Shaitan : Music Review

Messy 'Bali (the Sound Of Shaitan) is absolutely addictive with its Telugu, Hindi and English words mix. The techno sound effects with racy singing makes the track go crazy. Next up is Nasha sung by composer Prashant Pillai and Bindu Nambiar - made me recheck the credits. It sounds so 'Rahman'. Like something that was left in 'Blue's OST. [Even Prashant's voice sounds similar to Rahman] Stll, its enjoyable-my favorite from the album. Composed by Amar Mohile- Josh-E-Junoon starts with hip hop sound and ends excellently with Bhangra fusion. These three tracks have one thing in common - the theme of Shaitan. Fun.

Guitar heavy Fareeda starts with lazy riffs while ends with high notes -Suraj Jagan singing lyrics with dash of Urdu - me likes. Ranjit Barot comes in picture then. Composed by him- O Yaara sung by Kirti Sargathia and Preeti Pillai is interesting mix of sufi and rock. Good to see Kirti here, who was otherwise used mostly in Gujju 'doha' kinda stuff. [remember Mayya-Guru?]. Next track that has Ranjit Barot - this time as a singer - Zindgi left its haunting dark sound stuck in my head. Next, Pintya by Prashant again - marathi folk-remixed. Couldn't understand a word - but engaging.

Phew.. still more to  go. ;)  Amy's Theme by Suzanne D'Mello - is as lovely as her voice is. More 'music' tracks are there - Enter, Retro Pop Shit, Unleashed and Outro. And a 'Rock 'n Soul' version of Nasha - this time sung by Ranjit Barot.

Interesting album with pretty unusual singers, composers. [Oh, and no Amit Trivedi ! ] Check this out.


  1. Aniruddha Kasyap14:58

    Its Tamil,Hindi and English. Not telugu.

  2. Anonymous13:07

    its tamil not telugu!


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