Kevi Rite Jaish : Music Review (Gujarati)

Roopkumar Rathod's voice absorbs you in the soulful title song Kevi Rite Jaish. Beautifully written lyrics (by Jainesh Panchal) reminds everyone of their home, family and streets one had grew up in. Add to this, voice of Roopkumar, this is something I always wanted to listen in my own mother tongue. The song repeats as unplugged version sung by Aman Lekhadia and Instrumental (flute) by Sandeep Kulkarni. A treat for sure. (For a moment, it reminded me of Maa-TZP, but thats just for a moment) (on the other note, this brought me tears..)

Next, Pankhida starts off in a 'standard Gujarati' way. An age old folk song (Here) is converted into a very first of its kind 'Gujarati Rock song'. Sung by none other than Suraj Jagan, the song is absolutely fun. A satire on desperate 'i want to go USA' guy, the song absolutely rocks it.

Aa Safar - sung by Parthiv Gohil and (SaReGaMaPa girl) Aishwarya Majumdar is a charming duet. Goes Vishal-Shekhar way during interlude, but again the lyrics (Raeesh Maniar) makes the difference. Use of Ahmedabad's favorite words like Jhakkaas, Jalsa and more, the track works. Kharekhar - is upbeat rock based track sung by Vishvesh Parmar, has a little glitch in terms of pronounciations but may be that must be so because of storyline. A fanstastic track otherwise.

Sung by Dhvanit, Rang Rangili aa family is purely a situational track. Another one with fun lyrics, introducing the family members of the protagonist. Next Kaya Karano Thi - sung by composer Mehul Surti himself is an experimental one. Takes time to grow because of unusual setup. Written by Vivek Manohar Taylor, it has some hard hitting lyrics. The track gets a bit confusing in terms of mixing the sounds. Should work well with the situations in the movie.

Last one, Bheeni Bheeni sung by Aishwarya Majumdar, is a breezy number. Setup is pretty Rahman'ish (the infused doha and flutes and all). Showing off talent of the singer, track is absolutely charming. Raeesh Maniar's words made me smile throughout the song. Most favorite part of mine is the second stanza. Loved it.

Being a Gujarati, I am absolutely surprised by this album. So good it is, something I have never ever heard in Gujarati Cinema till date. What a wonderful change. Hope this proves to be a trendsetter. Kudos to composer Mehul Surti, Lyricist Raeesh, Jainesh and Vivek. Best of Luck to Abhishek Jain.

My Favorites: Kevi Rite Jaish, Bheeni Bheeni, Pankhida, Kharekhar

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