Salman 'Dhinka Chika' Khan !

None of the Khans are famous for their dancing skills. They do give their best but most of the time its the choreographer who designs the right moves to hide their 'skills', and most of the times we forget their moves by the time. But the case is different for our Salman Bhai. Since last few movies, he is on roll with some bindaas moves in his own style. One can name the song just by seeing the steps. Recent hit Dhinka Chika made me write this post. Out of his famous moves - here are some of my favorites. [click on links to watch video]

O Oh Jaane Jaana :(Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya) Well, this is pretty old one, but the first where Sallu got a song that topped all charts. Kamal Khan's pop number converted to bollywood gaana, add topless Salman - Pakka Superhit ! The song alone carried movie to the top.

Jawani Phir Na Aaye : (Mujhse Shaadi Karogi) The Towel song, way before Ranbir. Salman went crazy over PC and a towel. Hilarious moves And perfect voice for Sallu - Sonu Nigam. Trademark Salman Khan madness.

Ek Garam Chai :(Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega) As short it can get. Sallu in a chaddi. Surrounded [as usual] by hawt chicks. Beach. And addictive song - #win . Never mind Annnuuu Malliiik's "surila" singing. Oh, and the song was an interesting idea for running titles.

Tapke Masti (London Dreams) :  Well, I am a part of minority who liked this movie. Desi Salman, in Punjabi mood, this colorful song goes more lively with Sallu's steps.

Tera Hi Jalwa [Wanted] : Jalwa ... jalwa .. jalwa.... * does the collar move * need I say more? Matching steps with Prabudeva, Govinda and Anil Kapoor - this song is riot.

Munni Badnaam [Dabaang] : Obvious choice. Actually, Hud Hud Dabaang also has some trademark Salman moves [the 'belt' move] but the madness creates riot on screen.

Finally, the latest one.

Dhinka Chika [Ready] : Not a fan of Asin's dancing, but still re-invented version of Hud Hud Dabaang, [this time 'pocket' move ;)] - the song is still fun with Sallu.

So, which is your favorite?

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Bol : Music Review

Sweet duet Hona Tha Pyaar by Atif and Hadiqa Kiyani is already loved by all. Atif in his 'controlled' voice sounds good in it. [though I love 'any' of his songs no matter it annoys many]. Wish he can do more such songs. The pair returns in title song Aaj Bol Do - that sounds pretty much identical to Enrique's Escape. But still, doesn't harm your eardrums much. Sajjad Ali's Din Pareshan Hai is lyrical treat. Both versions keeps you engaged. Lovely voice. Hadiqa's solo Dil Janiya with rap beats sounds like old school pak-pop song, good one. Saiyaan Bolein - a mujra  by Shabnam Majeed, Sahir Ali Bugga, Bina Jawad-is passable [for me atleast]. While a song of hope -Mumkin Hai by Ahmed Jahanzeb & Shuja Haider has nice vocals & lyrics, that gets stuck in mind.

Though not as fabulous as earlier one [Khuda Kay Liye], director Shoaib Mansoor has given another good album here. With mix of various composers [Shoaib Mansoor, Atif Aslam, Sajjad Ali, Sarmad Ghafoor] Bol - is worth for variety of tracks it offers.

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Stanley Ka Dabba : Movie Review

Who does not want to go back to their school days.. when we had best times of our lives. Got punished [face the wall] for mischief in class; Shared our 'dabbas' with bunch of friends; fought over 'area of bench' with bench-mate; drooled over beautiful teacher and get crazy by getting praise [and 'special' toffees] by her. Oh man ! How 'Stanley Ka Dabba' got me nostalgic. Loved the way Amole Gupte has treated this film with the medium of food. [Note: DO NOT watch this movie when u r hungry :) ]

First thing I want to advise is - DO NOT go with TZP in your mind. Do not make comparisons. No, that would be unfair to both movies. TZP was about nurture, care and education system. While SKD is about just a few pages from the life of Stanley [Partho Gupte]- little sweet boy who is famous amongst his class for stories he makes out of nowhere. Favorite of Rosy miss [Divya Dutta in a lovely performance]. And.. not so favorite of Verma sir [Amole Gupte]. Beauty of the movie lies in its simple yet lovely treatment. The creative couple Deepa and Amole has treated it so lightly that it makes you involved in the happenings. You feel like sitting in class, laugh at silly acts of mischiefs by kids, feel Stanley's pain, feel joy of friendship, feel overwhelm in finale [and, what follows after]. Everything is natural. [may be thats because children were not 'forced' to act. Movie was shot in weekends with schedule of maximum 2 hours !] And, the compelling score by Hitesh Sonik is another highlight of the movie.
Highly recommended this is. Finest performances. Fantastic execution. Do not treat it as film for kids [as I was told by many - 'why watch a 'kids' movie'?] But trust me, if you miss this- you'll miss 90 minutes of sheer joy, happiness and honest efforts.

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Shaitan : Music Review

Messy 'Bali (the Sound Of Shaitan) is absolutely addictive with its Telugu, Hindi and English words mix. The techno sound effects with racy singing makes the track go crazy. Next up is Nasha sung by composer Prashant Pillai and Bindu Nambiar - made me recheck the credits. It sounds so 'Rahman'. Like something that was left in 'Blue's OST. [Even Prashant's voice sounds similar to Rahman] Stll, its enjoyable-my favorite from the album. Composed by Amar Mohile- Josh-E-Junoon starts with hip hop sound and ends excellently with Bhangra fusion. These three tracks have one thing in common - the theme of Shaitan. Fun.

Guitar heavy Fareeda starts with lazy riffs while ends with high notes -Suraj Jagan singing lyrics with dash of Urdu - me likes. Ranjit Barot comes in picture then. Composed by him- O Yaara sung by Kirti Sargathia and Preeti Pillai is interesting mix of sufi and rock. Good to see Kirti here, who was otherwise used mostly in Gujju 'doha' kinda stuff. [remember Mayya-Guru?]. Next track that has Ranjit Barot - this time as a singer - Zindgi left its haunting dark sound stuck in my head. Next, Pintya by Prashant again - marathi folk-remixed. Couldn't understand a word - but engaging.

Phew.. still more to  go. ;)  Amy's Theme by Suzanne D'Mello - is as lovely as her voice is. More 'music' tracks are there - Enter, Retro Pop Shit, Unleashed and Outro. And a 'Rock 'n Soul' version of Nasha - this time sung by Ranjit Barot.

Interesting album with pretty unusual singers, composers. [Oh, and no Amit Trivedi ! ] Check this out.

Shor In The City : Movie Review

Like it or hate it - Shor [noise] is an inseparable element of the extreme city of Bombay. Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK has done as helluva job of portraying that in the movie in such a way that thrills you, surprises you, shocks you and flatters you. Brilliance of writing lies in how smartly the three stories are intervened [for the record : directors are ALSO credited for Story/screenplay !] There aren't many connections between the three parallel stories. Only one string ties them together : Shor. Shor of Ganesha Festival that runs for 11 days.

Movie doesn't go in details like how Tilak [Tushar] and Sapna [Radhika Apte] got married, or how Sawan [Sundeep Kishan] and Sejal [Girija] got along together; why Abhay [Sendhil] came back to India and who is Sharmili [Preeti Desai]. Movie is just a page from their lives and takes us on a ride. And what a ride ! All the stars shine in their own part. Jodi of Mandook & Ramesh [Pitobash Tripathy & Nikhil Dwivedi] is outstanding. Add [this time serious] Tushar Kapoor - the gang is awesome. Especially Mandook - who shines in best moments of the film. Ladies don't have much scope but still has their presense. Especially Radhika Apte.

Humor sprinkled in this otherwise thrilling outset is a highlight. Sample this : An arms deal is getting finalized and a call from mummy 'kya sabzi banaaoon' ? " ROFLOL. And talking about Thrill - it literally 'stops' your heart. Not to forget the nail biting climax - that again - ends with heart warming moment. *Bows to Tushar Kanti Ray [Cinematography] and Ashmith Kunder [Editor]*. ...aaaand how can i forget the music ! title track, Shor, Dheem tana and Saibo - Perfect !  [Sachin-Jigar, Harpreet]

Are you still reading this? Go and make some Shor In The City.

[Side Note : I was wondering who these awesome directors are - heard their name somewhere - Then it strike me - they made awesome 99 in year 2009, that highlighted city of Delhi last time]

Stanley Ka Dabba : Music Review

Amole Gupte. The 'creator' of fabulous tale called TZP. So one can't expect anything less from him. And while you see his name under 'Lyricist' category too - its mandatory to check out the album. Stanley Ka Dabba is a heartwarming album in all ways.

Starting with feather light Life Bahot Simple hai one can easily assume this is going to be a fab ride. Sung by Shaan, Amole's words and Hitesh Sonik's composition shines through it. Title track Dabba by Sukhwinder Singh, again, has fantastic wordplay that easily reminds Gulzar saab. My most favorite track is Nanhi si jaan - not just because of effortless singing of Shankar Mahadevan, but AGAIN the lyrics. I am dying to watch the movie after listening to this one. Jazzy Tere Andar Bhi Kahin by Vishal Dadlani is another such provoking song. The song repeats with vocals of Aaditya Chakravorty. Lullaby Jhoola Jhool by Hamsika Iyer is haunting and beautifully sung track - oh and its composed by Amole himself.

Highly recommended. Must listen.

Shor In The City : Music Review

I know I should be writing movie review of this movie, but I still have to watch it. Still, I can't let the music unnoticed. One of my most favorite track of this year so far - Saibo is excellent. Starting with sweet voice of Shreya, Tochi Raina takes this song to another level with rockish background. Love Love this track. Karma is a Bitch is high octane way to give gyaan about Karma. Loud, fast and killer track. Mohan's Shor has superb lyrics and arrangements. While Dheem dheem tana has interesting fusion by Harpreet.

One word - watch out for Sachin-Jigar. After F.A.L.T.U. and this, they are growing big.

404 - Error Not Found : Music Review

'Its all in the mind' sounds like it has came straight from a video game. Dash of disco sounds nice though. New voice for angrezi song in bollywood Rachel Varghese. Nice. And talking about regular voice in such songs, Caralisa Monterio has this LOTR like theme piece-passable. Trying to be 'tapori-casual', Kya Dekh Raha Hai bey has some interesting lyrics, but screeches. Though Imaad Shah and Suman Shridhar's singing is not that bad. Psycho Baba-by Imaad Shah is a situational piece, average one. My favorites are Aisa Hi hai and Chal Soch Le - both [again] sung by Imaad Shah. Lyrics of both songs makes fun listening. While Aisa Hi Hai is leisurely paced unplugged version, on the other hand Chal Soch le is faster and has some lines that has breathless singing. Fun.

Not that great, but different. U may or may not like it. Aapki Marzi. But I would like to hear Imaad singing more songs.