Help…..help…somebody get me out of water. Get me out of wind. Get me out of Sand. My mind was shouting when such scenes get repeated and at a great length, useless scenes were running on screen.
Drona, which I expected a new beginning of Fantasy movies in India, it’s a doom for that. Its so….so………….slow, that you can not bear sitting in the hall. Though I dared to, my companion was having torturous time from the beginning, but still I wanted to see, how BAD a movie can be?? And it fulfilled my expectations, of being BORING movie of all times. [RGV ki Aag was a masterpiece though].
So movie starts of out poor little kid, like harry potter, this time he is living in small room at top floor of a house. Next scene the grown up big boy Abhi, still gets fired by his aunty, working in her Shop, Suddenly Singing a song…!!!!! What’s the matter? Why is he dancing around and fooling himself and everyone??? How many times you need a re-introduction dear Abhi?
Later comes, revelation and realization of whole ‘Drona’ thing.Enter, Kaykay, the most expectations were from him as he is playing a bad guy, turns out to be a JOKER instead. Then, Abhi goes to some Rajwada fort, meets momma dearest, Jaya [is she an actor??!! Must be jeans in Abhi]. Long shots over fort, tales of past. Bachpan me…aisa waisa…tumhare pitaji,,,,yeh…woh….. Please, someone shouted from backside, ‘when will they come in present?’ Yes, it is. Tales of past, and some phrases of past comes so frequently that we get bored. Priyanka also HAMS all time ‘Baauji kaha karte the……..’’CRAP. CRAP. A fantasy movie runs on dialogues and story telling, which is completely OUT of the way, here.
Special effects are ok to try, but so long sequences mar the effect. Scenes including, flying in sand dunes, drowning in water are like, audience feeling TIED TO CHAIRS and kept eyes open to get tortured for watching those sequences. Horriblly executed there are. One scene at a crucial moment, where little leaf of Blue rose comes to help Drona, and suddenly it turns out in thousands and lakhs of them. That scene was THE MOST TORTUROUS SCENE-WITHOUT A DIALOGUE.
Most of the scenes have kind of gorgeous look, like vibrant colors and bright effects. That is totally goes wrong with the theme. As this is kind of mythological, it should be dark and ancient look. Instead here it is Yello, Red, Pink and orange. Like a kid flick. Though at some places cinematography impresses, overall its fail. The train sequence clearly reminds us of Dhoom2. Which was shot at same location. Same camera angles. And what’s wrong with costumes?? In desert, our hero is wearing winter jacket all the time!! And Priyanka, wearing Shreds of clothes.
Songs are also a passé. Nice song, Bandagi, wasted in bad situation. Drona…is just a minute long. Other 3 are boring. Simply, there is nothing that can show Energy of Drona, a sleepy superhero !! Movie is slow, cant pick pace at any place. Everyone felt so much relieved after rubbish climax…….
I just wonder, how many times did Maniratnam hit Abhishek to get right acting in Yuva and Guru!!! The only movies, he has ACTED in. Dear abhi, why don’t u just F@#@ off and don’t do any single movie again???!!!! Priyanka is good though. But dear just change your taste of movies. Apart from scifi, superhero and mythologies.. do what you are best at !! sizzle !! [even lovestory 2050 was good then this and Harman, a better actor !!!].
LOL, this has led me to mental frustration, that I won’t be watching Kidnap too. Otherwise I will faint down in hall.

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