Music of 2011 : Lists, Favorites

And finally, I have sorted it out. 10 most favorite soundtracks of the year 2011. Specifically in order of 10 to 1, here are my favorites from Bollywood. 

10. Force : Except the 'bonus track' - Dum hai toh aaja, all the tracks were fine. Wish we can here more in hindi by Harris. 
9. Damadamm : Guilty pleasure-Himessh has always been one. From annoying Mango song to addictive Umrao Jaan. Damadamm was full of trademark Himessh. 
8. Ra.One : One album that had both - Chammak Challo & Bhare Naina. VS - in commercial potboiler mode. 
7. Patiala House : The only saving grace of SEL this year. [ZNMD worked just for 2 tracks for me]. Pure punjabi 'lashkara's to 'pop'ish 'baby when you' - fun album. 
6. Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster: 7 composers, 7 songs - notable each one is. 
5. Bol : Atif Aslam. Hadiqa Kiyani. Hona Tha Pyar. Din Pareshan Hai. Dil Janiya and much more. Why won't I love it?
4. 7 khoon maaf : Though till date, I don't find 'Yeshu' upto the mark, there are tracks to die for. And, Gulzar saab. 
3. Stanley Ka Dabba : Charming. WOnderful soundtrack by newbie Hitesh Sonik. I still feel overwhelmed while listening to Nanhi si jaan. 
2. Rockstar : A R Rahman. okay? OK.
1. Tanu Weds Manu : When I heard this album for the first time, it was decided that it will top this list. Rangrez, Mannu Bhaiyya, Yun Hi, Piya, Saddi Gully - part of my life these songs are. [Just can't believe I met the wonderful lyricist Raj Shekhar-the writer of the songs I lived thoughout the year :-)]

Also, here are my '10 most played songs'. [in random order]

1. Dil Dar-ba-dar
2. Piya
3. Rangrez
4. Yun hi
5. Saibo
6. Dannah Pah Dannah
7. Nasha
8. Nanhi si jaan
9. Kun Faya Kun
10. Phir se udd chala

And, [though I still call myself a newbie at southies] Favorite southie albums.

1. Sri Ramarajyam
2. 100% Love
3. Urumi


  1. Radhey00:00

    yaar song kis movie ke h. ye bhi mention karo, samj me nahi aa raha h.

  2. Nahii.. no love for Delhi Belly? :(

    I have announced my OKS Bollywood Music Awards for 2011. Do check em out :)


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