Why do I like South Indian films?

When Blogger Dost Nicki, tweeted she's doing blog post about 'why do I like South Indian Films', I instantly decided to do a similar post. Here is her fantastic post which describes power of cinema, which is not bound by barriers of languages.

Talking about that barrier, I would say there are so many barriers in India itself. It feels sad, but our country is currently in very delicate phase where everyone is emphasizing on making their own language superior, while completely ignoring others. And that's one reason, why -still being in India- I was away from the movie world of South India.

I live in Gujarat-a western state of India. Where it is really tough to get Southies on DVDs. Even in the biggest chain of DVD store, Crossword, they don't have any regional movies other than Gujarati, which is local language here. Thanks to multiplexes, there are some one or two of them, which releases new southies-only the big releases. But only, without subtitles. So, that way, I was untouched by the awesomeness of south Indian movies. Only a few I saw, which were dubbed ,mostly Kamal Hassan's movies, which are always fantastic.

Thanks to Blogger, I got to meet Bloggers who are not even Indian, but still love South Indian movies. And by their recommendation, I got to see Bommarillu. The first Telugu movie I saw. And instantly fell in love it. Both Genelia and Siddharth were awesome in the movie. Which made me more curious about their movies. And then, Nicki sent me 4 movies of Genelia !!!! Humbled I am. So far I managed to see Happy. Starring Genelia and superstar Allu Arjun. I absolutely enjoyed that one too. A really entertaining one.

So, by watching only two movies, I can't comment on southies. But having watched many dubbed movies, and the famous remakes, I can say Southies are far more entertaining then the average Bollywood products which these days makers are churning out. Mind it, I am a DIE HARD Bollywood fan, but whatever they are making these days, is neither Hollywood nor Bollywood. Its somewhere in between that makes me disappointed. Fresh example is MNIK, where KJo lost his sense in balancing between desi and videsi things. Good old KJo with comedy, drama and naach gaana was more enjoyable then this mediocre stuff.

Somewhere I agree with people who says Southie movies sometimes have over the top act and ''oh, i can't believe this'' kind of stuff. But hey, that makes it more enjoyable. After all, its only one little harmless movie, not a true to life documentary. Remember, most of the biggest hits of recent times, are the remakes or the southie formula movies. Sample Om Shanti Om, and you instantly remind Yanna Rascala !! Mind it! . Or the complete entertainment package Wanted. And of course, biggest money churner Ghajini. And oh, my faaaavvv Saathiya. List can go on and on..

What I liked most is how they shape up romance on screen. Its always so cute. See Saathiya. See Hasini in Bommarillu. See Happy. See Kalpana of Ghajini. It always touches your heart instantly. The dance ! And ability to make audience glued to seats.

Thing is not that South Indian movies v/s Hindi movies. But thing is, such nice movies are made here in our country, but still, it can't reach to all movie lovers. Bad, bad. Do something about that dear film makers. And oh, don't forget to release movies with subtitles, Please !!


  1. Thing is not that South Indian movies v/s Hindi movies. But thing is, such nice movies are made here in our country, but still, it can't reach to all movie lovers. Bad, bad.

    I agree 100%! Such a wonderful post!! :)

    1. Absolutely....excellent movie should reach to movie lovers..whether its a bollywood one or tollywood one

  2. Same as you, Bomarillu marked the beginning of my appreciation for South Indian films!

  3. Anonymous03:37

    Well Said!

    I can't believe that they don't get how much of a market potential there is in India itsef and overseas. They only dub some films, those too not in the most popular theatres. Surely it can't add that much cost wise since they have to do it for DVDs anyway.

  4. This is a wonderful, well-thought post. I like what you said. You are very welcome.

  5. Lovely post :)
    I'm surprised that Crossword doesnot carry hit regional movies. As awareness builds, hopefully things will change. Glad that you saw one of the better films, Bommarillu.

  6. Anonymous08:18

    Bommarillu was my second Southie film, but first one I liked, lol. Saw Ghajini first-- HATED it because of Surya, lol. Since then I've seen Bommarillu and Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana (HAHA! I SPELLED IT RIGHT!), which I adoooored! If you liked Bommarillu, definitely see NVNV! =)

  7. Try Parugu... Allu Arjun's movie from Director of BOMMARILLU... i watch it atleast once in a week :)

  8. Anonymous16:32

    Also watch "Khushi" "Murari" Telugu Movies

  9. Anonymous17:24

    Tamil Indsutry has two faces, one is technically high, on the flip side very mass(Moss). Gajini from north is a product from Tamil this shows that how talented their industry is. but flip side is too worst, ex: Vijay Movies. Telugu Industry cannot make this effort to make impact on bollywood.This should change. We too having talents, worth to reach HW/BW. but lack of support and politics. Big people rule. this also should change.

  10. try mahesh babu starring pokiri wanted is the remake of this movie and u will definetly like mahesh and try allu arjun staring arya and arya2 really good stuff to watch

  11. Anonymous21:38

    the fing is movies frm the south busrt into random songs at wrong points lyk wen a guy is sad coz his gf dumped him, dey decide to put a song in there to hype the movie up bt the truth is it doesnt. like in bw dey on use songs where its necessary. y doesnt south try to go wiv less songs and use dem where relevant n surely dey'll catch up wiv bw n even wiv hw which doesnt use songs. south dont take it personal bt i'd rather watch a movie wiv no songs than wiv ones dat bore me x x

  12. Darshit, nicely said. I agree about the regional thing. I think it's disappearing... which is good. :)

    Btw, have you seen movie named Autograph (2004)? If not, you must watch it. Don't read about it online before watching it. Just watch it. I want to see it again now.

    I still have to see Bommarillu. I think JD suggested that, right?

  13. vineel06:52

    Magadheera in recent past is a very good movie...and biggest hit in India after Ghajini according to shares..

  14. Love this perspective! There once was this discussion on the BollyWhat forum about "North Indian Resistance to South Indian movies," and a few of us were at first so surprised that some Indians we would meet were not as open-minded and enamored by other-language cinemas in India as we were. Someone made a point there that often the cultures right next door to us are never as fascinating as the truly different and foreign. Interesting thought, I thought. I love your profile pic, by the way- too cute. :D

  15. Whoa!! So much love from all the visitors. Never have I had such amazing response for my post. Thank you Thank you all.

    So glad you liked my post.

    Yes, it seems Bommarillu is most famous among all the Bloggers. So somehow they come to know by blogging and end up watching it.

    Sad but its true. India has pretty regional markets rather than Universal. In north, Bhojpuri rules while in other parts Hindi movies does things. While all states are now having people from various states, movies must get release all over India. Yes, dubbing can do things too.

    Thanks Nicki for the initiative. Enjoyed writing and reading these posts.

    Thanks ! Yes, that's kinda weird, cause Crossword is in market since years, and when they don't have the movies, how can you expect anywhere else? Yes, pirated discs are always available, but mostly they have B grade action flicks and that too, without subs. :(

    Oh, Ghajini is bad?? Haven't seen anything with Surya in it. So I must check it. And yes, NVNV is suggested by many people. Let's see, wil check that out soon.

    Need to Google for Parugu. Never heard of it, not even on Blogs :) Thanks for the tip. Watching once in a week makes me more curious about it.

  16. Anonymous
    Thanks for stopping by. I have seen Hindi remake of Khushi, and loved it. Thanks for suggestions.

    I can't understand about 'vijay movies'. But things is never about conqureing HW/BW. Its all about making your product more easily available to all over India. And acceptance of North Indians on how good south movies too. Yes, Big people rules everywhere. Thats a bitter truth. Glad that in BW, small makers are coming out and studios are backing them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, cheers!

    Yes, I have read about Pokiri at Nicki's blog. Saw some scenes over TV channels too. Searched for subtitled discs but can't find. Thanks for all your suggestions.

    I think Song and dance are India's own plus points. If done nicely, they can make movie more better only. I believe its the only thing which makes us special. No need to compete with HW. Except HW's technical excellence and special effects, HW movies can be really boring.

    Thanks Kanan. I think people have started to living in each others states, and that is making the line more thinner. That's good. But things happening [like in Maharashtra] are disappointing me.

    Read about Autograph on Nicki's blog. Felt Bachna Ae haseeno is inspired by that one. Will try to check that out.

    Oh and you must check out Bommarillu. Jaldi otherwise the remake with Harman+Genelia will get released and it will kill the joy of original.

    Have read about Magadheera. Its looks really on a huge canvas, a my kind of movie. Is DVD out already?

    Thanks and welcome MinaiMinai. Yes, I find that hesitation too. I feel irritated when people make fun of others watching or speaking southie language. But thank God, in our generation, the differences are disappearing.

    Great point there about Cultures right next door. Ahmedabad, where I live, has many fascinating heritage places, but residents of the city are always ignoring those things because they are passing by them regularly and don't value them. But if it is distant and foreign, it attracts us and makes us more interested.

    Oh, and so happy you liked that pic. :-) Cute :P

  17. Dude! Seriously! Bommarillu is mindblowing! Probably one of the only few Indian romcoms that are set perfectly when it comes to story, setting, location, culture... Just awesomely welldone and the most addictive music in a while! I still listen to Appudo Ippudo every now and then (and I watched the movie a couple of years back)

    On another note: Joined Tehelka as their online person :) So now I'm on http://twitter.com/tehelkadotcom and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tehelka/374918609060 - So after Bollywood, now something different :) Tell the regulars!

    (PS: Also, I'll join twitter soon, will let you know.)

  18. Hey, Welcome back Jugal
    Thanks for comment. Ofcourse, Bommarillu is perhaps one of the best love story on screen. Agree about music too. What a song by Siddharth !

    Thanks for the info. Will look forward to your tweets, both from your company id, and personal :)

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  20. Anonymous01:05

    im sorry bt hw movies cnt be beaten. yeh it mite seem borin to u dependin on where ur frm bt for me hos been brought up in the western culture, i fink hw rocks n der movies r greater than any 1s. their special effects cnt be beaten n hw seems to rule. tru that sum hw movies do bore me bt the majority is lyk amazin leavin u touched. south seems to use the sme concept ova n ova again lyk varudu. no offence its a gd movie bt i reli fink the story could hav been beta. come on the villan kidnaps the bride in most of the movies. bt i gotta say loved mahesh babu's sainikudu, nw dat was sumfin diff lyk wen the hero kidnaps the bride.

  21. Nice post. I agree about the subtitles. I think they should even have for Hindi movies to be honest. A lot of my friends from abroad cant watch movies in the big screen and need translators. I remember from my own experiences i managed to catch a lot of eastern european movies because they had subtitles for every movie.

    Have only seen Rajni movies so far, but will check out these ones as well.

  22. Great point there Khambaji. Hindi movies must be difficult for non hindi speaking people. Yes, most of east European movies had subs, and makes them more accessible universally.

    I do not watch much of Rajni though. Action movies, be it HW / BW or TW, get me un intersted.

  23. Darshit, I haven't watched BAH. Is it worth watching? Will surely try to watch Bommarillu soon. Thanks :)

  24. Kanan
    I and many bloggers liked BAH, just because of Ranbir. He carries movie on his own. You should see it sometime. But first you must see Bommarillu :)

  25. Couldn't agree more, the OTT is its unique style and makes it loads of fun haha..Have you watched Pokiri? Try that. Its total Southie masala and mass entertainer but had a gripping storyline. Oh wait that was recently made in Hindi as Wanted so you've probably seen Hindi of it.

    If you enjoyed Bommarillu and Sid' be sure to check out his other romantic comedies Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam, Chukkallo Chandrudu and Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana.

    Awesome post btw! I also grew up with Hindi cinema and only speak Hindi but these days the style of film making in Hindi cinema is totally lost and confused. Nothing is exciting me which is sad. Also it should be noted that two of the biggest Hindi grossers, Ghajini and Wanted, are both south remakes haha..

  26. Prathna Tiwari
    Glad to see you again. Havne't seen Pokiri though I should try finding it. Loved Wanted, so Pokiri must be interesting. And NVNV is everyone is recommending. Hmmm...

    Thanks a lot for your humble words.Agree there about lack of originality everywhere. Everyone is confused, end up making remakes of past or south.

  27. I myself Live in Gujarat. But I watch All the Tamil And Telugu Movies. I like Telugu movies specially. Because of the treatment they give. Tamil movies are good because of their Content. I watch movies from All The languages. I have watched movies in 13 Different Languages. For Some of the languages, I don't even need Subtitles now.

    Big Fan of Tamil, Telugu, English and Korean Horror Movies.

    I never faced any shortage of DVDs in Gujarat for any languages. U just need to know the correct place to find the right thing

  28. Will recommend Few movies to u if u want me to.
    Recent latest is - Darling.
    Recently they released Magajdheera on Blu Ray and DVD. A Must MUST MUST Have movie

    They also recently released Arundhati on Blu Ray and DVD. Awesome awesome awesome movie.

    Arya 2, Kick, Arya, Ayan all are good Movies. ok let me know if u want more. I never miss a thing.

  29. Mukund
    Hey, great to meet someone from my own state. Please let me know where can i find such CDs. Are u in A'bad?
    Seems you are a huge movie buff. 13 language is kinda 'wow!! would love to meet you.

    Thanks a lot for your sugestions. Have heard much about Darling.

  30. Filmbuff09:24

    Good post Darshit. I know quite a few
    Gujju students who have come overseas. They are reluctant to see any good South mmovies and always want to see only hindi movies or gujarati TV shows. I have so many interesting south movies including some with english sub titles that I am willing to lend but they are simply not interested. I have both Bomarillu and Anand with english sub titles and they are really good movies.

    I would recommend you see all Shekhar Kamulla movies - Anand (Ajnabi has a good review), Godavari, Happy Days and his most recent movie Leader. You will like these movies. BTW they are not masala movies but have good stories and music is also fab.

  31. filmbuff
    Sorry for late reply.
    But yes, somehow when u r away from your motherland, only thing you crave about is 'your own' food, movies etc. May be thats the reason behind that. And let me tell u secret that, Gujju are pretty slow at English. :P see how bad my english is? so, subtitles and movie can't go hand in hand.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, not only masala, but I found lovestories quite engaging too. Looking forward to them.

    Just saw Magadheera, and it blew me up!
    Fantastic CGI and visuals. Loved it!

  32. Mounika16:55

    Hey ur article is very nice.
    I would recommend u some telugu movies(and few tamil ones which I know)

    Mahesh babu-OKKADU(Ranbir Kapoor watched this recently and liked it :) ),ATHADU(A family entertainer with loads of thrilling action scenes and cute chirpy ROMANCE),Pokiri

    Allu Arjun-ARYA(defines true Love),Arya-2(fun filled)


    Anushka-ARUNDATHI(Gripping screenplay and Flashback)

    Siddharth-U've already seen them :)

    Others-ANAND,Godavari,GAMYAM(This is getting remade into hindi very soon)

    Tamil film-ANNIYAN,VINNAITHANDI VAARUVAYA(This is very recent film),GHAJINI,Vaaranam Ayirum

    Let me know whether u've liked them :).

  33. Mounika16:58

    Of all Dont miss ANNIYAN....I wont tell u y.Watch it for urself :)

  34. philip18:47

    if u wanna know the real power of acting..watch any movie starring mohanlal.......the finest actor i have ever seen ...he never acts......he lives as the character......arguably the best actor in india...his whole body is full of passion for acting...u can see it in any character he plays....he acts with such a passsion and ease..........let me recommend u bhramaram..........his last year flick...the movie is actually senseless.....but watch that movie just for his performance..naturality takes a meaning on him..

  35. Though Tamil movies get most pairs of eyes, Telegu movies are trendsetters on their own rights. Try out Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam. great entertainment. u said it right, the language barriers are nothing, if u really love movies. me being a Bong, and a die hard Hollywood fan, i would happily give up on a Bolly movie for a south movie, any day!

  36. vuttaa
    yes yes, i found Telugu movies are good. So far I've seen Magadheera, Happy, Bommarillu - loved all. After reading Nicki's review of KIKK, i m eager to see it too. Lets see..

    oh btw, have you seen Vinnaithandi Varuvaayaa - Tamil one. Loved it !!

  37. Anonymous22:28

    i read ur post..
    thanks for ur views...
    but as u also mentioned
    it harsh to comment by seeing only 2 movies..
    and d same way i can also say.. many Bollywood movies far better den stupid telegu and south Indian movies..

    d fact is dat u have seen two of the best movies in telegu..
    but u hav seen many bollywood movies..
    so i dont agree with ur views.

  38. Watch kannada Puneeth Rajkumar Movies to get to know what talents the actor should have to act as actor..........
    He is awesome actor i have ever seen not even single movie is flop............
    specialy watch MILANA........

  39. maxenergy00:58

    Heyy...I am quite happy that ur watching our movies..Let me tell u frankly..most of north movies dont make me happy except concept ones like fashion,3-Idiots..I wanna appreciate all BW heroes for doing such great movies..But just se a couple of Rajni Kanth movies..glad tht u r c in telugu movies....But plss bear in mind that south india has 4 different languages nd many dont understand the other except ones who live in bangalore...so v dont watch tamil movies nor they watch ours...We aren't Madrasi...We are telugu nd i am Hyderabadiiiii..if u face any translation problem or an advice regarding a choice in movies..bee free to mail at bababharu@yahoo.com...Wishing u all the best...

  40. Thanks for suggesting all those nice movies guys.
    Thanks a lot.

  41. This was a good one!!! Me being from Karnataka and having a basic understanding of South Indian languages, I must say I get to enjoy a lot of movies which do not get marketed due to either budgetary constraints or due to any other reason. And I must say that the talent does not know region or religion and it just flows... There are more movies I can recommend.. Some would be Ko(Tamil), Naan Kadavul(Tamil), Shankaraabharanam(Telugu) - a bit old I must say but a good one. Mail me at rahul3135@gmail.com and I could give you a few more!! (Sorry I am not able to recollect now)

  42. Being from Karnataka, I must say I get to enjoy a lot of movies due to the advantage of knowing the language. Further, a lot of movies also face budgetary constraints and other problems due to which they dont get the market they are worthy of. I have a good list of movies which I recommend - Prithvi(Kannada), Ko(Tamil), Naan Kadavul(Tamil),Shankaraabharanam (Telugu) a bit old but too good I must say. Mail me @ rahul3135@gmail.com for more - Sorry!! Cant recollect all at once..

  43. This is realy a good blog which represents the ideas why the South Indian movies are popular and people like to see those.

  44. bobileni gosh10:56

    yeah most of the south indian movies especially telugu movies,have drawn my attension.. And i bet, u will definetely like them.

  45. If any one wants to enjoy college life kind of film i would refers you guys to watch happy days one of the nice movie n nice songs too you all will love it !!! N in Kannada watch simplygi ond love story already makin buzz in south Indian movie !! Will refers you more if you guys like just mail me at simplysanthosh@gmail.com thanks guys love you all

  46. Recommended movies: VTV, Thuppaki, Ayan, Maatran are very good movies. I am a South African living in NZ. I enjoy watching Tamil movies especially Surya, Vijay, Ajith. Tamil movies have good production values and the stories are really interesting.


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