Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu : Music Review

Peppy title track is addictive from the word go. Especially tweaked voice of Benny singing 'Talli' gets stuck. Also the simple lyrics work. As observed by almost all, Gubbare sounds almost like a track from Aisha. But still, its cozy feel and whistle makes an endearing listen. Aunty ji is next. Ash King goes in rock mode [something we haven't heard by him], with fun lyrics, the track must be a riot on the screen. Karthik and Shilpa's Aahatein sounds like Boondon ke moti [Wake Up Sid], not good not bad. As lyrics says it all 'sab kuchh wohi hai, par kuchh kami hai'. Last Kar Chalna Shuru Tu - is my most favorite of the lot. Vishal Dadlani and Shilpa Rao makes this cheerful track more alive. And the 'saxy' concluding piece is fabulous. 

So, there, Amit Trivedi, after a long break, gives a "not great, not bad at all". A nice mix of light tracks for a light movie. 

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Music of 2011 : Lists, Favorites

And finally, I have sorted it out. 10 most favorite soundtracks of the year 2011. Specifically in order of 10 to 1, here are my favorites from Bollywood. 

10. Force : Except the 'bonus track' - Dum hai toh aaja, all the tracks were fine. Wish we can here more in hindi by Harris. 
9. Damadamm : Guilty pleasure-Himessh has always been one. From annoying Mango song to addictive Umrao Jaan. Damadamm was full of trademark Himessh. 
8. Ra.One : One album that had both - Chammak Challo & Bhare Naina. VS - in commercial potboiler mode. 
7. Patiala House : The only saving grace of SEL this year. [ZNMD worked just for 2 tracks for me]. Pure punjabi 'lashkara's to 'pop'ish 'baby when you' - fun album. 
6. Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster: 7 composers, 7 songs - notable each one is. 
5. Bol : Atif Aslam. Hadiqa Kiyani. Hona Tha Pyar. Din Pareshan Hai. Dil Janiya and much more. Why won't I love it?
4. 7 khoon maaf : Though till date, I don't find 'Yeshu' upto the mark, there are tracks to die for. And, Gulzar saab. 
3. Stanley Ka Dabba : Charming. WOnderful soundtrack by newbie Hitesh Sonik. I still feel overwhelmed while listening to Nanhi si jaan. 
2. Rockstar : A R Rahman. okay? OK.
1. Tanu Weds Manu : When I heard this album for the first time, it was decided that it will top this list. Rangrez, Mannu Bhaiyya, Yun Hi, Piya, Saddi Gully - part of my life these songs are. [Just can't believe I met the wonderful lyricist Raj Shekhar-the writer of the songs I lived thoughout the year :-)]

Also, here are my '10 most played songs'. [in random order]

1. Dil Dar-ba-dar
2. Piya
3. Rangrez
4. Yun hi
5. Saibo
6. Dannah Pah Dannah
7. Nasha
8. Nanhi si jaan
9. Kun Faya Kun
10. Phir se udd chala

And, [though I still call myself a newbie at southies] Favorite southie albums.

1. Sri Ramarajyam
2. 100% Love
3. Urumi

Twitter Hits : 2011 [poll]

As always, Bollywood ruled my Twitter timeline. (thing that I love the most) And the songs became larger than the movies itself this time. Year started with VB's Darling and ended with darling Vidya. (see, 'V''). Often the tweets went 'Darliiiiiinggg', or 'dancing to #saddiGully'. '...Surkhiyaan hai hawaaon mein' to 'Ji Ba traa'. 

Here I have listed out 13 songs - 13 trends that topped the Twitter charts. Tell me which one is YOUR most favorite. 

Hosanna Lyrics : Ek Deewana Tha

Well, the first song from much anticipated Ek Deewana Tha is here. Remake of tamil hit from Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya, only the lead singer is different this time - Leon D'souza, instead of Vijay Prakash. My feeling - that madness, desperateness of the 'deewana' is missing and the accented English rap does not sound as good as it was in Tamil one. But still, it works, because of Rahman, of course.

Here are the lyrics written by Javed Akhtar. Meaning of Hosanna is here in this post.

Dil hote jo, mere seene mein do,
doosra dil bhi main, tumhe deta todne ko.

Dilkash thi woh shaam pehle pehal jab ke, tumse mili thi nazar,
Aisa chakraya ke ab yeh na janu ke
jau toh jau kidhar,
Tu samne thi ek pal,
Agle hi pal thi ozhal,
Ab kya batau main,
kis haal mein hu main,
yahaan wahaan bas apna dil aur
hosh dhoodta hu main.

Hosanna, Madhoshi deewanagi,
Hosanna, main aur meri bandgi.
Hosanna, ab hai yehi zindgi.

Everybody wanna know what I feel like, I feel like,
I really wanna be here with you,
Its not enough to say that we are made for each other,
Its love that is Hosanna true,
Hosanna, (I'll) be there when u callin' out my name
Hosanna, 'm feeling like my whole life has changed,
I never wanna be the same,
Its time we re-arrange,
I take a step, You take a step, and me aa callin' out to u..

Hello....Hello.....Yo Hosanna.

Udti hui titli ki rangeen parchhayee reh jaati hai phoolon mein,
Waise hi tum ek tasveer ke jaise chhaye ho een aankhon mein,

Hosanna, Tum jo mera khwab ho,
Hosanna, Dil kyon na betaab ho,
Kahoon to kya kahoon,
main kyun deewana hoon,
Tumhare baare mein hi har ghadi sochta hoon kyun.

Hello.. Hello...

Hosanna, ab din ho ya raat ho,
Hosanna, dil chahe tum saath ho,
Hosanna, bas haathon mein haath ho...

Dil hote jo, mere seene mein do,
doosra dil bhi main, tumhe deta todne ko.

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Agneepath : Music Review

I did not have any big expectations for soundtrack of this movie, as I knew its going to be a dark movie. So no regular Dharma Productions soundtrack. But somehow, after few repeats, I am pretty much into this Ajay-Atul composed album. 

Chikni Chameli - the Hindi Kombdi Palali, is as catchy as a Marathi folk song can be. Shreya sounds totally different. Not 'great' as it was publicized, but sure to entertain on the screen. Next - O Saiyyan, has an 'opera'ish sound. Sung by Roop Kumar Rathod, composers make sure to utilize his vocals to the fullest [though I feel the recording could be better] With minimal arrangments. Similarly, Sonu has his own share of such number as Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahin comes up. Piano led track got me goosebumps as it progressed and ended with Tablas. Wonderful lyrics, no wonder, Amitabh Bhattacharya. Waiting to see this one on the screen. 

Sunidhi and Udit Narayan (!!) comes up with Gun Gun Guna. A 'cheer up' song. Why Udit is used so less? He would have done great things in this fun song. Shah Ka Rutba is the track that would take me the movie viewing, to like it. A Qawwali by Sukhwinder Singh, Anand Raaj Anand and Krishna Beura. Situational it sounds, but yes, quite innovative sounds there. The album ends [aptly] with Deva Shree Ganesha. A sure to make your feet dance - as always a Ganesha song does. Hardcore Nagaada sounds with vocals of Ajay himself. 

My Picks : Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahin, O Saiyyan.

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Love songs of 2011

Most favorite time of the year, season of lists, is here. I enjoy going back to the first month of the year, re listen, re-enjoy each soundtrack, each movie and make different lists. This time, I thought why not a love songs list? After all, its mandatory to have one in each OST. So, here is my list. Love songs of 2011. Selected from 20 albums of the year. [the order is just random]
1. Yun Hi & Piya [Tanu Weds Manu]: The BEST we had this year. Mohit Chauhan and Roop Kumar Rathod with Krsna's score and Raj Shekhar's words, made me flattered.

2. Bekaraan & Tere liye [Saat Khoon Maaf]: VB, Gulzar, Suresh Wadkar. The team that never goes wrong. 
3. Baby when you talk to me [Patiala House]: Fun lyrics, catchy tune, SEL #ftw
4. Aankhein [I Am] : Lovely simple track, oh and one of the firsts [on screen]. 
5. Te Amo [Dum Maaro Dum]: Though Jiyein Kyun was the best one in album, dark it was. So I chose this colorful, trademark Pritam mush.
6. Saibo [Shor in the City]: Fantabulous mix of genres, oh and lovely vocals and lyrics. 
7. Will you marry me? [Turning 30]: As simple as u feel its just vocals. Conversation like track is such a sweet one.
8. Hona Tha pyaar [Bol] : Atif. Haaayyeee...and oh, Hadiqa Kiyani... Fab guitar led duet. 
9. Tum ko [Rockstar]: Kavita ji after a long time. Wonderful tablas. Rahman. 
10. Dil ki tamanna [Force] : Harris and his mush filled stuff. 
11. Kaise kahein alvida [Yeh Saali Zindgi] : Dreamy composition with lovely voice of Javed Ali. 
12. Chu Chu [Sahib Biwi aur Gangster]: The retro sound hits perfect note. 
13. Tere Siva [Delhi Belly] : The only 'veg' thing in belly of Delhi. 
14. Ishq Sufiyana [The Dirty Picture] : Emraan Hashmi ka romantik andaz ;) 
15. Dildara [Ra.One] : King of Romance - isn't it?
16. Yun Toh Mera Dil [Damadamm] : Oh, Himessh. You oughta be in this list. 
17. I love you [Bodyguard]: Another Pritam number, in standard format, with fab vocals by Ash King. 
18. Badmaash Dil [Singham] : Pleasantly composed and sung. 
19. Sirfira sa hai dil [Love you, Mr Kalakaar] : Dear Sandesh, why u no compose much? 
20. Baatein shuru [Mujhse Fraandship Karoge] : Something different, fun. 

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5 Hollywood sequels I look forward to in 2012

Well, this may seem off-topic on my blog where I mostly talk about Indian movies. Because I am totally sunk into it. But that doesn't mean I skip Hollywood cinemas. Especially the one that makes the child in me - happy. Animation, fiction and superheroes. So, here is my list of upcoming new movies - say 'sequels' I look forward to in 2012. And yes, the Bollywood Sequels post is coming soon too. :) 

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 
Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. And their fights. Loved them in both movies. Still, they haven't find their way to home. And they are in the Europe now, in a circus !! Aha.. Come June 2012 and I will go mad in the hall. is it in 3D? Yeah !

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Spider Man. The superhero I have grown up with and adored the most. Though I have doubts about the changed cast and director. Tobey Maguire was perfect. But anyways, lets hope for the best and wait for July 3, 2012.

Ice Age: Continental Drift 
One animated franchise I love a lot. This time Scrat is coming to present day. Imagine the riot on the screen when the frozen team gets defrosted in a museum. But one question - why this movie is coming in Summer instead of winter?? Anyway, lets hope Scrat gets his beloved acorn this time, not. ;)

The Dark Knight Rises

Need I say anything? But yes, I just seriously wish if this would get released in IMAX format, back here, in India. 

The Hobbit Part 1: An Unexpected Journey 
The most favorite fiction, ever. The world of Hobbits. Technically, this is a prequel to the legendary LOTR trilogy, but still I am including it here because I wanted to ;) As the journey of Bilbo in the lonely mountains continues and then he wins his precioussss from none other than - the Gollum. Oh, and if rumours are to be believed, its being 'shot' in 3D !! \m/ Waiting for Dec 14,2012. Oh, that day falls after 12.12.12. :-|

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Talaash : First look leaked?

Talaash - Reema Kagti's next with Aamir Khan, a psychological thriller, is scheduled to release in June, 2012. So it is too early to say the First poster is out. Or say leaked. Because the poster looks totally morphed with all the matrix code in the background. But whoever has done it - fantastic job I say. See for yourself, and decide. 

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The Dirty Picture : Movie Review

There is a scene where Silk tells the world, that 'its you who made her what she is today', 'its you who made her dance like this, and only  you who later called me vulgar'. Even though I was watching this in a single screen, that had the typical 'front benchers', I observed that there was a pin drop silence and later - the hall got filled with applause. Yes, that's the Vidya power. The Dirth Picture shall get renamed as The Vidya Picture, no one will mind that. She is no match with any other actress of her times. Shading her inhibitions-biggest ever risk of doing such a bold role-she has taken at this point of career. A really tough move-and Vidya outdoes the expectations. All the awards - please roll the red carpets for her.

But the powerhouse performance does not make TDP a perfect film. It has got its own glitches. Tusshar Kapoor has half baked role. Just a filler his character seems. Emraan Hashmi disappears all of a sudden for a long time, only to return in similar fashion. And when he returns, story gets dragged at a level that I felt the end is near, only to find out still half an hour is there. But no complaints about Emraan's performance. With matured actors like Vidya and Naseer-he manages to grab all the attention-and no, this wasn't a Bhatt movie. He deserves more such strong roles. Talking about other male lead-Naseeruddin Shah-need I tell anything about him? As an egoist superstar he easily portrays the character with killer lines. Using circumstances pretty well to work in his favor, Naseer is perfect. Him and Vidya makes first half pretty engaging. Not to forget the riot the onliners create. Milan knows what audience loves - ceetee worthy dialogues. And the first half doesn't fall short of them. Though midpoint of second half lacks that punch, but it is understood as the story enters such phase. And still, vidya manages that people get glued to their chairs. This time, not with cleavage but with her act. 

Art direction is pretty good. But not as good as we saw in Once Upon a Time in India where 70's era was recreated perfectly. Or may be, its me, born in the 80s, the reason that era did not feel as nostalgic. Vishal Shekhar's score is as perfect on screen, as it sounds on CD. Riot of colors 'ooh la la' is absolutely fun to see on big screen with all the shouts-ceetees around the hall. And, as noted earlier-the writing is not too perfect but works just cause of the punchy lines. The makers claimed that this is not based on Silk Smitha's life, but they have not deviated much from what actually happened to her. A character tells Silk in the movie that 'those who name this as vulgarity, same people will tell this 'freedom' in future'. Yes, the fact Silk Smita faced. Though there are scenes that resembles 'Fashion' and 'Woh Lamhe' too. But the comparisons are hard to avoid. As these stories are told n times. But its the performer-Vidya-who makes all the difference in this one. 

Too hard too resist, but using the 'Entertainment' line - The Dirty Picture does what its intention was - it titillates, shocks and to top that - Entertains the audience. And the Entertainment sells, for sure. 

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