3G : Music Review

Ever dependable KK croons Kaise Bataaoon alongwith Sonal Chauhan (her debut!). This calm duet works well on all departments. It repeats as an acapella like version (Cantabile) with almost no music in background, sung by Abhishek Nailwal, a lovely reprise. Shilpa Rao starts off brilliant Khalbali, later picked up by Arijit Singh and Tochi Raina. Addictive tune, absolutely. Punjabi version, sounds a bit high pitched (to me atleast) compared to previous one, sung by Tochi Raina not a bad one either. Bulbulliya has superb composition, mix of instruments. This dark track is perfectly voiced by Adnan Sami. 

Don't know why Mithoon Sharma does not get much projects. He has his own style that works most of the times. Like here, for a supernatural thriller, 3G serves more than the expectations. 

My Picks : Khalbali, Kaise Bataaoon
Tags : 3G, Mithoon, sonal chauhan, kk, arijit singh, neil nitin mukesh. 

Nautanki Saala : Music Review

Composed and sung by Falak Shabir, Mera Mann hits the chord instantly. Despite of its identical to Atif's songs. Maybe because of the origin. Lovely track. Next one by the hit pair, Ayushmann Khurrana and Rochak Kohli, alongwith Neeti Mohan - Saadi Galli Aaja is absolutely charming like their first song last year. Especially, how the song transforms  after 2:50 with dreamy guitars while Neeti enters. Unplugged version is as good as the original. Composed by Rashid Khan, Sapna Mera Toota starts as any other RFAK song, and overall has same feel. But still, its a bit down in tone and subtle composition makes a good listen. 

Its Mikey McCleary next with reinvented (!!!) version of Dhak Dhak Karne Laga (Beta). It has interesting mix with pacey beats but the mocking vocals are annoying, the novelty is fading that sounded 'awesome' in past for all  Mikey's works. Similar is the case with So Gaya Yeh Jahaan. Thankfully, the vocals are left intact but too much is going on the mixing, I think the track will work best on screen but not on speakers. Still, with his original tunes, Mikey makes this album totally worth it. Dil Ki Toh Lag Gayi with all its quirky wordplay crooned by Saba Azad, gets you addicted. Similarly, middle-eastern laid back feel is there to get you addicted to Tu Hi Tu, another one sung by Ayushmann. Lilting tune and first class singing. Loved it. And oh, after those two, a full on fun track - Dramebaaz is there too. Sung by Geet Sagar, it perfectly suits the mood of all nautanki of the film.

Getting 4 composers for a soundtrack, isn't a bad idea it seems. Many cooks has served a great broath together. Just like Sippy's last one, Bluffmaster, Nautanki Saala again has a brilliant mix of tracks just right for the film. Absolutely recommended. 

My Picks : Saadi Galli Aaja, Dramebaaz, Tu Hi Tu, Mera Mann, Dil Ki Toh Lag Gayi

Tags : Aayushman, ayushmann khurrana, khurana, Sippy, mikey mccleary, mike macleary, nautanki sala review, music review, songs. 

Jolly LLB : Music Review

Jhooth Boliyaa is that usual, old tune getting rehashed treatment, yet again. Ending up as an average track. Next one Daaru Peeke Nachna offers nothing different. This Mika and Shreya sung track yet again disappoints. Thankfully, next one is a relief. Mohit Chauhan and Shreya charms you in conversation-like song Ajnabi. Loved the lyrics, penned by Subhash Kapoor. Kailash Kher is next in Hans Ki Chaal. Interesting lyrics it has with many Hindi sayings used in it. Works well as situational track mostly because of its desi tune and Kailash's singing. And Bappi Da is last. With annoying line Mere toh L lag gaye. (Laude lag gaye, if you don't know still). Absolute average fare. 

All the high hopes (after Tanu Weds Manu) for a kick-ass album by Krsna, are gone down the drain. Maybe, its because the demand of the story or anything else. But Jolly LLB's soundtrack hardly offers anything that can match all those expectations. 

My Picks : Ajnabi

Tags : Jolly llb, krsna second album, bappi lahiri, laude lag gaye, subhash kapoor, arshad warsi

Rangrezz : Music Review

Dil Ko Aaya sukoon gives that 'Oh-no-rahat-in-sajidwajid-song' feel, that makes you skip the track instantly. While the tune that is used n times, repeats in Govinda Aala Re, without much extra inputs. Below average one, sung by Wajid. Next, its Sundar C Babu's turn - the composer of original Tamil film. Shambho Shiv Shambho has two versions. While Sukhwinder's version is of a bit high pitch, Shankar Mahadevan excels this lively track. The last one, Yaaron Aisa Hai sung by Salim Merchant, is highlight of the soundtrack. The upbeat tune with wonderful singing by Merchant, is easily most likeable of all.

Nothing much to notice in the soundtrack for Rangrezz except the tunes that are remade from the original. Sajid-Wajid as usual. Lets see if this can fetch Sundar C Babu any projects for hindi films.

My Picks : Yaaron Aisa Hai

Tags : Rangrez music Review, Rangrezz, priyadarshan, jackky bhagnani, priya anand, Nadodigal remake

Kai Po Che : Movie Review

The very first sequence, a poised one, hints the cinematic excellence that is about to follow in next 120 minutes. Director Abhishek Kapoor travelling through a totally different journey in this film unlike his urban Rock On ! And still, gives a movie that is going to linger in your mind for long. Be it for its actors or the music or the setup. Following the content of the book on which it is based on (with different, and much better climax), Abhishek surprises us by giving a movie that is so better than its original source ! (To be frank, I don't have any problem with Chetan Bhagat's books. I call him 'masala writer' ;) And was waiting for this book to be converted into a film, since it was based on 'my' city - Ahmedabad).

Set in older parts of Ahmedabad, Kai Po Che instantly sucks you in the world of the 3 friends. You can't help but identify each of them with actual persons you've met in real life. Govind, played by Raj Kumar Yadav has this gifted ability to slip into his character so well you can't separate the two out. As a person desperate to change his life by making his own business a successful one, Yadav impresses with his somewhat goofy yet likable act. Amit Sadh on the other hand has really an interesting part with occasional dark shades to show, and he perfects it without any glitch. His maternal uncle, Bittoo mama, played by Manav Kaul - is so effective as manipulative Hindutva party leader. But the star of the show here is Ishaan - Sushant Singh Rajput. In his very first film, he charms you, he impresses you and makes you smile with tears somewhere in the corner of the eyes. Ishaan - who sees himself in talented little cricketer Ali (Digvijay Deshmukh) and determines to make him go places that he couldn't. Moments between Ali and Ishaan are done so well, you can't help but smile. On the other hand, you just want to run and jump in the sea from above the fort with your friends while the song Meethi Boliyaan is playing. 

Making just a two hour long film that's based on a book, that is 'this' effective, is not an easy task. But thankfully, screenplay by Pubali Chaudhari, Supratik Sen, Abhishek Kapoor & Chetan Bhagat makes it possible without any useless track in the tale. My biggest worry of - how the riots will be portrayed on the screen, as there is a big chance of getting cliched. But Kapoor treats that part so subtly  it is hardly offensive to any certain community. Even the local dialect is taken care of, sample : Baka, bhailu, dafol and lot more. Technically everything is perfect. Anay Goswamy captures parts of the city so wonderfully that it hardly feels that it is not actually shot in Ahmedabad. (Yes, its shot in another town). The dark moments are so effective with the camerawork. And the sound design - When there is a temple on screen, you can feel the kirtan, when two lovers are goofing around each other during a Navratri night, you can hear Garbas being played at distant. Thanks to brilliant sound design by Baylon Fonseca. And the tension built up in sequences of Earthquake and riots - are not the usual one thanks to Hitesh Sonik's brilliant background score. And oh, the short but awesome soundtrack of Amit Trivedi ! Just can't get enough of all three songs. Picturised as brilliantly as the songs are. 

Kai Po Che - is a brilliant example of how effectively a movie can walk on path that is bordering on class as well as mass entertainment, without having any known face - big star to sell it. Cinematic excellence - perhaps, can be defined in that way. 

My Rating : 4 / 5

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Chashme Baddoor : Music Review

From the title to the tune, Har Ek Friend Kamina Hota Hai is absolutely annoying. Having traces of 'Pungi', this horrible track makes one wonder, why Sonu Nigam is playing second fiddle here? Next one, Dhichkyaaon Doom Doom by Ali and Shreya- despite having 'faltu' lyrics, works because of that 90s sound. Similar is the case of lyrics with Early Morning. Here, Sonu Nigam does pretty nice job for an above average track. Ishq Mohallah is that track which will make you hit 'Next' button in just 10 seconds. While last one, Andha Ghoda Race Mein Dauda (How apt - Sajid-Wajid!). SW tries rock !! Falls flat with overdone strings.

After that tacky trailer, the songs assures the classic will be murdered on screen for sure. Sajid-Wajid's soundtrack for Chashme Baddoor is nothing but - just a Sajid Wajid soundtrack. #ok

My Picks : Early Morning

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Himmatwala : Music Review

Bappi Lahiri's old tracks get some Jhankaar Beats added by Sajid-Wajid, works obviously as they were already cult. Naino Mein Sapna sticks to its original sound with different set of singers, while Taki O Taki has altered singing by Mika, works well. Its the next two tracks where 'real' Sajid-Wajid sound you get to hear. Item song Dhoka is plainly horrible that reminds of those B graders of 90s. And nursery rhyme'ish tune of Bum Pe Laat sounds like background music of a circus ! The only decent original track is by Sachin-Jigar. Thank God Its Friday successfully recreate that 'blingy' era with Sunidhi Chauhan behind the mic.

Right after 20 years of the original, this Himmatwala has nothing much to offer in terms of music. Well, expected, isn't it? Wonder why the maker did not take some advice from his sister, who with V-S, created brilliant 70's sounds?

My Picks : Naino Mein Sapna, Thank God Its Friday

Tags: himmatwala, kishore kumar, mika, ajay devgn, tamannah, posters, songs, himmatwala music review, song review, sajid khan, farah khan, bum pe laat, taki o taki, naino mein sapna, sridevi

Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster Returns : Music Review

Sowmya Raoh's voice perfectly croons the jazzy feel of Idhar Gire. The retro-ish feel accompanied by bit naughty singing, reminds of those songs, mostly sung by 'negative' supporting actress in oldies. Yet another Jugni, this one by Jazzy B has sped up the tempo with lyrics that are in But has nothing new to offer. The desi track, Media Se has some quirky words by Kausar Munir. This one sung by Paroma P Dasgupta, tune-wise it ends up as an average one. Piyush Mishra comes up next. With, well, another version of his old tune. Bas Chhal Kapat is new version of Aarambh (Gulaal). The composition is undoubtedly good with dark tone, but the Deja Vu is definitely there. Last one, Kona Kona Dil Ka by Devaki Pandit is a lovely tune with minimal arrangements. Making it Best of the lot.
Unlike the first installment, soundtrack of the sequel - Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns doesn't impress that much. Composed by Sandeep Chowta, this one would work only in line with the screenplay, and not as stand alone album like the first one did.
My Picks : Kona Kona Dil Ka, Idhar Gire

Tags : Sowmya Raoh, Sandeep Chowta, irrfan khan, soha ali khan, mahie gill, jimmy shergill, tigmanshu dhulia, saheb biwi gangster, sahib, shoot, gujarat, sequel

I Me Aur Main : Music Review

Na Jaane gets another version with different lyrics, but adds nothing to the old composition. Wonderfully sung by Falak Shabir's Saajna steals your attention despite being an often used genre. Unplugged version is there too. Cappuccino is an interesting tune with all the 'attitude' singing by Abhishek Naliwal. What steals your heart is next track. Sung by Monali Thakur - Dar-Ba-Dar with its Sarangi and Tabla gets you addicted to mesmerising tune. Flawless singing by the lady makes you fall in love with the voice in last 30 seconds. Next one, a duet by Monali and Shaan, Meri Jaaniye is peppy-mushy track, interesting interlude loop it has. Neeti Mohan's Nasha Nasha has an interesting tune, barring the overtly done 'angrezi parts' its her energetic singing making it worth listen to.

Sachin-Jigar, giving out surprises album after album. Making their own space in the music scene, I Me aur Main is no exception with some really addictive tunes. 

My Picks : Saajna, Dar-ba-dar

Tags : IMM music review, i me aur main, john abraham, monali thakur, falak shabir

Jayantabhai Ki Love Story : Music Review

Aa Bhi Jaa Mere Mehermaan seems tailor made for Atif. That kinda song which Atif has been singing in Bollywood since last few years. Sung by Sachin and Shreya, Thoda Thoda has dashes of Te Amo and Tu Mohabbat Hai (TNLHG), works well as mushy duet. Atif's next one with Anushka, Dil Na Jaane Kyun has too many sounds built in, that hides vocals at times. Would be better if it could lessen up the noise. Last one, Hai Na (again) by Atif, a bouncy pop-ish tune, is a pleasant one with Priya Panchaal entering in conclusion.
Composer duo Sachin-Jigar's score for Jayantabhai Ki Love Story, sounds like a next installment after Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. It has all that enjoyable candy-floss, that looks good, doesn't leave lasting impression though.
My Picks : Thoda Thoda

Tags : Atif Aslam songs, bollywood, sachin jigar, priya panchal, vivek oberoi, jkls songs, jbkls songs review, music review

ABCD - Any Body Can Dance : Movie Review

When I saw its trailer for the first time, I thought, why is this being made in 3D ? (And mind it, no Step-Up fan here. Haven't seen a single shot from the series). But after being blown out by the dance sequences of ABCD, now I think there is no other way to make a Dance movie. Yes, Remo D'Souza's bet on 3D is pretty much bang on target. Forget about Hollywood, just do not compare its dance movies with this - because this one is all in all a desi outing. And you know that from the start itself when the thumping 'Shambhu Sutay' comes up on screen with Ganesha Visarjan sequence. (What surprised me that people in audience were actually 'identifying' the actors. Yes, those actors who were actually part of various dance-reality show !). 

You can't expect actors to be too good when watching a dance movie, isn't it? But still, for their first movie, the bunch of young actors are actually good if not 'too good'. Especially Salman Yusuff Khan and Dharmesh Yelande. And well, the movie is all about Prabhudeva v/s Kay Kay Menon. Good v/s Bad. And both plays their part very well. The southern twang actually works in favor of PD. Its a pleasure to watch his confrontation scenes with Kay Kay. And absolute joy it was to see him in an almost 10 minutes long solo performance right before interval. In one brilliant moment he just flutters his jacket back. You just can't help but give a shout out / whistle. 'Motu' Ganesh Acharya provides comic relief.

Sachin-Jigar's soundtrack is inseparable part for this out and out dance movie. And its not like that the song/dance are just thrown in between. From introducing the characters in Shambhu Sutay, to revolution-kinda sequence of (amazingly shot) Bezubaan, to gloomy Duhai Hai and grandeur of climax - Kar ja re and Ga-Ga-Ganpati. Everything is right in place. You just go awww...oh..whoa ! with each move and each song. The climax is one of the grandest I've ever seen on screen. Don't know whose idea this must be - but Vijay Kumar Arora's camera brilliantly put up dances with themes of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, each in a different song. No wonder, when a choreographer is making it - such surprises has to be there. 
Remo D'Souza has made one hell entertaining film with lot of efforts that shows. With all the innovative moves and splendid execution of dance sequences, it makes you glued to seats, shouting and whistling out unabashedly. And that too - not for a 'big star' but the crew, that stays behind the camera - Choreographers !! Just do not miss all this fun. (And, if you catch it, again, do not miss the end credit song. Such a delight to see the all four of them together.)
p.s. : Step-up fan? Stay away from it if you want to compare and can't praise the efforts behind this. 
Tags : ABCD Movie review, anybody can dance, any body can dance, remo d'souza, terrence, salman yusuff khan, ganesh acharya, lauren gottlieb, rhea riya, Shakti mohan, noorin sha, prince gupta, vrushali, dharmesh yelande

David : Movie Review

Not an easy task it is, to depict multiple stories, different scenarios in a single film. As we've seen in past, it needs a really good screenplay to keep the viewer glued. And in David, Bejoy Nambiar goes one step further, as all three stories does not connect with each other except for the last 'few' minutes. Despite of that fact, David ends up in an engagingly told tale of similar named protagonist living in different times - 1975, 1999 & 2010. Played by Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vinay Virmani and Vikram, respectively. Each living a different life. One is a gangster, other one is aspiring musician and one - a jobless drunkard 40-something guy in Goa.

Unlike other films, here all three stories reveal parallelly despite of no identical connections. And that, is a good idea to keep viewer hooked. Because otherwise, each track has its dull moments that if told individually, movie could've been lagging. Neil's track is shot in B/W and the trick is too effective with mystery and tense tone. Similarly Mumbai - has pretty lively mood with Vinay's act that goes into gloomy feel and the trauma of a victim, with rains. While colorful Goa serves as relief with Vikram's flawless act of goofy drunkard, with added charm of Tabu.

David - is technically superior on each front. Be it lavish shots of London's homes and streets, the moods of Mumbai, or beauty of stunning night shots of Goa. Each frame is perfect. And the action sequences done with utter finesse. And the songs - as a standalone OST I wasn't fan of it. But after watching the songs in the film, I am pretty surprised how well it has been integrated. Ghum Huye haunts while connecting the three dots while Mast Kalandar and Ya Hussain are again cleverly fitted against action sequences. And Tere Mere Pyaar Ki was too lovely.

Its tough to choose which David was the best in the film. Each one has its own presence. Not a big fan of Neil, but here the director cleverly gives him minimum dialogues. He looks dapper and menacing altogether. Paired with him, Monica Dogra is the weakest linkof the film. Don't know why she was cast where the story needed a powerful woman - that also, with 'Urdu' background? Vinay was surprise package. Never have seen his work before, he charms you instantly. Unusual pairing (can I say that?) with Lara Dutta. But the relationship is sensitively taken care of. While Vikram, who again, charms despite of being a weird  drunkard, and (often) beats women !! (fun part though) Tabu is as always a pleasure to watch on screen, and Isha besides looking stunning, plays her part well.

Overall, David a fine film that may be limited to selective audience because of its 'more talkative' nature. But it keeps you engaged with on-goings on screen, shocks you and delights you at the same time in its own ways. Would recommend for sure. (and if you want - my rating is 3.5/5).

Tags : David movie review, shaitaan, monica dogra, neil nitin mukesh, vinay virmani, bejoy nambiar, sarika, lara dutta, rohini hatangadi, vikram, tabu

Vishwaroop : Movie Review

There is this character, played by Pooja Kumar, who always has that 'whats happening here?' expression throughout the movie. Exactly same feeling was there on audience's face. It is a worrying condition when you are watching a Thriller. Massive production values and scale doesn't help out Kamal Hassan's latest ambitious project - Vishwaroopam. Dealing with terrorism (oh Oooh) of Afghanistan and US of A (Le sigh) the movie has a great scope but falls short because of its sluggish pace, lack of urgency in screenplay and too less thrilling moments.

No doubt it packs some brilliant moments. Like the one where it shows how childhood is lost among those gunshots (children playing shoot shoot). Feelings of a young suicide bomber. Life and times while living amidst missile launchers where gun cartridges are sold in grocery stores ! Also, there is no looking back when you see Kamal devoted to his role. Technically the film is at par of any Hollywood flick. It hardly seems that this one is made/shot in Indian studios majorly. (Yes, Afghanistan was in India!!) But the issue is with pace. After painfully slow half an hour, it picks up with a startling fight sequence. Again it offers a promising ride when it flashbacks to Afghanistan. But soon, again, it triggers back and come to leisurely pace. The breathtaking shots of Afghanistan seems no novelty after a few moments. Rahul Bose' character loses its grip  among too many characters. Add to this - the songs.

And wonder why a 'man on fire' always has to battle just for one bomb that may destroy whole city ? If it is so, why can't we make such climax an 'edge of seats' one? Similar was the problem of Agent Vinod. Vishwaroopam, even pwns that one. It climaxes so abruptly, it reminds of how Ek Tha Tiger ended. All of a sudden.

Having seen 'huge scaled' Dashawatharam I was betting high on Vishwaroopm, but it disappoints on equal scale. Wish this would be edited on in a crisp way, then the last announcement - a sequel could've been exciting.(is it a right time to stop making films about Afghanistan+Kashmir?)

Tags : Vishwaroop movie review, vishwaroopam movie review, pooja kumar, shekhar kapur, dawkins, rahul bose, jaideep ahlawat, kamal hassan, rajkamal.

Murder 3 : Music Review

Teri Jhuki Nazar starts interestingly. Despite of hangover of past works (Players - to be certain), its Shafaqat's voice that works here. KK's Mat Aazma Re is an okayish stuff with annoying 'baar baar baar'. Another track that reminds of Players (Tera Nasha) - Jaata Hai Tujh Tak lasts only till its being played. Despite of having Nikhil D'souza, the track doesn't have anything new to offer. Mustafa Zahid's Hum Jee Lenge works because of its already tried and tested sound. While next three - 'versions' are just regular staples like any other Pritam+Bhatt album.

Overall, Murder 3 doesn't offer anything new and noticeworthy. Just like any of the recent Bhatt-albums, it has no shelf life. A soundtrack that is made just for the sake of it. 
Tags : murder 3 hot scenes, hot songs, murder 3 story, spanish movie, aditi rao hyderi, randeep hooda 

Kai Po Che : Music Review

Opening with calm strings fused with sound of Esraj (or sarangi?), Manjha takes flight gradually, just like a kite. And soars high in the sky after 1:56. Inspiring words penned by Swanand Kirkire shines throught the track. And Amit, aah, Amit. When you sing we just want to hear. And hear and shout and sing all along.

Raas-Garba. There is so little scope when one has to create a song around it. But when Amit creates it - you better watch out. Previously Dhak Dhuk had that touch. And now, here is a full on Raas-Garba tune. With unimaginable mix of Shehnai with bagpipes, Shubhaarambh is hell addictive with the thumps of dhol. Divy Kumar and Shruti Pathak singing hindi and gujarati lines flawlessly, this is going to be big on screen.

Dew drop fresh vocals of Mili Nair welcome you in friendship anthem - Meethi Boliyaan. This soft rock based tune goes 'boom' when Amit enters the scene. Dreamy interludes graduates in heavy strings with 'Ujlaa savera', and you can't help but sing along with it. And the way it concludes, with babyish singing of Mili, oh oh. Why this track is so short?
If Kai Po Che, has just 3 tracks, that is the most unfair thing. Amit Trivedi is in top form and it shows in each string, each stanza. Coupled with lyrics of Kirkire, Trivedi makes you go crazy and go hit the repeat button again and again.

Tags : Kaipo che music review, kai po che songs review, songs, abhishek kapoor, sushant singh, amit sadh, rajkumar yadav, amrita puri, gujarat shooting pictures.

Kadal : Movie Review

With a dramatic sequence that moves you to the core, title sequence rolls out with Magudi Magudi - you can imagine what awesomeness lies ahead in the latest offering of Maniratnam. It would be unfair if we compare (many reviews did) this with his own past works. Even the finest creator - can't recreate the magic once he does. And each unique thing he creates - there is something that you can not avoid. Kadal - is a drama that moves with poetry, beauty and moods of Kadal - the Sea. 

After that moving start, the story moves in an engrossing way. With entry of Father Sam (Arvind Swamy) in the village and how he meets kid Thomas (played by brilliant kid, who is he?). One of the best sequence in the movie features between the two - and a tape recorder. Grown up Thomas (Gautham Karthik) who now share father-son like bond with Sam, meets Bea (Thulsai Nair) and 'kahaani' goes further.... You assumed? Well, no. Yes, a 'star-kids' launchpad this is - but Mani sir knows how to launch them. Mixing up the story with the moments that are perfect for new stars is brilliantly done here. You go 'whoa' when (in a very cliched way) in a long cut - you see our kid hero converting into an adult. You see that cute girl next door, but only later understand why she speaks in such a charming way. Everything has been taken care of - carefully. 

Beauty of Kadal lies in its fascinating audio as well as visuals. As always it is - in a Mani sir's movie. Rajiv Menon beautifully portrays moods of the sea on screen. From being breathtakingly beautiful, to mysteriously dark and ferocious. And how I can not praise Rahman's score in here. How a scene would be incomplete if Anbin Vasale wasn't playing in background? (I was in tears at that moment). Colors in Elay Keechan. And those mesmerizing Moongil Thottum and Nenjukulle moments. Sigh... Though only one song I feel wasn't done well - Adiye. Otherwise, the songs are alone the reason to watch the movie again. People who are complaining about song placement - well, this is after all, a MOVIE. Why are they looking for more 'real' things here? 

About the pace of the movie - yes. Screenplay needed a few cuts here and there. That would speed it up a bit. But given everything was fine, performed well by the actors, I didn't feel it was dragged. Gautham Karthik - for his first movie, looks promising. Though there are places where he falls short, but clever direction, saves day for him. While Thulasi Nair looks lovely, and plays her (rather short) part with all the charm. Its the lead characters (as I call them) Arvind Swamy and Arjun - the good and the bad - who steals the show in this story. That calm aura and charm Arvind has on his face, works seamlessly throughout the film for his role of Christian Father. While menacing Arjun's eyes does talk when he doesn't. Really powerful his portrayal of 'Satan' is. (Need to find more of his works).

Kadal - in totality is a treat for movie buff like me. A treat for eyes, ears, mind. How finely it mixes up the 'launchpad' formulas parallely with a meaningful story & Oh God, how striking is beauty of the sea. Watch it - for the brilliance, called Maniratnam. 

Tags : Kadal movie review, Celina, Lakshmi Manchu, Thulasi nair, tulsi nair, gautham, gautam karthik, karthik son, maniratnam, a r rahman, arjun, bergmans, father sam, thomas, 

Shubhaarambh (Kai Po Che) : Lyrics, Meaning and Translation

That brilliant fusion composed by Amit Trivedi. Another brilliant fusion of words, by Swanand Kirkire. Here's the latest song from movie Kai Po Che. Sung by Divyakumar and (gorgeous!) Shruti Pathak. Can't wait to see the actors doing Raas-Garba on screen. 

Here's my effort to translate the song that is mix of Gujarati as well as Hindi lines. 

Rangeen Parodh aavi, khushiyo sange laavi..
harkhaaye haiyu haay haay (2)

That colorful dawn has come, what happiness it has brought, 
the heart is filled with joy !!

Aasha ni kirano vikharaay, umang evi chhalkaay, 
Mann hal ve thi gungunaaye.....haaye haaye haaye....

Rays of hope everywhere, excitement is flowing,
Heart is humming lightly... 

Hey shubharambh ho shubharambh, mangal bela aai, 
sapno ki dehri pe dil ki baaji re shehnai, shehnai, shehnai

Hey - its a new beginning, that blessed moment is here, 
At the doorstep of dreams, 'Shehnai'** of heart is played.  

khwabon ke beej, kachchi zameen pe hum ko bona hai, 
aasha ke moti saanson ki maala humein pirona hai, 
apna bojha milke saathi hum ko dhona hai, shehnai, shehnai, shehnai

Seeds of dreams, only we have to sow on this row land, 
Beads of hope, only we have to bring together in one string,
We ourselves have to carry our load (of responsibility)..

Raas rachi lyo, saaj saji lyo, shubh ghadi chhe aavi
Aachha aachha tamtamata shamna o chhe lavi, ho laavi... ho laavi

Come on - lets dance*, get ready with your best gear, its that holy moment, 
It has brought those light twinkling star-like dreams of future...

Rangeen parodh aavi, khushiyo sange laavi
harkhaaye haiyu haay haay (2)

That colorful dawn has come, what happiness it has brought, 
the heart is filled with joy !!

Haan maza hai zindgi, nasha hai zindgi, dheere dheere chadegi, ho...
dua de zindgi, bata de zindgi, baat apni banegi, ho...

Yeah - Life is joy, an addiction it is, slowly it will capture you,
Life, will bless you, will give you knowledge, then only the change will be here. 

khwabon ke beej, kachchi zameen pe hum ko bona hai, 
aasha ke moti saanson ki maala humein pirona hai, 
apna bojha milke saathi hum ko dhona hai, 
shehnai, shehnai, shehnai

Seeds of dreams, only we have to sow on this row land, 
Beads of hope, only we have to bring together in one string,
We ourselves have to carry our load (of responsibility)..

hey.....ranglo....maara gaamno....
hey bhai bhai....

Hey shubharambh ho shubharambh, mangal bela aai, 
sapno ki dehri pe dil ke baaji re shehnai, 
shehnai, shehnai

Hey - its a new beginning, that blessed moment is here, 
At the doorstep of dreams, 'Shehnai'** of heart is played.  

raas rachi lyo, saaj saji lyo, shubh ghadi chhe aavi
aacha aacha tamtamata shamna o chhe lavi, o laavi...ho laavi

Come on - lets dance*, get ready with your best gear, its that holy moment, 
It has brought those light twinkling star-like dreams of future...

Hey vhalaaaaa..... 

O my dear......

*Raas - is traditional form of dance in state of Gujarat, India. 
**Dil ki shehnaai - here means the joyful music coming from heart. No literal meaning there. 

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Listen Amaya : Music Review

Upbeat tune of Hey Hey Mrs K is easily likeable with all the conversation like singing.  (Sung by Ankur Sabharwal, Vidhi Sharma, Jeetendra Singh & Indraneel). Fun song it is. Next one Mann Ki Patang sung by Vidhi Sharma is best of the album. The uplifting tune continues in background and singing is impressive. A remake is next - Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi si gets another version - thankfully this one sung by Kunal Ganjawala doesn't harm much as it retains the original flavor. Pathos laden Kashmakash, again by Kunal is an okayish stuff. While last track - Mann Ki Patang (Rendition) by Indraneel - impresses.

Penned by Punam Hariharan, this little soundtrack composed by Indraneel Hariharan is a nice effort, makes you look forward to to the composer.

My Favorites : Mann Ki Patang

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