Filmfare Awards 2011 : Winners

Well, I already showed my disagreement with the nominations of Filmfare, through my tweets. But still, here are the winners of Filmfare awards 2011.

Best Costume - Varsha Shilpa (Do Dooni Chaar)
Best Sound Design - Kunal Sharma (Udaan) and Pritam Das (Love,Sex aur Dhokha)
Best Production Design : Mukund Gupta (Do Dooni Chaar)
Best Editing - Namrata Rao (Love,Sex aur Dhokha)
Best Cinematography : Mahendra Shetty (Udaan)

Best Action - Vijayan Master (Dabangg)
Best Dialogue - Habib Faisal (Band Baaja Baaraat)
Best Screenplay - Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap (Udaan)
Best Story - Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane (Udaan)
Best Choreography: Farah Khan (Sheila Ki Jawaani-Tees Maar Khan)

7 Khoon Maaf : Music Review

Thousands of praises are already all over the web-space. As always, Vishal teams up with Gulzaar saab, and the result is as expected, awesome [such an understatement for both of them, no?]. 

While the addictive 'Darrrling' is already darling of all, it has two versions ['Doosri Darling' !] that are yet not enough for music lovers. Usha Uthup-after a long time- takes us on fun ride along with Rekha Bhardwaj. Gulzar again mixes up casual words with pure Urdu, and the result is outstanding. Next track is the best from the album. Why not? Its credited to Vishal himself as a singer. Starting smoothly, 'Bekaraan' [means restless] reaches its [almost lyrically orgasmic] peak in the last para. How we are indebted to Gulzar saab for keeping such poetry alive ! 

'O Mama' travels different genre after the first two. KK in a rock track is a sure shot. Surprised Gulzar's words can be used in such song too !! Acoustic version of the song is as interesting as this one. Next up, dark 'Aawara' sets perfect mood for the dark movie, sung by Master Saleem -the thumping beats makes an interesting listen.

Dhobi Ghat [2011]

The opening scene, that shows a taxi and Marine Drive through its window, shot by hand held cam, and dialogues in background - this alone makes audience feel that this is going to be a wonderful cinematic experience. Mumbai-has been depicted 'n' times by our film makers. Each film has its own story to tell, very few get it right on. And when it comes to our new breed of directors, its a win-win situation for viewers. Recently we saw fantastic Wake Up Sid that portrayed colors of the city, on the other hand, OUATIM and Striker took us to dark past of the maximum city. Now its Kiran Rao's turn, to show Mumbai through eyes of outsiders-especially-women.

Weaving of four lives is the highlight of the screenplay. Especially, the part of Yasmin Noor [played by Kriti Malhotra - marvelous natural performance]. She has got the best dialogues throughout the movie. The way she describes the city, the lives of people and her own life-simply lovable and intriguing.  [Don't want to spoil for those who haven't seen it] Loved the way her life is shown in the movie. How Arun [Aamir Khan] gets affected by her and how his life gets changed, while two parallels are running simultaneously - Munna [Prateik] and Shai [Monica Dogra], that touches Arun's life too. Not a single character goes unnoticed by the viewer, the smallest part is important [for example-Yasmin's maid and her daughter].

Apart from Kriti Malhotra, the central character Munna [Prateik Babbar] is outstanding. One can not ignore his charm on screen. Playing a dhobi who aspires to become an actor some day-Pratiek shines in his part. Smoothly he portrays the inquisitiveness of a slum dweller. Aamir - [now you know what I will write for him :P] is excellent as always-but I hope he won't do such roles again-i fear he will get typecast-that itself is against his own rules. But yes, the climax gets brilliant because of him. [OMG moment is-the painting]. Monica Dogra as Shai-is perfect for her part.

Whats noteworthy in the film is its direction. Most of the crucial scenes filmed by hand held camera that makes it really interesting. And that too-not as a gimmick but has been done purposefully. Even the still photographs are used brilliantly to show the moods of city. Cinematography by Tushar Kanti Ray is one of the heart of the film - so is the scintillating score by Gustavo Santaolalla. Wondering whose idea was-to use classical music [thumris?] as part of many scenes, the score keeps viewer's attention attached to the story and characters.

Its a poetry about the city and the lives of Mumbai. [repeating from WUS review] If you love the city of Mumbai - this one is a must watch.

on a side note - Blogger dost Dolce's review quoted that- "Aamir did announce 2-3 times before screening at Toronto Festival- that 'this is not Ghajini'."
I feel Aamir should have done that here too. I saw many in the audience who came there just because of Aamir & his recent movies. And finding out a movie that is beyond their expectation - leaving the hall telling it 'boring' movie. Sigh...

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No One Killed Jessica : Movie Review

Light spoiler :  There is a scene in the movie, where Vidya goes to the socialite - Mallika [in real life -Bina Ramani] asking for her help.  Mallika is having a pastry, smoothly lies about what did she saw at the party. Spoiler ends 

This and such scenes from NOKJ are one tight slap on our 'so called' high-profile society. Such shocking revelations comes in front of us through this movie. Though we all know how this happened, each event is known to us. And that was the tough call for Rajkumar Gupta. To portray an already known, already 'in people's mind' case, on big screen.

The movie starts off really well and succeds to hold attention of viewers. You can feel the tension in the atmosphere, and pulse going high during courtroom drama and the club scene. But after intermission, somewhat lag is there in the pace. Maybe it was so because we have already been spoilt by the best in that genre - Rang De Basanti. But still, its the performance of leading ladies and dialogues that does not make it loose the hold. Neil Bhoopalam as the prime witness Vikram Jaisingh [in real life-Shayan Munshi] is really good. While Rajesh Sharma, is excellent as the investigating officer. 

There is something about the city of Delhi. Whenever a movie is based in it, Delhi itself becomes a vital part. In NOKJ, you know its going to be awesome when the movie starts of with the 'dilli dilli' song, and few shots about 'Power of Dilli'. So is the power of women. Vidya's character 'Sabrina' is somewhat dull and lack of fire in her. But that is understood when one go through such trauma. While Rani sweeps away with her fire brand jurno role. Still, I can't say 'she's back' because movies like this, are not made frequently. 

Amit Trivedi's score is well integrated in the film. Especially 'Yeh Pal' and the 'dilli' theme throughout the movie. I personally feel that the score in the finale, could have been better. No doubt the song 'Dua' is good, but it lacks the punch. [again, I am spoilt by RDB here, remember the pulsating score of Rahman in Candle light vigil scene?, oh and  good that they have featured that scene in this movie too].

My only complaint to Rajkumar Gupta is - why the name of culprit is changed in the movie? Manu Sharama deserves to be hated by each who watches this movie. Or you thought Jessica and Sabrina's names should be retained to get more eyeballs ? Kya ek individual ki keemat itni sasti hai hamaare desh mein?

Last note : Read the Wikipedia article about the case 'here'. Before watching the movie. That will shock you how some huge names in High society are involved in the real life incident. 

Caution : the movie has got extremely explicit dialogues. Phir kehna mat, warn nahi kiya! :)

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Star Screen Awards 2011 : Winners

17th Annual Star Screen Awards were announced last night. Since past few years, Filmfare lost their credibility at least for me. Many choices were debatable. And Screen Awards are quite balanced ones. But this time, it seems they too have lost it just to please everyone in the industry. Giving 'Popular' awards, 'Best Performer' awards and so on..

Here is the list of winners - with my take [and yes, these are 'my' thoughts, feel free to disagree].

Deserving :

Best Actor (Male) - Salman Khan
Best Actor (Female) - Vidya Balan
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male) - Arshad Warsi
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) Shernaz Patel - Guzaarish
Best Playback Singer (Male) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji
Best New Talent In Music Mamta Sharma - Munni Badnaam - Dabangg
Most Promising Newcomer (Male) Ranveer Singh - Band Baaja Baaraat
Most Promising Newcomer (Female) Sonakshi Sinha
Most Promising Debut Director Maneesh Sharma
Best Ensemble Cast Peepli [Live]
Best Choreography Farah Khan - Munni Badnaam - Dabangg
Best Action Master Vijayan - Dabangg
Best Dialogue Habib Faisal - Band Baaja Baraat
Best Child Artiste Ayaan Barodia - Udaan
Best Editing Namrata Rao - Band Baaja Baraat
Best Background Score Wayne Sharp - Raajneeti
Best Special Effects Srinivas Mohan - Robot
Best Sound Vikram Joglekar - Road Movie
Best Cinematography Sudeep Chatterji - Guzaarish

I disagree with -

Best Director Vikramaditya Motwane - Udaan
Best Film - Udaan
Best Actor in a Negative Role (Male/Female) Ronit Roy - Udaan
Best Music Sajid Wajid - Dabangg & Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy - My Name Is Khan
Best Playback Singer (Female) Shreya Ghoshal - Bahara - I Hate Luv Storys
Best Lyrics Gulzar - Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji - Ishqiya
Best Screenplay - Anjum Rajabali, Prakash Jha - Raajneeti

I know I am taking risk by not agreeing with Udaan's awards. OK, it was a good movie, but it wasn't so perfect that it is the "best" of the year. Again - Ronit Roy for negative role. I think that should go to menacing Abhimanyu Singh in Rakhtcharitra, even Chhedi Singh of Dabaang.

WTF is with Sajid-Wajid's award. No doubt, the song created waves-but it was plagiarized. And this IS the award which shall go to Udaan, also the award for best Lyricist. When it comes to award a female playback singer, we always tend to honor 'sweet, melodious' voice. But when will our awards grow up to mark the awesomeness of Sunidhi who can sing both-Sheila and Surili Ankhiyon wale-so effortlessly. For screenplay - isn't the best should be 'razor sharp' and 'flawless'- which Raajneeti was not. No doubt first half was mind-blowing, second half was stretched.

'We have to keep everyone happy' Awards :

Best Actor Male Popular Choice - Shahrukh Khan - My Name Is Khan
Best Actor Popular Choice (Female) Katrina Kaif - (Raajneeti - Tees Maar Khan)
est Performer Ajay Devgn - Golmaal 3
Most Popular Music Pritam - Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
Ramnath Goenka Memorial Awards My Name Is Khan
Special Jury Awards For Spectacular Cutting Of Age Technology Robot

Seriously, Ajay for Golmaal??? Wasn't he awesome in Raajneeti or OUATIM ?

Listed below are the winners, for the films that I haven't seen. So, no comments. ;)

Best Actor in a Comic Role (Male/Female) Sanjay Mishra - Phas Gaye Re Obama
Best Story Amit Rai - Road To Sangam    
Best Art Direction Mukund Gupta - Do Dooni Chaar