Yuvvraaj - What's this??

It’s a bad film. Yes. Sounds harsh. But it is indeed. I was feared about it. And fears are true. Though I am never a big fan of Ghai’s movies, but I adore Pardes, Taal and even Yaadein to some extent [may be because of good music]. But this time he got me so much disappointed. ‘Yuvvraaj’ fails so miserably that I don’t want to even write words about it. But I would like to share with you all, that how a good package holds such a broken piece of glass. Which sounds good, but it hurts. [Nice thought na??]

The Story, screenplay, script, dialogues, Editing:
80’s drama anyone. Here, This genre is Ghai’s favorite. Rich family. Separated sons. Spared from wealth. Other spoilt brat. And at least one, bholaa bhaala sweet son.

Story starts off with Salman, Deven Yuvvraj. Who works as a chorus singer in beautiful Prague. Katrina, Anushka plays violin [she looks sooooo beautiful]. Boman Irani [Dr Banton] is against both of them getting married [Yawn..as always]. So our hero challenges Boman, to become billionaire [after knowing his dad is dead, and much of pounds is coming his way] and went back to London. Just to find out, 80’s standard villain lineup. Mamaji, Mamiji, good for nothing cousins and sister-in-law a.k.a. seductress. Enter Gyanesh Anil Kapoor. In a role he has mastered. A sweet cute little boy trapped in body of big guy. [Eeshwar, Kishan Kanhaiyaa, Beta anyone …!! And hey, cool dude Danny [Zayed] is also on the way. So there, Sallu has to win all this hurdles and get his share of billions.

Isn’t this sound so old in today’s perception? This story itself is so old, needs to be reinvented. And if good cinematography, fancy feel and lavish looks do wonders for a movie, then Mr Ghai, Kisna and Yaadein would be huge hit. Wonder why I have put all aspects together in title of this para? Cause all things handled by Subhash Ghai. And he fails miserably in all depts. I have never heard such silly dialogues ever in such a promising movie.

The performances:
If this dept. was good either, I would spare this movie a few good words. But here also it fails. Salman just sleepwalking. Like this is a street play [even that thing is better], he just walks and talks here and there. And hams in idiotic emotional scenes. Like the one while he is telling flashback to friend of Katrina and in other scene he is appealing to Boman to save his brother. Total Ham. I even have closed my eyes, literally while watching the scene.

Zayed just needs some lessons from his brother-in-law Hrithik. He has just one expression on his face. And can’t get out of it. Katrina manages though, looking ravishing with music, in opening scene and throughout the movie, she dazzles. And tries to act. And to some extent she is OK. Its Anil kapoor, who manages to catch our eyes. Though this is a repeat genre for him, still he manages in second half. Boman must be having really bad day when he had signed for this movie.

Technical side:
Prague, Austria and London. Everything is captured beautifully. After all, it has Kabir Lal and Omung Kumar behind them. But it’s the camerawork, that sometimes steal its beauty. And one thing I don’t understand. When our movies show a billionaire’s house, is it necessary to show a big foyer with gallery in round shape around it? Can’t it look different? Both, Boman’s and Yuvvrajs’ palaces are shown that way. Why?

Though, I was expecting a Grand climax like that of ‘ishq bina -2’ in Taal. Here it is disappointing. Though music arrangements and set design for opera, are apt. My expectations for ‘dil ka rishta’ were sooooo huge.

Recording is having problem too. I have marked at many places, no lip sync at all. With Katrina, this is ok, cause she’s having problem with accent. But what about, Salman, Mithun and other artists? Background score is also average. But I really liked the piece, ‘Gyanesh’s birthday theme’. Rehman…

Costumes are good. So is authenticity of musical instruments.

Song and dance, is the mastery of Ghai. Here again, I found only disappointment. ‘tu hi meri dost hai’ starts at weird point, looks like a music video. ‘shano shano’ is edited so badly that you can see fracture of the song. Cut copy paste all over. So much hurt I was. ‘Mastam Mastam’ was not a fun song, but turned into a comic song. Sad. ‘Zindgi’ was totally out of the place. Only two songs worth their place. ‘manmohini’ and ‘tu muskura’. Maybe it’s the presence of Anil, which got it good support. And ‘Dil ka rishta’ was also a worth to look at [as earlier I said, my expectation was higher]. Choreography is also quite weird. With bad props.

Moral of the story:
So at the end of the day [its 2 in the morning !!] I felt like so much cheated, and frustrated, that I will not be able to listen to this good soundtrack too. Cause my mind will remind a fiasco of highly expected movie.

I would go with 1 out of 5 for this flick. 0.25 for dear Rehman [songs are treat while closing eyes in hall-seriously I did it] + 0.25 for Anil [for sparing us from the horror] + 0.25 for Katrina [for trying to act, and succeed unlike other Senior guys] and 0.25 for Kabir Lal+Omung Kumar [for trying hard, to make this movie at least ‘view’ able]

If Meghna had asked me- ‘what’s this??’ I would say ‘hummm,….it’s a glass ball of a fairy, where everything looks beautiful from outside, but inside, a big vaccum’’


  1. First of all, thanks for the writeup! All I read was the first paragraph and the last one, will read completely afer I see it Not sure whether it should be a :) or a :(

  2. Anonymous08:26

    Its my pleasure always, to get ur comments.
    True, u shud watch muvi b4 judging it.
    I did same. Just lookd at rating on yahoo movies b4 watchin it.
    Waiting for ur words.

  3. Hi Darshit: I'm too sleepy now to get my review in now, but dude, I really liked it man! Maybe it's just because I love family dramas too :) It's not the best film, but I think it's pretty solid. Let's see how it does at the box office.


  4. hey, tBF, i too like family dramas. Cause i love to get into tears while watching movies. But this is not a piece of my pie. Biggest thing that hurted me, were bad placement of songs. And inconsistency.

  5. Anonymous07:35

    Hmmm... but I liked the movie dude. It was a good family drama with a little comedy. What's wrong in that?

    It is certainly not the best film, but it is good.


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