Kun Faaya Kun [Rockstar] : Meaning and Lyrics

To be frank, till date I haven't heard any song from Imtiaz Ali's latest - Rockstar. Given it has A R Rahman, it has Mohit singing all songs, and till now four songs are out. But somehow I restrained from them until I get the full album. But, this - the latest song that is out - Kun Faaya Kun has got me like anything. Rahman - praising Allah- yet again. And that is what he does the best. Lovely, lovely composition and singing by Rahman, Javed Ali and Mohit Chauhan. I'm surprised to see this depth of lyrics by Irshad Kamil. And the amazing fusion with Guitar - Wow !

Here is my attempt to translate it. With whatever help I got from some online sources.

Kun Faaya Kun [or Kun Fayakun, Kun Faya Kun] means 'Be' and 'It is'. Though one has to read the full text of Quran in which it is mentioned - to understand it. Quran - Sura Al-Baqrah Verse 117 reads

"Originator (is He) of the heavens and the earth; and when He decrees a matter to be, He only says to it ' Be' and it is."..

And the lyrics of the song goes as -

Rangrezaa Rangrezaaa..
O dyer [literally means the person who does business of coloring cloths, but here, its him who has colored the protagonist in color of God]
Kun Fayaa Kun Faaya Kun Faayakun.. [repeat]

[He only says to it ] Be, it is.

Jab Kahin pe kuch kahin nahi tha, wohi tha wohi tha.

When, [in the world] there was nothing, He was the one, the only one.

Woh jo mujh mein samaaya, woh jo tujh mein samaaya, Maula wohi wohi maaya;

He is the one who is in my soul, he is the one in your soul, O dear Lord, he is the one that is mystery [you see all around].

Kun Faaya Kun... Sadaqallahul'Azim**

[He only says to it ] Be, it is. Allah says the truth.

Sajda savera mere tan barse, Kajra andhera teri jaan ki lau,

Morning showers its blessings on me [when] I worship you, and it cleans up dark soul of mine which is like darkness of night.

Qatra mila jo tere dar barse... O Maula....

[You gave me] that each drop of my blood, is all yours to worship your place [place here means-the Dargah]

Kun faaya kun.... Sadaqallahul'Azim

[He only says to it ] Be, it is. Allah says the truth.

is the phrase a Muslim says after reading verses of holy Quran.

References : Key to Islamic Terms, Al Islam.

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Ahista Ahista : Forgotten Soundtracks [7]

After a long time, writing a post in this series. The series about under rated, unheard and not much celebrated albums that were really good. And surprisingly this time it has Himesh Reshmiyaa ! He was at the highest peak of career during middle of the last decade. Know most of the songs that become hit, were like annoying earworms to many. Ahista Ahista [2006] is one of the exemptions. First thing you need to put aside is the 'i hate himesh-nasal-reshamiyaa', and listen to this. 

Starting with title song the album takes a promising start. Addictive loop of Ahista Ahista with continued pacey beats makes place in mind instantly. While next one Allah kare is his own genre still worth listening to, similarly he makes Kay Kay sing in HR style with Sunidhi in Tanha tere bagair. Though Dil naiyyo maane with minimal, very basic arrangments, does not pass muster, Tum Jo mile by Kunal Ganjawala reminds indipop scene. Love it. 

But the three tracks I love (!) the most - Love you unconditionally ! Yes, despite of that weird lines, the beats and Himesh. Ah. This makes me visualize Abhay Deol singing in Himesh's voice. ;) But still, It was on repeat today in my mind. Next one is Ishq ne tere ishq ne - a qawwali based track with fab lyrics. Kay Kay is wonderful in this one. And who's behind those fab words? Irshad Kamil. After that semi-sufi track, Aawaan Ankhiyaan Jaawaan Ankhiyaan completes the album. The qawwali sung by Himesh, Jayesh Gandhi and Aftab Hashmi Sabri -is simply - fabulous.  Sigh.....why I still haven't seen this movie. :( 

Do give it a try - all Himesh requires is a director who can lead him to make such good tracks. 

Click here to read older posts in the series. 

Mod : Music Review

As a duet Tu Hi Tu works but somewhere I miss Sunidhi Chauhan here. Shreya Ghoshal tries hard towards the end of the track, but falls flat. Unplugged version sounds good over the original, may be that's because of Vijay Prakash. Aye Dil Jaaniya is again a slow number [all songs in this album are] that has lovely melody. But my favorite is Chand Pal Ke - been a long time hearing Shankar Mahadevan in such song. Along with Shreya, this is one pleasing track. Raghuvir Yadav, Hrishikesh Kamerkar, Hamsika Iyer and Ninad Kamat create a fun ensemble from melodies of past in Aaj Main Jawan Ho gayi.

Some of the Nagesh movies in past had fairly better soundtracks. This one is not upto that mark. Still a notable effort by Tejas Relia.

My Favorites : Chand Pal Ke.

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Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge : Music Review

Desi dhol beats and popcorn lyrics of 'Dheaon dheaon' makes an absolutely enjoyable track. Next one, Uh-Oh Uh-Oh by Shilpa Rao and Ash King, with 'different from their regular' singing - has that pop feel, easy to strike chord. With unusual singing of Shefali Alvaris, Joie Barua croons Baatein Shuru. Interesting one. Yet another bolly-rock track, Choo le Aasman by Suraj Jagan. Good one. Last one is from Raghu Dixit's own album 'Har saaos mein' stands out.

For a fun young film, an apt soundtrack.

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Tamil verses in Chammak Challo [Ra One] Meaning

Was searching for the meaning of those Tamil lines sung by Hansika [or Hamsika?] Iyer in Ra One's Chammak Challo. @krishBhargav came to rescue and suggested that @martinified will help. And he did ! here is the translation

ennai thottal un ullathai urraka(she pronounces this as norukka) matio

Wont your heart melt when you touch me.

ennai pola pennai pathu mayanga matia

Wont you be mesmerized when you look at a Girl like me.

Kannil kannai ***(something unintelligible) vaithai sirikka matio

Wont you laugh when our eyes meet?

The pronunciation of the last line is a disaster. Couldnt understand any of it. The closest i could come to is ::

Unnil unnai ************* vethai matika matiya

Thanks a lot to @MartiniFied & @KrishBhargav

Saheb Biwi aur Gangster : Music Review

Chu chu chu [yes, thats the name of a track] annoys initially, but at the end of both-original and acoustic version, you start to love it. Both Parthiv Gohil and Debojit Saha [Sa re ga ma pa winner] charms in this track with old world sound. Jugni is the regular 'jugni' with faster beats this time. This Babbu Maan version did not work for me atleast. Shail Hada's voice does complete justice to melodious Main Ek Bhanwara. Another track with old charm.

I love to love you has that 'live desi orchestra' feel with Rekha Bhardwaj singing yet another desi-naughty song. Fun. Saheb Bada Hathila tells the storyline with rockish arrangement. Situational one. Arif Lohar. Yes, Pakistani singer has credit on this album. Melancholic punjabi folk Vey Ankhiyaan with minimal arrangements, sounds fab. Shreya sounds as usual - lovely in Ghazal'ish Raat Mujhe

Interestingly the album has only one lyricist - Sandeep Nath [except Jugni by Babu Mann] and 7 composers ! Sunil Bhatia [chu chu chu] Mukhtar Sahota [Vey Ankhiyaan ] Anuj Garg [I love to] Jaidev Kumar [Jugni], Amit Sial [Main Ek Bhanwara] Abhishek Ray [Raat Mujhe] Ankit Tiwari [Saheb bada hathila]. Too many cooks, and still the broth tastes good. Check it out. 

My Favorites : Chu Chu Chu, Vey Ankhiyaan, Main Ek Bhanwara, Raat Mujhe

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Ra.One : Music Review

SRK : Hey VS, I'm making a futuristic superhero movie, hop in.

Vishal: Oh, man, I'm dying to make a techno album.

SRK : Whoa whoa, wait, I am not talking about Love-story 2050 thing. Its 'my' movie yaar, SRK movie, one with family values, mush, laughs and some action, got it? And it must have English lyrics sprinkled in each track, right?

Shekhar; Ok, got it. For starters, lets think of an International star. Like ARR did with Kylie in Blue? Lets rope in Beyonce.

SRK : No no, she'll be too hot for this movie for my Aryan, lets take his favorite Akon.

Vishal : Umm...Item number !

Shekhar : Aha !! jeevan, I mean G.One ki jawani ! LOL. Here you go. Girl you're my Chammak Challo !

SRK : This Arabian kinda thing sounds completely addictive man. I want to dance right now. How about giving Akon yet another song? [making my Paisa, vasool?]

Vishal : One condition. I will sing along with it.

Shekhar : How 'bout Bhangra fusion this time? My favorite genre.

SRK : Brilliant. My punju NRI fan following will love Bhangra fusion. This track - Criminal sounds equally good. The techno beats fused with Bhangra are OMG Kool ! Where was Shruti Pathak till now? Hey, by the way - where is the mushy song? Design something around tune of my favorite 'Stand By Me' by Ben King.

Vishal : Take this Shafaqat Amanat Ali track. This one's for you.

Gauri : Wow Shah, I love this track. But why this reminds me of Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Karan Johar??? And by the way, I want song for Aryan and me too. A song for a wife and the kid.

SRK : Listen to Bhare Naina - a yet another tabla+rock fusion. And Right by your side - just for you Aryan darling.

Shekhar : Psst.. Vishal, doesn't Right by your side sounds like a song from Anjana Anjani?

Vishal : Naa bey, listen to those heavy guitar strings and antaras. Its different.

SRK : Hey hey hey, that Nandini Shrikar's Bhare Naina sounds fantastic. But what about the chasing and action scenes?

Vishal : Well, here is our 'yet another dedication to RDB' - Raftaarein feat. sound of fast train and dash of Duniya mein logo ko....

Shekhar : And this Sukhwinder Singh fusion - Jiya mora ghabraaye - isn't it fab?

Anubhav Sinha : Aha, now I know how to design chase sequence. One on train is for sure.

SRK : Hey man, do think about my injuries though.

Anubhav : Awright awright, now don't sing Jiya mora ghabraaye.... and hey VS, how about putting up those background score on the album?

SRK : Those Old spice jingle meets RDBurman meets James Bond meets Spider man tracks?

VS : Okay, here you go. Comes the Light , I am on and finally, Song of the End !

SRK : WALLAH !! THERE YOU GO VS ! We have completed our album ! Inshallah it will be a hit. But wait a minute, its my film, and why am I not singing a single song in it? Lets record a song in my voice!

VS : Man, music launch is on coming 12th, why do you want it now???

SRK : Bollywood ka king kaun??? Me. Producer kaun? Me... so STFU and make a song...we'll release a new 'Special Edition' CD for that track.

VS : aH...Well....ok........ Oh SHIT !! SEE That site!! **outrage**

SRK : wHAT ??

VS : It says All of the Ra.One songs are available for download. We are killed now.

SRK : :-| **Calls Bhushan Kumar**

Bhushan : **Stares at ceiling** **speaks to self like Ekta Kapoor serial's bitch** I'm doomed man. I bought music rights for xxx billions. :-||


Well, No offense to SRK fans. I am equally disappointed that 5 years of labour has ended this way. Best Luck to SRK. Looking forward to your dream project.

On personal note, I loved the album. Though Jiya mora ghabraaye could have been better. Loved Dildara. And both tracks by Akon - are extremely addictive. Can't wait for the movie.

My Favorites : Chammak Challo, Dildara, Criminal.

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Damadamm : Music Review

My head was playing songs of his last, Radio - when I got hands on Himesh's latest offering "Damadamm" [titled 'Ishq Unplugged' earlier]. I am not a big fan of Himesh but just can't escape when he composes really good stuff. Like Namastey London and Radio.

To start off - the peppy Title track 'Damadamm mast mast mast mast Kalandar' is foot tapping with HR singing in different tone. This fast number will be sure favorite on the floors. The next track - the one i was waiting for after watching it first time in theatrical trailer - 'Umarao Jaan' [no touching, only sing] is highly highly addictive [especially, the remix one]. Purbi Joshi crooning few lines, and Himesh in his original voice - the song is sure to get stuck in head. Next Aaja ve mahi with Punjabi lyrics is passable. While Madhushala is outstanding. [yes, you read it right] Himesh and Aditi Singh Sharma both reminds us the sound of nasal oldies, but indeed an innovative composition. Though it annoyed me when the first few lines [in desi hindi] were sung, but then the song picks up like anything.

Was surprised to see Sadhna Sargam's name on HR's album. Breezy Yun toh mera dil by her and [ofcourse] HR, sounds lovely. Even if you are not fan of his voice, you are surely going to love it. Starting with lovely aalap by Vaishali Made - Hum Tum is a haunting track with glitch of bad lyrics [train ki ek patri..:-|] but sounds nice nonetheless. Tere Bina has tune reminiscent of Kahin toh..[JTYJN]  HR is in full form here, full nasal form. Similarly in next, I need space - which made me hit 'next' button after a few lines.

I miss you baby like mango, tere intezar mein na apple na tango, This 'LMAO' line is from the track Mango. That is rather well composed, but lyrics killed it. The last one - co-comopsed by Sachin Gupta - rock'ish Bhool Jaaoon is good one, but I think that's just an 'extra' and not a part of the movie.

Overall, do give this album a chance even if you hate HR. There are tracks you'll really like. I read it somewhere that Himesh needs to stop narcissist overdrive and give the songs to singers other than himself. Very true.

My Favorites : Umrao Jaan, Madhushala, Yun Toh Mera Dil

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Bodyguard : Movie Review

You must have played that game of Mario. His only reason to fight with baddies was to save the Princess. No flashbacks. No explanations. Just fight and finish. Salman Khan is the same here. You have no right to ask why everyone is behind Divya [Kareena] to kill her. Don't apply any logic. Just admire the awesomeness called Bhaijaan - Salman Khan.

Continuing 'i-can-bash-any-baddie' saga since Wanted [which I love most] Salman Khan as 'Lovely Singh' charms with his cute expressions through out first half, fun to see him obeying each order by his 'madam'. Though second half drags during midway, that is compensated at fantastic climax fight. Its Salman Khan all the way. Viewer forgets there is Bebo too. [sigh, wish if her character was well written, or someone else could've been better-Kat?]. And oh, the twist in tale ala K.Jo way at the finale, was naice. :P

Wasn't fan of the songs when heard for the first time. But in the movie, all the songs were fun. And Teri Meri [that I didn't like] was finely picturized. 

Overall, its fultoo fun masala experience. Way to go our sophisticated savior of Masala films. 

Side note : Given a chance, catch this movie in a single screen, rather that multiplex. Extra dose of fun guaranteed.

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