I just can't Get enough - Saawariya

Yesterday, as usual i was surfing channels up and down. Down and up. Suddenly something got me stopped at cablewallah's channel, on which he used to show movies by dvd. Beautiful green-blue background and written 'SPE Films presents'. There, i just glued on screen, because there it was - Saawariya. One of the most 'beautiful' film ever made. I just adore its beauty on screen.


To start off with [i realized that i haven't reviewed this movie so far, so why not now?]. Opening scene has long shot of the Imaginative city of nowhere, then enter gorgeous Rani in white dress- looks awesome. She tells the story starting from bar. Ranvir is there, but no face is shown. And there starts beautiful strings of title song - I just get goosebumps when Movie title also comes simulataneously. I remember what craze the tune had created before movie's release. Purely a great introduction for a first timer like Ranvir. He dances so well on screen one can't believe that this is his first movie. 


Next, the Pari song, though little bit odd with all prostitutes around. But the theme, the whistle tune is so good, you just imagine 'its late night, and you are somewhere around unknown place, alone'. So good.


Then, there is introduction of Lilian. Zohra Sehgal. Again, Sets/cinematography steal your breath. Everything colored in Peocock color. Emotiional scene is good also.


Then comes my favorite angle shot. The shot when Ranvir comes out with football, shot is taken from next end of water tank, at the corner of the tank Ranvir is coming playing along with football. Too good framework. Suddnely he sees someone on bridge. These both scenes are like Identity of the movie.


My Random [disturbing] Thought - [There are some scenes in all movies, which becomes their identity, like the one where SRK is sitting in a boat in Swades, or the one where Chameli is running in rain and camera follows her from backside, or the long shot in 'kaahe chhede mohe' in Devdas where Madhuri is dancing and long shot shows all kothas from gallery, or the one in Black where snow falls and both actors catches it, in Jab we met Shahid kareena dancing in Rain, in RDB all friends jumping to catch Plane - I hope to make one collection of all images ]


Now get back,


Next is another beautiful song, Masha Allah. Followed by, scene where both Ranvir and Sonam goes by walk and Pits come their way, Sonam jumps all of them. Background score of that scene is awesome. And the acting of Ranbir, in Boxing description scene, he shows sparks of acting in him.


Next, Much talked song. Jab se tere naina. Again Ranvir fires up the screen with his dance moves, and much talked towel scene. Though many think that it was unnecessary. But i feel, it was like that, to show his craziness - tab se dewaana hua, jag se begana hua. That describes it. One shot in the songs, shows continue facial expression without a cut. Which starts with Jab se mila hai tera ishara tab se gaya hai chain-o-qarar. Really tough to do so, but in one shot Ranvir has perfected the scene. Art direction is also beautiful. The curtain painted with Monalisa on it is really a thing to have.


There, by now i was feeling sleepy cause tired of travelling much. So told bye to Saawariya with heavy heart. More, later when i get dvd of the movie [finallly].


  1. Okay, this is totally random, but I saw Saawariya again this past weekend, and stopped at the first song. I'll be checking it out again soon, but the timing was weird dude! :)

  2. why weired? actually couldn't understand what you are trying to say. Anyways.

  3. I was trying to say it was a coincidence that we were watching the same movie at almost the same time, lol...no worries.

  4. hey, thats amazing co incidence. now again today i watched it some more. but not in mood to write much. feeling so sleepy.

  5. Saawariya ---- How boring!
    I could not take the movie for more than 15 minutes. Looked like I was watching some kind of still picture or something. I can't understand how a talented director like SLB, who directed movies like Black & Devdas could make such a horrible movie. Its just a wastage of producer's money & talents of two newcomers.

  6. Haha, Shantanu, now this is me :D unpredictable when it comes to movie watching. I always cant' get enough of a movie when it has extreme high level of technical brilliance. And this movie is such a fantastic in all those aspects. I think SLB should not have publisized this one as a commercial potboiler, which it isn't. I love the movie a lot


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