Players : Music Review

Expected to be another 'Race', this one is a little bit on the lower side. Starter Jis Jagah Pe Khatam has hangover of title track from Race. But not that catchy. Kyun Dooriyan [as usual] has Three versions. Ritu Pathak's version is slower in pace, perhaps will be used as seductive number. But Siddharth Basrur's one gets you from the first listen. With pacey techno beats this version gets stuck in head. While the third one by Arijit Singh [Fame Gurukul one?] sounds pretty much like KK. Good one though. [But really, what's the point in having 3 versions?? Its a regular Pritam thing nowadays.]

Ho gayi Tunn - a daaru song is foot tapping, but annoying tweaking of voices led me change the track. Only to listen Charlie's song - Buddhi Do Bhagwan. Grrr.. I felt while Abhishek's voice came up. But soon, I got relieved when heard voice of Mohit Chauhan. A Pritam trademark love song. Dil yeh Beqarar kyun hai is charming. Mohit and Shreya perfect it. Same song gets 'Reprise' by Nikhil D'souza and Priyani Vani. Lovely. So, a soundtrack with 2-3 nice tracks is not bad,after all, its for an action movie. 

My Picks : Kyun Dooriyaan, Dil Yeh Beqraar Kyun Hai. 

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Hosanna & Aaromale : Meaning

The word that took me deep down the lanes of love. The song from tamil film VTV [Vinnaithandi Varuvaayaa] that made me fall in love with southie cinema. Though I did not know what does Hosanna mean, but it was Rahman who was behind all that love. Fantabulous song that I can listen to - on repeat mode. And now it is translated into Hindi, for its remake Ek Deewana Tha. The word Hosanna is very much the same in the song, but all other lyrics are in Hindi.

Hosanna is a Hebrew word. Most probably used for the first time in Bible. That means 'Help' or 'Save (me) I pray'. Here in the movie, the hero, crazy for Jessie - crazy for her beauty - uses this word to express the joy - and to describe Jessie's killer looks and prays to save himself not to get killed by her looks.

Well, that's my interpretation.

Another word that remained in the hindi remake - Aaromale !
Aaromale literally means 'Beloved' or 'O Beloved'. Its a Malayalam word.

Outstanding song with great guitar riffs sung by Alphonse Joseph. And the song is not to be missed. Close your eyes and you can see the land of Kerala. That is the level of integration of the song into the movie.

Lets see, what Gautham Menon and Javed Akhtar has in store for us in Hindi VTV - Ek Deewana Tha , that is.

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Ek Deewana Tha : Theatrical Trailer

...and its here. The first trailer of Vinnaithandi Varuvaayaa remake - Ek Deewana Tha.

Initial thoughts : Pratiek looks little young to pull off Simbu's role. Amy - I have doubts if she'll be as good as Trisha. But happy to see Taj Mahal as backdrop of this greatest love story. Hindi Hosanna sounds tricky.
*hits repeat mode* Play.

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Don 2 : Music Review

Big disappointment. These two words explains it all. When I saw Milliblog giving it a NW1W, I was shocked that it was for an SEL album, but while playing the songs, I realised Karthik was right. The tracks seriously has a hangover of title track from earlier film. 

Aa raha hoon palat ke - a dialogue piece has nothin to comment about. Next Zaraa dil ko thaam lo - starts as an Enrique number, with a 'longer than normal' prelude lines, the song got me confused. Vishal's voice tweaked to sound like Shankar's, the song tries hard but falls flat. That mysterious-menacing charm of previous Don, is missing here.  Usha Uthup's Hai yeh Maya -a dark mysterious situational track, also fails to catch attention. Finally, in Dushman Mera, we get to hear Shankar, with Sunitha Sarathy. Using all the leftover pieces from Don1, even the epic interlude of Main hoon don [remember, when PC enters the floor wearing red gown !] - is wasted by putting up lyrics onto it. 

The King is back - is more of an instrumental piece. Made me miss pulsating tracks by Midival Punditz in Don. And if all this is not enough, title track is re-re-mixed and sung by KK in Mujhko Pehchan lo. Sigh.. missing Shaan here..... Hai Yeh Maya repeats as remix. And again, Mujhko Pehchanlo comes as yet another Remix - with irritating loop of lines 'Don ko pakdna mushkil hi nahi.....'. The Don Waltz is a little relief as we get to hear something else then just dance floor tracks - not so special stuff though. 

I seriously hope the tracks are well used in the [expected to be as short as 100 mins long] movie. As a standalone album, it fails. Why oh SEL ? Why?  Hope this too shall pass. 

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Kaafiron Ki Namaaz - Song Contest

The golden opportunity to be a part of a Hindi film album/soundtrack is here! Yes, our good friend @BhargavSaikia is making a film. Full length feature film called 'Kaafiron Ki Namaaz'. Pretty interesting storyline it has [I will reveal it in future blog posts, soon]. But first is the soundtrack. The makers have announced a contest that gives you an opportunity to get your self-composed, original song featured on the Audio CD of a forthcoming independent Hindi film produced by Lorien Motion Pictures (titled Kaafiron Ki Namaaz).

The winning song will be featured with songs sung by eminent playback singers like Usha Uthup, Javed Ali, Najim Arshad, Kshitij Tarey and other popular singers. And believe me - these songs are really really good. [psst...have heard some of them ;) ]

Individual musicians as well as music bands are welcome to participate in the contest. This is a first-of-its-kind contest in India and it's definitely an opportunity not to be missed ! So spread the word about the contest! Let your musician friends know about it! Don't you want your / your friends' name on a Music CD ??!!

For contest details and to participate, visit Lorien Motion Pictures' Facebook page at

PS : No, I'm not paid for this 'looks like paid promotion' blog post. I am blogging about it coz I wanted to. :-)

Ek Deewana Tha : Tracklist

The tracklist is already here.
And the words really really confusing. I mean how can one translate [or write] O meri sweetie - for Omanna Penne??? Meri Priye for Aaromale sounds equally strange. [Or is it just me who lived with Tamil songs]. Moreover I suppose Main Samjhi Nahin is Mannipayya. Ek Deewana Tha is Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya. [Surprise here is - Rahman himself is singing it !] Ishq mein hum is Anbil Avan. Aankhon ki baatein [should be] Kannukul. And whoa !! Aaromale female version is here too - Mere Priye by Shreya !! And I suppose Uff sitam tere will be inline with Jessie driving me crazy. May be.

Fingers crossed. Crossed. Here is the tracklist.

1. Meri Priye [Alphons Joseph]

2. Hosanna [Rashid Ali]

3. Ek Dewaana Tha [A R Rahman]

4. Ishq Main Hum [Sonu Nigam, Suzanne D'Mello]

5. O Meri Sweetie [Adnan Sami]

6. Aankhon Ki Baatein [Benny Dayal]

7. Main Samjhi Nahin [Shreya Ghoshal, A R Rahman]

8. Mere Priye [Shreya Ghoshal]

+ bonus tracks:

9. Uff..Sittam Tere - Part 1 [Sukhwinder Singh]
10. Uff..Sittam Tere - Part 2 [Rekha Bharadwaj]

Thanks to Gopal on ARRFans group on Yahoo.

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Ek Deewana Tha : First Promo [VTV remake]

Whoa ! Whoa !
Finally, the first look of Ek Deewana Tha [hindi remake of Vinnaithandi Varuvaayaa] is here. And the promo features Hosanna in hindi !!

Personally, I found it little weird. The words. Maybe that's because I have lived on Tamil tracks since two years. Maybe. Hope this will get good publicity, and acceptance in Northern part of India. Many haven't seen the original. Lets see, what Javed Akhtar has written for this magical soundtrack.

btw, the hindi lyrics goes like this [in tune of Ey idhyamm] Dil, hote jo, mere seene mein do,
doosra dil bhi main, tumhe deta todne ko.
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Rockstar : Movie Review

...and a drop of tear found its way through my cheeks - as the couple hugged on the screen. And the flow of tears continued for next few minutes. But wait - that's not the climax - the jaw dropping, eye watering, heart wrenching intense climax.  

Oh well, I am not going to give out even a single spoiler. But can't resist the excitement. Thank God I saved myself from watching anything on TV/Internet, that was being shown. The big screen experience of this Imtiaz+Rahman movie is absolutely exhilarating. Ranbir Kapoor shines throughout the movie and with Rahman's support he carries the movie on his own. He is just so brilliant in each scene. From the small town college boy, to menacing successful 'Negative' Rockstar - Ranbir goes far from his limits and deliver his career best performance here. Loved Loved his act. Nargis Fakhri is the weak link here. Sigh.. how I wish if she could act well, so  this can be a Perfect movie. Wonder why Imtiaz insisted on her? [or, may be any other leading actress wasn't willing to act in this 'Jordan' heavy flick?] Another face get noticed is Kumud Mishra as a canteen owner. Such a lively performance he has.

Tonnes of discussions has happened since the music has released, saying 'this is not Rock music'. But hey, who said the movie is a 'rock movie'?. Its a lovestory after all. Lovestory of a Rockstar. Show them this movie, and it will shut their mouth. Imtiaz has weaved the movie around the songs [or vice versa?] so seamlessly, that is the toughest part when you have A R Rahman's score on your hand. Fantastic integration of all the tracks. From the line 'Rang birangee vehmo mein main udta phiroon' to the Dichotomy of Fame - each track is a treat to watch, treat to feel on the big screen. Especially - the Dichotomy of Fame - such an endearing cameo by Late Shammi Kapoor. OMG - I went speechless by the jugalbandi, both-on screen and behind the screen [score]. 

As Imtiaz always does, he has tried experimenting with screenplay here too. With all zoom-zip-zap editing of flashback and present scenes. That leave the audience confused many times, but still holds the attention. Though the screenplay slips a bit during the mid-way, but again, the awesomeness of climax feels up that dent. Oh, and the cinematography by Anil Mehta - man, Kashmir looks more beautiful with his eyes. So is Prague. And not to forget but the firey choreogrphy without which the movie would have been incomplete. 

Man oh man. This movie has rocked me-from inside. A must watch for its powerful act by Ranbir and more powerful songs. Watch watch watch. 

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Don 2 : First song out

Zara dil ko thaam lo - the first track is out. Composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. Initially I did not find the track as appealing as the first Don. [Can't resist the comparisons]. Here is the video.

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