The Dirty Picture : Movie Review

There is a scene where Silk tells the world, that 'its you who made her what she is today', 'its you who made her dance like this, and only  you who later called me vulgar'. Even though I was watching this in a single screen, that had the typical 'front benchers', I observed that there was a pin drop silence and later - the hall got filled with applause. Yes, that's the Vidya power. The Dirth Picture shall get renamed as The Vidya Picture, no one will mind that. She is no match with any other actress of her times. Shading her inhibitions-biggest ever risk of doing such a bold role-she has taken at this point of career. A really tough move-and Vidya outdoes the expectations. All the awards - please roll the red carpets for her.

But the powerhouse performance does not make TDP a perfect film. It has got its own glitches. Tusshar Kapoor has half baked role. Just a filler his character seems. Emraan Hashmi disappears all of a sudden for a long time, only to return in similar fashion. And when he returns, story gets dragged at a level that I felt the end is near, only to find out still half an hour is there. But no complaints about Emraan's performance. With matured actors like Vidya and Naseer-he manages to grab all the attention-and no, this wasn't a Bhatt movie. He deserves more such strong roles. Talking about other male lead-Naseeruddin Shah-need I tell anything about him? As an egoist superstar he easily portrays the character with killer lines. Using circumstances pretty well to work in his favor, Naseer is perfect. Him and Vidya makes first half pretty engaging. Not to forget the riot the onliners create. Milan knows what audience loves - ceetee worthy dialogues. And the first half doesn't fall short of them. Though midpoint of second half lacks that punch, but it is understood as the story enters such phase. And still, vidya manages that people get glued to their chairs. This time, not with cleavage but with her act. 

Art direction is pretty good. But not as good as we saw in Once Upon a Time in India where 70's era was recreated perfectly. Or may be, its me, born in the 80s, the reason that era did not feel as nostalgic. Vishal Shekhar's score is as perfect on screen, as it sounds on CD. Riot of colors 'ooh la la' is absolutely fun to see on big screen with all the shouts-ceetees around the hall. And, as noted earlier-the writing is not too perfect but works just cause of the punchy lines. The makers claimed that this is not based on Silk Smitha's life, but they have not deviated much from what actually happened to her. A character tells Silk in the movie that 'those who name this as vulgarity, same people will tell this 'freedom' in future'. Yes, the fact Silk Smita faced. Though there are scenes that resembles 'Fashion' and 'Woh Lamhe' too. But the comparisons are hard to avoid. As these stories are told n times. But its the performer-Vidya-who makes all the difference in this one. 

Too hard too resist, but using the 'Entertainment' line - The Dirty Picture does what its intention was - it titillates, shocks and to top that - Entertains the audience. And the Entertainment sells, for sure. 

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  1. This is a really nice movie..This is truely what is hapenning in bollywood

  2. this movie is awesome..i was see a good movie for long time ,,,. vidya role is hot and motivate if u things other side people want this but never told in front of people...

  3. Anonymous21:04

    vidya role is very bad showing every part of body


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