Karthik Calling Karthik : Movie Review

Don't read, if you want to watch the movie.

Farhan has his own audience. He has his own style, and again he has his 'own' movie. Let me warn first, this is no a Bolly flick, if you are looking for. Karthik Calling Karthik is a really well made Psychological Thriller, which may find only a few takers. Also a rare genre in Bollywood. But Its a really nice effort to showcase how bad or good someone's life can go by his own mind.

From first few minutes only, we know who the caller Karthik is. But film takes a really interesting turn where it left us thinking who, when and how. And between those thrilling moments, Director Vijay Lalwani has brilliantly put touchy moments, to show pain of the protagonist. Sincere film making I would say. As the end approaches, we too, can feel what Karthik is going through. Without being loud, the film left us thinking about such persons.

Coming back to Farhan Akhtar, he is flawless in the movie. What is most enjoyable in his performance, is his witty one liners, and how he delivers them. Its always a treat to watch. On the other hand, Deepika too does not disappoint. In a role where she doesn't need to act much, only need to look good, she's always great. Shefali Chhaya in her special appearance, does nice job.

The treatment of the movie is absolutely fantastic. The urban feel, or say, Hollywood kinda look of movie works wonders. Such a small starcast and such a tight editing works wonders here. Just 2.15 hours, KCK is worth a watch if you are really 'into' such cinema.

And oh, last but not the least, how can you not catch SEL's fabulous score on big screen???

My Rating : 3.5 / 5


  1. I guess I'll be checking this out then, I love anything psychological! Farhaan really hits me as talented and as you said, Deepika is good at standing in a frame and looking pretty. I have this feeling Karthik is calling himself and maybe he's got a multiple personality disorder... These are just my ramblings, please don't tell me if I'm correct, I'd rather watch and find out!

  2. I thought this was a good film, though somewhat disappointing. My review:

  3. loved the movie!! (and dis review)

  4. I was excited about this from the first trailer. I love Farhan, acting, directing, singing, I'll take him! Plus I adore the music too. SEL is quickly becoming my very fav musical team. Can't wait to see this even more now.

  5. MsBlogger
    Will be waiting for your review. Farhan is indeed a guy to watch out for, after Abhay Deol.

    Hi and welcome to my blog. Thanks for the link, will look forward to .

    Thanks Bhai !!

    SEL and Farhan can create wonders. DCH, Don Lakshya and all... Cant wait for the DON 2 OST !!


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