Ishaqzaade : Movie Review

It isn't a sin to make escapist cinema. After all, we, Bollywood lovers actually love Bollywood for that thing. We should not always expect 'slice of real life', from makers like Habib Faisal, who in past excelled with such works. But dear makers, when you try to make a mish-mash of both, real life and fables, things can go horribly wrong. As Ishaqzaade goes - out of control, stretched and painfully boring in second half.

The 'saga' of two lovers Zoya (Parineeti) and Parma (Arjun Kapoor) who are initially against each other because of family rivalary - starts of well. Though the 'Yashraj' flavor starts off showing its color in first half an hour itself. (Like how the otherwise firebrand girl Zoya, breaks into mush by just a silly show-off by sillier guy). The new boy - Arjun Kapoor fails to impress you from the very first frame itself. He looks weird, sounds weird, acts weird and what not. Still, you get involved in the ongoings just because of the girl. The fire-cracker Parineeti Chopra. She overshadows the boy whenever she comes on screen. (see, the screenshot is just so perfect).
I'll overshadow you, and you won't even notice ;)
There are some sparkling moments that involves Zoya in her best mood. Menacing Parma, on the other side, tries hard to make impact, but fails. Though because one part of the two is good, you enjoy whats going on the screen. Until, the story gets an expected twist. And expected after effects. Things go in nearly 'pause' mode in second half, where there is so much going on the screen, but that's just senseless. The story moves no where. It repeatedly goes in loop of chases and hideouts. And some creepy supporting acts, poor screenplay, that drags the movie towards a cliched climax.

Talking about supporting cast - Gauhar Khan (!!) is the best from the lot. (need I say/write anything more about this??) As a dancer/prostitute she brings in some masala and fun in two songs, and also, some 'yeah, i can act' scenes. Otherwise, there isn't a single face that can leave its impression on you. Same thing is applicable for the debutant Arjun Kapoor. Though he had not impressed me (or anyone in that case) by the promos, the movie adds nothing to his portfolio. His mixed bag looks (Abhi meets Ranveer meets Ranbir) is weird. His act is 'blah..'. No doubt why Parineeti eats him row when it comes to screen presence. As mentioned earlier, she is the real star of the show. Those twinkling eyes when she falls in love for the first time, those angry eyes when she's bad - oh my. Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan..

And that, reminds of another star of the show. Amit Trivedi. If the fabulous songs and Parineeti weren't there in this one, I would have left the hall after interval. Thankfully, the songs are choreographed / picturised well, so that it retains awesomeness of the songs. Loved loved the title song and Pareshaan on screen. Ditto, Ranjit Barot excels his background score in otherwise faintly directed sequences.

Overall, I went in without any expectations. But still, Ishaqzaade disappointed and bored me, which doesn't happen often. It seems Yashraj has infulenced Habib Faisal to 'make' the movie this way, who otherwise has a sharp edge in whatever he is doing. Sigh...a wasted effort.
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  1. I agree with a lot of points you made.
    - Parineeti steals the show
    - supporting cast was extremely poor
    - Gauhar Khan was great
    - songs are wonderful and picturized well

    I disagree though in that I did enjoy the movie and I think you're really harsh towards Arjun Kapoor. I think you're judging him too soon and that his role was more complex than you are giving him credit for. I'd wait to see him in other movies before passing judgement.

    My thoughts are expressed in a more detailed fashion here:

  2. i didnt like the movie overall

  3. Glad to know.. may be I'll just wait for the movie to come out on DVD.

  4. Great review and not so great movie. You've reviewed it aptly :) Looking forward to read more reviews :)

    Here, at your convenience check out my blog


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