Kevi Rite Jaish : Music Review (Gujarati)

Roopkumar Rathod's voice absorbs you in the soulful title song Kevi Rite Jaish. Beautifully written lyrics (by Jainesh Panchal) reminds everyone of their home, family and streets one had grew up in. Add to this, voice of Roopkumar, this is something I always wanted to listen in my own mother tongue. The song repeats as unplugged version sung by Aman Lekhadia and Instrumental (flute) by Sandeep Kulkarni. A treat for sure. (For a moment, it reminded me of Maa-TZP, but thats just for a moment) (on the other note, this brought me tears..)

Next, Pankhida starts off in a 'standard Gujarati' way. An age old folk song (Here) is converted into a very first of its kind 'Gujarati Rock song'. Sung by none other than Suraj Jagan, the song is absolutely fun. A satire on desperate 'i want to go USA' guy, the song absolutely rocks it.

Aa Safar - sung by Parthiv Gohil and (SaReGaMaPa girl) Aishwarya Majumdar is a charming duet. Goes Vishal-Shekhar way during interlude, but again the lyrics (Raeesh Maniar) makes the difference. Use of Ahmedabad's favorite words like Jhakkaas, Jalsa and more, the track works. Kharekhar - is upbeat rock based track sung by Vishvesh Parmar, has a little glitch in terms of pronounciations but may be that must be so because of storyline. A fanstastic track otherwise.

Sung by Dhvanit, Rang Rangili aa family is purely a situational track. Another one with fun lyrics, introducing the family members of the protagonist. Next Kaya Karano Thi - sung by composer Mehul Surti himself is an experimental one. Takes time to grow because of unusual setup. Written by Vivek Manohar Taylor, it has some hard hitting lyrics. The track gets a bit confusing in terms of mixing the sounds. Should work well with the situations in the movie.

Last one, Bheeni Bheeni sung by Aishwarya Majumdar, is a breezy number. Setup is pretty Rahman'ish (the infused doha and flutes and all). Showing off talent of the singer, track is absolutely charming. Raeesh Maniar's words made me smile throughout the song. Most favorite part of mine is the second stanza. Loved it.

Being a Gujarati, I am absolutely surprised by this album. So good it is, something I have never ever heard in Gujarati Cinema till date. What a wonderful change. Hope this proves to be a trendsetter. Kudos to composer Mehul Surti, Lyricist Raeesh, Jainesh and Vivek. Best of Luck to Abhishek Jain.

My Favorites: Kevi Rite Jaish, Bheeni Bheeni, Pankhida, Kharekhar

Download songs from the official website :   (Yes, its Free !!)

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Gangs Of Wasseypur : Music Review

Neither I am a huge fan of pure dehaati, folk music (I love my music very well orchestrated, rich in sounds) nor I understand a word of Bihari language. But still, its the universal language of Music that got me hooked to Sneha Khanwalkar & Piyush Mishra's Gangs Of Wasseypur. Gradually, after 4 days, finally i am totally sucked into the awesomeness. So you can understand this delay.

Jiya Ho Bihar ke Lal - is catchy like anything I've heard recently. Having a perfect voice, Manoj Tiwari, and those thumpy beats that transforms with desi twist (nachi gaayi sabke dil..), this, perfectly sets mood for this 'bhaiyya bhaiyya bhaiyya' movie. Reaching towards the conclusion, the song becomes treat in terms of lyrics and vocals.

And a hilarious treat comes next as the Hunter song. This, outrageously addictive song is surely a gem. ;) This 'calypso sounding' 'double meaning' 'lazy feeling' song is somewhat weird yet instantly likeable. Sung by Vedesh, Rajneesh and Munna this one is a killer. Surprise, why the album doesn't have a 'remix' of this. This will burn the floors, surely.

Then suddenly, a nearly 'piercing' voice come up from the speakers. Wondering wtf is this at first, you are sucked into the loop of O womaniya Aaa Aaah womaniya . The live version has minimal arrangements, a live feel of ladies sangeet, with all the 'desi' chorus, and fun lyrics - all these stumps you all over. An earworm for sure. While this 'Live' version has everything in place, the remix version (that is not titled so) has a similar start, but different all over. Still, it works perfectly. The reference to oldies (Neele gagan ke tale especially) is fantstic touch. Whats more? No regular names singing here (Sona, Rekha B., no no) Its Khushboo Raaj & Rekha Jha !! Fab !!! One thing I want to ask to lyricist here, (Varun Grover) Was this 'O Dulhaniya' earlier?

Starting off with dark, really dark sounds, Keh Ke Loonga is a freaky composition. Mixed with (most probably) sirens of the mine works, Sung by two composers, Amit Trivedi and Sneha herself, the song reaches its height with lines 'Jismein ghoosna hai ghoos le, ghoos meri jaan, teri keh ke loonga' !!! Whoa !! (as 'Magik' puts it,) #KVLT !!!

Bhoos !!!! Now, that's the very first thing I asked the meaning of, to my Bihari colleague. (Surprised, that even he was confused first). As far as I knew is 'Bhoos' (also called 'Bhoosa' in local language) means a bunch of grass (a special kind of one). Anyways, so here, Manish J Tipu and Bhupesh takes you in Bihari mohalla music. Do not expect to understand meaning of this one, just have fun singing 'naa mili hai naa mili hai naa mili hai naaaa'.

After all those mad mad tracks, you get surprised by sound of serene sitar. Few seconds in the song and you know its Piyush Mishra's composition. Sung by himself, Ik Bagal Mein chand hoga is his trademark stuff. Simply, moving. And with the sound of tarang and violins it reminds old classics. And the words by Mishraji... Sigh..

Bhaiyya - the track that hasn't gone well with most of the bloggers. It doesn't work like others just because of the lyrics. One hardly understands a word, and that too, only one line repeats throughout. No doubt the composition is quite good, sounds that reminds of a train ! (really!!). At one point, it reminded of Theme of Pardes. Yes, find it out for yourself.

Tain tain to to to ti ti ti taan - yes, have you ever thought a song can be like this ? Well, that's what I call creative freedom. AnKash has given full on freedom to Sneha and see what addictive thing she has come up with. Even the interludes goes in same way - ka ka ki ki ki ku ku ku kaa - wtf !! such a hilarious piece of work. Can't get it out of head.

Soona Kar Ke Gharwa & Humni ke Chhodi Ke both has that distinct desi feel with minimal arrangements. Just Manjeera in first and Harmonium in second one. This reminds me of my childhood when for just few years I lived in a village, had attended such 'concerts' which happened at nights in festival days. Nothing else, but the vocals talk in both of the tracks. A welcome change from all 'Guitared' reprise songs which we used to call 'minimal arrangements'.

Aye Jawanon and Loonga Loonga are almost same tracks, except the later one features the lines Loonga Loonga - in loops, and fast paced (remix, yaaar) beats. Aye Jawanon is just a situational track while Loonga Loonga is a mish-mash with added 'Jhankar Beats'. Still, works well.

And, last one is a real gem. Manmauji composed by Piyush Mishra, is a real gem. It has that simplicity that makes you fall in love with the voice, with the simple arrangements and with the song itself. Sung by Usri Banerjee, Manmauji is something like you have heard it so many times on radio when you grew up, but can't remember what exactly it was. That old world charm led by flute, leads to nostalgia instantly. Another highlight is lyrics that goes in a continued singing (u know what I mean to say?).... arre yeh furrrrrr karti jo baithi shaakh daal par !! And the sound of Morchhand. Oh My ! But all of a sudden the track ends prematurely, leaves craving for more. Why oh why?!
Phew....such a long post. Perhaps the longest I have ever read. But seriously, this album deserves it. Such a fantstatic soundtrack that is part innovative part funny and overall awesome !  What fantastic work by Sneha Khanwalkar and Piyush Mishra. This, now, has raised the bars higher for the film. Bach ke rehna, AnKash abhi aur lene wala hai.....

My Picks : ('most favorite' five) Manmauji, Ik Bagal, Tain Tain To To, Jiya Ho, Hunter.

Note : Many tracks seems derived from local folk music. Is there any official word about it??

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Jiya Ho Bihar ke Lala - Lyrics : Gangs Of Wasseypur

Jiya ho bihar…

Jiya ho bihar ke laal,
jiya tu hajaar saal,Jiya ae bihar ke laal,
jiya tu hajaar saal,Jiya ae bihar ke laal,
Jiya ae bihaar ke laal
jiya tu hajaar saal,
jiya tu hajaar saal,jiyo tu hajaar…
Tani naachi ke,
tani gaayi ke,

Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…
Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…
Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…
Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…



Antara 1

Tu maati ka laal re laala,

Tohra magahi saan niraala,

Tere purkhey jiye andhera,
aur tuney jana ujaala…

Tere purkhey jiye andhera,
aur tuney jana ujaala…



Tere god pakhaarey ganga,
tere tej se aag jhulasta,

Tere kandhey chadh ke sooraj,
aakas mein roj pahunchta…

Jiyaa tu honhaaaaaaar….

Tani ghoom-ghaam ke, tani dhoomdhaam se…
Tani ghoom-ghaam ke, tani dhoomdhaam se…

Tani taan kheench ke, taansen, kehlaawa re bhaiyya….

Tani naachi gaayi, sabke mann behlaava re bhaiyya…
Tani jor laga ke, sab ko saath nachava re bhaiyya...

Tani neeke-neeke bol pe geet sunava re bhaiyaa...
Tani teekhe-teekhe bol pe dhol bajava re bhaiyya..

Tani jhaal uthaa ke, taal se taal milava re bhaiyya..
Tani dholak, maandar, matka, chammach, laava re bhaiyya..

Tani Oka-boka-teen-tadoka gaava re bhaiyya...
Tani Chandan-maati, chauka-kaathi lava re bhiyya..

Tani Saans phula ke, phoonk se dhool udaava re bhaiyya...
Tani jaan jala ke, geet ko tel pilava re bhaiyya..

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The Hunter Song Lyrics : Gangs of Wasseypur

Haillloo…  Hello…  Hello

I am a hunter and she want to see my gun
When I pull it out boy the woman start to run]à (2)

She beg me to see it, she beg me to show it
But when I reveal it, she want to run and hideà (2)

Ooooo… ooooo …  Oooo..
Put on your hunting clothes, let we go and hunt
Please don’t be embarrassed, you could touch it if you want.
All them young one around here, ask them about me.
I am the baddest gunman that they ever see
I am a hunter and she want to see my gun
Hum hai sikari, sikari sikari

I am a hunter and she want to see my gun
When I pull it out, the woman start to run

Tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan.. Tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan.. (2)

Daily goli nikle, automatic, tan-tan…  (2)
With one gun in my hand and the next one around my waist
If you see this young girl with da rude look on she face

I say as a hunter, I must be brave and strong
She say that she find that my gun extremely long

Hum hain sikaari, paacket mein lambi gun,

Dhaayein se jo chhootey tan man howey magan..

Oooooo.. ooooo.. oooo..

This girl harasses me, she won’t leave me alone.
But that kinda behavior I really can’t condone

Hai bahut Bhokali, na kabhi ho khali – (2)

This girl harasses me, she won’t leave me alone.
That kinda behavior I really can’t condone

She says that she’s sorry, she just want to have fun.
Then she asks me kindly, if she can hold my gun

I am a hunter and she want to see my gun
When I pull it out boy the woman start to run ]—(2)

Door tak hai phamous, kar de sab ke bebas—(2)
Usko milta darsan, jisko man mein hai lagan—(2)

Laagi lagan laagi lagan…    Laagi lagan laagi lagan..

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Ishaqzaade : Movie Review

It isn't a sin to make escapist cinema. After all, we, Bollywood lovers actually love Bollywood for that thing. We should not always expect 'slice of real life', from makers like Habib Faisal, who in past excelled with such works. But dear makers, when you try to make a mish-mash of both, real life and fables, things can go horribly wrong. As Ishaqzaade goes - out of control, stretched and painfully boring in second half.

The 'saga' of two lovers Zoya (Parineeti) and Parma (Arjun Kapoor) who are initially against each other because of family rivalary - starts of well. Though the 'Yashraj' flavor starts off showing its color in first half an hour itself. (Like how the otherwise firebrand girl Zoya, breaks into mush by just a silly show-off by sillier guy). The new boy - Arjun Kapoor fails to impress you from the very first frame itself. He looks weird, sounds weird, acts weird and what not. Still, you get involved in the ongoings just because of the girl. The fire-cracker Parineeti Chopra. She overshadows the boy whenever she comes on screen. (see, the screenshot is just so perfect).
I'll overshadow you, and you won't even notice ;)
There are some sparkling moments that involves Zoya in her best mood. Menacing Parma, on the other side, tries hard to make impact, but fails. Though because one part of the two is good, you enjoy whats going on the screen. Until, the story gets an expected twist. And expected after effects. Things go in nearly 'pause' mode in second half, where there is so much going on the screen, but that's just senseless. The story moves no where. It repeatedly goes in loop of chases and hideouts. And some creepy supporting acts, poor screenplay, that drags the movie towards a cliched climax.

Talking about supporting cast - Gauhar Khan (!!) is the best from the lot. (need I say/write anything more about this??) As a dancer/prostitute she brings in some masala and fun in two songs, and also, some 'yeah, i can act' scenes. Otherwise, there isn't a single face that can leave its impression on you. Same thing is applicable for the debutant Arjun Kapoor. Though he had not impressed me (or anyone in that case) by the promos, the movie adds nothing to his portfolio. His mixed bag looks (Abhi meets Ranveer meets Ranbir) is weird. His act is 'blah..'. No doubt why Parineeti eats him row when it comes to screen presence. As mentioned earlier, she is the real star of the show. Those twinkling eyes when she falls in love for the first time, those angry eyes when she's bad - oh my. Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan..

And that, reminds of another star of the show. Amit Trivedi. If the fabulous songs and Parineeti weren't there in this one, I would have left the hall after interval. Thankfully, the songs are choreographed / picturised well, so that it retains awesomeness of the songs. Loved loved the title song and Pareshaan on screen. Ditto, Ranjit Barot excels his background score in otherwise faintly directed sequences.

Overall, I went in without any expectations. But still, Ishaqzaade disappointed and bored me, which doesn't happen often. It seems Yashraj has infulenced Habib Faisal to 'make' the movie this way, who otherwise has a sharp edge in whatever he is doing. Sigh...a wasted effort.
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Teri Meri Kahaani : Music Review

The LPNY meets VS song - Mukhtsar has that addictive vocals of Wajid, ends up as the best of the album. (So, did you guess the further part of the review ?!) Sound is pretty much familiar reminding of recent hits. Allah Jaane is thankfully, good. Rahat passes 'screech-o-meter' this time. Lovely lyrics by Prasoon Joshi. Jabse mere dil ko uff - tries to recreate that retro magic, but lacks the punch despite of having Sonu Nigam on board. The qawwali Humse pyaar kar le tu - starts off well, but the 'under written' loop kills it. (or maybe, its just me?). Will look forward to see on screen though. Sugary That's all I really wanna do (phew?!!) is pretty okay. Shaan's voice does the trick.

All said, Sajid-Wajid seems to be on right track. Improving by the time. (I know, its late, but..) A soundtrack that is above average, where Prasoon Joshi helps them save the day.

My Picks : Mukhtsar, Allah Jaane.  

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Ferrari Ki Sawaari : Music Review

Jazzy, Life Yeh Mausambi si, strikes instant chord with its oldies charm with whistles and stuff. Mohan's voice perfects the laid-back feel of the track. Same old world charm reflects in next three tracks. Good Night, a lovely lullaby sung by Priyani Pandit is just so perfect as its instrumental version - Rusy's theme is. Amitabh Bhattacharya's words  takes you back to your childhood.  After 'So Ja Chanda', yet another memorable lullaby from VVC films. Title track, Chal Ghoome where Shaan instantly reminds of Kishore Kumar is a fun ride.

Next Maara Re - the cricket song (that I assume, features Sachin Tendulkar), did not work that quickly as other tracks did (as I am not into cricket), but repeated listens worked. Sonu Nigam-perhaps. 'That - Vidya Balan's item song', Mala Jau De - Mujhe Jaane De (means let me go) by Urmila Dhangar, is addictive with its authentic Marathi sound and vocals. One can't help move their feet along. And the highlight of the album is Ae Mere Mann sung by Shymantan Das. With endearing chorus, Das breathes life in Swanand's words. Fantastic one.

Surprise surprise this Pritam soundtrack is. There isn't a single track that can even hint about him being composer of this album. Hope he stays with such production houses and keeps churning such wonderful tracks.

My Picks : Ae Mere Mann, Good Night, Mala Jau De, Life Yeh Mausambi si

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Ek Tha Tiger : First Teaser


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Shanghai : Music Review

Bharat mata ki jai is extremely catchy with its rhyming phrases. Written by Dibakar Banerjee, this sarcastic piece reminds of one such song in Benegal's Welcome To Sajjanpur. The singer ensemble led by Keerti Sargathia, alongwith 'dhoom dhadaam' percussions, makes it a powerful song. At one interesting point, it almost sounds like Rahman is singing (3:06).  As high this song goes, next one hits low. Imported Kamariya is 'just another' item song. (Sigh, I want this trend to stop). Is it necessary to add such songs in each movie?

Next, Duaa by Nandini Srikar, Arijit Singh and Shekhar - is sheer delight. Lovely fusion with minimal arrangements, the song haunts you after a few listens. Fantastic lyrics by Kumaar. And vocals, ahh, would love to hear more of Nandini. Shekhar goes solo in next Khudaaya, with backing vocals by Raja Hassan. The pathos led track ends too early, leaving listener wanting for more. Next Morcha, a situational one, anthem for revolution, would work better on screen. After two remixes, last original track Vishnu Sahastranam by Srivatsa Krishna, is just serene, as it should be. But wonder why it is title that, cause its just an ensamble of 'Vishnu related shlokas', not the Sahastranam.

Vishal-Shekhar trying their best to delete the 'peppy, soft rock, rock' based songs image. And succeeds, yet again. Shanghai,works, but yes, in parts.

My Picks : Khudaaya, Duaa

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