Salman 'Dhinka Chika' Khan !

None of the Khans are famous for their dancing skills. They do give their best but most of the time its the choreographer who designs the right moves to hide their 'skills', and most of the times we forget their moves by the time. But the case is different for our Salman Bhai. Since last few movies, he is on roll with some bindaas moves in his own style. One can name the song just by seeing the steps. Recent hit Dhinka Chika made me write this post. Out of his famous moves - here are some of my favorites. [click on links to watch video]

O Oh Jaane Jaana :(Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya) Well, this is pretty old one, but the first where Sallu got a song that topped all charts. Kamal Khan's pop number converted to bollywood gaana, add topless Salman - Pakka Superhit ! The song alone carried movie to the top.

Jawani Phir Na Aaye : (Mujhse Shaadi Karogi) The Towel song, way before Ranbir. Salman went crazy over PC and a towel. Hilarious moves And perfect voice for Sallu - Sonu Nigam. Trademark Salman Khan madness.

Ek Garam Chai :(Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega) As short it can get. Sallu in a chaddi. Surrounded [as usual] by hawt chicks. Beach. And addictive song - #win . Never mind Annnuuu Malliiik's "surila" singing. Oh, and the song was an interesting idea for running titles.

Tapke Masti (London Dreams) :  Well, I am a part of minority who liked this movie. Desi Salman, in Punjabi mood, this colorful song goes more lively with Sallu's steps.

Tera Hi Jalwa [Wanted] : Jalwa ... jalwa .. jalwa.... * does the collar move * need I say more? Matching steps with Prabudeva, Govinda and Anil Kapoor - this song is riot.

Munni Badnaam [Dabaang] : Obvious choice. Actually, Hud Hud Dabaang also has some trademark Salman moves [the 'belt' move] but the madness creates riot on screen.

Finally, the latest one.

Dhinka Chika [Ready] : Not a fan of Asin's dancing, but still re-invented version of Hud Hud Dabaang, [this time 'pocket' move ;)] - the song is still fun with Sallu.

So, which is your favorite?

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  1. My favorite would be Udd Udd Dabangg... but I'm not a fan of Salman, nor his dance.

  2. Aww.. not a fan? why?

  3. I don't know... I did like him in some roles, like in Dabangg, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and others, but often he's so overrated... Baghban? Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha?

  4. bro u froget to mention..chalti h kya 9 se 12(Judwaa)

  5. Hi, first time I'm commenting here, though I've read your blog for some time.

    Well, all of your choices above are great, I can't really pick one "favorite" among them! I don't know that I'd put Ek Garam Chai and Tapke Masti in the list though. There wasn't much "dancing" in Ek Garam Chai, and Tapke Masti wasn't "bindaas" in the way the other songs are. BTW, I guess you're looking for those kinds of "bindaas", "only Salman" type of dances? Because Salman has done a lot of "pure dance" numbers very well, also. Some of my favorites among the latter kind are Bhangra Pale from Karan Arjun, Dholi Taro from HDDCS, and Saajan ji ghar ayi from KKHH.

    But getting back to pure "attitude" type of dances/songs, I would add "You're My Love" from Partner as well as the Chalti Hai kya Nav se Baara that was already suggested above.

    (I also don't agree that "none of the Khans are famous for their dancing skills." Aamir isn't, certainly, but he makes a creditable show when he has to, such as in Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe in DCH. I consider both SRK and Salman to be good dancers. It's just that, with the advent of Hrithik, people have set a different standard. :) But both Salman and SRK are better with their expressions than Hrithik or Shahid.)

  6. i would choose .... O Oh Jaane Jaana and Dhinka Chika
    one has to admit he is only reason to get these thing a hit!!!!!
    Movies has one more genre now.. Salman KHan!!!!!
    now that's an achievement !!!

  7. Dhinka chika works for me ;) ... he looked like an uncle in 'munni badnaam hui'... there isn't much one can expect from him on the acting front (with no offence to his fans)... but have to say he's a charmer even at 45...


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