Shock and awe...Mumbai Again !!?

I was so deep in Ghajini, since yesterday. But something suddenly got me so shocked, I couldn't review it today. Mumbai , Bombay burns again. Flames are growing more and more, till now, going by updated headlines. 87 people died in terrorist attacks, at nearly 9 places. Including best hotels in Mumbai, Like Oberoi-Marine drive, The Taj Gateway, Leopold club. Crowded places like Cama Hospital, Posh areas like Colaba [a petrol pump blown away]. Even my favorite place, the Metro Cinema is not spared. Gun battle was there outside the cinema.


Clearly targets were NRI, Foreigners and the riches. So shocking was Not Bomb blasts, but shoot out was there. Yes, terrorists came with AK 47 rifles and started firing at all these places, including throwing hand grenades. I fear toll would be larger then 250 but govt. is hiding the actual figure.


Now I want to make point here. If 'the man' is really desparate on making his Mumbai, 'a Marathi Place', then he should first try stopping this. That bloody f^#@er [so sorry readers, but i couldn't resist] is only interested in changing hoardings of shops and beating people from other state. If he had invested his men, which are plenty, in protecting the city itself, maybe this day would not have dawn.


Now leaving that, and coming to the business, this would surely affect the Entertainment business. The long strike of television workers had came to end some days back. So new episodes of daily soaps were expected to start from Monday, this blast will surely affect that. Movies getting released this friday, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye ! and Sorry Bhai will see no takers in Biggest territory - that is Mumbai. Even, I fear, Rab Ne bana di jodi, expected to realease on 12 Dec., will see shadows of fear.


Lets pray for quick relief for Mumbaikars and hoping for Non-Violent future [which seems impossible with leaders like these]. I am never into politics, but when no body can see simple things, i can't resist.



  1. Anonymous14:49

    I think it's the third time Mumbai has been rocked with blasts. So sad :( Isn't India in war with itself?

    And I blame our politicians too, what are they doing in favour of country? They're just sitting on their chairs and making false claims.

  2. Anonymous21:08

    I am still numb about these news....I can only pray and hope that it ends soon.

    be safe!

  3. Anonymous22:59

    May the force be with us. God bless india.
    I dont want to see this anywhere in world.

  4. Anonymous07:53

    Did u see Aamir latest blog post -


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