Fashion - Movie Review

So there, its out finally. One of the most awaited movie of the year. Fashion. Now i have this question, Was it really worth wait? May be no. Because it has so many cliches and typical Madhur's kinda movie it is.

Everything in Madhur's movie is common, only backdrop changes. And only female lead has to bear all.

Fashion, is story about Meghna [Priyanka] who leave Chandigarh for Mumbai to become a model. Against her Parents' wish ofcourse. Wait. Cliche no.1. Why always parents shown this way? This was a movie, where it could be shown other way, it won't harm story at all. Anyways, Bollywood.

Gay designer Rohit [i dont know his name] comes in help of Meghna, cause he once saw her in Chandigarh fashion event, so he promises to make her model. Cliche No.2. Gay fun. Why bollywood is desparate on making fun of Gays? still? it has become a regular in movies. Please stop bad ghisa-pita fun. He takes Meghna for networking in parties and a show.

Enter Shonali-the supermodel [Kangna]. Striking show stopper of fashion world. Kangna really steals the first fashion event shown in the movie-background music Fashion ka Jalwa. she walks on ramp so well. So confident. She took my breath away [cause she is my personal favorite]. And music was apt too. Drops of arrogance is shown from the starting scene itself. She is a supermodel so she does whatever she wants. Comes late at shows. Show Nakhras and all.

Meanwhile Meghna is spreading her network, meets 3rd copy of Hrithik [Priyanka seems to be more attracted to Hrithik]. So, after Neil Mukesh and Harman, here comes third, Arjan Bajwa. Meghna goes live in with him after being thrown out by Mama-Mami. The group also includes Rahul [samir soni] Janet [Marvellous Mugdha Godse]. Rahul is a gay designer who at last finds a wife in Janet because of his mother's worries. Janet also accepts it for Rahul's sake ! This was a good issue Madhur has dealt with. So the group forms for Meghna, and she gets first show as a lead model or a Show stopper. But again thrown out of show after goof up.

Arbaaz holds her up. Make her face of his company and Kitu Gidwani [gorgeous always] guides her along.

Meanwhile after being thrown by Arbaaz's company, Shonali gets more on the drug stuff and all. Kangna has really mastered this territory.

Things go on. Again some cliches. I wont tell now. Cause movie will tell itself when you watch it. But still there is one more cliche at interval. I would cry help. But hey, its a bollywood movie.

By now, it has been a really fast ride, good ride into the fashion world. After that, something just happens that movie becomes kinda slow. It was like, dragging to get complete. Priyanka going straight way to where shonali goes. Recovers and again tries to come over it.

There, this is the story. I know, i should not tell the story but i couldn't help.

So, after fast first half, second half becomes draggy. Predictable. But Priyanka keeps steady. Kangna just gets dis appeared from screen. So is Arjan. Mugdha impresses. But Real SHOW STOPPER here is Kitu Gidwani-another favorite of mine. As a model agency holder, she is too much into her shoes. To perfect she knows what she plays. Arjan is nothing to write about. Samir is good though.

Best scene to me was the Wardrobe Malfunction of Kangna. The scene is handled so well, full marks to director. Kangna has acted flawless for that scene. One can feel, that what the model must be going through after that. Flipside, Priyanka is easiest choice for this role. She is just herself, playing. So far easy one. But personally I DIDN'T LIKE her placement for the movie. She just dont fit the mould for Model. Just look at models around her, and you will understand what i m saying. She looks so much Chubby, you would hardly believe that she is a SUPERMODEL. Interestingly, she looks damn good in posters. Strange !!

Kangna is best in her place though. Best was MUGDHA GODSE. She is just awesome looking person in the movie.

Technically, Nitin Chandrakant Desai, has really helped Madhur to give movie kinda Gorgeous look. Otherwise, it was not Madhur's territory. His movies always lacked that thing. Background score is also quite good. All fashion shows [must be 6 of them] are filmed well. Songs are so so. Though I liked Mar Jawaa... a lot. Haunting song is so much suitable for fashion shows. Some good points are shown about the industry. Backstage action, robbery of designs and more issues. But those are a few.

Direction wise, this is the best one among Madhur's own movies itself. NOthing much. Its just the setup of industry that makes this movie interesting watch. Though it could have been a little short.

Here i would like to steal words of Rajeev Masand that 'this should not be called 'fashion' but should be titled as 'supermodel'. True, its not about the industry much, more over its about The show stoppers or supermodels who suffers like this.

I would rate it 3 stars for Draggy second half.


  1. Hi Darshit, did you think this was similar to Page 3 in any way? I liked Page 3, so maybe I'll like this? What do you think?

  2. too much similarities are there. Still it is watchable. Go 4 it if u r a fan of such genre. Sure you will find it stretched out in second half though.


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