Nokia Asha 202 Review

Well, this is a bit off-topic but I couldn't resist the 'urge' to be one of the firsts to have reviewed something. And when I have the latest one first, there my 'keeda' wakes up. So here's my review of Nokia's latest offering - Nokia Asha 202. (Thanks to my friends who works for Nokia, for earliest delivery of this handset).

I have always been an oldie when it comes to mobile phone. I hate touch screens. Talking about qwerty phones - one I am using nowadays is getting me addicted to physical qwerty keyboards. But still, no one can beat good old NumPad keypad. You can blindly type things you want without looking at keyboard. That is the reason I love basic candybar phones with NumPad. And that is the reason I was waiting for this 'Touch 'n Type' entry level offering by Nokia. Lets have a look at main points of spec.

Camera : 2 MP
Screen Size : 2.4 inch Resistive Touch screen
Battery : 1020 mAh
Video : 176 x 144 15 fps (read - very bad)
Music : All basic formats, and FM with Recording
Card Slot : Upto 32 GB
Sim : Dual SIM (no dual standby)
Dimensions : 114.8 x 49.8 x 13.9 mm  (90 grams weight)
Price in India : 4,149 Rs. (approx in India) (6500 PKR in Pakistan)

My Take :

Let me talk about the bad things first. Its internal memory sucks. Only 10 MB !! Even my older one, Nokia 5220 xpressmusic had 40 MB of internal memory. That makes the phone a bit slow if you install many apps on phone memory. Next one is the video resolution. I mean come on, why are they still stuck with same old resolution when for few more bucks I can even record 720p video?

Now the good things : First is the appearance. Though its bit bulky, being 13.9 mm thick, it doesn't harm much when you hold in your hands. And the good old Nokia sturdiness is there as usual. Though the keypad reminds me of Nokia 2630 (one of my favs of past years) it feels smooth while typing and works like charm. Display is good, nothing notable I can expect for this kind of budget phone.

Connectivity : The thing I look for in most phones. I am not a person of words. I don't call much neither text. (Though there is no complaint with the handset in both sections) The phone is 2G. So do not expect faster data and things like that. But still, with a 2G internet plan, you get sufficient speeds to surf all the mobile content. Add Opera Mini, and things go perfect. For downloads, UC Browser is my favorite.

Music : This is not a music phone. So no sidekeys, unlike X2-02. But still, with its 3.5mm jack, and an apt loudspeaker, serves the purpose satisfactorily. As always, the bundled headphones didn't work for me. But my good old Panasonic in-ear phones rocked. Its been only few hours since I got hands on this - but I couldn't find an equilizer in this one. Hmmm.... Oh, and FM with recording is nice as always.

Camera : Just like any other 2 MP camera Nokia offers, this one DOES the job. Photos that are good for online sharing, that's the thing we want, isn't it? Oh and forgot to add few lines about the touch screen. Its not a multi touch nor capacitive. A resistive touch screen is less sensitive, but good for few strokes to open menu and make selections. That's it.

Games : 40, yes 40 awesome EA games official download within first month for free. Yes, yes, can't wait to download all. So far, only NFS is played by me. Let me checkout some more.

So, overall at 4000 bucks this phone is a good buy if you are a lover of old styled candybar phones. Go for it if you need a standby or 'second' phone besides your regular 'smart'phone. Or gift one to your parents, they'll surely love it.

Image Courtesy : Phonearena

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Fatso : Music Review

Both Fatso and Very Sorry are pure situational tracks, yet the fun element in both makes a good listen. Suraj Jagan & Rags' retro style Haye Re is catchy. Jagan's singing suits the song perfectly. Next Jiya Jaye Na by is a solo by him, a lovely track. Nice change from his regular stuff in recent soundtracks. 

Sagar Desai's work for Fatso, is just there - above average. Doesn't harm much with shorter tracks and tiny tracklist. 

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Rowdy Rathore : Music Review

Dhadang Dhang has that OTT percussions, perfect for this masala flick. Only good for roadside dance, nothing works here except the catchy 90's beats. The 'Chinta ta ta' phrase is addictive, but the song in totality disappoints with typical Mika singing. Yet another (yawn...) addition to the 'Item' race of Bollywood - Aa re pritam pyaare is just - mediocre. Chammak Challo Chel Chabeeli is clearly, a 90s song. Why not? After all it has Kumar Sanu too ! With Shreya Ghoshal, the song is going to be a guilty pleasure of mine, reminding the old days ;). Tera Ishq Bada Teekha does give some relief with its bit naughty bit mushy parts. (Javed Ali, of course). Chandaniya (Lori Lori) is sounds exactly like something by Rahman, with minimal arrangements and all. Should take time to grow on me. And the final track - Rowdy Mix - a QGM inspired music piece filled with dialogues. Nothing special, even the dialogues tries hard to become 'punch'lines, but not punchy enough. 

Sajid-Wajid's Rowdy Rathore is a 90s mixed bag, given more efforts this could've been a kick-ass album, which it isn't. Though this would be a perfect on screen with all the masala elements. 

My Picks : Chammak Challo (yes, kill me ;)  Chandaniya, Tera Ishq

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Vicky Donor : Movie Review

You know the movie has worked for you, when you can remember name of each little character, and their acts. Vicky Donor has screenplay of that level. Yes,Shoojit Sircar's Vicky Donor hits the right spot. The story so original, efforts so sincere, acts so flawless and overall - so entertaining the movie is. Its hard to ignore this brilliance.  Vicky Donor is story of Vicky (Ayushmaan) who like any other guy of his age, dreams of making a bright career, but ends up in this 'handicraft' business thanks to Dr.Chaddha. Enter Ashima Roy, and how the life changes is the crux of the story.

When I watched the trailer, I wasn't much happy with it. I'm sure they are going to make fun of this sensible thing, I thought. But thank God, I was wrong. This is nothing like that. Written by Juhi Chaturvedi, Vicky Donor is appreciable, balanced effort to portray this sensitive subject. How seamlessly Shoojit and Juhi weaves many themes is really clap-worthy.
**mild spoiler** Inter-state marriages, re-marriages, sperm donation and adoption. **spoiler ends**

Set in Delhi, the movie has its own plus points when it comes to overall execution. You can feel the 'Punjabiyat' in each frame. It never bores you at any given point thanks to its light weight funny one liners. Ayushmaan charms you like a pro. (reminded me of Abhay Deol at places, maybe cause I already have hangover of Dev D and OLLO). No wonder the makers selected him for this 'different' project.  Ditto, Yami Gautam. She, being a shy, simpleton Bong. And both of them together, the pair works. And the other pairing works is the Saas-Bahu. Vicky's mom and granny (Dolly and Kamlesh Gill). You just can not ignore this motor mouthed Punjabi aunties. And, Punjabi uncle - Mr Chaddha - Annu Kapoor excels his part. Without being a 'loud' character he perfects his job of 'pain in the sperm' doctor.

Music - VD is already one of my favorites this year. And is wonderfully mixed with the movie. Though towards the end it feels a few songs are thrown in back to back, but you won't mind when it doesn't hinder the pace. Loved the picturisation of Pani Da Rang and Kho Jaane de.

Full marks to John Abraham for daring to be different. The movie at no place tries to sell cheap jokes or dumb cliches. Its a film that is good at heart, knows what it is dealing with and it does hit the right spot. Kudos John and Shoojit !

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Department : Music Review

The 'mad-dance-on-roads' track Dan Dan Cheeni Shoot Mix reminds recent Ajay-Atul works, but this one is by Dharam Sandeep, totally situational. A chaos of sound, literally. Next Mumbai Police composed by Bappa Lahiri, features Sanjay Dutt doing as usual 'dialogue uttering' thing. A hip-hopish track that doesn't work. Bappa's another offering Kammo - is yet another 'that sounds similar' Mika song. Surprise, Sudesh Bhosle is also in the credits. Sigh.  Vikram Nagi's Bad Boys is a techno filled track, nothing notable. Similarly, Theme of Department (Ek Do Teen Chaar) is equally - torturous.

There was a time when, RGV's movies had some excellent songs. Period.

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Chokra Jawaan (Ishaqzaade) : Lyrics

Written by Habib Faisal, Chokra Jawaan from his latest film Ishaqzaade is stuck in head of me like anything. The conversation feel through out the song is absolutely fun. Here are the lyrics of the song.

Hua chokra jawaan rey, Hua chokra jawaan rey.

Arrey Chooza chu chu karta hai galiyon aur chaubaro main
Phenka phaaki karta phire tu to apnay yaaro main...hey

Phenka phaaki kuch nahin such baat jo bayan ki
Dahaad hai jawaan ki mardangi mastanagi

Ab tu bhi maan le, naino ke jaam de
Are aaja re are aaja re are aaja re aaja

Hua chokra jawaan rey jawaan re jawaan rey

Haan mere munna baat sun na, yeh jawaani nahi koi khilona,
Pehley jao seekh ke aaao, pyase naino ki pyaas ko bhujhana,
Tabhi to tabhi to tabhi to hoga, muah chokra jawaan re, muah chokra jawaan re
Ho chand pe chance de gi...kyun doon
Pyaas kya hai main bhook bhi mita doon
ho hum ne seekhe aur seekhaye, nain kya hai,pure tann ko main bheega doon.
Na jaa re aaja re aaja re aa aah, 
hua chokra jawawn rey

Chokra jawaan hoon main, laiis hoon jawaani se,
Door ho gye hoon mein teri lantarani se
Jo thaam ley kalaaiyan usi ko jawaan manoo main,
Ho din dahaare tujh ko tuj hi se aa chura loon main
chal chal bohat dekhe hein

Dankey ki chot pe, rey seena thook ke, aaja re aaja re aaja re aaja
Hua chokra jawaan rey jawaan rey jawaan rey
kya gaata hai

Chooza chu chu karta hai dahaad hai jawaan ki
Phenka phaaki karta hai, mardangi mastangi
Karney pe jo aaoon, saagar main barsaaoon, 
Baaton ke baadshah, barsa ke to dekha
Beh jaye gi deewani teri mast jawaani
Bhadkegi chingari, laptegi chingari
Haye teri yeh ada main ho gya fida
Chal tu such main jawaan na hona mujhse juda

Main fida fida fida
Na hona mujh se tu juda

Aja aja rey
Hua chokra jawaan rey

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Dangerous Ishq : Music Review

Oh No, not again. Rahat starts off the soundtrack (too..) with Tu Hi Rab Tu Hi Dua with Tulsi Kumar. Seriously average fare, but still it caught my attention. Don't know why. And guess who's next? Himesh Reshmmiya ! Naina Re sounds like leftover of Radio and Damadamm. .

Starting with Rajasthani touch, Ishq Mein Ruswaa by Anweshaa is a 'mujra' with standard Himesh loops. Doesn't work. Next is Umeed by Amrita Kak & Shahab Sabri. I am still trying to figure out what it is. :-| Lagan Lagi More Piya is something that is worth your time. Featuring Shreya Ghoshal and Shahab Sabri is an interesting one. Baring looped lyrics, somehow it keeps you hooked. And by the way, the 'story' this song tries to tell, reminds me of 'Mere Dholna' from Bhool Bhullaiya. 

Though it is not necessary for a 'horror' movie to have a fantastic soundtrack, but it should at least have decent tracks, that lacks here. With 5 originals and 6 (!!) remixes and reprises - Dangerous Ishq a letdown. Bring back Nadeem Shravan dear Vikram.

My Picks : Lagan Lagi More Piya

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Ishaqzaade : Music Review

The way it started, Aafton ke Parinde made me go check credits again. Suraj Jagan sounds almost like Sukhwinder Singh (or its just me). The best part of this song is its first interlude. This track itself sets the 'dusty, grungy' mood of the film. Next track is a complete different offering - Ishaqzaade. Javed Ali's smooth voice does complete justice to this dreamy track that is not extraordinary yet engaging because of the composition. Desi band baaja sound rocks Chhokra Jawaan, also a highlight of the track is the fun singer duo is having. Fantastic jugalbandi of Vishal and Sunidhi. Can't wait to see this on screen. 

Pareshaan - is undoubtedly my most favorite from the soundtrack. Shalmali Kholgade's outstanding vocals and the loop of 'Pareshaan' plus the Harmonium sound - Fantastic. This is what I say Amit Trivedi is all about. Shreya's Jhalla Wallah (Jhalla means crazy) - is yet another UP Bihar ka mujra kind of song. But again - lyrics and singing makes it addictive. By the time the track reaches at midpoint - one starts singing along 'Jhalla...'. [this part reminds me of Happening-Main aur Mrs Khanna, though]

I had a feeling that this soundtrack will take time to grow on me (before I heard it), but after just 2 repeats, I am hooked to it. Especially Pareshaan and Ishaqzaade. Lovely lyrics in both by Kausar Munir. 

Amit Trivedi, true 'music'zaada you are. Loved this offering. 

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Nuvvostanante Nennodantana (2005)

Siddharth. The only reason that made me watch this movie. Oh, did I forget lovely Trisha ? No, not at all. How can I deny the love of the lead pair and not to watch this wonderful movie?

NVNV is a Telugu film a mish-mash of few Hindi movies. Elements are taken from three of the Salman Khan movies : Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Yet, the treatment and acts are something that makes it worth watch. And yes, a worthy mention is the cinematography that makes it a must 'watch'. The greenery of hilly villages, is captured exquisitely, making it a treat to eyes.

Directed by Prabhu Deva, NVNV tells story of Santosh [Siddharth], a young NRI guy who is in India to attend a wedding. Meets Siri [Trisha] the only sister of over protecting Krishna [Srihari]. And go through clashes with her, but finally ends up in love instead. He straightly goes to the village to win trust of Siri's brother

Most of the first half is deja vu for Hindi film viewer. Though the scenes are almost similar to the epic Hindi films i have mentioned above, it has been treated differently that we don't feel annoyed, but love them.Siddharth charms with his own style. While Trisha mostly remain silent. Yet, a lovely performance. The second half goes a little bit over the top by Hindi films' standard. With some loud comedy and scenes where Santosh is being harassed by Krishna's men. But still, the flow keeps moving without any glitch. Music by Devi Sri Prasad goes quite well with the story. Personal favorite are Niluvadhamu & Something Something.

We already grew up watching the movies NVNV is based on. Yet, the movie charms you with its own moments, acts and sweetness. Must see for Siddharth fans, must see as a starting point to Southie cinema, coz this will give clear idea how the movies are lovingly made down south.

Vicky Donor : Music Review

Rokda has likeable tune with chorus singing 'yeh khada, woh khada'. Akshay Verma's words are fun. So his singing too, with always dependable Aditi Singh Sharma. She charms you again in next track Kho Jaane Do, alongwith Clinton Cerejo. Lovely 'pop'ish track with continued strings. Rum Whisky by Akshay Verma is absolutely addictive, the way it changes into trance mode at last minute, is fabulous. 

Oh - look whose next in the credits - Ayushmann ! Yes, the lovely punjabi Pani Da Rang is sung by him, almost flawless. Sukanya Purkayastha's version is kinda haunting - still makes it superb listen. Somewhere it reminds me of Iktara. Dont know why. Next Mar Jayian sung by Vishal Dadlani and Sunidhi is instant reminiscent of Anjana Anjani. Even it changes into semi-sufi just like Tujhe Bhula Diya. Did not liked this that much. It repeats as a 'sad' version, doesn't work either. The Sperm song - Chaddha, is yet another "Mika" song. Funny, but not effective. 

As a comedy flick, did not expect the soundtrack to be so good. Would be interesting to hear more from the composer duo Abhishek-Akshay.

My Picks : Kho Jaane Do, Pani Da rang

Tezz : Music Review

Tere Bina is yet another track of RFAK genre, works as it should, average stuff - but seriously, this trend needs to be stopped, too many such songs around that can be interchanged in any movie that features the same. Album features a Sad version and a female version of the song. Duh. Similarly, a Mohit Chauhan song is a must. Main Hoon Shab - though is a better experience. A semi-sufi kinda sound-sounds good. But that's it. The album is a tacky experience afterwards. Laila and Tezz are in the album just because makers required an item song and a title song. Absolutely outdated tunes and tacky lyrics. What a waste of Sunidhi and Shaan !!

So there, Sajid-Wajid's Tezz - has blunt edge when it comes to music part, not surprised I am.

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