Shocking !! - did Aamir steal ideas for TZP??!!

I still don't believe that he did. But THIS ARTICLE on looks genuine, so is Shankutaladevi's claims, make me wonder.

'Anyways the 69 year old wizardess is now producing her own movie based on her book. "Some of the things shown in Taare Zameen Par have been taken straight from my book. People ask me why I don't sue the producer of the Aamir Khan movie," she said. "I expect him to write a letter explaining why he did this," she said

That still makes me frightened. I hope this is just a publicity stunt. After all, i have heard once 'there are only seven stories in the world'. So its the presentation-which makes it different. Fingers are crossed. Hoping Aamir to write about this in his blog.


  1. Anonymous19:48

    I didn't hope this from Aamir, huh! Aamir has broken my heart :( I never thought he'd plagiarize a film from somebody's book!

    What do you think - did Aamir "really" do it?

  2. I really think this is BS, excuse the language. You're right about it being a publicity stunt. The script is by Amol Gupte, not by Aamir. And if this is the concern (from the link)...

    the story is about a nine-year-old girl who goes through a transformation from being a mathematics hater to a mathematical genius.

    Apna Aasmaan (2007) starring Irrfan Khan was a LOT closer to this plot. I don't see dyslexia here. And Ishaan didn't become a genius, he just became the average kid.

    My two cents. There will always be someone who tries to get at people like Aamir, because they're too successful; people wil always want a piee of the pie and their two minutes of fame.

  3. the bollywood lover: don't panic man. It is not proved yet. As far as i know, Aamir won't do things like that. After all, he is not at a place, where he has to think a million times before acting like that.

    the bollywood fan:
    Well said. Totally agree with you. Amol and his wife have given many years of their lives to write this script, research for that, and even got feel at Tulip School. Subject is nearly common in the book and TZP that might have mislead the lady.

    I havent seen Apna Aasman yet. Must be a good movie, after all having Irrfan in it.

    True, people are desparate. That till now they are silent. Now when TZP is on the way to Oscars, sudden wake up call rang !!!


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