Subhan Alllaaaahhh....

Subhan allah…

Right now I’m so much Fanaa over music, especially on title song of Fanaa. Penned by Prosoon Joshi & scored by Jatin-Lalit.

I just cant believe that J-L have changed this much. You just cant identify their music with past ones. It’s quite fresh & amazing. Earlier, I was keen on hearing this OST because of the hype created by 1st promo. Only subhan allah was there. And when I saw ‘Prasoon Joshi’ in name of lyricist, I was dying 2 purchase this album. Because Prasoon had done a rocking job in Rang de basanti & also a song from Black, made me so curious for this one. So naturally expectations were higher & thank god it got fulfilled. This is not par-excellent lyrics like Rang de.. nor lil’ bit peppy like Hum Tum. But a balanced effort. To suit environment of the movie.

Let’s come to the album. As all of us know, muvi is based in Kashmir & around Delhi. So this albim has really got a feel of the valley. Very first treack, I would say ‘’so much melodious, addictive & mind blowing. It starts of with humming of Shaan [the most fresh voice of industry today], then tunes boast of with tables & echoed sound [divine…totally] of Kailash Kher ‘’Subhan allah…’’. It doesn’t ends here, journey goes on with Sarangi [or something like that, a typical Kashmiri instrument, sorry I don’t know exact word] & ‘’valle valle…’’[as in qawwali]. U get quite surprised then, by sound of a whistle. Oh god, great start of a song, I must say. Then comes Shaan ‘’Chand sifarish jo karta humari, deta who tumko bataa ; Sharmo haya ke parde gira ke, karni hai humko to khata; Zid hai ab to hai khud ko mitanaa, hona hai tujh mein fanaa….’’

Damn good lyrics. Whole song has a qawwali feel. Its quite foot tapping too. I heard it nearly 4 times when I first got the album.

Then to parallel your expectations, comes another masterpiece. ‘’Mere Hathon Main..’’. A hauting song. Again with the word ‘’fanaa’’ in it. See, ‘’mere hath mein tera hath ho, Sari jannatein mere saath ho; tu jo paas hai, to kya yeh jahaan, tere pyaar mein ho jaoon fanaaa..’’. Again a Kashmiri feeling. Like u r roaming in snow.

Most amazing thing and a surprise of the song is Sunidhi Chauhan. She is back after Chameli. Sonu is always great but Sunidhi steals show with her great vocals. The song has got dialoguestoo from Kajol & Aamir. Song has immortal kind of feeling. Lyrics has the same feel too. And it ends with firm voice of Aamir, a dialogue. Oh lord, hold me…..

Then comes a low point [I think the only one, which may be a need of story]. ‘’Des Rangila’’ track by Mahalaxmi Iyer, is vey much reminiscent of ‘aisa des hai mera’ from Veer Zaara. Though lyrics are good, but it fails & gets noicy at some places. Mahalaxmi’s nice voice is wasted. Also mastering and recording seems dull.. I think it’ll be likeable after watching movie.

Then comes a love ballad. ‘Dekho Na’. again u get deep into music & deep into sea of love, with Sonu & Sunidhi. It’s a rainy song I think. [as yashji has in every movie, a heroine getting wet in rain]. Starts Sunidhi, ‘’Yeh Saazish hain boondon ki, koi khwahish hai chup chup si…dekho naa..dekho naa’’ then Sonu ‘’Hawa kuchh hole hole, jubaan se hai kuchh bole….kyun doori hai ab darmiyaan….dekho naa…dekho naaa….’’

How romantic? Isn’t it? Now you know, why I’m a fan of Prasoon Joshi? Song has got a mushy mushy feel. Also a rainy one. Another relief from earlier song.

Then comes a ‘kiddy’ song. Like a rhyme. ‘Chanda Chamake cham cham, chiti chate chini, cheekhe chaukanna chor’’. Just like this sentences in whole song. Sung very well by Master Akshay, Babul Supriyo, Mahalaxmi & Kajol/Aamir again. Kajol says ‘’khadak singh ke khadakne se …..’’ & Aamir says ‘’pake ped pe paka papeeta…’’. Quite fun, I had with this ong & now u’ll know from where that whistle in title song has come from.

Then comes two remixes. Not just okay. But just one level up.

Actually ‘Destroyed in Love’ is more worth. A Instrumental mixture of both haunting songs ‘mere hath mein’ & ‘dekho na’. Amazingly mixed by ‘Dhrubajyoti Phukan’. The track must be renamed as ‘’Haunted in Love’. So haunting and so likeable music.

‘Fanaa for you’ is a mix of title song ‘chand sifarish’ by DJ Aqeel, who ruined the song ‘tere liye’ from veer zaara by mixing it. But here it is quite enjoyable. Also the main song is so good that u cant deny loving remix too.

All in all, a very well crafted album. Very well contributed by all artistes. Technical quality of mastering is also good. It creates atmosphere of the valley. A must buy for a music lover.