Shor In The City : Movie Review

Like it or hate it - Shor [noise] is an inseparable element of the extreme city of Bombay. Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK has done as helluva job of portraying that in the movie in such a way that thrills you, surprises you, shocks you and flatters you. Brilliance of writing lies in how smartly the three stories are intervened [for the record : directors are ALSO credited for Story/screenplay !] There aren't many connections between the three parallel stories. Only one string ties them together : Shor. Shor of Ganesha Festival that runs for 11 days.

Movie doesn't go in details like how Tilak [Tushar] and Sapna [Radhika Apte] got married, or how Sawan [Sundeep Kishan] and Sejal [Girija] got along together; why Abhay [Sendhil] came back to India and who is Sharmili [Preeti Desai]. Movie is just a page from their lives and takes us on a ride. And what a ride ! All the stars shine in their own part. Jodi of Mandook & Ramesh [Pitobash Tripathy & Nikhil Dwivedi] is outstanding. Add [this time serious] Tushar Kapoor - the gang is awesome. Especially Mandook - who shines in best moments of the film. Ladies don't have much scope but still has their presense. Especially Radhika Apte.

Humor sprinkled in this otherwise thrilling outset is a highlight. Sample this : An arms deal is getting finalized and a call from mummy 'kya sabzi banaaoon' ? " ROFLOL. And talking about Thrill - it literally 'stops' your heart. Not to forget the nail biting climax - that again - ends with heart warming moment. *Bows to Tushar Kanti Ray [Cinematography] and Ashmith Kunder [Editor]*. ...aaaand how can i forget the music ! title track, Shor, Dheem tana and Saibo - Perfect !  [Sachin-Jigar, Harpreet]

Are you still reading this? Go and make some Shor In The City.

[Side Note : I was wondering who these awesome directors are - heard their name somewhere - Then it strike me - they made awesome 99 in year 2009, that highlighted city of Delhi last time]

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    Loved the film. Loved the review!


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