are nearly 26 special appearance]. But I think better editing in second half, would have been added advantage. Direction point of view, Zoya shines. One never feel this is a debut of her. Movie looks so mature, each scene is well conceived. The best moment was in beginning of the movie, the title sequence ‘one of the best’ one. Where all backstage people are shown working for movies. Spot boys to light men, makeup men to tailors, cleaners to chaiwallahs. Everyone has a dream to be seen on silver screen. And that moment is so brilliant with song ‘Yeh zindgi bhi’ running in background. Kudos Zoya !!

The Works & Performances
Getting this big starcast in your debut movie, is burden for a film maker. To balance each act with proper importance to script is tough task, and movie does it all. Not a single performance is below ‘Good’. From the opening scene, showing Ally Khan and Konkona I could see that. All just all has performed so well. Each actress around today, can have lessons from Konkona. My God, she is superb. So easily she slips into her character which has so much layers in it. Farhan, is just so suitable for this role. Thank God, Zoya waited for 7 years and finally she got the actor in her home. Farhan easily carry off this struggler with a dash of negative feel.

Haye Allah [TM theBollywoodFan]-Juhi is to watch out for. How on earth she can maintain herself so well? Rishi Kapoor is outstanding. As an old time producer, whom now new generation is neglecting – is well performed. I loved him in a scene where he breaks down against Juhi. The Diva-Dimple, is shining again after DCH. Old time diva, who has seen it and done it all in her life, perform flawlessly as a starlet mother. Similarly Isha Sharwani as a cute little chick living in her pink world, gonna be star – is also good. She looks stunning and dances damn good.

Special applause for Hrithik Roshan, too. He performs himself-a superstar. And man how he performs !! in one scene Rishi tells him “if you perform bad, that too is Good over others’’. True. He just perform the part with such involvement. I loved his two scenes, one – feeling insecure in confrontation with Farhan. And the second – he is sitting in car and interacting with street children. So natural in both.

Special appearance are also so much special. I never felt this was unnecessary. Each has a meaning to it. Each describes real life qualities of the stars. I could go on about all, but I like to mention one here, the SRK’s scene – it was brilliant. So damn good….

Song ‘n Dance
As discussed in my music review, awesome soundtrack backs up this movie a lot. And weaving of the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Even the background score is very well designed. Each important scene has one single theme music. A track for all-is superb. I wish I could put it up here. But listen movie carefully, even the scene with SRK has got that track in background. S-E-L I love you guys.

Choreography is really colorful. Baawre is riot of colors on screen. And its quite enjoyable. Hrithik puts his steps smoothly and rest is blast on screen. While Pyaar Ki Dastaan is lovely mushy bollywood love song. Sapno se bhare naina creates great effect. Yeh aaj kya go gaya is quite refreshing. Opening and closing credits are brilliant. Opening as mentioned earlier was unique. And closing the movie with superb rendition ‘O Rahi Re’ is WOW !!

Audience Reactions
As mentioned in Raaz Review post, I was sure that this would never find place in masses. It’s a multiplex movie, for viewers with patience. And love for the film industry. These much detailed thing seems indigestible to common people. I could see them getting much bored at the movie. [Even one of my colleague had seen this First day first show, and rated it awful]. Its just that, people who love the insides of the industry, will love this movie. This is quite sensible version unlike earlier flicks like Page 3, which were out and out commercial. Remember Mast?? It was genuine movie about Movies. And it failed miserably just for that reason. I loved it the way it was shaped. Same case is going to be here too. This movie is surely getting rave reviews and applause from all over, but commercial it will work only in metros and multiplex.
[But who cares??!!! This is a piece of brilliant movie making, and worth to relish on and on again]

My Rating : 4 / 5

Raaz-The Mystery Continues.. - Movie Review

First things first. I didn't expect this movie to be greatest horror flick, as it was publicized. Nor I did like earlier Raaz, hell it was so bad. And so shameless rip off of a Hollywood movie. Nor I did liked music of earlier one.

Putting all things aside, [that can take another post of discussion]. Raaz-TMC - I found quite OKAY movie. Nor I was bored, not felt cheated [by big claims], Even I felt this is not great scary movie though. Its an average watch, you can see when you are alone, its raining outside and there is nothing to do at home. Sit back and feel 'some' chills, and some Kangana.

There is an interesting story, why I went on to see this. I was in a small town. They had only one multiplex. I went there to see Luck By Chance, and to my surprise, in evening show, ticket vendor declined to see ticket to me !! Cause I was FIRST to come for the movie !!! He told me to wait for sometime, untill he gets enough audience. But God was so kind of me, that only ONE uncle came up to see the movie. So i had no another option but to go for Raaz-which I also willing to see, cause I love Horror flicks. Much has been written about the movie, till these two weeks, so i would only give some pro/con kind of review.

1. Kangana Ranaut. I love her face. Her hair. And her act. What else I need?
2. Emran Hashmi - surprisingly good act after equally good act in Awarapan.
3. Chemistry between the two.
4. Absolutely brilliant cinematography. It completely sets the mood.
5. Well weaved songs, in tune with mystery. [Only one was little bit out of place]
6. Some here and there scary scenes. [i love to get frightened !!!] Wished there could be more.

OH NO !!!
1. Story grips in start, but lags in second half. Typical twist.
2. A good but shameless rip off scene from movie RING 2. Where reindeers cover the car from all directions. Here there were buffaloes. Still it was fun.
3. So much of flickering lights.
4. Overdone background score.
5. Kangna repeating her role Nth time.
6. Adhyayan Suman, hopeless actor, even more hopeless dancer.
7. Shoddy screenplay in second half, and equally average climax.

So, there, watch it if you like horror movie. This is never close to some great horror movie around in Bollywood [which are very few]. But its a good timepass, especially alone in a cinema hall. Like me [I had only 10 people in hall]

My Rating : 2.5 / 5

Ruins & Fossils - Dholavira, Kutchh.

I hope my readers haven't got tired of these pics, I have been putting since last two posts. This, is the last installment in the 'trilogy' :-). The Ruins and Fossils from Dholavira. More information about the place is here, and pics of desert, here.
To start with, look at what I found at a place 200 kms. far away from sea, I found shells in sand. [the white ones]
Here, is a pic of Museum, maintained by Central Govt. Archeological Survey of India.
Oops. there's me too, and also along with my group.
This is way to Excavation site, from Museum. Zoom it and see how gorgeous is citadel. Since last 18 years, the site has been excavated.

Here is a big reservoir for water. The civilization was so worried about water management. The had 15 such reservoir, covering the city from all directions. Only 5 of them are excavated yet.
Look at this second reservoir. When the first one gets full of water, this second one automatically starts getting water from slots constructed in walls. Look at accuaracy of engineering angles. It left my jaw dropped. I couldn't help but get stunned at each such construction.
This reservoir has got superb example of stairs. Each stair is measured 22 inch wide. Not a centimeter difference is there.
The walls in corner remind me of the Great Pyramids.
See, superb town planning.
Damn well constructed roads. Like passages.

"Basanti, in kutto ke saamne mat nachna...." DJ shouting at East Gate.

Lets play excavation game....

ROCK ON....!!!!

A distant view of East Gate of Citadel. In front of that, a stretch 375 Mtr long Stadium. Must be used for Gladiator fights !! What say??
And here is Fossil Park. Containing fossils of wood and Stones, 1.6 Billion year old..!!
You are watching Ultimate Discovery :-) on Discovery Channel
Clock turned back. See the wood fossil,stuck between rocks... since 1.6 Billion years
Bed of Stones....
How about some rock climbing?
Some fossils, I found. A wood, a metal and a bone.

Here is scanned brochure of Archeological Survey Of India. Zoom it, its got good info about the place.