Without You........

I found today,
A note of yours,
On which you had scribbled,
A Varis Shah couplet

Upon reading which
A teardrop fell,
What was locked in the eyes,
Was revealed today.

That other than you,
These tears of mine,
Won’t be kissed by
None else
That other than you,
These tears of mine
Will wither in the dust
___________________________Varis Shah [sung by Rabbi Shergill in his album Rabbi

I found these lyrics really amazing, this is actually a translation. Original song goes like this…….

Millia si ajj mainu,
Tera ik patra,
Likhia si jis te,
Tum shayr Varey Shah da

Parh ke si osnu
Hanjhu ik duliya
Akhan ‘ch band si
Ek raaz ajj khulia

Ki tere bin
Eh mere hanjhu
Kise hor nahio chumna

Ki tere bin
Eh mere hanjhu
Mitti vich rulnha.

bunty n babli...

Have u ever heard a soundtrek which has evryting? Hear bunty aur babli,
hve u ever heard "burn the dance floor, oye kudiye!!" or so deep lyrix
like "dekhna mere sar se aasma udd raha hai, dekhna aasman ke sire khul
gaye hai zameen se!!" the later one is frm song "chup chup ke" amazing
song, butifully writen, realy amazing vocals and 'sitar' playin
somewhere in bakground, ahhh.... Gulzar is still young, javed aktar writes
butifully but gulzar writes innovatively here, have u heard "aasman
karvate le raha hai baadlon pe" also watch gulzar's range, in a qawaali he
uses even english words!! Composition by shankar ehsan loy is heart
stopping in 'chup chup ke' rap song 'b n b' is kool, qawali by alisha is 2
gud, 'nach beliye' is a gud mix bag, 'dhadak dhadak tell abt dreams of
smal city ppl, all in all , by hearing this album u will b dying 2 watch
the movie, i m so much xcited


It’s a Jungle out there!!! no,no, there is also The Village, Darna Mana Hai and Vastushashtra, now u must be thinking wht is it all about…It’s the movie Kaal, I prefer it to call Kaali [name of the character played by Ajay]; It starts of with killings of foreign tourists…also an owl, a bat etc.[u can see them through whole movie]..in the beginning u will remember M Night Shyamalan’s The Village, some frames are totally inspired by that. Then just have a break! Yes break with advertisements of National Geographic and Sony products [which is advertised not so beautifully through whole movie]…in that scene camerawork is just like they are endorsing these two products.. but this is forgivable in this competitive era.

Soham tries to get thrill into introduction scenes of John and Vivek, but he fails. Introduction scene of Vivek and his friends is totally headache. With mindless conversations. But soon a silver line of clouds is seen when they enters in the jungle, jungle’s description is very good. Long shots and aerial shots are used so beautifully that u will be ready to visit that jungle.

Again Soham slips the way trying to tighten the storyline. Soon movie is going to yawn. Meaningless sounds [just like Vastushashtra] which tends to fear; just tear ears of viewers. Soham tries to create fear like his mentor Ram Gopal Verma[like he did in Jungle] but that’s the difference between RGV and Karan’s movies. Ramu has ruined us to fear at only fearful things, not xyz things. Now everyone is seeking fear higher than Bhoot. In every single scene there is a lot of sound but no fear, no arousal of our body hair.

Also treatment of the movie is not that class of Karan’s. Karan’s movies are always lavish, stylish and sophisticated but here it is absent.

But again, Ajay comes and steals the show, also steals ceetees and claps of all viewers. His entry and whole scene is very well carried out. First encounter with tigers happens here and its mind blowing. So now story tightens. But hey that’s after whoping 40 minutes, and before u get interested in the movie, interval is here. [Moral of this: in short movie like this u have to be really fast]

But after interval there is a lot more things offered by Soham. Movie gets pace after that. But in between there are also scenes which tend to be fearful but not so much. Its okay. But hey wht abt an owl who is there on a tree in Daylight? And how about a big crowd in a certain scene when there is not a single other person seen in jungle throughout the movie besides the main characters?

Friends are disappearing one by one [just like Darna Mana Hai]; wht is the reason behind it? That is the subject of interrogation. Ajay carries whole movie on him. I expected John would do the best among them before watching the movie. But was quite disappointed cause none of the four characters has done something good. John is wasted. Gals are there just to cry out loudly and roam in bustiers in such a jungle. And Vivek, even he doesn’t know wht are his dialogues. Dialogues are quite shoddy. Also the only thing missing in the movie is Tigers as it was advertised so much related to tigers.

But the biggest plus point of this movie is, audience expects something but gets totally different thing. Yes audience gets totally surprised as the movie going to end. And this is the thing if movie will be a hit. Last 45 minutes of movie is totally fast and thrills at somewhat extent. Climax of the movie is breath taking and fast. Full marks to Soham for that thing.

All in all its quite a watchable flick, and after that a forgettable flick. It will be remembered for only jungles and sultry Malaika in Title song. It is the best thing in whole movie. Also ‘tauba tauba’ at the end of the movie, makes people sit in their seats even after the movie gets over. People will come due to so much hype created for movie, but I think that there will be no repeat audience.

Long way to go Soham,Good try.