Dostana - an Entertainer

Friendship is in the air..After watching female buddies in Fashion, here comes another buddy pic. Dostana is an out an out entertainer with the storyline of Friendship between people of opposite sexes. Like all K.Jo's movies, except Kaal, this movie too deals with some nice comedy and emotions blend in one mixture.

Dostana is about two guys and a girl. But hey not a love triangle. Kunal [John] is a photographer in search of house on rent in sexy city of Miami. Sameer [Abhi] is a nurse, [not with short skirts-this line is used in movie so often, you can' help yourself laugh out loud] who is also in search of a good house for rent. Neha [Priyanka] is a flat owner in search of tenants. So there, both of our heroes lies about being gay, and enters the Auntie protected house. One lie follows after another. Situations created by that.

Misunderstandings. Coverups. These all things create a rib tickling comedy in first half. I especially liked the 'Venice' part [you oughta see the movie to know what's it about]. The comedy is situational. so it has nothing to do with creation of fat humour, its just dialogues, situations and performances that makes you laugh. Enter, Mummy- the punjabi mom [Kirron Kher] mother of Sameer. She does a fabulous job. Just before that, Boman Irani as boss of Neha , named 'M', also give you a dose of fun. He has performed short but really well.
In second half, things get little emotional, little serious, love and stuff like that. Still the movie manages to hold audience, with well executed situations and again some dose of fun. There is never a dull moment all around. Though i found last fifteen minutes little bit longer, but i forgive, given the story has to get time to be wrapped. Music is, as eariler in preview i wrote, average. But sounds good and also looks good on screen. Especially when it has Miami as backdrop to it. Miami looks beautiful in every shot. Be it the beaches, the cityscape or the sea. Art direction including costumes and set designs are good.
Priyanka looks amazingly different than her earlier flick, fashion. She looks sexy then any of her earlier films. Also slimmest ever. John acts well. I don' t know why people don't find him good in acting. But i think he has not been given good roles to fit in. And in this movie, this will sound little odd- but he is sex symbol. Yes, he is projected seriously as a Female crowd puller [and males too ;-) ]. So much projection of his sexiness is here. Abhishek, to my surprise, manages to carry his role well. In 'Venice' he was really good. Also in other scenes too. Though, i was expecting some cameos and guest appearances , but hard luck of mine, this time K'Jo is giving no surprises.
Songs are also picturised well. Guest choreographer Farah Khan, does what she is best at. In the song 'Desi girl'. Other songs are also good. Including 'Khabar nahi' and 'Jaane Kyun'.
References to old movies are there, which is a rage these days with Yashraj movies. The Bidi song, Kuch Kuch hota hai sequence, Jahan teri yeh nazar hai song, even Taare zameen Par is there. And believe me, everything is so funny except KKHH sequence which is beautiful.
Even though, this movie is dealing with sensitive issue of being Gay, there is nothing like the movie is making fun of the community. Rather then that, this movie is about what happens when a small lie becomes a huge thing. So there, director Tarun Mansukhani manages to give a perfect entertainer in his debut venture. Thumbs up for him.
I would like to give this movie a 3.5 star. Its not that 'Great' movies genre. But still it won't disappoint you at any point. Go for it in group of friends, and surely you will enjoy it.


  1. Hi Darshit: Thanks for the review! Do you think it is the kind of film one can see with the elders of the family? Or is it safe to go see with friends?

  2. Anonymous10:56

    Hey thx.
    Dont mind, but if elders are liberal enough to see john in undies (even with ass crack peeping out),
    or hottest bikinis including shilpa and priyanka,
    then u can go with them.
    Otherwise with friends, this is a must.

  3. Anonymous12:06

    Thanks man, I guess the answer's NO, LOL, if only out of respect. I thought the Kanta Ben jokes in Kal Ho Na Ho were very distasteful (just the number of times they did it), so I think I'll probably stay away from this until the DVD release. I'm glad you think Miami is looking beautiful, it's a beautiful city!


  4. Anonymous17:54

    Thanks for your review dude. I love priyanka (but she loves Harman!).

    I mostly watch movies with my family, so this one is not of that type!

  5. Nice review...I was thinking about skipping it..but might just watch it on a rainy day. have a cool blog, I`ll be back to read more.

    the spice who loved me

  6. Anonymous21:12

    Hi, Trupti. Thanks for your kind words.
    Dostana is real fun. Never miss out on fun in life.
    Also tell abt my other things abt blog. I wud luv to hear.
    Keep rockin'...

  7. Anonymous02:46

    Hey there! I enjoyed Dostana too. Thank you so much for saying that about John! He is a good actor. Miami was shot beautifully.


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