Bodyguard : Movie Review

You must have played that game of Mario. His only reason to fight with baddies was to save the Princess. No flashbacks. No explanations. Just fight and finish. Salman Khan is the same here. You have no right to ask why everyone is behind Divya [Kareena] to kill her. Don't apply any logic. Just admire the awesomeness called Bhaijaan - Salman Khan.

Continuing 'i-can-bash-any-baddie' saga since Wanted [which I love most] Salman Khan as 'Lovely Singh' charms with his cute expressions through out first half, fun to see him obeying each order by his 'madam'. Though second half drags during midway, that is compensated at fantastic climax fight. Its Salman Khan all the way. Viewer forgets there is Bebo too. [sigh, wish if her character was well written, or someone else could've been better-Kat?]. And oh, the twist in tale ala K.Jo way at the finale, was naice. :P

Wasn't fan of the songs when heard for the first time. But in the movie, all the songs were fun. And Teri Meri [that I didn't like] was finely picturized. 

Overall, its fultoo fun masala experience. Way to go our sophisticated savior of Masala films. 

Side note : Given a chance, catch this movie in a single screen, rather that multiplex. Extra dose of fun guaranteed.

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  1. Javed16:56

    Jo log bhi bol rahe hai ki bodyguard achchi picture hai unko dimaag ke operation ki zaroorat hai
    Saalon tum log movie producer se paise khaa ke yahaan comment karto ho movie ko promote karne ki, par actual public bohot smart hai..tumhaare yeh marketing skills yahaan nahi chalenge. Doob maro saalon. My verdict is bodyguard is a super duper flop movie! Atleast more than 100 people have told me that aisi bakwaas picture BAN kardeni chahiye!

  2. I don't want to watch it nevertheless. I can't take no more stupid Salman-masala films... sorry ;)

  3. Its a great movie should watch with whole family

    bodyguard rocks...

  4. Very Very nice movie bodyguard.Very Good movie.Maza aagya. this movie is super duper hit.

  5. I watched it in Multiplex. Still have all the whistling and cheering!

    And actually I don't like how they changed the original story plot of Bodyguard. It's a much more superficial script than Malayalam and the Tamil version.

  6. Anonymous11:56

    buhat achi movie hai super hit

  7. Anonymous11:49

    Bodyguard is a super flop movie.. It is time to salute good bye to Salmaan..Enough of salmaan crap..I cannot take it anymmore


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