Rockstar : Movie Review

...and a drop of tear found its way through my cheeks - as the couple hugged on the screen. And the flow of tears continued for next few minutes. But wait - that's not the climax - the jaw dropping, eye watering, heart wrenching intense climax.  

Oh well, I am not going to give out even a single spoiler. But can't resist the excitement. Thank God I saved myself from watching anything on TV/Internet, that was being shown. The big screen experience of this Imtiaz+Rahman movie is absolutely exhilarating. Ranbir Kapoor shines throughout the movie and with Rahman's support he carries the movie on his own. He is just so brilliant in each scene. From the small town college boy, to menacing successful 'Negative' Rockstar - Ranbir goes far from his limits and deliver his career best performance here. Loved Loved his act. Nargis Fakhri is the weak link here. Sigh.. how I wish if she could act well, so  this can be a Perfect movie. Wonder why Imtiaz insisted on her? [or, may be any other leading actress wasn't willing to act in this 'Jordan' heavy flick?] Another face get noticed is Kumud Mishra as a canteen owner. Such a lively performance he has.

Tonnes of discussions has happened since the music has released, saying 'this is not Rock music'. But hey, who said the movie is a 'rock movie'?. Its a lovestory after all. Lovestory of a Rockstar. Show them this movie, and it will shut their mouth. Imtiaz has weaved the movie around the songs [or vice versa?] so seamlessly, that is the toughest part when you have A R Rahman's score on your hand. Fantastic integration of all the tracks. From the line 'Rang birangee vehmo mein main udta phiroon' to the Dichotomy of Fame - each track is a treat to watch, treat to feel on the big screen. Especially - the Dichotomy of Fame - such an endearing cameo by Late Shammi Kapoor. OMG - I went speechless by the jugalbandi, both-on screen and behind the screen [score]. 

As Imtiaz always does, he has tried experimenting with screenplay here too. With all zoom-zip-zap editing of flashback and present scenes. That leave the audience confused many times, but still holds the attention. Though the screenplay slips a bit during the mid-way, but again, the awesomeness of climax feels up that dent. Oh, and the cinematography by Anil Mehta - man, Kashmir looks more beautiful with his eyes. So is Prague. And not to forget but the firey choreogrphy without which the movie would have been incomplete. 

Man oh man. This movie has rocked me-from inside. A must watch for its powerful act by Ranbir and more powerful songs. Watch watch watch. 

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  1. Anonymous18:33

    Ranbir was undoubtedly awesome, along with rahman who made some soul-stirring numbers, but the movie on the whole is unimpressive :(

  2. Have only read negative reviews, nice to read another opinion for a change... About the "rock"-issue: a Rockstar is not what the term used to mean, people often say rockstar to stars who sing pop-rock, so... yeah. And the music is wonderful.

  3. Ranbir has arrived. Wow!

    What surprized me most in the movie was new comer Nargis Fakhri for her acting range and ability. I wonder where she got her training from ? A fine young actress and a visual delight.A great,new wonderful addition to Bollywood. A class act.She was the focus of the movie and kept it alive and most interesting throughout.Congratulations to her on her fine performance.

    Imtiaz Ali is a name brand now in story writing and telling as a director. He has a knack in finding new talent and beautiful actresses. He handled a very laborious job extremely well. Congratulations to him also.


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