Striker : when cutie gets rugged

Though I have seen the movie First Day Last show, I was still dizzy on writing about it. Line by line, after a week I could complete it. So here it is.

Putting it Straight-I loved the movie. Everything is so perfect and doesn’t go loud in terms of . The streets, chawls of Bombay. And the life of people living it. ‘Striker’ is just a one page of their story. It doesn’t go dig ‘everything’ about the people. It takes some chapters of lives and the movie lives with it. It surprised me when the movie started at the year 1992. I thought story will run in present. But looking at the treatment, one doesn’t feel that movie has been shot in 00’s. Pretty authentic production design I must admit. Chandan Arora seems to have ultra familiar with Bombay’s Carrom competitions. That he even captures the dialogues which the spectators are speaking. Each game looks real. And intense.

@Actor_siddharth looks cute [as my wifey puts it, she has become a fan now :P] but acts flawlessly as both, cutie and stubborn guy. Loved his expressions through the song ‘Chham Chham’. The whole sequence filmed so lovely way. Nicollete Bird looked nice [looked, cause there was not much scope to act for her]. While Vidya Malavde shines as sister. Padmapriya reminded me of Tabbu. And mention of her, reminds me of pretty much discussed topic. ***spoilers*** Rape of her by Surya. But I think it was not a rape. Considering how both of them interacted with each other, and how her eyes were feeling for Surya, that was something hesitantly but expected by her. Talking about Surya, he was in such situation where he could not express mushy words to her. But somehow, that incident woke him up from inside and felt for her. But still, how the movie was developed, that scene was purely un-necessary. Just a kiss could have done things. And that could end with typical slap on Surya’s face. Just this can be far better. And oh, the climax ruined the goodness movie carried for 1:45 hours. How I wished each and every movie these days, falls short at climax and second half. Sigh…..

Scarfaced Aditya Pancholi does no wonders. Though he perfects his role, but someone else on his place could be more evil. At many parts he serves comic relief. :) Oh, and no mention of Zaid?? Ankur Vikal is just endearing. Superb. He outshines Siddharth at many parts. Menacing face he has, and way he delivers his dialogues, you just can’t recognize if he is actor. He looks like a character straightly came out from pen of writer. He’s definitely the one who’s face can’t get outta your mind after watching the movie.

So there, Striker is a small movie that has big things in store for you. But only, if you can digest gritty picture of ‘real’ world out there.


  1. It sounds a little too gritty for me. I think I'll just catch it on dvd! And we're seeing Aditya Panscholi after what seems like ages.

  2. seems like a lot of females were upset with the last scene, I will still watch it though.

  3. Sounds like a movie to watch :)
    liked ur review...

    keep blogging
    cheers !!!

  4. Ha, I love your post title! I agree with you that it was mostly perfect until the last 15 minutes, which was a big letdown in many ways. It was good to see Siddharth in a different avatar, though.

  5. I'm definitely looking forward to this, but would rather wait for the DVD too. (Anyone know if this is still available on YouTube?)

    Thanks for your relatively spoiler-free review, although I wonder how much of the fun has been diluted already due to the many spoilers out there. :'(

  6. This movie was hard to digest for most and I think I am the only female member of the audience who wasn't offended by many things in the film. not because I am an ardest Siddharth fan (which I am) but because I could see the Chandan Arora's logic but having said that its not a widely accepted logic so that worked in detriment to his script and film.

    Sad that this film has gone so unnoticed. Goes to show that the power of distribution and production is sadly much more stronger than a good script. A depressing but brutal truth.

  7. Glad to see someone appreciated the film. People totally disregarded because it didn't have a shiny packaging. Sad.

    I think I am the only female member of the audience who wasn't offended by certain portions. Ofcourse as an ardent Sid fan it was very hard to watch but I could see Chandan's logic in the script. A very unaccepted logic nonetheless it seems.

    Indian cinema and audiences in general are not ready for such films I think. Way ahead of its time.

    The soundtrack blew me away especially.

  8. Prathna Tiwari
    Siddharth fan here too. The movie was fantastic. If you know, it created huge fan following on YouTube screen amongst us bloggers. I know Indian cinema is not ready for such movies, maybe someday they will wake up.


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