Jannat 2 : Music Review

Tu Hi Mera - because of its looped phrase and Shafaqat's vocals, catches attention instantly. A standard Emraan Hashmi song, that is an instant hit material. Tera Deedar Hua - that repeats again [named - from the heart] has annoyingly high pitched Rahat, that one should name it 'from the throat'. The track got attention only when I heard its another version by Javed Ali. A fabulous one to hear. Loved the Guitar in prelude.

Tujhe Sochta Hoon - has a different sounding KK, a standard Pritam+Emraan material, that reminds of the first movie. [O meri jaan]. Rab ka Shukrana - is another track where I loved the reprise version more than the original. Though the original is by the Mohit Chauhan, reprise by Anupam Amod is calmer one. Lyrics seems bit cliched, but works well. Sang Hoon Tere by Nikhil Dsouza, is cringe-worthy - both, tune and lyrics wise. The 'Jannat' theme, (the whoa wooo ooo sound from Zara sa dil mein de jagah) is now a full on song - Jannatein Kahaan. Though one has to try hard to 'forget' the original song, but after KK's track, Nikhil Dsouza's - Power Ballad - version makes it work.

So there, an all male soundtrack - where Reprise versions works better than the original. Pritam+Hashmi+Bhatts. A standard template.

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Agent Vinod : Movie Review

The moment it started to play a hindi song in RUssian night club, I knew it - this is not going to be a 'Sriram Raghvan' affair. And it certainly isn't. Agent Vinod is part narccisist and more a stretched film that could've been far better if the writer-director-producer had not planned it as a 'class-mass' mish-mash. I was expecting much more from the guy who made the epic called Johnny Gaddar. But, ah, well.  

The movie starts off well, but the build-up is too slow to keep the viewer hooked. Those quirky one liners (the one which I was waiting for) are too less. I expected more of them cause Saif is master at it. Lack of those light moments, makes the audience feel that the pace is lagging. I was literally checking time, why there is still no interval. No doubt there are few clever sequences but too less to talk about. And there are also, scenes that could have been really interesting if edited well, but the editing department seems a bit lazy in this movie. (I mean, come on, a 2 hours 40 minutes length for a Thriller ??!!)

Production values are sleek full marks to that. Camera takes us on a trip around the world every now and then, but same thing proves a story killing device when most of the audience fails to catch track in rather loosely tied story. Talking about performances - Saif is good as the 'agent' with sense of humour, sharp moves and manages to always look good. But I feel he is underused (or may be too busy with production?) or may be not well written. Similarly Kareena looks lost in most of the frames, well, I know that is quite much into the character, but I mean come on - at one point she is assisting a goon and at the other point she is being 'saved' by and running for a cover behind Vinod. How these things can go hand in hand?  Except Ravi Kissan, Adil Hussain and Ram Kapoor the supporting cast does not leave much impact. (I think stretching up Ravi Kissan's role could've been a better idea)

Talking about songs, there are only a few. Even the Pungi is in the rolling credits. The only one that is aptly used is Raabta - Night in a motel. Superbly picturised in an action sequence. But the most interesting sound through out the movie is its background score. Daniel George uses fabulous pieces of music throughout the movie with feel of the location where the sequence is based in. Technically, the film is rich but the sequences are not choreogrphed seamlessly that leaves viewer craving for more. 

This took too long to come out, and it was guranteed that Sriram will rock it, but it turns out to be a disappointment. It doesn't even entertain at full, as it should - forget thrill. 

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Tu Hi Mera lyrics : Jannat 2

Movie : Jannat 2 
Singer : Shafaqat Amanat Ali

Lyrics : Sayeed Quadri 

Music : Pritam

Tere ishq mein, dooba rahe din raat yun hi sada, 
mere khwaab se aankhein teri, ik pal bhi na hoye juda. 
Mera naam tu haathon pe apne, likhe baar haan, 
Aye kaash ke aisa bhi ek din, aaye Oh Khuda, 
Tu hi mera..mera, mera...  Tu hi Mera..

Hai teri chahat, teri zaroorat, 
Sooni hai tujh bin, duniya meri, 
Naa reh sakoonga, main door inn se, 
hai meri jannat, galiyaan teri

Ummeed yeh seene mein leke, 
main hoon jee raha, 
kabhi tu mile, mujh se kahe ke, 
main hoon bas tera...

Tu hi mera mera mera..... 

Tu hi hai kismat, tu hi hai rehmat, 
tujh se judi hai, meri har khushi, 
tu hi mohabbat, tu hi hai raahat, 
lagti bhali hai, teri saadgi,

Paata hoon khud woh har ghadi, tere bina tanha, 
mujhe thaam le, mujhe rok le, bhatka hoon main bhatka,

Tu hi mera mera mera.... 

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Bittoo Boss : Music Review

Mika's 'Bittoo sab ki lega's groove gets you hooked, but - its the new low Bollywood has found for the sake of few days of fame. Thanks to DK Bose's success and our poor rating system, no one bothers to re-think before making such thing. Kaun Kenda is a predictable, inspired from ShukraanAllah - yet lovely because of Sonu+Shreya. Next Kich Lag Gayi is a 'bhel puri' of all the hit 'punju' material, foot tapping -yes, new - no. Audi (Tenu Tak De) starts on average note, but ends as addictive hip hop punjabi mix. Mika's second track Kabootar - duh, what was that Raghav?? Composer Gajendra Verma's Man Jaage comes as relief. Shahid Mallya's smooth vocals does the trick.

Overall, a passable soundtrack that must work for the movie. But what's with too much of Punjabi Lyrics? Isn't this a Hindi movie?

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Something about Ekla Cholo Re and Kahaani

Just when I was in love with the movie, in love with the song, I get to hear the original [means originating from the land, by people, where the song belongs to] 'Ekla Cholo Re'. Frankly speaking, till date I had not heard any of the versions except one from Rahman's OST for Bose : The Forgotten Hero In that one, only two lines were used. But this time - after hearing 5 different versions, it makes me feel that the one featured in Kahaani - sung by Amitabh Bachchan is not upto the mark - that the legendary song deserves.

Why Mr Bachchan as the singer, that's the first question. Personally, I feel Sujoy needed a big name to be associated with the film. And how bigger can it get, but Big B himself singing a song for a film he is not featuring into? That must be the reason. Now, my question is - why him, and no other Bong artist who has lived this song throughout his life. I don't know any bong male singers who could have done better job here, but checkout the first version I have posted in below playlist - by Shreya Ghoshal. So soothing and flawless singing and perfect pronunciations. Yes, the pronunciations is a problem with Big B's version. Even a non-bong like me could identify that glitch, imagine rage of Bong people who love this song like anything else. And about that mish-mash of English and Hindi lyrics, I am fine though with that thing, but I feel it steals the soul, making it rather a peppy version. On the otherside, checkout Usha Uthup's version and how smoothly it transcends into both Bengali and English.

Here are versions by Shreya Ghoshal, Usha Uthup, Lopamudra Mitra, Kishore da and Suchitra Mitra. Please listen to it and let me know whats your view about this. (This is a playlist, hit 'next' button for next video)

Thanks @mittermaniac for recco of these wonderful versions of Tagore's masterpiece. 

Call Me Rashid : Music (album) Review

As I assumed, guitarist Rashid Ali's album is (of course) Guitar heavy. Lovely strings in most of the tracks. Album starts off with Faraaz's classic Jin ke dum se- originally composed by Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, with refreshed arrangement by Rashid, sounds engaging. Though it seems Rashid's accented prounounciations works against him, but later on, repeated listens made me love the track because of that. Except this one (and Ayrilik) all the tracks are composed by Rashid Ali and penned by Raqueeb Alam. Next Parda Parda has that Turkish flavor and addictive beats. Raqueeb's words does the trick. Totally addictive one. Lyrics are highlight here. If you are attending an audio production school and focusing on music, you should remember how important lyrics can be to the overall feel of a song.

Starting off with Bangladeshi singer Faria Chaudhary, Ayrilik (means Seperation) is a haunting folk song from Azerbaijan. With addition of Urdu lyrics to the original, and 'Rahman'isq arrangements the track sucks you into it easily. While Saahil Hai Kinara is has that lazy, cozy feel into it. An old time pop ballad stuff, made special by strings and vocals of Rashid. Lovely lilting tune.  That repeats as an Instrumental reprise too. Reminds his similar works from films. Next Soch Zara has an uplifting tune, this is I feel, is the weakest one from the album. Or may be, I will like it on more listens, its just that by the time I reach this track, I have already listened much of Rashid's voice. (The standard problem of a solo album).

Another guitar led track that comes in two versions - Something on Your Mind and Sookhi Nadi. Former is in English, penned by Rashid, later one is in Hindi/Urdu.  Wonderful vocals in both the tracks. What arrangements in both ! Zarra Zarra is the one I haven't listened as much as other tracks. May be its the unlimited loops of same phrase in the beginning of track that made me skip. Have listened similar tune somewhere (by Rahman), may be, don't know. 

The album has three instrumental tracks too. Baila - as the name suggests, is based on Baila genre. Perfect Latino sound with almost non-stop strings. While mentioned earlier, lovely Saahil Hai Kinara Hai has instrumental version too. While the third one, Tears of Joy has traces of Soch Zaraa, in slower tempo that sounds good over the original track. And lastly, we have this 'remix' version of Kabhi Kabhi Aditi. A shorter one, with minimal arrangements, I am in love with this charming song, all over again. 

Thanks to A R Rahman, who gave platform for such a fantastic album. All the tracks has that international quality, fantastic arrangements and quality stuff. I am not surprised if Rashid Ali  comes up with a full fledged movie score. But I will be pleased if he continues to shine in Indipop scene that is getting revived these days. 

My Favorites : Parda Parda, Saahil Hai Kinara, Jin ke Dum se, Ayirilik

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Kahaani : Movie Review

Vidya does it again. Yes, she is the star of the show all over again. But this time, she's not alone - a powerful, strong and riveting narration that boasts of a killer touch by Sujoy Ghosh - accompanies Kahaani to make a masterful work. Hats off to the writing team Sujoy, Suresh Nair and Advaita. Another star of the movie is Kolkota. Never have I seen such detailed, such dedicated frames for the city of joy. Colorful, crowded, alive and mysterious - Kolkota drives the movie when no one else is there to do so.

All of you know the storyline - pregnant Vidya Bagchi comes Kolkota to find her missing husband only to find twists, tales and surprises on her journey. Vidya shines through out her role as a lady who often is determined, often broken and often charming. She changes color so smoothly and so perfectly, it surprises the viewer like anything else. Its always a delight to see her on silver screen. Oh, and did I mention her little little moments on the screen when she interacts with children - lovely.

Rana - the police officer who helps Vidya on her quest - played by Parambrata Chaterjee - is a find for Hindi films. He charms you with his act that often is endearing and mostly perfect to the core. Actually, the characterization is so perfect that it is hard to forget just any face we see through out the movie. Be it the (scary) Contract killer, charming little kid in the guest house - Vishnu, the IB guys, IB head and even the five minutes appearance of Chaiwallah ladka. Nawazzuddin Sheikh perfects his part of an IB agent bound by duty.

I knew there will hardly be any songs in this out and out thriller. But still, Vishal Shekhar's score totally complements the spirit of the movie. Even though there are only bits used in the movie. On the other hand, background score is by Clinton Cerejo !! He totally makes it a goosebumpy affair with his dark tunes. Superb work. And Oh My God the climax - the sounds of Durga Puja - makes it more intense.

See, how gibberish my review is - it happens, when a movie occupies my mind so much that its hard to put the words together. Phew.. do not - DO NOT miss this 'Mother of a Story' - Kahaani. Hats off Sujoy Babu.

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58th National Film Awards (India) : 2011 winners

Awards that went to Hindi Films :

Best Actress  - Vidya Balan (The Dirty Picture)
Best Child Artist: Partho Gupte (Stanley ka Dabba) & all Child artists in ‘Chillar Party’
Best Children’s Film - Chillar Party
Best Screenplay - Vikas Behal and Nitesh Tiwari (Chillar Party)
Best Special Effects - Ra.One
Best Hindi Film - I AmB
Best Choreography - Bosco and Ceasar (Senorita-Zindagi Na Milegi dobara)
Best Lyrics - Amitabh Bhattacharya (Agar Zindagi from ‘I Am’)
Best Makeup - Vikram Gaekward (Baal Gandharva and The Dirty Picture)
Best Costume - Neeta Lulla (Bal Gandharva) and Neharika Khan (The Dirty Picture)

Awards that went to films of other languages : 

Best Actor - Girish Kulkarni (Deool)
Best Director - Gurvinder Singh (Anhe Ghorey Da Daan)
Best Film - Deool and Byari
Best Dialogue - Girish Kulkarni (Deool)
Best Editing - Praveen KL and NBSrikanth (Aranya Kandam)
Best Bengali Film - Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona
Best Dogri Film - Dilesh Basiya Koi
Best Kannada Film - Koorma Avatar
Best Manipuri Film - Phijigee Mani
Best Marathi Film - Shaala
Best Tamil Film - Vaagai Sooda Vaa
Best Punjabi Film - Anne Gode Da Daan
Best Jury Film - Ronjana Aami Aar Ashbo Na
Best Music - Neel Dutta (Ranjona)
Best Supporting Actor: Appu Kutti

Here is a fantastic playlist of Youtube. Of all movies mentioned here.

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Bol (2011)

Another movie that I missed watching in theater in 2011. Directed by Shoaib Mansoor, who shook us with Khuda Kay Liye. Bol, is all the way a Shoaib film that is paced leisurely, revealing dark secrets of the society and ends on a high note shaking typical beliefs.

Bol starts with Zainab [Humaima Malik] who is counting hours before getting hanged at jail. Who, by request of Mustafa [Atif Aslam] agrees to tell her story to media, as a last wish before she dies. Her life story, how she had to commit this crime that led her to this stage. Bol talks about serious issues that are still there in all countries, not alone in Pakistan. Its about treatment the Women are getting. The desire to have a Son, the hatred towards girl child, domestic violence and doing unethical things in the name of religion.

Initially I was keen on seeing Atif in a film. [yes, a big fan I am]. But in the movie, I felt that there was not enough space for him that can show his acting skills. [or maybe that is the reason, he was taken in for this role]. The movie belongs to Humaima, the main protagonist. Who drives the movie. Manzar Sehbai who plays father of Zainab, and her six sisters, is a one whom you'll really dislike. That means he has played his part perfectly. Amr Kashmiri, who plays Saifi - the only brother of seven sisters- is commendable. Though the movie has got its moments that shocks you with stark reality, it loses grip midway. The pace becomes too slow that it feels dragged. But it is saved by special appearance of Iman Ali - a Meena Kumari devotee. Music - one of my top 10 favorites of 2011. Lovely Hona Tha Pyar, to haunting Din Pareshan Hai, to peppy Dil Janiya. The soundtrack is a treat on screen too.

Full marks to Shoaib Mansoor, for choosing such daring subjects for his films. But yes, hope that he won't get typecast and will give something different, yet apt, next time.

Housefull 2 : Music Review

Neeraj Sridhar - oh yes. Starts off this soundtrack too. Papa Toh Band Bajaye is a track that already seems remixed with techno beats and tweaked voice. Ok ok one. Next, which is publicized as new 'Munni' - Anarkali Disco Chali - sung by Mamta Sharma and Sukhwinder Singh sounds forced to give a big hit. But it doesn't work as well as Munni did. [Of course, that was already a tried-tasted-readymade track] Will be hit on screen, and that's it. Doesn't work at all. Bieber/Akon influenced Right Now Now - sprinkled with Eng-Punjabi lyrics. Duh. Last original track Do You Know has been composed with 80s sound. A relief to hear Shaan-Shreya in a melodious mood after former 3 songs. Quite enjoyable song.

Just like the first part, the sequel of Housefull doesn't offer much in terms of eargasm. Sajid-Wajid scores just an average album, wish SEL were here. But what do you expect from a Sajid Khan movie after all. Music in his films, is just used as a filler. So there.

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Ranbir's Nissan (ad) Film is out and Win Ranbir T-shirts

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Agent Vinod : Music Review

Its always an easy task to review Pritam's albums. 2 dance tracks, 4 remixes, a love ballad - 2 unplugged, 2 reprises and you are done. But its not that I am complaining. Most of the time he hits the right chords. And that too, inline with the movie. Agent Vinod is again such an example. 

For this fast paced action thriller - Pritam gives equally fast instrumental track. Agent Vinod Theme Obviously has that 'heard it somewhere' feel, but still, it has that 'play it loud' thing in it. Perfect for setting up mood for the movie. The 'Russian' song I'll do the talking tonight - is again a perfect for the movie. But I seriously wish if it had someone else than Neeraj Shridhar, and puhleez, get rid of Punjabi lyrics. Its the composition that makes it a killer track. Pungi is addictive from very first 15 seconds. A standard Mika song, with fun and pun. Lyrics of Amitabh are outrageous. The backing vocals by Amitabh, Nakash, Pritam and Javed Jaffery makes it more enjoyable. Dil Mera Muft ka - the Techno mujra and Desi remix version, both are different, both has their own plus points in terms of vocals and compositions. Former is a modern mix while later one is more of a 'munni' mix. Techno version has fab chorus singing in its favor. My favorite is Nandini's version. The Techno one. 

Raabta - meaning 'unknown connection'. The word perfectly suits between Pritam and his love for multi-version ballads. He never goes wrong with such mushy songs, and again he never fails but give multiple versions. Raabta - first one sung by Arijit Singh [remember Fame Gurukul on Sony?] and Joy, is reminiscent of Te Amo at places. But after repeated listens, it turned out to be my favorite among all 4 versions. The 'Night in the motel' version sung by Arijit and Aditi Singh Sharma is a piano led one, lovely rendition by both there. Even 'the' Shreya's version (Kehte hai khuda ne) pales in front of it that sounds much like a typical love song. While Siyaah Raatein - by Hamsika and Arijit+Joy, with lovely strings and different interlude pieces. Loved it. 

There, for one of the most awaited film of 2012 - Pritam perfects his part. Now over to Sriram Raghvan. Lets see what he has in store for us. 

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