Ek Lau Zindgi ki...

Last night i was watching NDTV. There, a certain piece made tears fell off my eyes. Truly a touching one. They were paying tribute to all fighters who lost their lives in the Operation to make our lives safer. One by one their pictures and names were coming, i just couldn't count. What made it much touchy was the background music. The song they have played. Instantly i searched for the song on google and found it. 'Ek lau zindgi ki' from the movie 'AAMIR'. The 'woh ajnabee' girl Shilpa Rao, sings it, straight from heart. Who's lyrics? (as i m putting this post by mobile phone, i couldnt find it)

I still haven't seen the movie. And yet not heard the soundtrack. But the effect was so deep in that news piece. I regret of not listening it earlier. Now, today morning, every other channel is playing the same with different visuals, say disturbing visuals.

Meanwhile news is in, tht they have captured one terrorist (the one whose clear picture is everywhere, wearing Versache jacket). His name includes 'AAMIR'.
Why, God why?

He has confessed 'HE IS FROM PAKISTAN. And wanted to create another 9/11 over here.' And I heard on CNN, 'India is giving speculations about Pakistan. But always this Speculations are proved wrong'.

DEAR U.S. Of A.,
we don't need YOUR stamp on OUR speculations. They ARE true. The World know it. So do you.

here are the heartrending words of the song. And for 'Ek Lau' video – click here.

Gardisho me rehti, behti guzarti, zindgiya hai kitni.
In me se ek hai, teri meri ek hi,
koi ek jaisi apni.

Kar khuda khair kar, aisa anjaam kisi rooh ko na de,
kabhi yahaan..
Gubja muskuraata ek, waqt se pehle
kyun chhod chala tera yeh jahaan.

Ek lau iss tarah kyun bujhi mere mauala,
ek lau zindgi ki, maula.

Dhoop ke ujaale se, aouns ke pyaale se,
khushiya mili humko.
Zyaada maanga hai kahaan,
surhadein naa ho jahaan,
duniya mile humko.

Kar khuda khair kar, uske armaan mein kyun,
bewajah ho koi kurbaan... 

Shock and awe...Mumbai Again !!?

I was so deep in Ghajini, since yesterday. But something suddenly got me so shocked, I couldn't review it today. Mumbai , Bombay burns again. Flames are growing more and more, till now, going by updated headlines. 87 people died in terrorist attacks, at nearly 9 places. Including best hotels in Mumbai, Like Oberoi-Marine drive, The Taj Gateway, Leopold club. Crowded places like Cama Hospital, Posh areas like Colaba [a petrol pump blown away]. Even my favorite place, the Metro Cinema is not spared. Gun battle was there outside the cinema.


Clearly targets were NRI, Foreigners and the riches. So shocking was Not Bomb blasts, but shoot out was there. Yes, terrorists came with AK 47 rifles and started firing at all these places, including throwing hand grenades. I fear toll would be larger then 250 but govt. is hiding the actual figure.


Now I want to make point here. If 'the man' is really desparate on making his Mumbai, 'a Marathi Place', then he should first try stopping this. That bloody f^#@er [so sorry readers, but i couldn't resist] is only interested in changing hoardings of shops and beating people from other state. If he had invested his men, which are plenty, in protecting the city itself, maybe this day would not have dawn.


Now leaving that, and coming to the business, this would surely affect the Entertainment business. The long strike of television workers had came to end some days back. So new episodes of daily soaps were expected to start from Monday, this blast will surely affect that. Movies getting released this friday, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye ! and Sorry Bhai will see no takers in Biggest territory - that is Mumbai. Even, I fear, Rab Ne bana di jodi, expected to realease on 12 Dec., will see shadows of fear.


Lets pray for quick relief for Mumbaikars and hoping for Non-Violent future [which seems impossible with leaders like these]. I am never into politics, but when no body can see simple things, i can't resist.


‘Taare Zameen’ Par was inspired !!

OK, Now don't get shocked by that. I am not talking about that Maths teacher's claim, or whatsoever. Here I want to talk about possibility of inspiration for the title of the movie.

Late night, I was listening to Old songs on radio, there I listened to this classic song 'do diwaane shahar mein'. Movie is Gharonda and words were of Gulzar saab. So there, I found interesting mention of words 'Taare Zameen Par'. OK, I must be crazy to find this link, but yes that's only Gulzar's inspiration who can bring down stars on earth, ''when stars lit on earth – sky becomes earth''. Wow. How can he think such imaginative words?

Here is the full version of the song. Great words.

Do diwaane shahar mein, raat mein yaa dopahar mein;
aabodaanaa dhoondhte hai, ek aashiyaanaa dhoondhte hain

in bhool-bhoolaiyyaa galiyon mein apna bhi koi ek ghar hoga,
ambar pe khulegi khidki, yaa khidki pe khula ambar hoga.
aasmani rang ki aankhon me, basane ka bahana dhoondhte hain.

Jab Taare Zameen Par……. 'Taare Zameen Par?'

jab taare zameen par jalte hain, aakash zameen ho jata hain
us raat nahin fir ghar jata, wo chand yahin so jata hain
Pal bhar ke liye in aankhon mein, hum ek zamana dhoondhte hain


Yuvvraaj - What's this??

It’s a bad film. Yes. Sounds harsh. But it is indeed. I was feared about it. And fears are true. Though I am never a big fan of Ghai’s movies, but I adore Pardes, Taal and even Yaadein to some extent [may be because of good music]. But this time he got me so much disappointed. ‘Yuvvraaj’ fails so miserably that I don’t want to even write words about it. But I would like to share with you all, that how a good package holds such a broken piece of glass. Which sounds good, but it hurts. [Nice thought na??]

The Story, screenplay, script, dialogues, Editing:
80’s drama anyone. Here, This genre is Ghai’s favorite. Rich family. Separated sons. Spared from wealth. Other spoilt brat. And at least one, bholaa bhaala sweet son.

Story starts off with Salman, Deven Yuvvraj. Who works as a chorus singer in beautiful Prague. Katrina, Anushka plays violin [she looks sooooo beautiful]. Boman Irani [Dr Banton] is against both of them getting married [Yawn..as always]. So our hero challenges Boman, to become billionaire [after knowing his dad is dead, and much of pounds is coming his way] and went back to London. Just to find out, 80’s standard villain lineup. Mamaji, Mamiji, good for nothing cousins and sister-in-law a.k.a. seductress. Enter Gyanesh Anil Kapoor. In a role he has mastered. A sweet cute little boy trapped in body of big guy. [Eeshwar, Kishan Kanhaiyaa, Beta anyone …!! And hey, cool dude Danny [Zayed] is also on the way. So there, Sallu has to win all this hurdles and get his share of billions.

Isn’t this sound so old in today’s perception? This story itself is so old, needs to be reinvented. And if good cinematography, fancy feel and lavish looks do wonders for a movie, then Mr Ghai, Kisna and Yaadein would be huge hit. Wonder why I have put all aspects together in title of this para? Cause all things handled by Subhash Ghai. And he fails miserably in all depts. I have never heard such silly dialogues ever in such a promising movie.

The performances:
If this dept. was good either, I would spare this movie a few good words. But here also it fails. Salman just sleepwalking. Like this is a street play [even that thing is better], he just walks and talks here and there. And hams in idiotic emotional scenes. Like the one while he is telling flashback to friend of Katrina and in other scene he is appealing to Boman to save his brother. Total Ham. I even have closed my eyes, literally while watching the scene.

Zayed just needs some lessons from his brother-in-law Hrithik. He has just one expression on his face. And can’t get out of it. Katrina manages though, looking ravishing with music, in opening scene and throughout the movie, she dazzles. And tries to act. And to some extent she is OK. Its Anil kapoor, who manages to catch our eyes. Though this is a repeat genre for him, still he manages in second half. Boman must be having really bad day when he had signed for this movie.

Technical side:
Prague, Austria and London. Everything is captured beautifully. After all, it has Kabir Lal and Omung Kumar behind them. But it’s the camerawork, that sometimes steal its beauty. And one thing I don’t understand. When our movies show a billionaire’s house, is it necessary to show a big foyer with gallery in round shape around it? Can’t it look different? Both, Boman’s and Yuvvrajs’ palaces are shown that way. Why?

Though, I was expecting a Grand climax like that of ‘ishq bina -2’ in Taal. Here it is disappointing. Though music arrangements and set design for opera, are apt. My expectations for ‘dil ka rishta’ were sooooo huge.

Recording is having problem too. I have marked at many places, no lip sync at all. With Katrina, this is ok, cause she’s having problem with accent. But what about, Salman, Mithun and other artists? Background score is also average. But I really liked the piece, ‘Gyanesh’s birthday theme’. Rehman…

Costumes are good. So is authenticity of musical instruments.

Song and dance, is the mastery of Ghai. Here again, I found only disappointment. ‘tu hi meri dost hai’ starts at weird point, looks like a music video. ‘shano shano’ is edited so badly that you can see fracture of the song. Cut copy paste all over. So much hurt I was. ‘Mastam Mastam’ was not a fun song, but turned into a comic song. Sad. ‘Zindgi’ was totally out of the place. Only two songs worth their place. ‘manmohini’ and ‘tu muskura’. Maybe it’s the presence of Anil, which got it good support. And ‘Dil ka rishta’ was also a worth to look at [as earlier I said, my expectation was higher]. Choreography is also quite weird. With bad props.

Moral of the story:
So at the end of the day [its 2 in the morning !!] I felt like so much cheated, and frustrated, that I will not be able to listen to this good soundtrack too. Cause my mind will remind a fiasco of highly expected movie.

I would go with 1 out of 5 for this flick. 0.25 for dear Rehman [songs are treat while closing eyes in hall-seriously I did it] + 0.25 for Anil [for sparing us from the horror] + 0.25 for Katrina [for trying to act, and succeed unlike other Senior guys] and 0.25 for Kabir Lal+Omung Kumar [for trying hard, to make this movie at least ‘view’ able]

If Meghna had asked me- ‘what’s this??’ I would say ‘hummm,….it’s a glass ball of a fairy, where everything looks beautiful from outside, but inside, a big vaccum’’

Shocking !! - did Aamir steal ideas for TZP??!!

I still don't believe that he did. But THIS ARTICLE on india.com looks genuine, so is Shankutaladevi's claims, make me wonder.

'Anyways the 69 year old wizardess is now producing her own movie based on her book. "Some of the things shown in Taare Zameen Par have been taken straight from my book. People ask me why I don't sue the producer of the Aamir Khan movie," she said. "I expect him to write a letter explaining why he did this," she said

That still makes me frightened. I hope this is just a publicity stunt. After all, i have heard once 'there are only seven stories in the world'. So its the presentation-which makes it different. Fingers are crossed. Hoping Aamir to write about this in his blog.

New Contents ....and The Airtel Ad

Hey, dear visitors. I have changed my blog to some extent. Like, in side bar as you can see, list of recently watched movie is there. Also by far in this year, Whichever Movie i have seen, i have put up a list of them.
Then There is a new page. Where I have indexed all of my movie reviews in one page. So that you can access easily. New Title is designed. Rating system for each articles. And not to mention my new pic.
Hope you will like these changes. And keep on commenting on my blogs. Do keep rating them, too. And ya, give comments on this allover change too. I am desparate.
Meanwhile, I have found the Airtel ad i was talking about, in Proud to be Indian blogpost. Here it is, so inspiring and mind blowing. See for yourself. Interestingly it is apt today cause it features Rev Martin Leuther King too. See.....

Dostana - an Entertainer

Friendship is in the air..After watching female buddies in Fashion, here comes another buddy pic. Dostana is an out an out entertainer with the storyline of Friendship between people of opposite sexes. Like all K.Jo's movies, except Kaal, this movie too deals with some nice comedy and emotions blend in one mixture.

Dostana is about two guys and a girl. But hey not a love triangle. Kunal [John] is a photographer in search of house on rent in sexy city of Miami. Sameer [Abhi] is a nurse, [not with short skirts-this line is used in movie so often, you can' help yourself laugh out loud] who is also in search of a good house for rent. Neha [Priyanka] is a flat owner in search of tenants. So there, both of our heroes lies about being gay, and enters the Auntie protected house. One lie follows after another. Situations created by that.

Misunderstandings. Coverups. These all things create a rib tickling comedy in first half. I especially liked the 'Venice' part [you oughta see the movie to know what's it about]. The comedy is situational. so it has nothing to do with creation of fat humour, its just dialogues, situations and performances that makes you laugh. Enter, Mummy- the punjabi mom [Kirron Kher] mother of Sameer. She does a fabulous job. Just before that, Boman Irani as boss of Neha , named 'M', also give you a dose of fun. He has performed short but really well.
In second half, things get little emotional, little serious, love and stuff like that. Still the movie manages to hold audience, with well executed situations and again some dose of fun. There is never a dull moment all around. Though i found last fifteen minutes little bit longer, but i forgive, given the story has to get time to be wrapped. Music is, as eariler in preview i wrote, average. But sounds good and also looks good on screen. Especially when it has Miami as backdrop to it. Miami looks beautiful in every shot. Be it the beaches, the cityscape or the sea. Art direction including costumes and set designs are good.
Priyanka looks amazingly different than her earlier flick, fashion. She looks sexy then any of her earlier films. Also slimmest ever. John acts well. I don' t know why people don't find him good in acting. But i think he has not been given good roles to fit in. And in this movie, this will sound little odd- but he is sex symbol. Yes, he is projected seriously as a Female crowd puller [and males too ;-) ]. So much projection of his sexiness is here. Abhishek, to my surprise, manages to carry his role well. In 'Venice' he was really good. Also in other scenes too. Though, i was expecting some cameos and guest appearances , but hard luck of mine, this time K'Jo is giving no surprises.
Songs are also picturised well. Guest choreographer Farah Khan, does what she is best at. In the song 'Desi girl'. Other songs are also good. Including 'Khabar nahi' and 'Jaane Kyun'.
References to old movies are there, which is a rage these days with Yashraj movies. The Bidi song, Kuch Kuch hota hai sequence, Jahan teri yeh nazar hai song, even Taare zameen Par is there. And believe me, everything is so funny except KKHH sequence which is beautiful.
Even though, this movie is dealing with sensitive issue of being Gay, there is nothing like the movie is making fun of the community. Rather then that, this movie is about what happens when a small lie becomes a huge thing. So there, director Tarun Mansukhani manages to give a perfect entertainer in his debut venture. Thumbs up for him.
I would like to give this movie a 3.5 star. Its not that 'Great' movies genre. But still it won't disappoint you at any point. Go for it in group of friends, and surely you will enjoy it.

Bharti - Proud to be Indian

No words to describe this one. Simply the Best Ad in recent times. I got tears in my eyes, the feel to be an Indian. Main hero of the ad is Amazing music created by undoubtadly the God, A R Rehman. That makes you giving goosebumps in beginning and lump in throat at end. Nidhi Mehra - the maker of the Ad - I bow to thee.
This is an ad of Bharti Enterprise, a leading Indian company which owns huge share of Telecom industry and finance sectors too. A R Rehman is a regular for their Ads. You can see it on Youtube here.

Can somebody please search for me...in past there was another ad of Airtel brand of Bharti, of same theme? Black / white ad featuring great leaders of the world? Please send me that link.

Dostana - Preview

This is the third one, by K.Jo's camp, which is produced by him but not directed. I don' t know why but K.Jo's quite sleepy about this movie. Because no much hype and publicity is around over this movie. Dostana is a small movie, agreed. With few stars and simple storyline, maybe a comedy flick. But its the style of K.Jo to publisize his movie on grand scale.

Even the movie itself doesn't look like its from Dharma Productions. Looking back at past produced movies like Kaal and Kal Ho Na Ho. Even Karan hadn't directed them, he had promoted them really well. This time he has taken backseat. Music is also not upto the mark of his earlier movies. Vishal-Shekhar has delievered an Average score for such a big banner movie.

I can assume is John will be most focused upon in this movie. I can predict this from promos itself. May be its that, K.Jo must be having a 'soft' corner for him, cause when he was in Kaal, or when he was in Kofee with Karan, and all. Karan has always given much importance. Even in KANK he couldn't resist in making John his guest in one song. So there. Next, is Priyanka. She looks good in this movie. Compared to Fashion, where she looked good only in Posters. In Dostana, she looks surprisingly slim and in good shape. Waiting for her bikini scene. While Abhishek, is not subject of my talk. He looks like trying to be funny, that's it. Maybe Saif was the best choice for this [but he is little older than this role, that's why ?!].

Guest appearances are always a treat in K.Jo's flicks. Here there must be plenty of them I suppose. As one song is already on air, Shut up and Bounce, featuring sultry Shilpa Shetty. Song is good, must be fire on screen. And I think 'Desi Girl' will feature many more desi girls then just Priyanka. I hope so. Then it will be much more fun.

Fun is always fun in K.Jo's movies. So looking forward to that, also the emotions in Karan style. But not repeating KHNH 'kantaben' comedy. Then it will be good one. Fingers crossed. This time I am not gonna see First day last show, so my review will be late. Sorry but can't help on that. My prediction for Box Office, is that this will not see even packed houses in first Three days too. Will be earning in Multiplexes only. Lets see.

Now i M impressed ..Ghajini - Second Look

That interesting tune of first promo, is here converted in song. Guzaarish. Good catchy theme. And Aamir looks good with girl [is she jiah or asin]. And that green and red props reminds me instantly of Fanaa. Isn't it? also that look of old tree took my breath away.

Golmaal - Fun, but 'Limited'


 Its not THAT bad, as I thought. Yesterday something stroke me and suddenly i went on with a friend to watch Golmaal Returns. To my surprise, it survived the whole Diwali factor. OK, not much good performances and great one liners are here, but it still makes you smile and laugh too. Its the second half that makes this one, a watchable flick.


Performance wise, Ajay is not upto his mark. People are praising Tusshar Kapoor, but he got me bored in first half. But again he did a good job in Second half. Kareena is totally wasted, though she is good in some 'serial drama' scenes, but I think she could have done better. Chemistry between her and Ajay is totally not there. Shreyas is excellent as always. We all have seen his fun sparks in Dor. Arshad is fine to watch. While other ladies, Amrita and Celina and Anjana Sukhani [she looks gorgeous] are just there, to fill in the blanks.


Story is a totally no-no in this one. Whole movie wents on just gags and gimmicks. So there, you get kinda bored in first half because of that. No any hard hitting funny lines or one liners are there. Still we can smile, when Ajay mentions all his movies in one dialogue. Even he pulls one on himself about Flop films of him. Or When in Dream sequence Ajay and Celina are dancing. Utterly laugh riot I was in. Enter second half, things go MADer. You oughta see how director Rohit Shetty pulls legs of Sanjay Bhansali. Black and Sawariya spoofs are just mind blowing.I couldn't help my aching stomach. Can someone give me name of that lady who plays Munni in this flick?  [she was awesome in Johnny Gaddar and in Phoonk- she played the bad lady].  Our heroes in Drags are also totally funny. Ekta kapoor spoof are also good. The climax was still not upto the mark. And the song 'Tha kar le' is totally out of space, it suddenly comes when there was no need at all. And hey, you have to watch the third sequel too. The stage is already set.


So there, if you need a time pass, or a regular 'Diwali Bombs' watcher, that you always wanted to feel those cine-bugs in your stomach at the time of Diwali, this movie is for you. Just go in with empty mind, enjoy and come out with a smile. Thats the movie is about. This movie doesnt come close to big big all time hit comedies. TP stuff. I would rate this 2.75 stars out of 5.


Fashion - Movie Review

So there, its out finally. One of the most awaited movie of the year. Fashion. Now i have this question, Was it really worth wait? May be no. Because it has so many cliches and typical Madhur's kinda movie it is.

Everything in Madhur's movie is common, only backdrop changes. And only female lead has to bear all.

Fashion, is story about Meghna [Priyanka] who leave Chandigarh for Mumbai to become a model. Against her Parents' wish ofcourse. Wait. Cliche no.1. Why always parents shown this way? This was a movie, where it could be shown other way, it won't harm story at all. Anyways, Bollywood.

Gay designer Rohit [i dont know his name] comes in help of Meghna, cause he once saw her in Chandigarh fashion event, so he promises to make her model. Cliche No.2. Gay fun. Why bollywood is desparate on making fun of Gays? still? it has become a regular in movies. Please stop bad ghisa-pita fun. He takes Meghna for networking in parties and a show.

Enter Shonali-the supermodel [Kangna]. Striking show stopper of fashion world. Kangna really steals the first fashion event shown in the movie-background music Fashion ka Jalwa. she walks on ramp so well. So confident. She took my breath away [cause she is my personal favorite]. And music was apt too. Drops of arrogance is shown from the starting scene itself. She is a supermodel so she does whatever she wants. Comes late at shows. Show Nakhras and all.

Meanwhile Meghna is spreading her network, meets 3rd copy of Hrithik [Priyanka seems to be more attracted to Hrithik]. So, after Neil Mukesh and Harman, here comes third, Arjan Bajwa. Meghna goes live in with him after being thrown out by Mama-Mami. The group also includes Rahul [samir soni] Janet [Marvellous Mugdha Godse]. Rahul is a gay designer who at last finds a wife in Janet because of his mother's worries. Janet also accepts it for Rahul's sake ! This was a good issue Madhur has dealt with. So the group forms for Meghna, and she gets first show as a lead model or a Show stopper. But again thrown out of show after goof up.

Arbaaz holds her up. Make her face of his company and Kitu Gidwani [gorgeous always] guides her along.

Meanwhile after being thrown by Arbaaz's company, Shonali gets more on the drug stuff and all. Kangna has really mastered this territory.

Things go on. Again some cliches. I wont tell now. Cause movie will tell itself when you watch it. But still there is one more cliche at interval. I would cry help. But hey, its a bollywood movie.

By now, it has been a really fast ride, good ride into the fashion world. After that, something just happens that movie becomes kinda slow. It was like, dragging to get complete. Priyanka going straight way to where shonali goes. Recovers and again tries to come over it.

There, this is the story. I know, i should not tell the story but i couldn't help.

So, after fast first half, second half becomes draggy. Predictable. But Priyanka keeps steady. Kangna just gets dis appeared from screen. So is Arjan. Mugdha impresses. But Real SHOW STOPPER here is Kitu Gidwani-another favorite of mine. As a model agency holder, she is too much into her shoes. To perfect she knows what she plays. Arjan is nothing to write about. Samir is good though.

Best scene to me was the Wardrobe Malfunction of Kangna. The scene is handled so well, full marks to director. Kangna has acted flawless for that scene. One can feel, that what the model must be going through after that. Flipside, Priyanka is easiest choice for this role. She is just herself, playing. So far easy one. But personally I DIDN'T LIKE her placement for the movie. She just dont fit the mould for Model. Just look at models around her, and you will understand what i m saying. She looks so much Chubby, you would hardly believe that she is a SUPERMODEL. Interestingly, she looks damn good in posters. Strange !!

Kangna is best in her place though. Best was MUGDHA GODSE. She is just awesome looking person in the movie.

Technically, Nitin Chandrakant Desai, has really helped Madhur to give movie kinda Gorgeous look. Otherwise, it was not Madhur's territory. His movies always lacked that thing. Background score is also quite good. All fashion shows [must be 6 of them] are filmed well. Songs are so so. Though I liked Mar Jawaa... a lot. Haunting song is so much suitable for fashion shows. Some good points are shown about the industry. Backstage action, robbery of designs and more issues. But those are a few.

Direction wise, this is the best one among Madhur's own movies itself. NOthing much. Its just the setup of industry that makes this movie interesting watch. Though it could have been a little short.

Here i would like to steal words of Rajeev Masand that 'this should not be called 'fashion' but should be titled as 'supermodel'. True, its not about the industry much, more over its about The show stoppers or supermodels who suffers like this.

I would rate it 3 stars for Draggy second half.

I just can't Get enough - Saawariya

Yesterday, as usual i was surfing channels up and down. Down and up. Suddenly something got me stopped at cablewallah's channel, on which he used to show movies by dvd. Beautiful green-blue background and written 'SPE Films presents'. There, i just glued on screen, because there it was - Saawariya. One of the most 'beautiful' film ever made. I just adore its beauty on screen.


To start off with [i realized that i haven't reviewed this movie so far, so why not now?]. Opening scene has long shot of the Imaginative city of nowhere, then enter gorgeous Rani in white dress- looks awesome. She tells the story starting from bar. Ranvir is there, but no face is shown. And there starts beautiful strings of title song - I just get goosebumps when Movie title also comes simulataneously. I remember what craze the tune had created before movie's release. Purely a great introduction for a first timer like Ranvir. He dances so well on screen one can't believe that this is his first movie. 


Next, the Pari song, though little bit odd with all prostitutes around. But the theme, the whistle tune is so good, you just imagine 'its late night, and you are somewhere around unknown place, alone'. So good.


Then, there is introduction of Lilian. Zohra Sehgal. Again, Sets/cinematography steal your breath. Everything colored in Peocock color. Emotiional scene is good also.


Then comes my favorite angle shot. The shot when Ranvir comes out with football, shot is taken from next end of water tank, at the corner of the tank Ranvir is coming playing along with football. Too good framework. Suddnely he sees someone on bridge. These both scenes are like Identity of the movie.


My Random [disturbing] Thought - [There are some scenes in all movies, which becomes their identity, like the one where SRK is sitting in a boat in Swades, or the one where Chameli is running in rain and camera follows her from backside, or the long shot in 'kaahe chhede mohe' in Devdas where Madhuri is dancing and long shot shows all kothas from gallery, or the one in Black where snow falls and both actors catches it, in Jab we met Shahid kareena dancing in Rain, in RDB all friends jumping to catch Plane - I hope to make one collection of all images ]


Now get back,


Next is another beautiful song, Masha Allah. Followed by, scene where both Ranvir and Sonam goes by walk and Pits come their way, Sonam jumps all of them. Background score of that scene is awesome. And the acting of Ranbir, in Boxing description scene, he shows sparks of acting in him.


Next, Much talked song. Jab se tere naina. Again Ranvir fires up the screen with his dance moves, and much talked towel scene. Though many think that it was unnecessary. But i feel, it was like that, to show his craziness - tab se dewaana hua, jag se begana hua. That describes it. One shot in the songs, shows continue facial expression without a cut. Which starts with Jab se mila hai tera ishara tab se gaya hai chain-o-qarar. Really tough to do so, but in one shot Ranvir has perfected the scene. Art direction is also beautiful. The curtain painted with Monalisa on it is really a thing to have.


There, by now i was feeling sleepy cause tired of travelling much. So told bye to Saawariya with heavy heart. More, later when i get dvd of the movie [finallly].