Ra.One : Music Review

SRK : Hey VS, I'm making a futuristic superhero movie, hop in.

Vishal: Oh, man, I'm dying to make a techno album.

SRK : Whoa whoa, wait, I am not talking about Love-story 2050 thing. Its 'my' movie yaar, SRK movie, one with family values, mush, laughs and some action, got it? And it must have English lyrics sprinkled in each track, right?

Shekhar; Ok, got it. For starters, lets think of an International star. Like ARR did with Kylie in Blue? Lets rope in Beyonce.

SRK : No no, she'll be too hot for this movie for my Aryan, lets take his favorite Akon.

Vishal : Umm...Item number !

Shekhar : Aha !! jeevan, I mean G.One ki jawani ! LOL. Here you go. Girl you're my Chammak Challo !

SRK : This Arabian kinda thing sounds completely addictive man. I want to dance right now. How about giving Akon yet another song? [making my Paisa, vasool?]

Vishal : One condition. I will sing along with it.

Shekhar : How 'bout Bhangra fusion this time? My favorite genre.

SRK : Brilliant. My punju NRI fan following will love Bhangra fusion. This track - Criminal sounds equally good. The techno beats fused with Bhangra are OMG Kool ! Where was Shruti Pathak till now? Hey, by the way - where is the mushy song? Design something around tune of my favorite 'Stand By Me' by Ben King.

Vishal : Take this Shafaqat Amanat Ali track. This one's for you.

Gauri : Wow Shah, I love this track. But why this reminds me of Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Karan Johar??? And by the way, I want song for Aryan and me too. A song for a wife and the kid.

SRK : Listen to Bhare Naina - a yet another tabla+rock fusion. And Right by your side - just for you Aryan darling.

Shekhar : Psst.. Vishal, doesn't Right by your side sounds like a song from Anjana Anjani?

Vishal : Naa bey, listen to those heavy guitar strings and antaras. Its different.

SRK : Hey hey hey, that Nandini Shrikar's Bhare Naina sounds fantastic. But what about the chasing and action scenes?

Vishal : Well, here is our 'yet another dedication to RDB' - Raftaarein feat. sound of fast train and dash of Duniya mein logo ko....

Shekhar : And this Sukhwinder Singh fusion - Jiya mora ghabraaye - isn't it fab?

Anubhav Sinha : Aha, now I know how to design chase sequence. One on train is for sure.

SRK : Hey man, do think about my injuries though.

Anubhav : Awright awright, now don't sing Jiya mora ghabraaye.... and hey VS, how about putting up those background score on the album?

SRK : Those Old spice jingle meets RDBurman meets James Bond meets Spider man tracks?

VS : Okay, here you go. Comes the Light , I am on and finally, Song of the End !

SRK : WALLAH !! THERE YOU GO VS ! We have completed our album ! Inshallah it will be a hit. But wait a minute, its my film, and why am I not singing a single song in it? Lets record a song in my voice!

VS : Man, music launch is on coming 12th, why do you want it now???

SRK : Bollywood ka king kaun??? Me. Producer kaun? Me... so STFU and make a song...we'll release a new 'Special Edition' CD for that track.

VS : aH...Well....ok........ Oh SHIT !! SEE That site!! **outrage**

SRK : wHAT ??

VS : It says All of the Ra.One songs are available for download. We are killed now.

SRK : :-| **Calls Bhushan Kumar**

Bhushan : **Stares at ceiling** **speaks to self like Ekta Kapoor serial's bitch** I'm doomed man. I bought music rights for xxx billions. :-||


Well, No offense to SRK fans. I am equally disappointed that 5 years of labour has ended this way. Best Luck to SRK. Looking forward to your dream project.

On personal note, I loved the album. Though Jiya mora ghabraaye could have been better. Loved Dildara. And both tracks by Akon - are extremely addictive. Can't wait for the movie.

My Favorites : Chammak Challo, Dildara, Criminal.

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  1. Anonymous16:59

    Lol... I hope that conversation didn't happen :p... Good attempt at album, but all the background instrumental score does sound epic even if not 100 % original...... Really want to see how they use it in the movie!!

  2. Thanks Anon.
    Actually I too love those tracks. Loving album more with each listen.Thanks Anon.
    Actually I too love those tracks. Loving album more with each listen.

  3. RAJU15:02


  4. Anonymous04:25

    Luv'D The Album
    So Looking forward to the movie

  5. Anonymous10:18


    is simply wast composition.......

  6. Anonymous11:53

    Awesome Album.. All SRK Haters, get lost! You guys can listen to useless songs by all other useless singers.

  7. Tarun09:37

    Isse chutiya song duniya mein nahi hoga…first 2 song thik hai, rest is sucking…Hats off to Sonu Nigaam for Rab Rakha…

  8. Sanjeev19:36

    RA-ONE songs are totally boring. All songs are boring.

  9. There was this dubbed action movie in the late 80's that ran in India under the name Ghandi 2!!!! and had a muscular bald guy with glasses and a machine gun going up against some bad guys in South Africa. Another such movie was Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (but that was the actual title)

  10. Anonymous23:03

    what a waste.....shit music man...nothin new!!

  11. Anonymous23:05

    not looking forward to this bogus video game movie...would rather love to watch my friend ganesha at home.If you want to waste your time or if u have a kid then also do not go for this shitty movie!!

  12. See guys this is a superhero movie and every superhero movie has same story.Hero beats villain.But you should admire srk work towards bollywood.He is taking bollywood to a new way and making them believe that in India we can also make superhero films.Hollywood has make 5-6 superhero films that why they are unbeatable at this.But Srk effort isn't that bad..Srk you are heartbeat of million of people in India we are always with you.and som of you saying it bakwaas,flop how can you say this when you actually had not seen this.


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