the soundtrack is so awesome, kind of my fav music, with detailed composition, high on orchestra and detailed little little sounds.

Tu muskura - Alka has never sound sweet ever before. and Benny's recitation at end of the song is awe inspiring. So much dreamy the song is. Antara are too beautiful.

Mastam Mastam - i have learnt the lyrics. so found it so much fun. to sing along the complicated lyrics.
Zindgi - Still growing on and on. Srinivas's voice is haunting. Heavy wordings by Gulzar saab.

Dil ka rishta - Rehman and his voice, wow. And the english lyrics. Fab. Fab.

Shano Shano - can someone teach me dance please ???


Fashion soundtrack.

Mar Jawaan - beautiful haunting track.

Theme of Fashion - Awesome

Tha kar le (Golmaal returns) - Good one.

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