Happy Diwali

Hello everyone., and happy diwali / new year.
Diwali is a boom time for movie goers and for cinema halls. This day i went for Golmaal Returns. I went for first show, and i got tickets of last show !!!
Meanwhile throughout the day, i got reviews from news channels and my dear friend Nirmal, that its simple bakwas.
I thought....nahinnnn.....
When i went in at 10 pm. I was waiting for my bro and bhabhi. And then i called him up, so i got to know that my papa has got fever so program should be cancelled.
So there, i was saved. By watching a bad movie.
Instantly i gave all tickets to a guy standing and waiting for someone to give him tickets. So there, he thanked me [and paid too....] and i was rafooo chakkar !!!

Roadside Romeo - The Review

Dogs, Dogs, everywhere. But now i dont see them. I see Romeo, and other characters. For now. Some Romeos did followed me too, to leave me at home.
Anyways, you know what i am talking about. India's First full fledged Big Banner, Big Stars Animated Movie [Phew..]. Roadside Romeo.

What's it all about ? All of you know. Story of Romeo [Saif] who is thrown out of Rich family, after they moved to UK, and he is living on roads. Meets 3-4 local taporis, who he befreiends with. starts a small business of Salon. But forget to pay Charlie Anna [Jaaved], the Hafta. So there, our hero gets in trouble. Meanwhile he already got connected with beautiful [truly beautiful] Laila [kareena].
But Charlie is also in one sided love with Laila. So there, Romeo woos Charlie to make him cool enough, that Laila accepts him and let Romeo live free.

Seems a typical story isn't it?? No, cause this is all about DOGS. Yes, that's the difference. Movie starts of little bit dull, but slowly it engages viewers with a serious effort to make an entertaining flick. Somehow it suceeds too. Maybe some more one liners could help this one. There were a few, but good one liners.

Technically [the most imp aspect as it is animation movie], this movie shall not be compared with all Disney, Pixar movies. But still a sincere effort has been done. Thats all over the screen. The creation of Town, Gullys and beautiful moonlight. Though i wonder, why there are not much People shown in the movie??

REferences to Yashraj movies are as usual, overhere. Dhoom 2 posters are everywhere. Music is there. and finally, DDLJ too. In a quite funny sequence. I really liked that one. Other scenes are likable too. The best scene was Moonlight [Rooftop] Romance. A really tough to make animation for this kind of scene. Beautiful sequence with nice music and even nice Choreography !! Yes, animated characters can dance so good !! Even in Laila's stage show, The detailed audience and all things, are fab. Truly labor of love. The Laila song is also really fun. So is the ''cool cool song''.

Characters are in tune. saif and kareena's this on screen chemistry is better than in Tashan. I got goosebumps in Rooftop romance scene. While watching both. Problem is liittle bit with Javed, who seems little odd. His character is designed so weird, he could be little bit good looking. He looks really weird. And even though they are showing close ups more and more. Screenplay could be more interesting, with crispy dialogues. With some more spoofs over the other movies.

But overall, its a great effort. Keep it up Bollywood, after all we have that, anybody else dont have. THE DANCE. THE SONGS. THE LOVE. So there, go for it. You won't feel cheated like some of last Yashraj's movies. This is an Entertainer. Just enjoy it and forget it. But i will surely keep a clipping of Rooftop Romance in my mobile clippings.

till then....bow vowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...........

my rating: 3 / 5 [entertainer]

the soundtrack is so awesome, kind of my fav music, with detailed composition, high on orchestra and detailed little little sounds.

Tu muskura - Alka has never sound sweet ever before. and Benny's recitation at end of the song is awe inspiring. So much dreamy the song is. Antara are too beautiful.

Mastam Mastam - i have learnt the lyrics. so found it so much fun. to sing along the complicated lyrics.
Zindgi - Still growing on and on. Srinivas's voice is haunting. Heavy wordings by Gulzar saab.

Dil ka rishta - Rehman and his voice, wow. And the english lyrics. Fab. Fab.

Shano Shano - can someone teach me dance please ???


Fashion soundtrack.

Mar Jawaan - beautiful haunting track.

Theme of Fashion - Awesome

Tha kar le (Golmaal returns) - Good one.

My Playlist and Yuvvraaj !!!!

Bandagi - Drona [still on my playlist]
Desi girl - Dostana [such a mad mad song, and the lines 'ooh..the hottest girl in the world']
Jaane Kyun - Dostana [sweet sweet.....]

and here he is again---
the king
the god is back

A R Rehman..
with best of the year !!! This time he is not alone, Gulzar Saab is also there.

all songs are so much classy..so well Orchestrated....great singers...great words

Tu Hi to meri dost hai – New singer Again [a Rehman speciality] Benny Dayal matching chords with Shreya Ghoshal and The God himself. Crooning is very good. I cant get it out of my mind.

Shano Shano – This is the coolest one. A dance floor anthem. With fast beats. Foot tapping music. And African accent. A really cool song, with awkward lyrics. Somewhere it reminds ‘Baazi laga’ of Guru. Whole feel is like that. Sung by Sonu, Srinivas, Karthik, Timmy, Sunaina, Vivienne Pocha & Tina.

Tu Muskura – A love ballad. Alka Yagnik. In control. This takes a little time to grow on you. A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics by Gulzar Saab. Some bits of tu hi to meri dost hai surprises you , as well as voice of Javed Ali.

Mastam Mastam – this must have Anil Kapoor in the movie. Its kind of Ramta jogi’s sequel, with Gulzaar’s trademark – weird lyrics. A good composition, with different vocals including animal sounds. Sung by Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Naresh & Benny.

Zindgi – remember old songs where trademark of Gulzar written all over it?? Or Suresh wadkar and yesudas’s songs? This is the one. Which is the best among all. See the lyrics….zindgi zindgi kya kami reh gayee…aankho ki kor me kyun name rah gayee’….. Beautiful voice of Srinivas tells the story of life. Wow.

Dil Ka Rishta – May be a climax song, like the one in Taal, with heavy orchestra. This one starts off with mind blowing music piece and crooning by RoopKumar Rathod, followed by chorus. Music is so great, I got goosebumps [I was listening it while walking on road]. Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathod, A R Rahman, Clinton, Suzanne, Vivienne Pocha, Naresh, Benny & Blazze----phew…these are the singers.

Manmohini morey- a Indian classical. Raga piece. A title sequence this must be. Nice to hear, takes time to grow, very good rendition by Vijay Prakash.

So there, most awaited is out. And it fulfills my expectations. Keep on making World a Musical place…A R R !!!

My Predictions !!!

See, My predictions were so true. As i said, Kidnap was a bad movie, so is Hello. Man, i have got this instinct that i can say whether the movie is good or bad, by its Promos only. In case of 'A Wednesday' i predicted by just looking at posters, that this would be really good movie.

Why cant the makers see themselves like that? arent they that brilliant?

Hello - A Silly Adaptation

its shallow ,, shallow....
ya it is. or maybe i have read one night @ the call
center., three times, and recently once too. thats may be reason of this kind of opinion. But seriously, Atul the directror, just couldn't take this challenge. Its the situations, some funny moments and something that is never seen on bollywood screen, that will work for this movie, if it will.Hello is blindly based on the novel. While taking only a little bit of liberty with the story. I will not go into story, cause its all known. Okay. fine. but depth was expected from this movie, because CB - the writer himself was involved in screenplay too. But it seems like Touch and Go. Each important scene is selected, played like a Play and next scene comes. Screenplay part is quite weak. Whoever has read this book, will always been thinking, some really good scenes are not taken too.
while there are some scenes which are executed as well as in the book itself. Like the one, smooch of Shyam and Priyanka. Introduction scene of Esha. Vanishing of story teller. The hillarious toilet scene. Bakshi encounter with career graph. Good ones.
but on the counterpart, most crucial ones are wasted. Like anger and passion of all characters is missing. Like in a scene Radhika [amrita] hav to throw empty pill bottle on table, a cold scene. Same coldness in Vroom's angry scene. Again Vroom acting after knowing whats with Esha. That scene is completely lost. Which must be a good one, if it was made that way. Again Amrita acts badly at Chemist scene. Where she could have showed off her best one. Gul panag as central heroine, Priyanka, is completely lost. She looks little bit older than the character. Her scene after phone tapping, is bad. And the worst part was the Main part. The main scene where God calls, that scene is wrapped in so hurry, it gets wrapped in just 5 minutes. Missing a very important point which was there in the book.
So there, there is a serious problem with the screenplay. Its not bad either. But once you have a Best Seller Book to refer to, Expectations must be sky high. So director should better watch for that.
Talking about actors, Sharman is little bit good, Suhail is just sleepwalking, Gul is lost, Amrita is waste, Only Esha who is too perfect for her role. Sharat is also good as military uncle. Bakshi-Dalip Tahil gives a silly performances. Music is below average for such a movie.
If this had a Passionate Cast it would simply bang bang...but for a Best Seller...its shallow....Though its not bad to watch your favorite novel, turning into a movie, a rarity in Indian cinema, so sure go for it. You won't have bad time. But just see how it is on screen thats it. Then just forget it. And live with your own imaginative characters of the book.
Dear Chetan, please stick to, what you are best at, no body can transform your witty one liners, your romantic dates and dialogues in to a movie. Hope Raju Hirani does justice, to a Modified FPS in 3 idiots.
I would rate this 2 out of 5. Just because of watching your fav characters come alive on screen, badly though.


Help…..help…somebody get me out of water. Get me out of wind. Get me out of Sand. My mind was shouting when such scenes get repeated and at a great length, useless scenes were running on screen.
Drona, which I expected a new beginning of Fantasy movies in India, it’s a doom for that. Its so….so………….slow, that you can not bear sitting in the hall. Though I dared to, my companion was having torturous time from the beginning, but still I wanted to see, how BAD a movie can be?? And it fulfilled my expectations, of being BORING movie of all times. [RGV ki Aag was a masterpiece though].
So movie starts of out poor little kid, like harry potter, this time he is living in small room at top floor of a house. Next scene the grown up big boy Abhi, still gets fired by his aunty, working in her Shop, Suddenly Singing a song…!!!!! What’s the matter? Why is he dancing around and fooling himself and everyone??? How many times you need a re-introduction dear Abhi?
Later comes, revelation and realization of whole ‘Drona’ thing.Enter, Kaykay, the most expectations were from him as he is playing a bad guy, turns out to be a JOKER instead. Then, Abhi goes to some Rajwada fort, meets momma dearest, Jaya [is she an actor??!! Must be jeans in Abhi]. Long shots over fort, tales of past. Bachpan me…aisa waisa…tumhare pitaji,,,,yeh…woh….. Please, someone shouted from backside, ‘when will they come in present?’ Yes, it is. Tales of past, and some phrases of past comes so frequently that we get bored. Priyanka also HAMS all time ‘Baauji kaha karte the……..’’CRAP. CRAP. A fantasy movie runs on dialogues and story telling, which is completely OUT of the way, here.
Special effects are ok to try, but so long sequences mar the effect. Scenes including, flying in sand dunes, drowning in water are like, audience feeling TIED TO CHAIRS and kept eyes open to get tortured for watching those sequences. Horriblly executed there are. One scene at a crucial moment, where little leaf of Blue rose comes to help Drona, and suddenly it turns out in thousands and lakhs of them. That scene was THE MOST TORTUROUS SCENE-WITHOUT A DIALOGUE.
Most of the scenes have kind of gorgeous look, like vibrant colors and bright effects. That is totally goes wrong with the theme. As this is kind of mythological, it should be dark and ancient look. Instead here it is Yello, Red, Pink and orange. Like a kid flick. Though at some places cinematography impresses, overall its fail. The train sequence clearly reminds us of Dhoom2. Which was shot at same location. Same camera angles. And what’s wrong with costumes?? In desert, our hero is wearing winter jacket all the time!! And Priyanka, wearing Shreds of clothes.
Songs are also a passé. Nice song, Bandagi, wasted in bad situation. Drona…is just a minute long. Other 3 are boring. Simply, there is nothing that can show Energy of Drona, a sleepy superhero !! Movie is slow, cant pick pace at any place. Everyone felt so much relieved after rubbish climax…….
I just wonder, how many times did Maniratnam hit Abhishek to get right acting in Yuva and Guru!!! The only movies, he has ACTED in. Dear abhi, why don’t u just F@#@ off and don’t do any single movie again???!!!! Priyanka is good though. But dear just change your taste of movies. Apart from scifi, superhero and mythologies.. do what you are best at !! sizzle !! [even lovestory 2050 was good then this and Harman, a better actor !!!].
LOL, this has led me to mental frustration, that I won’t be watching Kidnap too. Otherwise I will faint down in hall.