5 Favorite Holi Songs

Holi hai...

The festival is here again. Festival of colors, festival of joy and celebration. And its the 'most' featured fest in Bollywood. Numerous songs and sequences are there. Also a 'bahaana' for directors for some nice cleavage footage :P. .. not going further into detail, I give you here, 5 of my favorite Holi songs. No, I m not listing the 'legendary' [or say, overplayed] songs like Rang Barse and Holi ke din.. Cause you know how much I dislike the overplayed songs.

So here is my list, and Happy Holi to All.

Ey Gori [Delhi Heights]
Rustic charm of Kailash Kher and Sonu Kakkar in this folk song is absolutely likable. Composed by Rabbi Shergill, movie's soundtrack is an underrated one.

Aaj Na Chhodenge [Kati Patang]
A childhood favorite of mine. Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh - the best pair those days. And what a Song ! I can easily put it as the best Holi song of yesteryears. Yes, above Rang Barse and Holi ke din.

Ja re hat natkhat [Navrang]
What Choreography!! Only V.Shantaram can create such wonderful visuals. And only Sandhya can dance like that. Music by Great C Ramachandra, this song is a gem.

Dekho Aai Holi [Mangal Pandey]
When we come from past to present, none but only Rahman's name come up in such listings. A song partially sung by Aamir, featuring himself is obviously my favorite. Fantastic composition with all those drum [nagaara] beats!

Aa shyam rang rang doo [Water]
One of the best OST of Rahman. Water, had this superb track which went unnoticed. A truly delightful track and beautiful visuals. [no video on youtube though]. If you can get this movie, just WATCH IT yaar, fantastic movie too !!

Karthik Calling Karthik : Movie Review

Don't read, if you want to watch the movie.

Farhan has his own audience. He has his own style, and again he has his 'own' movie. Let me warn first, this is no a Bolly flick, if you are looking for. Karthik Calling Karthik is a really well made Psychological Thriller, which may find only a few takers. Also a rare genre in Bollywood. But Its a really nice effort to showcase how bad or good someone's life can go by his own mind.

From first few minutes only, we know who the caller Karthik is. But film takes a really interesting turn where it left us thinking who, when and how. And between those thrilling moments, Director Vijay Lalwani has brilliantly put touchy moments, to show pain of the protagonist. Sincere film making I would say. As the end approaches, we too, can feel what Karthik is going through. Without being loud, the film left us thinking about such persons.

Coming back to Farhan Akhtar, he is flawless in the movie. What is most enjoyable in his performance, is his witty one liners, and how he delivers them. Its always a treat to watch. On the other hand, Deepika too does not disappoint. In a role where she doesn't need to act much, only need to look good, she's always great. Shefali Chhaya in her special appearance, does nice job.

The treatment of the movie is absolutely fantastic. The urban feel, or say, Hollywood kinda look of movie works wonders. Such a small starcast and such a tight editing works wonders here. Just 2.15 hours, KCK is worth a watch if you are really 'into' such cinema.

And oh, last but not the least, how can you not catch SEL's fabulous score on big screen???

My Rating : 3.5 / 5

My Name Is Khan : Sigh.....

Let me clarify this first. I 'love' K.jO's movies [KKHH,K3G,KHNH-not KANK plz]. I like SRK in his sincere efforts. I love the pair - SRK+Kajol. To me they are the 'first couple' of the industry. The movie got me so excited. And given lovely soundtrack by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, I was dying to see it. Oh..and there's Kajol!! So, yes, I expected it to be as awesome as K.Jo products are. But..all of that fell flat. Disappointed I am, a lot. I was feared about this. By the first promo, I sighed how the movies based on 9/11 are getting churned out. Hoping this would be last in this genre. It will not get any better if we still make the movies like this.

Good, Goood :
Why twice? That's like SRK's speech pattern in the movie. And I actually Liked it. Loved the performances of all major characters. SRK is lovable as person suffering from syndrom. For the first time you can't see SRK in a K.Jo movie. Here he is Rizwan Khan-the character. Perhaps after Swades' Mohan Bhargava, only here that SRK is into the skin of character. The goofiness in his act can make anyone fall in love with him, why alone Kajol? Loved Lovvved Kajol ofcourse. Hardly there are any chances of her going wrong. [warning!! read next para]. In the first half, Zarina Wahab made it so real, Absolutely delightful performance as mother of Khan. Also a surprise was Sonya Jehan, who did perform her part with finesse. Even little Tanay Chheda was joy to watch. Another joie de vivre of the movie is its lavish scale. Its shot superbly. San Francisco looks dew fresh. And 'wallah...' add gorgeous Kajol to this cinematography - Treat for eyes for sure. Oh, and music complements her definitely. All songs are nicely picturised. With only one glitch. [next para]. Ofcourse, There are moments so true that make you cry. But..

Bad...Baaaad :
[with some light spoilers]

Jimmy Shergill. In a typecast role. Actually the whole movie runs upon typecast formula. Which a lot of movies has shown in past 3 years. And I think everyone has had enough share of Preaching & teachings. When the movie starts with a typical Airport Security Check, you know what's there in store for you. And if that alone is not enough, you have an Islamic extremist giving lecture to his followers, a aboslutely waste side-plot. Though SRK saves the scene later. The master of candy-floss entertainment, K.Jo burns his hand in this rather more serious subject, and looks like his hands fell short. He tries to pack in each and every punch and loses it there. Can you imagine Kajol sounding screechy? Yes, in a most crucial scene, Kajol [I repeat, KAJOL] sounds over the top. The whole sequence looks so silly at that time. And voila! the movie 'runs' on that theme later. Like a fairytale, the storyline is hard to imagine in the real world. Which is not expectable in a movie based on reality.

By reality, another thing i would like to point out. How on earth, one can not reach to a flooded town in USA, the U.S. of A.??!! Even in India, we reach them by air or by military boats. So why couldn't US' troops? or even the NGOs? The disaster scenes of Wilhemina amused me. Also whole set of flooded town reminded me of Fallen Isengard [Lord Of the Rings]. [Well, I told you, fairytale]. And the least I had expected-the duplicates of not one but Two Presidents !!! Why? That looked abosolutely B-Grade'ish'. Bothe of the sequences could have done far better if they could use some intelligent camera angles. Like-showing expressions of people while keeping camera behind 'the president'. when the whole world knows whom you are going to 'replicate' someone as President, there isn't need to show his face!! And thoses sequences stretches the movie a lot. Making me lose interest in it. And oh, when it was most needed, the song 'Rang De' doesn't show up at all. :(
On a personal note, I am disappointed by the fact that SRKajol don't look into each others' eyes. Man, How on earth can you let go off such amazing chemistry? I know that the story demands so, but still, the 'charm' of the two together, is impeccable and can not be let go off. Sigh...how I wish K.Jo to make another movie with sizzling chemistry of the best couple on screen, ever. Give me SRK widening his hands, waving them to Kajol-wearing Saaree and running towards him - I would die for that.

My Rating : 2.5 / 5

Valentine's Day Playlist : Vishal Bhardwaj

Last year I did a post about Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's romantic songs. And yes they are the best always in this genre. But here comes another post, this time with Vishal Bhardwaj. Who has this rock solid support of Gulzar saab. If SEL has Javed ji, Vishal has Gulzar on his side. And both of them together, has created some fantastic creations. So here are my picks of songs composed by Vishal Bhardwaj. In a way I can call this list as Gulzar's songs too. Cause most of the songs are penned by Gulzar. But if we make a list of songs written by him, the list will go endless.

Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Jee (Ishqiya) :
The current chartbuster. There is no age limit for heart. Not even for love. So pardon this little 'dil' if it does any mistake cause its sweet little child. Who else but Gulzar saab, only, can write such words. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sings in style apart from what he does usually. The way Vishal has composed the tune, tempo is low yet engaging. Vocals rule the song. Fab.

Chhai chhappa chhai (Hu Tu Tu) :
Take a walk on a beach, and if you do not recall this song, #fail. An absolutely charming song featuring equally charming Tabu. And oh, not forgetting legend, Lata ji. Gulzar saab at it again - Paanio pe chheente udati hui ladki !!

Tu mere paas bhi hai (Satya) :

Soothing beat. A perfect song with dash of Strings. Urmila in saree, lip syncing lines of Gulzar sung by Lata ji. Hariharan's soft vocals add extra points to the song.

Baadlon se kaat kaat ke (Satya) :
Bhupinder ji sings this fantastically penned song. The haunting voice creates lovley effect about imagination of being in love for the first time.

Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki hai (Kaminey) :
Here Vishal does wonders. He takes a same line of lyrics about first love, and creates two absolutely different songs. One is the smooth Mohit Chauhan version and another is 'fataak' version sung for the Baaraat dancing. In later version we are surprised by Suresh wadkar, how he takes the song to another level by 'Raat kuchh aisa hua..'

Love ke liye saala (Love ke liye kuchh bhi karega) :
So unpredictable the composer is. A mainstream comedy movie, so here he teams up with Abbas Tyrewala and creates a peppy romantic song. Where the couple is boasting about themselves that I can do anything for love. Really fun song with lines like 'Baap se ladega....ghar chhod dega..

U Me Aur Hum (U Me aur Hum) :
A personal favorite. Two different versions, one by Shreya Ghoshal and for another Vishal himself comes behind mic. So beautiful both the songs are. Written by Munna Dhiman, Vishal's version is really absorbing.

O Saathi Re.. (Omkara):
Perhaps the finest song composed by Vishal, ever. sung by Shreya and Vishal, this is a duet to die for. A perfect song again by Gulzar. Indeed its the gem of a song.

And for those, who are heartbroken, or whose love is not around, Vishal has songs for them. too. Here are some.. :)

Ek woh din bhi the (Chachi 420):
Sung by his wife, Rekha Bhardwaj, this haunting song is perfect for a gloomy evening. Convincing heart that -this too will pass.

Rozana Jiye (Nishabd) :
Another song, this time sung by Mr Bachchan, a guitar heavy theme and longing for beloved. Perfecto.

Aur phir yun hua (Striker) :
My current favorite. Though I can not classify it yet, which genre to put it in. But Vishal's rendition makes me hit the repeat button again and again.

Yeh nam aankhein (HuTuTu):
Lata ji again. And who can go wrong with Vishal+Gulzar+Lata Mangeshkar ?!!! Must listen.

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Striker : when cutie gets rugged

Though I have seen the movie First Day Last show, I was still dizzy on writing about it. Line by line, after a week I could complete it. So here it is.

Putting it Straight-I loved the movie. Everything is so perfect and doesn’t go loud in terms of . The streets, chawls of Bombay. And the life of people living it. ‘Striker’ is just a one page of their story. It doesn’t go dig ‘everything’ about the people. It takes some chapters of lives and the movie lives with it. It surprised me when the movie started at the year 1992. I thought story will run in present. But looking at the treatment, one doesn’t feel that movie has been shot in 00’s. Pretty authentic production design I must admit. Chandan Arora seems to have ultra familiar with Bombay’s Carrom competitions. That he even captures the dialogues which the spectators are speaking. Each game looks real. And intense.

@Actor_siddharth looks cute [as my wifey puts it, she has become a fan now :P] but acts flawlessly as both, cutie and stubborn guy. Loved his expressions through the song ‘Chham Chham’. The whole sequence filmed so lovely way. Nicollete Bird looked nice [looked, cause there was not much scope to act for her]. While Vidya Malavde shines as sister. Padmapriya reminded me of Tabbu. And mention of her, reminds me of pretty much discussed topic. ***spoilers*** Rape of her by Surya. But I think it was not a rape. Considering how both of them interacted with each other, and how her eyes were feeling for Surya, that was something hesitantly but expected by her. Talking about Surya, he was in such situation where he could not express mushy words to her. But somehow, that incident woke him up from inside and felt for her. But still, how the movie was developed, that scene was purely un-necessary. Just a kiss could have done things. And that could end with typical slap on Surya’s face. Just this can be far better. And oh, the climax ruined the goodness movie carried for 1:45 hours. How I wished each and every movie these days, falls short at climax and second half. Sigh…..

Scarfaced Aditya Pancholi does no wonders. Though he perfects his role, but someone else on his place could be more evil. At many parts he serves comic relief. :) Oh, and no mention of Zaid?? Ankur Vikal is just endearing. Superb. He outshines Siddharth at many parts. Menacing face he has, and way he delivers his dialogues, you just can’t recognize if he is actor. He looks like a character straightly came out from pen of writer. He’s definitely the one who’s face can’t get outta your mind after watching the movie.

So there, Striker is a small movie that has big things in store for you. But only, if you can digest gritty picture of ‘real’ world out there.