My Playlist and Yuvvraaj !!!!

Bandagi - Drona [still on my playlist]
Desi girl - Dostana [such a mad mad song, and the lines 'ooh..the hottest girl in the world']
Jaane Kyun - Dostana [sweet sweet.....]

and here he is again---
the king
the god is back

A R Rehman..
with best of the year !!! This time he is not alone, Gulzar Saab is also there.

all songs are so much well Orchestrated....great singers...great words

Tu Hi to meri dost hai – New singer Again [a Rehman speciality] Benny Dayal matching chords with Shreya Ghoshal and The God himself. Crooning is very good. I cant get it out of my mind.

Shano Shano – This is the coolest one. A dance floor anthem. With fast beats. Foot tapping music. And African accent. A really cool song, with awkward lyrics. Somewhere it reminds ‘Baazi laga’ of Guru. Whole feel is like that. Sung by Sonu, Srinivas, Karthik, Timmy, Sunaina, Vivienne Pocha & Tina.

Tu Muskura – A love ballad. Alka Yagnik. In control. This takes a little time to grow on you. A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics by Gulzar Saab. Some bits of tu hi to meri dost hai surprises you , as well as voice of Javed Ali.

Mastam Mastam – this must have Anil Kapoor in the movie. Its kind of Ramta jogi’s sequel, with Gulzaar’s trademark – weird lyrics. A good composition, with different vocals including animal sounds. Sung by Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Naresh & Benny.

Zindgi – remember old songs where trademark of Gulzar written all over it?? Or Suresh wadkar and yesudas’s songs? This is the one. Which is the best among all. See the lyrics….zindgi zindgi kya kami reh gayee…aankho ki kor me kyun name rah gayee’….. Beautiful voice of Srinivas tells the story of life. Wow.

Dil Ka Rishta – May be a climax song, like the one in Taal, with heavy orchestra. This one starts off with mind blowing music piece and crooning by RoopKumar Rathod, followed by chorus. Music is so great, I got goosebumps [I was listening it while walking on road]. Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathod, A R Rahman, Clinton, Suzanne, Vivienne Pocha, Naresh, Benny & Blazze----phew…these are the singers.

Manmohini morey- a Indian classical. Raga piece. A title sequence this must be. Nice to hear, takes time to grow, very good rendition by Vijay Prakash.

So there, most awaited is out. And it fulfills my expectations. Keep on making World a Musical place…A R R !!!

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  1. Hi Darshit, I agree with you on the music to Yuvvraaj, I absolutely love it, and it is tied for the best of the year with Jaane Tu, as far as I am concerned. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if after seeing Yuvvraaj, we say this is the best! Cheers!


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