Joker : Music Review

Composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar, Kaafirana (I Want Just You) is addictive with all those loud percussion and vocals of Sunidhi that heads to a mad mad conclusion of the track. All the 5 tracks apart from this, are composed by G V Prakashkumar.

Starting with faint background that is identical to Swades' title song, Jugnu ends up as an endearing treat majorly because of Udit Narayan's singing. Lovely melody backed by his vocals, makes it a fab listen. Next Sing Raja by Daler Mehndi and Sonu Kakkar is interesting with flute loop and 'nach le' in many languages. Yeh Joker - is totally Sonu Nigam show. Alongwith Shweta Pandit, he makes the song cheerful with his lively singing. Again, the loud loud percussion (must be a situational track), a perfect for the OTT climax. Wish if only lyrics could be better. Instrumental Tears Of Joker is absolutely lovely with the flute, tabla and classical stuff. While the last track, Alien Arrival is matching the theme of the film, that must be played in parts during the movie. Enough to increase curiosity for the story.

First Bollywood outing of G V Prakash is interesting. A soundtrack that is perfect and in-line with the theme, Joker - only leaves us wanting for more. More by the composer.

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Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi : Music Review

Ishq main tere bina has that standard Latino duet sound. Still, it manages to charm you with vocals of KK and Shreya. While Khatta-Meetha, initially makes you cringe with 'angrezi' lyrics, but as the track progresses, you love it because of the same thing - lyrics and wonderful singing by Shreya. Kaafir Andhere - is a genre in which KK excels. From the high pitch to the low, he is perfect on every note in this dark song. The title song sung by Neeraj Shridhar, is just passable, with some fun lyrics. Show stealer in this soundtrack, is again, Mohit Chauhan. Kuku Duku - with hilarious lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya (Ghadhera - Donkey, Ghelsappa - Duffer) the track is pretty enjoyable. Album concludes with Usha Uthup's Rhamba mein Samba. That too with similar, fun lyrics, but doesn't impress even though they have epic voice on board.

With Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi, composer Jeet Ganguly again make remade tunes work. But, when will we have a full album with fresh tunes?

My Picks : Kuku duku, Kaafir Andhere

(As always, Milliblog lists out the original Bengali tracks of Jeet, on which these songs are based on)

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Ek Tha Tiger : Music Review

That inspired song by Sajid-Wajid - MashaAllah, works well just because of the signature tune. A perfect for Salman Bhai to show off his newly invented moves, nothing else. The soundtrack moves over to Sohail Sen after that 'Sall-item song'. KK and Palak Muchhal's Laapta, with carnival feel and all, isn't all effective. Works in part but otherwise a 'tired' feeling. Banjaara starts off well with chorus singing, but graduates to that standard Sukhwinder Singh affair. Underused he is. But finally, there is some relief when you hear the Didgeridoo played in prelude leading to Mohit Chauhan's croon. Saiyyara is the best of the lot. Paired up with Sunidhi Chauhan, penned by Kausar Munir, the song is #stuckInhead one. Lastly, Tiger's Theme by Julius Packiam, is nothing but just an extension of the promo.

This is perhaps the weakest soundtrack YRF has ever produced. Sohail Sen disappoints in this one. But as they have Salman, performing all of them, the translation on screen can be drastically different.

My Picks : Saiyyara

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Kitnay Aadmi Thay? : Book Review

Did you know there was a beer brand placement throughout DDLJ ? 
What is the surname of Chandni, the sexy chemistry teacher in Main Hoon Naa?
What was a Dhobi’s in Dev Anand’s life, that led him to become a star?
Rare double role of an animal. Remember any?
Parsi guy in Sholay ! Is it?

Well, well. This is just a trailer. Trailer of the book Kitnay Aadmi Thay? by Diptakirti Chaudhuri. (@diptakirti on twitter) Yes, a Bong writes a book that is not poetry, Ray or Tagore but about Bollywood - my initial thought. (phew..see how bad I am at trying my hand at creating even a PJ). Indeed it’s a tough task to give dose of trivia, in a fun filled language, which Diptakirti (phew again.. I will now write DC only) does flawlessly. Because, even if you are a big film buttff, you just can’t go on and on and on to read the long list of trivia that is in plain language. Maybe that is a reason why I still haven’t read many of such books out there. Actually, after The Spirit Of Lagaan, this is only second book, about films, that I read !

The book literally took me by surprise. Though the tagline said ‘useless trivia’. But I was prepared for a serious outing. Having not read author’s blog, being the reason. But in the ‘Introduction’, he guarantees this is no regular lists of Best of Blah..Top 10 of Blah Blah and so on. And he sticks to his promise since the first chapter itself : 10 Opening Credits ! Well, there are numerous such lists that are interestingly put up and highly debatable. But hey, after all, we all love to debate over our favoritest Bollywood. Isn’t it?

The way DC puts up everything, you can’t help but at least chuckle (if not LOL, ROFL, LMAO) at each paragraph. Sample some here :

On Lagaan : The chicken farmer, Bhura, was snapping up balls instead of cocks (!).
Whats Your Raashee : The 12 Priyankas turned out to be bubbly, balanced, bashful, brash, brazen, bizarre or behenji in turn. 
Our Heroines : The moment she puts on false eyelashes, Tarun Tahiliani lehengas and Saroj Khan-induced coquettishness, he gets hard-on from here to Ludhiana and rides off into the sunset with her.
Rahul Roy : In Junoon, he was the ichhadhari tiger (which was such a welcome change after years of icchadhari nagins).

And when there is trivia, it goes to great length. At least me, am totally unaware about these things.
Like, in Do Dooni Chaar, Rishi Kapoor did 2+2=4 (and not 5, as his uncle famously did about two decades earlier). Or, Karan Johar's debut wasn't in DDLJ. It was a teleserial !! Even an interesting trivia about the epic line Mogambo Khush Hua. The oh-so-creative lists definitely will lead reader to make each of them with their own favorites.

Most of the pages, it kept me hooked, led me thinking ‘man, this guy must be watching all the movies with pen and paper since childhood, and all the notes are combined here, in this book’. Why not? He even notes down lines of Juhi Chawla’s father why he is not accepting Aamir Khan as his Jamai, in Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke. And not just the new movies, DC has incorporated how the inimitable Johnny Walker was born, or how Khatta Meetha had highest number of Parsi characters ever. Or even some great spoilers ! Yes spoilers about the best kept secrets of suspense movies. (Now you are warned, which chapter is to be skipped. Right?) There is even a chapter about 5 famous first meetings. (one of my most favorite chapters).

Ah, I can go ga-ga-ga but need to stop here isn’t it? Oh, and one must be thinking, is there anything that is ‘not good’ in the book? Oh, well, each Bollywood movie has its own villains, no? Here, there’re is a bit glitch in terms of repeated mentions (though they are necessary). So déjà vu is there at places. But it doesn't harm. And a page, depicting Godrej Fridge’s placement in Luck By Chance, a smooth one. Oh really?  Also, there are numerous mentions about ‘the greatest film ever made’ -  yes, Sholay. The movie, which I’m not so crazy about. (Kill, me, okay?). But I forgive thou, DC, because in return, you gave a full length chapter for QS Cutie (ah, what a term!) Aamir Khan, and his 18 crazy films. (and no thanks for naming the book in a way that initials can be - KAT)

Love Bollywood? Live Bollywood? Bollywood is only thing you talk about? Then this – Kitnay Aadmi Thay? – is a must read. Go grab your copy with popcorn, samosa and an oily pack of chips. :)

Disclaimer : This book can be harmful to your eyes, as it may lead you on marathon viewing of all the classics mentioned in it. 
'Plate'claimer: This is my first book review, ever. So, please to excuse. 

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Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 : Music Review

Chhi Chha Ledar : Starts off with 'disco' beats mixed with technofied sound. This track, sung superbly by 12yr old Durga - is reminiscent of Sneha's work in Sound Trippin. (Actually, many tracks in the album are). Addictive, this, is.

Kala Re : Lyrical gem. Vocals - gem. Composition - gem. Superbly done from each aspect, this haunting track is just so fabulous you can't stop listening to it. Dark dark violin in background, sigh....

Electric Piya : This, I thought, is an answer to Womaniya. But, isn't.(OK, these were my initial thoughts, but after reading the lyrics, and context, and repeats, I am liking it) With similar setup as Womaniya, the harmonium and dholak - desi voices - the works. The track repeats as Electric Piya - Fused. (say, remixed)

Bahut Khoob : Most innovative on the album. Just a bunch of school kids, a poem from their textbook and Sneha. Result is - whoa !

Taar Bijli : The original behind Electric Piya. Sung by Padmashree Sharda Sinha - the track with satirical lyrics will be more effective with context on screen I think. Still, worth listen for the vocals.

Aabroo: Epic lyrics. Superb Muqabala-Qawwali. Piyush Mishra. Absolutely situational, yet, must hear to know - to what level one can write about rivalary. Piyush Mishra's rival here, Bhupesh Singh matches sounds perfectly. Can't wait to see this on screen.

Perpendicular : Another innovation. Mixing up the regular sound into a new one. The art Sneha has mastered.

Moora : Moora - means moorakh (fool). The loveliest track from both the movies. Mandolin (am I right?) sound continued in background, creative lyrics by Varun Grover and the calypso tune - droooool.

Tunya : ?? !!!!

Bahut Khoob 8 Bit : The 8 bit- yes, those sounds from video games you played in childhood - mixed in the original. Ah, well, okay.

Moora (Morning) : This, one is must listen for its outstanding composition. Mix of OMG sounds. Sung by Deepak Kumar, I just can't get enough of hearing this.

KKL : As if the original was not enough in part 1, this version of Keh Ke Loonga - is a killer mix. But, personally, I prefer the original one.

So, no Bihar ke lala, no Hunter, no Womaniya, no Keh Ke Loonga - more innovative, experimental sounds - Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 is still creates the effect that is unavoidable. Sneha Khanwalkar and the works, impresses yet again. 

My Picks : Kaala Rey, Moora, Moora (Morning), Bahut Khoob, Chhi Chha Ledar

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Kaafirana (I want fakht you) Lyrics : Joker

Hey  !
Haaye haaye re anti maal
Waah kai bewde chaal [2]

Aali karne dhamaal aur machane bawaal
Kaafirana hai neeyat meri
Aashiqana hai seerat meri
Faasiyana yeh iraade mere
Jaaduaana hai maya meri
Paapi ye ang hai
Saali kalank hai
Aaye na ye pori baaz
Behki malang hai fultoo dabangg hai
Khole ye ab dil ke raaz

Aage suspense bak de pori

I want fakht you
I want fakht you
Baby I want fakht you [4]

Abb tak thi pyaasi main
Do peg mein Jhansi main
Lo chal padi main
Tere hi dil paane jagah

Paapi ye ang hai
Saali kalank hai
Aaye na ye pori baaz
Behki malang hai fultoo dabangg hai
Khole ye ab dil ke raaz

Aage once more bak de pori

I want fakht you
I want fakht you
Baby I want fakht you [2]

Jaadu se, tone se 
Ya chahe hijje se
Vash mein karungi 
Bas mein rakhungi banke rani

Paapi ye ang hai
Saali kalank hai
Aaye na ye pori baaz
Behki malang hai fultoo dabangg hai
Khole ye ab dil ke raaz

Aage last time bak de pori

I want fakht you
I want fakht you
Baby I want fakht you [2]

Kaafirana hai neeyat meri
Aashiqana hai seerat meri
Faasiyana yeh iraade mere
Jaaduaana hai maya meri

Fakht You... Fakht You...

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Cocktail : Movie Review

Just like Break Ke Baad, you leave the hall with Deepika's face in your head. Yes, again, in this mushy movie, she proves to be best among the leads. But this time, she's not alone, Diana Penty has her own share of the pie. She acts as flawlessly, as her beauty is. ;) And Saif? In his most comfortable genre he is, again, acts as good as he is in such movies. But just one thing that made me urghhh is now he is looking Old. Yes, old for such movies. (but, as some reports said, initial choice was Imran Khan - urrghhhh, Saifu is better).

The triangular story begins very well. As Saif is master of playing a flirt. (say, extending his KHNH avatar) but somehow you love the things going on over the screen. Diana in her debut, impresses with first scene itself. (ah, that voice). The gags and fun drives the movie ahead until you reach towards 'that' twist in the tale. And the second half, after that, becomes a bit stale and darker compared to colorful cocktail in the first one. But still, for a mushy movie lover, it won't harm much. And given fantastic music score, one hardly gets bored. Yet, somehow feels something lacks that hinders this cocktail an addictive one.

With two strong women characters, it clearly shows that Imtiaz Ali has written this one. Wish, this was his movie. Ah well. But Homi Adajania overall, doesn't let down with his style. Its just that he goes a bit overboard with style over substance. Technically the film is perfect. With fab shots of London (by Anil Mehta) and the night life. One scene, that shows Veronica before just breaking down, is superbly done at a night club. Oh, and with killer music. Pritam's music is something that I loved the most in the film. Luttna, Jugni, Tumhi Ho Bandhu - and all. (When I am pleased by music, I don't care much if the movie is trash or not ;)

If you are fan of rom-coms, fan of peppy stories, and loved EMAET. Go and order this Cocktail. It won't be addictive, but not bad either.

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Jism 2 : Music Review

Starting off with dreamy strings, Abhi Abhi is clearly the best of the album, because of ever dependable KK. Pathos led Yeh Kasoor is a bit surprise, as we haven't heard Sonu Kakkar in this way. Well, a standard Bhatt template, nice but situational one, this is. (Yet another) Maula is next. Sung by Ali Azmat - this, initially I felt - is chaos. Wish it was well composed. While another Ali Azmat track - Ye Jism Hai To Kya is has that perfect tune for this 'seductive' film. Here Ali is more tolerable. Soft rock based haunting Darta Hoon is an interesting composition. Vocals of Rushk makes it more interesting. ('m on loop). Last one - Hey Wallah - a trance, is something that I still am figuring out what it is. ;) 

Compared to the first film in this franchise, Arko Mukherjee composed Jism 2, pales in terms of mysterious, seductive tracks that first part had. This is 'bhatt'ified album that could only work well within the movie, barring the first track. 

My Picks : Abhi Abhi, Darta Hoon

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