New Contents ....and The Airtel Ad

Hey, dear visitors. I have changed my blog to some extent. Like, in side bar as you can see, list of recently watched movie is there. Also by far in this year, Whichever Movie i have seen, i have put up a list of them.
Then There is a new page. Where I have indexed all of my movie reviews in one page. So that you can access easily. New Title is designed. Rating system for each articles. And not to mention my new pic.
Hope you will like these changes. And keep on commenting on my blogs. Do keep rating them, too. And ya, give comments on this allover change too. I am desparate.
Meanwhile, I have found the Airtel ad i was talking about, in Proud to be Indian blogpost. Here it is, so inspiring and mind blowing. See for yourself. Interestingly it is apt today cause it features Rev Martin Leuther King too. See.....


  1. Anonymous07:29

    Greatly inspiring ad. 'One fingure can break a million hearts' I loved that line. Let me rewatch it!

    You new design is better. Why don't you put 2 lines for a paragraph break?

  2. Anonymous08:06

    Thanx a lot.
    Yes, the airtel line up are always getting better. This was larger then life.
    Paragraph break, sometimes blogger behaves bad. Sometimes my conection play villain. So there.

  3. Darshit! You're giving me too much credit, man. I really like that you have a list of movies you've seen. That's a good one, maybe I should have something like that, although your list would probably be bigger than mine :)

    And way to go with your header -- you really do like Saawariya! I think I mentioned this earlier, but the art director for Yuvvraaj is the same as the one for Saawariya, and I can't wait to tomorrow night to see this latest work. Hoping Yuvvraaj is a good movie. Let's see.


  4. PS: And of course, thanks for the commercials! They're brilliant, to say the least.

  5. Anonymous12:20

    Credit surely goes to you thebollywoodfan….
    See my quantity of blogs in year 2005-2007. And see list in 2008. Surely inspiration worked.

    Talking about list of movies -
    I have made list, since when i was 8 years old. I m having a big task of digitalize that list.
    God bless me for making that possible. Nearly 870 movies are there in the list.

    Saawariya was purely work of art. I m in search of such land to live in.

    Looking forward to Yuvvraj surely. I am also gonna watch it tonight


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