Favorite songs of the year : 2012

Here are my '20 most played songs' from films [in random order ].

1. Pareshaan (Ishaqzaade)
2. Gubbare (Ek Main aur Ek Tu)
3. Paani Da Rang (Vicky Donor)
4. Tumhi Ho Bandhu (Cocktail)
5. Aashiyaan (Barfi)
6. Dhak Dhuk (English Vinglish)
7. Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana
8. Kaala Rey (Gangs of Wasseypur)
9. Tore Bina (Kahaani)
10. Jiya Laage Na (Talaash)
11. Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahin (Agneepath)
12. Raabta (Agent Vinod)
13. Phir Le Aaya Dil (Barfi)
14. Womaniya (Gangs of Wasseypur)
15. Moora (Gangs of Wasseypur)
16. Kyon (Barfi)
17. Bolo Na (Chittagong)
18. Kikli Kaler Di (Luv Shuv...)
19. Radha (Student Of The Year)
20. Heer (Jab Tak Hai Jaan)

And here, are Non-Film ones [in random order].

1. Charkha Nolakha (Coke Studio S05E01)
2. Pere Pavandi Saan (Coke Studio S05E02)
3. Rung (Coke Studio S05E04)
4. Koi Labda (Coke Studio S05E05)
5. Parda Parda (Call Me Rashid)
6. Saathi Salaam (Coke Studio @ MTV S02E01)
7. Madari  (Coke Studio @ MTV S02E01)
8. Husna  (Coke Studio @ MTV S02E02)
9. Nirmohiya  (Coke Studio @ MTV S02E03)
10. Chaudhary (Coke Studio @ MTV S02E03)
11. Badri Badariya (Coke Studio @ MTV S02E03)
12. Mann Patang (Coke Studio @ MTV S02E05)
13. Zamanaa Kharab Hai (Coke Studio @ MTV S02E05)
14. Aaiyo Re (Once More - Colonial Cousins)*
15. Kesariya (Piya Basanti....Again)*
16. Chand Hai (Piya Basanti....Again)*
17. Zero Dubidha (III - Rabbi)
18. Babbaji (Rangeele - Kailesh Kher)
19. Teri Rehmatein (Teri Rehmatein)
20. Zaaman (Teri Rehmatein)*

(* marked songs are not there in playlists)

Here are the Youtube Playlists.
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Favorite Film Soundtracks of 2012

Without much blah blah - here are my 10 favorite'st album of the year 2012. (In order as mentioned.)

10. Vicky Donor : This small, but joint effort of composers (Abhishek-Akshay, Bann, Rochak Kohli AND Ayushmann Khurrana) was just so perfect. In the movie, and off, the little album was fun. 

9. Kahaani : Though not featured in the movie, you can 'see' the sequence from the film while listening to this one. From Usha ji's 'rocking' ode to the city to longing in Tore bina, loved everything. 

8. Ishaqzaade : Unlike other 'desi' movies of YRF, this was a totally different outing. The score made everyone 'Pareshaan'. 

7. English Vinglish : Dhak Dhuk, Aadmi-topi, Navrai Majhi and what not. So typical Amit, but still, loveable all the way. 

6. Agneepath : Another 'perfect for movie' soundtrack this one was. Percussion filled dramatic songs plus serene O saiyyan and Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin. The songs themself were telling the story. 

5. Chittagong : The Bengali flavor throughout the album. Lovely Bolo Na, to uplifting Nishaan. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's only album is nothing short of a class effort.

4. Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana : You can smell those rotis and chicken khurana in each track. Lively Luni Hansi to crazy Motorwada. You just can't get enough of this dish. 

3. Cocktail : Out and out - Pritam style - hit after hit. From funky Tumhi Ho and Daaru Desi, to Yaariyaan and Luttna. And how can I forget 'guest' additions - Main Sharabi & Angrezi Beat. Total speaker-faadu material. 

2. Gangs Of Wasseypur 1 & 2 : Womaniya, Moora, Bhoos, Hunter, Kaala, Electric, Bihar ke lala, Manmauji.. more more. Sneha - more Tai Tai To To please. 

1. Barfi : Shut the fuck Up and Listen - that's how Pritam shut each and every critic's mouth out there. Brilliant from each note. Barfi is surely the best work of him so far. Bouncy title song, melodious Aashiyaan and dreamy Phir Le aaya. Wah Pritam da, Wah ! 

Ashleel Geetmala : 2012

If you are still wondering what's this title of a post. Ashleel Geetmala actually was mentioned in Aiyyaa. And there, I got the idea about posting an actual one here. Since we are having more and more such 'double meaning' songs in the name of 'Item song', why not a yearly countdown of such songs? 

Lets start the 'Indescent Countdown' I mean 'Ashleel Geetmala'. 

The silliest 'I want to create controversy' effort by the makers. The first teaser of Joker had 'just you...' in background. But then, 'I want "fuqt" you' (that sounded like I want FUCKt you) was 'leaked' and then Shirish Kunder said 'we do not want any controversy' and then 'I want just you' was released. No wonder this didn't help the film. 

If you still don't know what 'Pungi' is - just Google 'Hello Brother Pungi'. And you will know why this song has made it to our list. And sad that the song was a huge hit among kids. 

"Sweet, this salty water is". Yeah baby, my Halkat Jawani. Really, Bebo? The movie itself was halkat-like that no one went to watch it. 

"Pallu ke niche chhupa ke jo rakha hai, utha lu to hungama ho" - Enough. What can be done with this lyricist - Sameer Anjaan? 

A hunter and his extremely long gun. This got extremly popular everywhere, on social meadia and off. Though mostly in 'Englis', you can't deny the clear 'Dwiarthi' lyrics. Though the song is one of the biggest hit (I too loved it a lot, who didn't)

Extreme is understatement. Poore ka poora nanga song hai yeh. Talking about masturbation to luring the boy. And from foreplay to climax (aaah....aaaaah). Sala, this song made me skip the soundtrack for days. So angry I was with AK and AT. As I tweeted earlier too, Anurag you should take initiative and put up 'Explicit Lyrics' sign on your CDs. Truly, you've mastered the art of double meaning these days. 

But seriously, this was the issue of last year too. When we had Boss DK singing kids in our streets. Can we have a self-rating of the songs please? (And what surprised me was - the 'adult' movie Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum did not have a single such song !!!)

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The Composers round-up : 2012

2012 has been a great year in film music as well as non-film. Though I need to check out all the non-film works, here is my effort to summarize the best and the disappointing works of leading composers, in 2012.

Pritam :
Starting with a not-too-good album of Players, Pritam later on topped the charts throughout the year. Starting with Agent Vinod he took Sawaari of Ferrari and gave sweetest treat of Barfi along with Cocktail. Though Jannat 2 and Rush were a bit downer, that can not deny the surprises he gave in FKS and Barfi - easily my most favoritest soundtrack this year. Very close to being the best in the year.

Amit Trivedi :
Consistency is the word to describe him. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, Ishaqzaade, English Vinglish, Aiyyaa & finally Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana. Urban, Desi, Contemporary, Southie and Punjabi. Phew.... How versatile this guy can be? Oh, and did I forget the awesomeness he spelled in Coke Studio ?? Can't help but to put him as Composer of The Year.

Sneha Khanwalkar :
Find of the year - she is. With all her 'sound trippin' like sounds and even more from Bihari folklore. This womaniya turned all ears to her in Gangs of Wasseypur. She gave what we never heard before in Bollywood. Even as a standalone product, GOW Soundtrack can be called 'Invention of the Year'. Waiting for more by her.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy :

They have gone almost missing this year. But only one soundtrack they have come out - is enough for them to say 'Yes, we are here'. Chittagong was one of the best soundtrack this year, easily. Lets hope they come back with bang next year.

A R Rahman :
What a disappointing year this has been. I was extremely looking forward to both of his projects. Ekk Deewana Tha in the beginning of the year and Jab Tak Hai Jaan at the year end. Both disappointed me. While former was lost in translation, later was lost in itself. (But it was Tamil soundtrack Kadal, that came early in December and saved the year. Hear it if you still haven't).

Vishal-Shekhar : 
An average year here too. After crackling start with Kahaani, the duo did not shine as they did in recent years. Shanghai was above average, while Arjun was purely situation. And the popcorn SOTY was okay'ish. And biggest crime they committed in it - remaking the DISCO song. Sigh....

Himesh Reshamiya : 
King of the Gullies - he should be named. Love him or hate him but you can't escape his 'looped lines'. Be it Bol Bachchan, OMG, Son of Sardaar or even the last one this year - Khiladi 786. As always all the tracks worked with masses and as always critics written them off. Obviously.

Sajid-Wajid :
Giving stiff competition to Himesh, they kept on churning below average sounds throughout the year. Tezz, Housefull 2, Rowdy Rathore (which I liked initially but knew it was ripped off straight away without acknowledgement, from original southie movie), KDM, AGL IIP and more. Only Dabangg 2 and Teri Meri Kahaani were tolerable.

Talking about other composers - Ajay-Atul gave only one yet a 'perfect-for-the-movie' soundtrack - Agneepath. With all those bam-boom percussion and yes, Chikni Chameli. Similarly, Ram Sampath too, did decent work for Talaash. Disappointing one was Salim-Suleiman who seriously need to get out of their typecasted tunes and come out with something fresh. Jeet Ganguly left a lot to desire, by just remaking his Bengali tracks, while Arko Mukherjee did a decent job in Jism 2. Shall we see both of them, out of Bhatt camp?

There, did I forget anyone? Any notable soundtrack that I am yet to hear?

Those Musical moments of 2012 : On TV

Music. The word just ‘existed’ during recent years on Indian television. Gone were the days when music channels were meant for music only. Yes, I am talking about MTV and Channel V to be specific which later on converted them into reality TV. Thankfully, MTV realized this to some extent, and have started working upon some fresh concept (though tried and tested in other parts of the world) and gave some fantastic shows that can easily be called ‘Best Moments of 2012”. Here are some...

The find of the year. Sneha Khanwalkar. With as little as possible equipments she travelled through the places so familiar as Dharavi slums to remotest places like Majuli in Assam. Gathering sounds of each location and converting into a newest tune that you have never heard. Brilliant ten episodes the series had. A must watch series if you still haven’t checked it out.

After that false start in 2011, I wasn’t too sure about to follow the series or not in its new avatar. But since the first episode, it changed all my views about the show. Despite of ‘dheun teun’ guitars in almost all tracks (which I generally avoid), Coke Studio had been a great ride this year. And the show stopper of this season was - Amit Trivedi, of course. Each track he created, brilliant is an understatement. The intriguing fusion, that ranged from African sounds in Yaatra (correct if i m wrong) to Rajasthani folk in Chaudhary. The third episode was absolutely a treat. Man, never have heard something like Badri Badriya..

MTV Unplugged : S02E01
Iske liye toh MTV ko jitna thanks bole utna kam hai. This was the best thing that happened to Indian Music in whole year. Yes it was not having any new track, yes all the Bollywood track were there. Still, it was A R Rahman who swooned away everyone with tweaked version of his own fabulous songs. Unforgettable Yeh Jo des, Phir se udd chala and Nenjukkule. Add Rahman himself singing Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na karo, the show is one of those few moments to cherish forever. Thank You Rahman. Thank you MTV.

p.s. : No, MTVIndia hasn't paid me for this post. :)

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Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola : Music Review

Prelude of the title song almost reminds you of Beedi. Soon, Sukhi takes the center stage, promising an absolutely engaging feast backed by Ranjit Barot and Umoja. The 'train-like' beats keeps the track going on at superb pace. Talking about Khamakha - the only thing I disliked about it is the 'sha la la' kind of phirangi sound. I think it was unnecessary in this pristine GulzarVishal track. Endearing voice of Vishal fueled by Gulzarness is absorbing, and oh, that out-of-the-world conclusion by Prem Dehati, sigh.... 

You can't resist, but to 'lagaao do thumka' to the next track - Oye Boy Charlie. (If not, try it right now). Shankar alongwith Mohit and Rekha Bhardwaj, having all fun with desi tadka. Aur lyrics toh kya baat hai - Tu Munna toh main Moni :-D.  And then, we get the taste of reality. Lootnewale and Sha-ra-ra, former is high on percussion while later is totally desi - brass band thing. Situational, absolutely. Shall work with the film. Again, the dreamy sound comes back in Badal Uthiya. Rekha ji doing what she's best at. The Hariyanvi folk repeats, with Prem Dehati, it sounds even better. While Pankaj Kapur sings - yes- next tracks. Char Dina Ki and Chor Police. Both tracks give out the premises of the film, again situational - short tracks. Last one, Nomvula is a zulu track (African sound, to put in simple words) by the group Umoja. Initially it sounds alien to our ears but works as it progresses. 

Vishal Bhardwaj, for his mad mad project, this time gives a heavily situational soundtrack, with all the experiments he is famous for. But still, giving his trademark tracks as well. MKBKM soundtrack serves it purpose perfectly - making us curious about the film. 

My Picks : Oye Boy Charlie, Khamakha, Badal. 

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Dabangg 2 : Movie Review

So, the big Dabangg Theory got repeated (as expected), but with a different director. Now that's fine they did not retain the original director, but a first timer - that too - actor turned director. Well, you got my messege, hai na? It was Kashyap and the 'new, fresh' factor that worked in the first one, while in this, the 'repeat' theory makes everything predictable, and at places - lethargic. Well, keeping it shot, here's what worked and what not -

What Works...
1. Sal-Man-Khan. Of course. He still manages to keep eyeballs glued on screen. Be it his mannerisms, or his own style of fight-dance-romance. Chulbul Pandey - still is as likable as the first one. 
2. First half. It passes out fataafat. With some quirky fights scenes and the standard Chulbul fun. 
3. Crisply done action sequences. One can't help but shout at all the moves of our superhero. 
4. Music. Yes, don't kill me for this, but the songs 'actually' works well in the film. Especially, 'Pandeyji seeti maare'. 
5. Ah..well, that's it !

What doesn't ....
1. Same old premises. Offers nothing new, exciting. Despite of having some brilliant actors on 'villain' front. 
2. Sloppy second half. Things get too slow you tend to think if the script has got stuck by Fevicol. 
3. Exciting fight sequence in climax - that ends so unexciting-ly.
4. Boring-yes, boring item song of Bebo. Was expecting a blast, that was missing. 
5. Bimbo - a.k.a. Rajjo a.k.a. Sonakshi. Who does nothing but overtly sweet somethings with hubby dearest. I mean come'on, who agrees such movie where you are limited to "Baba aap roti khaiye. Aur khaiye na" kind of silly scenes. (though both of them look great together, kaun-baba?, nahi yaar, sallu) 

Overall, its not good, not great. Just a timepass flick, that you can watch with friends in upper stall, to shout together and have some fun. 

Oh wait, there is a 3rd installment too. Its clearly hinted. Go save your souls. 

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Moongil Thottam (Kadal) : Lyrics, Meaning, Translation

This is another gem from Vairamuthu's collections. Moongil Thottam from Rahman's soundtrack for Maniratnam's upcoming film Kadal, is such a pristine track, soothing vocals make it special. Sung by Abhay Jodhpurkar, Harini & Sekar. The translation, again comes via fellow Rahmaniac @madhavanrajan . Thanks again, man. Lets hear the song and its translation in his words.

Moongil Thottam moozhigai vaasam
neranja mounam nee paadum geedham

Bamboo Garden
with herbal fragrance
filled with Silence
and I hear you singing

pournami iravu, pani vilum kaadu
othayadi paadha un kooda podinada

It's a full moon night
In a forest full of snowfall
I am walking with you slowly
In a narrow foot path...

Idhu podhum ennaku idhu podhumey
verenna venum nee podhumey (2)

This is enough for me...Just this is enough for me...
Is there anything more that I could ask for...This is enough for me!

Moongil Thottam moozhiga vaasam
neranja mounam nee paadum geedham

Kolathaan karaiyila kulikkum paravaiga
Siraga ulakkmey thuliga aerikkumey
Munkobam viduthu mundhaana yeduthu
nee enna thudaika naan unna anaikka

Birds bathing in a pond
Shook the water out of it's wings
Without any offense
you wipe the water off me with your Saree
And I hug you...

Idhu podhum ennaku idhu podhumey
verenna venum nee podhumey (2)

This is enough for me...Just this is enough for me...
Is there anything more that I could ask for...This is enough for me!

Marangal nadungum margazhi irukka
raththam urayum kulirum nirutha
ushnam yaasika udala irukka
otha porvaila iruvarum nerunga

It's December
And trees tremble
It's cold
And blood would clot
As we crave for the warmth
we see ourselves together in a blanket...

Idhu podhum ennaku idhu podhumey
verenna venum nee podhumey (2)

Moongil Thottam moozhiga vaasam
neranja mounam nee paadum geedham
pournami iravu pani vilum kaadu
othayadi paadha un kooda podinada

Idhu podhum ennaku idhu podhumey
verenna venum nee podhumey  

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Talaash : Movie Review

You know whats the problem with Aamir Khan? When you see him on the screen, you don't actually see Aamir Khan, but the character himself. And not that I am complaining, actually. As usual, here as Inspector Shekhawat, he steals all the accolades as the stoic, intense guy. But just because he is present in front of the camera, the 'expectation bar' soar high, a big task for every director.

Starting off with a crackling opening sequence, Reema Kagti's Talaash doesn't actually follow the suit in the rest journey. But the things that make it work are plenty - sleek production values, sharp camerawork (K U Mohanan), taut acts, fantastic background score and pretty apt songs. Getting everything together, makes it almost a 'should watch' experience, if not 'must watch'. What the movie lacks is - that required punch. Those deep secrets, intriguing suspense - which otherwise here, is pretty simple. The intention of murder is revealed pretty easily, one could imagine even before the intermission. And the MAIN surprise element, too, is hinted in 2 scenes, very early in the movie. What really appreaciable is - the dark shade of the movie. Exploring dark side of the city, dark moments between the couple who has lost their son only recently and the dark side of human emotion. But to tell that side of the story, movie lags in second half - touching 2.5 hours which for any thriller, is quite long. 

Both actresses - Rani and Kareena are in their safe zones. Doing what they already did in past films. Still, will give Kareena a higher grade for her perfect played part of a hooker. And no, i am not complaining about those cheesy lines, well, they are meant to be like that. Rajkumar Yadav plays his part perfectly, but Nawazuddin shines as that limping guy who has eyes on everything around his street. 

That said, its now understood why the makers kept lowest possible profile in promoting the movie. Its neither too big surprise, nor an unforgettable experience. Overall, its a movie that holds you for its running time, but you don't bring much to home. Watch it for all its plus points (as mentioned above).

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Dabangg 2 : Music Review

Dagabaaz Re thankfully has RFAK singing it in lower pitch. Along with Shreya, the song has sweet conversation between Chulbul and Bulbul. This one I loved instantly. Pandeyjee Siti is made just for Bhai, as we can see in the video, sounds average at first, but repeated listens makes it fun with all the mish-mash lyrics. Fevicol Se is publicized as next Munni - but I don't think it will go that big. Brand placement works best with funny lyrics, not bad this Mamta Sharma's track is. It feels good to hear Sonu Nigam next, in Saanso Ne. A duet with Tulsi Kumar (ewww, she ruins the song), a fine flashback to 90s. A prelude that is almost identical to Chale Chalo, Dabangg Reloaded is a mix of Singham+Hud Hud Dabangg, is an okay one, sung by Sukhwinder. Will work best on screen.

When I read somewhere that Sajid-Wajid and Arbaaz Khan together, took only 2 hours to finalize the music, I had prepared my mind for another tacky album, but Dabangg 2 gave me a surprise. Though with all the tried tested formula tunes - it works perfectly for this masala sequel.

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan : Movie Review

Sheer white snow, and the lady in red runs towards a church while our hero watches her without a blink - and so is the audience, feeling the magic of the maestro - Yash Chopra. The very first few frames give the viewer hint about how this three hour long feat is going to be - a typical, Yash mush, as already hinted in promos. That said, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Yashji's last offering works best if you are a fan of his fairy-tale romance, SRK's charm and the frames devoted to beauty - be it nature or his heroines. 
 Initially, I wasn't too excited for JTHJ from the start. May be its because I did not liked YC's last Veer Zaara, or maybe its because of JTHJ's above average music. But still, somewhere I knew YashSRK can't go wrong. So here's my short take on what I liked and what not. 

Me Liked :
1. Those trademark Yash Chopra moments. Be it the introduction of the leading actress*, or the song picturisations** or the masterful lovey-dovey moments. 
2. Guest appearance of the Kapoors. Oh, how charming both of them are. 
3. SRK. Doing what he excels into. (why his name isn't Raj/Rahul here?). Even as Major Samar Anand, he is good as a stubborn guy with stubble. ;)
4. Ladeeez. The leading ladies. One is ethereally beautiful and other is so, well, like umm Geet ! ;) (know what I mean, no? Click here then) Well, though a bit annoying sometimes  Anushka steals the show with her typical, loudmouthed act. While Kat too, does give her bit perfectly - as a girl who makes promises to God every now and then but doesn't shy away going to underground club and even smoking in a corner on her engagement day. (very 'un-typical' for a yashraj actress, eh?)
5. Cinematography. There is no looking back when it comes to a Yash Chopra flick. Each frame is a masterpiece. Each shot is picture perfect. No?
6. The end credits. Moved me. 

Me no-liked :
1. Script? Whats with this department. I mean, come'on Adi, you could've done better job finding loopholes that even an average viewer can. For a 3 hour long flick, its a necessity. I didn't have any issues with fairy-tale like 'promise made to God', 'bad omen' things. But at least, something better as twist in the tale?
2. Music. Have already said out a lot about it in my music review, so nothing much to say about it. But really, its a lost opportunity. 
**3. As said earlier, picturisations of songs are good, except Heer and Ishq Shava. First stanza of Heer is wasted, playing in background of faltu scenes. And Ishq Shava clearly shouted 'I need 'dancing stars, please'. 
4. Akira - taking her role quite seriously. And goes motor-mouth every now and then. Even while defusing a bomb, and shelling out a vocal bombardment over Major Samar, commenting on his ladylove. Surprisingly, the stubborn major doesn't get annoyed at personal remark, instead, LOLing at that. 
*5. What's with that 'logic less' swimsuit entry of Akira? Adi-are you the culprit?
6. No white saaree in rain... no swiss snow.. Sigh... 

Well, there, one of the biggest release leaves mixed feeling. Swan song of Yash Chopra, leaves us longing for more, actually. 

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The Bankster : Book Review

This was the first time ever that I was reading something about finance. A subject that bores me to death. But the way the author Ravi Subramanian weaves a thriller around the on-goings of a bank, The Bankster gets you hooked to the otherwise boring world of white collar world of bankers.  But not that efficiently as a riveting thriller should. 

The Bankster is about a bank that is headquartered at Mumbai. Its about a nuclear plant in Kerala. And also, about dark business of blood diamonds in Angola. Sounds interesting isn't it? Ditto, was my feeling when I read the summary on back cover of the book. (Thank You for signed copy, dear author). I was curious about how the three tracks are mixed up together. In return, I came a bit disappointed. The opening chapter, set in Angola, creates a different world, a storyline, that hardly features, or even has traces of it throughout the book. And that leaves you wondering why this certain character was introduced in very first place. Next one, track of a nuclear plant in Kerala, is again, makes the pace suffer featuring in between the main story that happens largely at Greater Boston Global Bank and its headquarters. 

The main track that involves life of many characters working in the GB2 bank, is absolutely interesting. Of course, being an ex-banker, the writer excels in his comfort zone. Portraying each little details of bank processes, fraudulent consequences, underground movements or even cut-throat competition in the office itself. Everything keeps you glued to the story. Though sometimes, Ravi's love for detailed description mars the interest of reader. Like in one chapter, he goes so deep portraying a day in a life of a fisherman, and that is so detailed that even goes in depth geographical details of Thane creek. Not giving out the spoilers, but one major action sequence that is so close to finale, gets too dragged while the character making puzzles to his counterpart about what he found out. But again, the track where two characters are introduced who through investigations of all the wrong-happening with the bank is pretty well executed.  

Amalgamation of these three tracks into one, towards the finale, is a perfect one though. But it did not give me 'big shock' moment with its revelations. Maybe its because everything got a bit stretched (maybe its just me).  Final words? Well, business of Banking, where integrity and trust matters the most what happens behind those shining glass doors, reading about it, is a ride for sure. I would say The Bankster is an engaging read as far as the main story line goes by. Given if it is cut by a few pages, it could have been an absolutely gripping affair. But would recommend it for the variety it offers.

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Nenjukulle (Kadal) Lyrics : Meaning and Translation

You already have heard this magical track on MTV Unplugged. From Maniratnam's upcoming movie Kadal. Now this comes via fellow Rahmaniac @madhavanrajan . Thanks a lot man. Lets hear about the song and its translation in his own words.

The song is about a girl who has fallen in love but unable to express her love to her lover. The song is composed based on the lyrics from an existing poem from Vairamuthu's collections. The poem has a very good use of rhyme and alliteration. Thus, the words rhyme well in Tamil.

Singer: Shakthisree Gopalan 
Composer: A.R.Rahman 
Lyrics: Vairamuthu  

Nenjukulley Omma Mudunjirukaen
Inga Ethisayil En Pozhapu Vidinjirukum
Vella Paarva Veesiviteer Munadi
Intha Thangatha Manasu Thanni Patta Kanadi
Valla Maniyaram Valaruga Gediyaram

Aana Puliyellam Adukkum Arigaram
Neer Pona Pinnum Niyal Mattum Pogalayae Pogalayae
Nenju Kuzhiyilae Vanthu Vizhunthiruchu
Appa Nimunthavathan Apuramma Guniyalayae Guniyalayae
Kodakambi Pola Maram Kuthi Nikkuthae

In my heart…
I’ve tied you…
I don’t know in which direction my day rose?
You threw an innocent look at me!
My mind, which couldn’t resist that, is like a wet mirror…
A Colorful dollar chain, A watch on the right hand…
And an authority that controls even Elephants and Tigers!

Even after you had left
Your shadow hasn’t gone
It had fallen in my heart
I rose up seeing this

And after, I never went down
My mind is straight like a metallic rib in an umbrella…

Nenjukulley Omma Mudunjirukaen
Nenjukulley Omma Mudunjirukaen
Inga Ethisayil Aen Pozhapu Vidinjirukum

Patchi Urangirichu Paal Thayiraa Thoongirichu
Ichi Marathu Maela Elai Kooda Thoongiruchu
Kaasa Noigarigalum Kanurangum Vaelayila
Aasa Noi Vanthu Maga Ara Nimisam Thoongalayae

In my heart…
I’ve tied you…
I don’t know in which direction my day rose?

Birds have slept already
Milk has turned into curd
Even the leaf in the tree has slept

When people with Cancer could sleep
I am infected with this desire and
I Couldn’t sleep even for half-a-minute
(“Kaasa Noi” means Cancer and “Aasa Noi” means Infected by Desire; the words rhyme well in Tamil)

Nenjukulley Omma Mudunjirukaen
Nenjukulley Omma Mudunjirukaen
Inga Èthisayil Aen Pøzhapu Vidinjirukum

Oh Oru Vaai Irangalayae Ulnakku Nenaiyalayae
Aezhu Èttu Naala Èchil Køzhambalayae
Aezha Ilanchirukki Aethum Šølla Mudiyalayae
Rubber Valai Vikkaellam Šathamida Vaiyillayae

In my heart…
I’ve tied you…
I don’t know in which direction my day rose?

I couldn’t eat…
My tongue is dry…
It’s been 7 to 8 days and
I haven’t even swallowed my saliva!

I am a poor little girl
who couldn’t express anything
Like a rubber bangle
Which couldn’t make any sound!
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Khiladi 786 : Music Review

Himesh apes himself getting a new high in nasal singing, using phrase of his own song, mad mad Lonely is weirdly addictive. Balma works, just because of Shreya in otherwise tacky arrangements with so called tribute to RDB. Mika's next Long Drive is that typical punjabi hip-hop thing nothing to brag about. Starting quite similarly as his songs of Radio, Saari Saari Raat is an interesting tune. If you don't mind Himesh singing (I don't, here) this one is surprisingly good. If Lonely was mad, next one has insane lyrics - Hookah Bar sets new standard in silly wordings with annoying techno beats. Title track Khiladi Bhaiyya is filled with those standard HR loops all over, suited for the OTT colored movie.  Tu Hoor Pari has minimal arrangements for a perfect punjabi folk flavored track. Quite an engaging one. 

Looking at the trailer of the film, you can't really blame HR for an average album. But still, the guy seems lazy at qualitative arrangements and hence churning out his typecasted work, with occasional sparks. Khiladi 786 is a mixed bag that obviously serves its intended purpose for the OTT entertainer. 

My Picks : Saari Saari Raat, Tu Hoor Pari
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Talaash : Music Review

Jiya Lage Na goes straight to your heart instantly. The 'deja vu' feel is there, of course, being a semi classical tune. Fusion is excellent and equally great vocals by Sona and Ravindra Upadhyay. Lyrics by Javed saab, are apt for the dark, mysterious tale. This, is the best one from Ram Sampath's soundtrack of Talaash. Continuing that mysterious feel, Muskaanein Joothi Hai - is that standard jazzy-dark-night club-what will happen next - song. Suman Sridhar's voice perfects the arrangements that remind of such songs we used to hear in classics. Choosing Vishal for Jee Le Zara seems a perfect decision for this uplifting tune. Pretty engaging one. While next one Hona Hai Kya sung by Ram Sampath is strictly a situational one with shades of Don. (and there, I missed SEL, for Excel movies) But Ram steals limelight with his old school'ish tune of Laakh Duniya Kahe. A lovely soft rock number with wonderful chorus singing. How I seriously missed Sona's voice in this one.

So, there, one of the most awaited of 2012, Talaash has a pretty good mix of tunes for the thriller. It surely will be perfect on the screen. (But somewhere, it left me wanting for more. Or maybe, its just me, over-wanting, cause Aamir is there.)

My Picks : Jiya Lage Na, Laakh Duniya Kahe.
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Student Of The Year : Movie Review

Having read all the tweets on Twitter, about how unreal the movie is. Well, I want to say is - fantasies have always been a part of our movies. It always will be. Whats wrong with such movies if done properly? Fantasy shall not always set in past or in future. One can always write such story in parallel times. And Karan Johar exactly does that in Student Of The Year. Yes, the 'school' is 'more than perfect'. Every thing is exaggeratedly clean and shining. But hey, this is a movie, right? Not a documentary. Eat the candyfloss if you don't have diabetes. That's it.
I had zero expectations, so enjoyed it. Go, do the same.  

To keep it short, here, I have listed out - what I liked, and what not.

Me Liked :

1. The over-the-top-larger-than-life things the movie. Quite a change from oh-this-is-so-real-life movies throughout this year. (before you start bashing me, i loved all those movies btw).

2. Fantastic intro of all the three newcomers. No one can do it better than this. 

3. Leading men. Yes, surprisingly I liked Sidharth Malhotra's performance too. Varun looked promising since first promos itself and he does perform well, if not perfect. 

4. The competition sequences. Shout worthy. Picture perfect. 

5. Songs. Sounded average in headphone, looked great on screen. 

6. For a change - no boring 'first half' of second half (as many recent movie suffered from that thing), it actually gets interesting as the competition starts from that point. 

7. Hence, no dragged thing here, movie ends as soon as it should. Overall pace is perfect. 

8. Kajol. Kajol. Kajol. 

Me no-liked :

1. Alia Bhatt. I mean come'on. Why are you so confused? Why are you dressed like this? Why can't you even giggle perfectly? (and damn, how did you get 'standing welcome' from front benchers?)

2. Dear KJo. Atleast you could've spared homosexual jokes. I mean, how the hell could you do such silly jokes on Chintooji ??

3. Poorly written climax. Pointless dialogues by competent Kayoze Irani.

4. No SRK in Radha...

5. Trying to be loveble - JTYJN like get together of friends. Nah, didn't work as it should. 

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Rush : Music Review

Ash King and Pritam. And the result is predictably sweet. Chup Chup Ke goes on Pee Loon way, hits chord instantly. Reprise by Shaan has pretty much similar thing to offer. Fukraa is average with punjabi pop'ish sound. Tulsi Kumar spoils a track again, this time its with Anupam Amod - Mumkin Nahin is a decent one, tried and tested one. O Re Khuda has Adnan Sami as its plus point. But the annoying part is 'o rey khuda' itself. Sparing those typical phrases, Adnan makes it an engaging track. Rab Ka Junoon is that 'Rock' track where the lyrics are hardly audible. Avoid. Last one - Hote Hote has Hard Kaur's rap - that sounds dated by now.

Pritam and Emraan Hashmi combination, this time, works only in parts, with all the tried and tested sounds. Though, never expected great things for this one. So, acceptable.

My Picks : Chup Chup Ke, O Rey Khuda

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Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana : Music Review

Absolutely catchy and addictive Kikli Kaler Di starts off the album as a perfect trailer for the fun ride ahead in Amit Trivedi composed Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana. With rap of Yo Yo Honey Singh and the loop by Pinky Maidasani, this track rocks with Shellee's funky lyrics sung by Amit himself. You can't help but say 'Ghantiiiii.....' as soon as track comes to conclusion.

Motorwada's prelude shows spark of QGM with its hip-hop'ish flavor. Again, this Tochi and Amit sung track ends up as an earworm. Again, outrageous lyrics. The title track Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana is just so charming, with simple arrangements that you almost smell the punjabi rotis and saag. Beautiful use of flute and paayal's sound. Lovely conversation between Harshdeep and Shahid Mallya. You just can't stop drooling over this one.

Harshdeep's next Luni Hansi is instant reminder of Dev D. But as the track goes on with this sweet voice, you just forget everything. And start imagining the smile she's talking about. Even though it uses that ghisa-pita phrase 'Gud Khake'. Oh, and do wait for conclusion of the song. Devender Singh (the Sardarji from Indian Idol)'s version of Luni Hasi is equally good but a bit softer side his singing is.   Next track, Makkhan Malai starts almost like Dhinka Chika. Ok, got my point? Yes, found this one an average one. Maybe works well with a shaadi-like scene in the movie.

Farukha Baadi kicks off with 'womaniya type' chorus, with FO and all. Soon Labh Janjua takes over the track with Amit in his own flavor - that you want to stand up from where you are sitting and shout Khula khel...... Luv Shuv Tey CHicken Khurana Theme is such a lovely instrumental, Iktara played by Tapas Roy. Not identical to any song but pretty much in-sync with the flavor of soundtrack.

Finally, the ride concludes where it started. Another version of Kikli Kaler Di, this time an all Punjabi, all AMIT TRIVEDI one. Different set of stanzas, this one again, consists of rib tickling lyrics. Such an addictive thing.

Amit Trivedi (perhaps) closes his account for this year with very very high balance. The guy, is unstoppable with his innovations. Just imagine how he recently gave Marathi and Southern spice* and now here he is with Punjabi tadka. And another highlight of this album is lyricist Shellee. Its a fultoo fun ride just because of his words. Highly recommended !

My Picks : Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, Farukha Baadi, Luni Hasi, Kikli Kaler di.

*P.S. : After initial grudge, I am actually liking the tracks of Aiyyaa. Grudge was - it has too much of double meaning things all over in the album. But that fact can't hide the brilliant tunes. Loved Wakda, Mahek Bhi and even What to do.

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Heer : Jab Tak Hai Jaan : Lyrics Meaning, Translation

The only one track from Jab Tak Hai Jaan, that stroke a chord instantly. Sung brilliantly by Harshdeep Kaur, this song is stuck in head since I first heard it.

Being a 'non-North Indian', it was tough to get the full on Punjabi words from it. Searched a lot over the internet, but no luck. So, I myself had tried translating it with the help of Google of course. After knowing the meaning of words, I am loving it more. Here are the lyrics and translation. Hope my translation is correct. Suggestions are welcome as always. (Tip : Read about the love story of Mirza-Sahiban on wikipedia here)

Heer Heer na akho adiyo, Main te Sahibaan hoye,
Ghodi leke aaye le jaaye,  Ghodi leke aaye le jaaye,

Don't call me Heer, my dear friends, I have become Sahibaan (in his love)
Wish he comes and take me away on a horse,

Le jaaye Mirza koi, Le jaaye Mirza koi,
(I wish) Mirza, take me away

Ohde je hi main te oh mere warga,
I am just like him, he is just like me

hansda ae sajra sawere warga,
When he smiles, dawn is adorned,

ankha bandh kar la te thande hanere warga
(as he) closes eyes, (it) feels like cold (soothing) darkness,

ohde je hi main te o Mirza mere warga
I am just like him, and Mirza is just like me

Naal naal tur na te vith rakhna
Walk together, don't keep any distance,

hadd rakh lena wich dil rakhna,
Mark a boundary, keep my heart within it.

chhanve chhanve paawe assi teri parchhawe tur na
While walking, under your shadow, I will find my (shelter) shade.

ohde je hi main te o Mirza mere warga
I am just like him, and Mirza is just like me

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan : Music Review

Challa - as each and every review out there depicts - is more a 'Rabbi' song than Rahman's. But the ARR stamp is there ofcourse, during interlude, the 'saregama' piece sung by chorus. Pretty hummable one despite the fact its entirely in punjabi. I know it doesn't work with SRK lip syncing it, but well as a standalone track - it works, just because of Rabbi.

Opening with dramatic arrangements, Saans instantly reminds you of ARR's own-Yuvvraaj. Barring very cliched lyrics (perhaps to get - mass appeal - I seriously ) this one works cause of its tried and tasted sound. Shreya is as usual and similarly, Mohit. Oh, and did I forget to mention strange similarity between this and Do pal ruka (VeerZaara) ? Not exceptional, yet likeable one. Mohit's voice gets stuck even after hitting the stop button.

Ishq Shava - is foot tapping from the very first 10 seconds. This too has footprints of ARR's earlier works. At places you almost hear Hawwa Hawwa and at other there's Behka. Raghav's voice (including all that hey, paun paun) sounds a bit unsuitable for this, but Shilpa Rao is just too perfect. Stays with you as long as its being played.

Heer - as I assumed while looking at the tracklist - this one is the best from the album. Despite being (yet another) complete punjabi track ;). Harshdeep Kaur (who else?) does fantastic job for this haunting track. The composition, majorly with violins - a trademark Rahman sound - is super rich. Lovely. (oh, and Rockstar reference is here too - find out for yourself). And, here's more about Mirza-Sahiban lovestory.

And next-Jiya Re, is perhaps the weakest one of the lot. Despite the peppy loop and lively singing of Neeti Mohan, the track gets messy during the interludes (its just me?).

Getting you confused with 'sonu-like' hum, the title track Jab Tak Hai Jaan starts off on impressive note only to fall flat due to sudden tune change. New lady on the block, Shakthisree Gopalan does comendable job, the only saving grace of the song.

Saans (Reprise) is just 'that sad part wala slow tempo wala version of romantic song starting with interlude of original'. Ishq Dance is an interesting one with all the percussion and the choir sound. While The Poem recited by SRK leaves us wondering where is this tune in the album - as a song.

All said, this one is surely not a fitting finale to the king of romance - Yash Chopra. Given his 'track' record, Jab Tak Hai Jaan leaves a lot to be desired. High expectations come naturally when the 'lethal' trio was involved in making the music. ARR+Gulzar+Yashraj. But surprisingly neither the magical melodies are there, nor the notable poetry. I seriously doubt this one is penned by Gulzar saab. This, is one good, not great album that it needed to be.

My Picks : Heer, Saans, Challa.

And, here is @rohwit's review, that I published here earlier. To which, I agree......almost. . (here's the original post)
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Chittagong : Music Review

Highlight of Bolo Na is Shankar himself. This Raga based song beautifully transcends in second half with Tablas and ends with a bit high note. This is one of the best classical rendition this year. Bechayan Sapne's lilting tune creates Bengal in front of eyes instantly. Lead by Abhijeet Sawant and Mahalaxmi Iyer, this is a delightful one with interesting use of sax. Next Jeeney ki Wajah is a fantastic chorus effort lead by Raman Mahadevan (along with Aarti Sinha, Mani Mahadevan, Kshitij Wagh, Pooja Gopalan,Shreekumar Vakkiyil) . This anthemic tune, surely gives goosebumps with his vocals. Next Ishan travels the same route, in a more pacey way - director Bedabrata Pain leads the same chorus through a fab conclusion,  making the track - which despite being a situational track, works as effectively as standalone. Next four tracks are Instrumental treat. The Battle, Masterda, Inspiration and Chittagong. Each one is so masterfully done, buy too short that leaves listener craving for more. 

Overall, Chittagong is that perfect album Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and even the director have thought of. A sheer delightful soundtrack for the period film. 

My Picks : Bolo Na, Jeeney Ki Wajah

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The Krishna Key : Book Review

I was a bit uninterested to read this book just because of its name. As I thought it was a 'motivating' kinda stuff which I avoid. But after having read the plot summary - I got mighty curious to know how the writer-Ashwin Sanghi have shaped up such a tricky plot that involves mythology as well as a thriller, and that too - dealing with the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu - Kalki Avatar !! And, also as it dealt with the lost civilizations - this was something I would never miss (as I am always keen to visit such places, and have visited a few). So there, I jumped in to read 'The Krishna Key'.

And from the first chapter itself, it got me hooked. (Man, this review is really a tough one cause I have to be so limited what to write-given the book deals with mysteries, thriller and suspense). How minute details Ashwin has taken care of, is visible since then. And from the second chapter, you know how extensive the 'past tales' are going to get. Getting so deep into the myths, facts and legends, it left me 'jaw dropped' at many pages. How he seamlessly weaves legends with the 'possible facts' and the theories behind the present we see in daily routine are hard to not believe in. (sample - design of the Shiva Lingam) (It took four days for me to complete this book-and all those days I was sharing this things with colleagues just to see how shocked they were to know).

Researched extensively with the help of tons of material - books, blogs, videos and so on, The Krishna Key never feels a superficial thriller. Though there are moments when very deep discussions between the characters (may) bore you, but as the story progresses, you tend to believe that as a necessary part. One interesting pattern AS has followed here to write a parallel story. The story of Lord Krishna himself. I suppose that was done so because not all of us know Mahabharata as deep as described here. Even me, I was surprised at some connections in the Mahabharata that are never told in the current versions. But for the reader who knows Mahabharata, the parallel Krishna story hinders the pace more when finale is nearing.

But as everything is not perfect - there are glitches that hinders it from becoming a flawless one. Brand fascination of the writer is clearly visible from initial chapters, that is annoying. (Using brand names for phones and jeans - are too much). Living that (personal rant) apart, the flashbacks in concluding chapters - surprised me. How can you make the reader read it - who is on the edge to know the secret - and he get flashback of a lead character. I don't know if it can be avoided or placed somewhere else, but the flow is a bit slowed down because of that.

Still, the edge-of-seat revelations, the mysteries unfolding one by one, absolutely brilliant amalgamation of the facts from the pages of History and the nail biting suspense. All of them makes The Krishna Key - unputdownable. A highly recommended for those who love Mythology, those who love thrillers, those who love History. Walking on many ropes at a time - Ashwin Sanghi balances the job in near perfect fashion. Go, read and reveal the mysteries of the History.

I seriously wish someone please convert this into a film. Or a grand TV series. That would be a killer. 

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at BlogAdda.com. Participate now to get free books! 

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A Film about Films : Some Favorites..

This post have emerged all of a sudden. After reading all the trashy reviews of 'Heroine' - a film about films, the idea came up. (and may be, mr Bhandarkar can get some hints here, how to make a film based on his own industry). Here, are some favorites of the genre. I have limited my list to only 'recent' releases and have not dared to touch classics like 'Kaagaz Ke Phool'. 

Please add your favorite - recent or classic 'film about films' in comments section. 

5. Woh Lamhe : Well, yes. This was a good film, okay? Directed by Mohit Suri and tagged as yet another Bhatt tribute to Parveen Babi, the movie and Kangna, portrayed life of schizophrenic actress quite competently. Add Pritam's music, this was a quite engaging affair. And did I mention Shiney's there too? ;) 

4. Khoya Khoya Chand : Released around similar time as the previous one, this - by Sudhir Mishra was altogether a detailed one on the film industry, but the past era. An ode to Gurudutt saab's Kaagaz Ke Phool, KKC wonderfully recreated the golden days. Along with Shiney Ahuja (yes, here too) Soha Ali Khan got perhaps her most meaty role till date.  The real treat in this one was fantastic score by Shantanu Moitra that still lingers. 

3. Om Shanti Om : Really ! This one is listed here. For its 'loaded with masala' tribute to the industry of 70s and later. A wackiest award function, cameo filled song, outstandingly filmy climax and all the incarnations and re-incarnations. This Farah Khan directed 'SRK is superhero' flick has always been a favorite. 

2. Luck By Chance : Loaded with references to all the people in the industry, in a good way ofcourse. Loaded with lots of heart warming cameos. Loaded with brilliants moments, dialogues and songs - this Zoya Akhtar directed movie was a wonderful insight in today's Bollywood. Depicting stragglers in industry - Farhan Akhtar and Konkona Sen were oh-so-perfect. And so perfect were the cameos - Aamir-SRK-Hrithik.. ahhh..... and not to forget - one of the Best opening credits. 

1. Harishchandrachi Factory : A fantastic bio-pic in Marathi language, about Father of Indian cinema - Dadasaheb Phalke - is easily my first recco when someone asks for non-Hindi films. Paresh Mokashi flawlessly tells the story of a man who put everything that belonged to him, at stake, to make a motion picture - Raja Harishchandra. Title role played by Nandu Madhav - this one is 'Do Not Miss at any cost' film, about films. 

English Vinglish : Movie Review

Our very own Dolce and Namak has already seen Sridevi's English Vinglish. (and here, I am dying from excitement). See what's she has to say about it 
.....English Vinglish, by the way, is one of those rare Hindi films where you end up caring about all those secondary characters too because they feel like real people. I've seen those people in my own Business English classes, so it was nice to meet them again in a movie. Ironically enough (and a first for me), the non-desi characters felt more fleshed out than some of the desi ones. At least in the English class......
Ah !  
Read the full post HERE.
Can't wait !

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Ishkq In Paris : Music Review

Its all about tonight - is that track where you don't pay attention to words - like the sound as long as its played and then - forget it. Saiyaan - (arghhhhhhh...) is another Rahat Fateh Ali Khan track (double arghhhhhhh...) that starts off as a slow one and graduates into a qawwali styled beats (triple arghhhhhhh..). You know what I mean there. Next Jaane Bhi De is a relief. This smooth duet sung by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi is 'templatised', yet nice listen. Again, the cringe-fest continues. In Teri choodiyaan da crazy crazy sound - Wajid puts 'wannabe punjabi popstar' to shame. And Kudiye di kurti is sounds like picked up from 1994 stock.

Highly avoidable soundtrack by Sajid-Wajid. Oh Dear Priety - what did you do?

My Picks : Jaane Bhi De

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Barfi ! : Movie Review

Ranbir. How can one 'not' love this guy? No resemblance to his (legendary) ancestors, he on himself has created his own charm, his own style of act that is inimitable. Oozing brilliance in each frame that proves that (stealing words of my fav critic) 'he himself is his own competition'. In the title role of Murphy, Ranbir Kapoor has lived the characters, so brilliantly, that perhaps even the creator of the character wouldn't have thought. 

Barfi! - is story of Murphy, a deaf mute guy and Jhilmil-an autistic girl. Oh, so now you will think of other movies that made you feel pity/ made fun of differently abled persons. Well, this one, is definitely not one of them. This, is simply, a fairy tale involving the two - and told by third protagonist. Shruti - who falls for Murphy (who wouldn't?). Murphy, despite of his disabilities, is specially abled. to make everyone happy, everything around him - go cuddly soft just because of him. His Charlie Chaplin inspired mannerisms are There isn't a single preachy / glycerin induced moment that makes the movie so original, far from typecast. And you know it from the very first - even before the first frame of the movie is shown. Highly innovative 'Picture shuru..' sung by Swanand Kirkire that is played during pre-title acknowledgements is the most innovative idea - giving hint of the originality of the movie. The storytelling makes you fall in love with everything going on the screen. Thank You Anurag Basu for bringing us back to childhood. 

Set in Darjeeling and partially in Kolkata, Ravi Verman's lens infuse instant love affair with the celluloid. There are times when there is hardly any 'talk' going on the screen. But the flawless camerawork speaks and moves you. 'The umbrella scene', is just an example of that brilliance when there is hardly any background score present. But Ranbir's act and the camera does make you cry. On the other hand, its Pritam's score that makes you drool over the ongoings. Its been ages since we heard something so cheerful and colorful as 'itti si hansi' and 'Kyon'. The movie wouldn't have been the same without the songs & the background score - fabulously done by Pritam. 

While Ranbir is - Love at first frame, Priyanka's Jhilmil - is someone that takes time to grow. But when she does, one would forget there is an actress on the screen. I had fear she might be like 'female SRK' in this one. Thankfully she's not. She's so perfect, its hard to imagine someone else on her place. Director's touch. And, another lady, oh my ! Ileana D'cruz is so ravishing and her act is equally, flawless. At each stage of her age, she portrayed perfect part. (Thank Lord, Katrina refused this role). Even, the supporting leads like - Akash Khurana as Murphy's dad, Roopa Ganguly as Shruti's mom, Barfi's partner in crime and Saurabh Shukla. Everyone has their own share to make Barfi - a heartfelt experience. 

Ofcourse, its not a perfect one. Nothing in the world is. Barfi has its flaws in second half, while the story unnecessarly gets itself into twists and turns and thriller like things. Even there is a lag in pace towards the climax. But handled by Basu and Kapoor - in the end forgive these glitches when you see Barfi and Jhilmil dancing to Chhau dance and later, Itti si hansi. You know its been a great experience when you leave the hall with broad smile and moist corners of your eyes. Barfi, a fairytale, a poetry, a delicious dish you would want to have again and again and that too, feeling free from guilt. Easily, the best of this year. 

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Kismat Love Paisa Dilli - KLPD : Music Review

Meh !
Nothing is there 'to review'. Avoid..

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan : Poetry Lyrics Translation

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As requested by a reader, in comments section of my previous post, here is the poetry - by Gulzar saab. And my attempt to translate it. A literal one, not a poetic translation this one is.

Teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyaan
That 'salty'  naughtiness of your eyes

Teri hansi ki beparwah gustaakhiyaan
That carefree impertinence of your smile

Teri zulfon ki lehraati angdaaiyaan
Your hair, wriggling , fluttering (in the air)

Nahin bhoolunga main; Jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan
I will never forget, Till I die, Till I die.

Tera haath se haath chhodna,
How you let go of my hand, from your hand,

Tere saayon ka rukh modna,
How you (even) turned way of your shadows (from me)

Tera palat ke phir na dekhna,
How you did not look back (after leaving me)

Nahin maaf karunga main,
jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan.
I will never forgive, Till I die, Till I die.
**(here referred to the eyes filled with tears)

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A Yash Chopra Romance gets a name : Jab Tak Hai Jaan

The much awaited announcement is finally done. In a rather disappointing way - getting hint from Anand Bakshi's hit song from Sholay - the Yash Chopra Romance - starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma - is titled Jab Tak Hai Jaan ! 

Well, the poster seems a modified stuff of what the leaked photos were all about. But main star here, in the poster is Gulzar saab's words. Check out for yourself.

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English Vinglish : Music Review

Shilpa Rao and Amit Trivedi's combination hits the perfect chords in Badla Nazara (English Vinglish) instantly. Thankfully, the angrezi lyrics don't annoy here, it rather makes it a superb listen. 'Aflatoon, hai junoon' part is killer. The track repeats as AT as sole singer, works fine as always.  Penned by Swanand Kirkire, Dhak Dhuk has wonderful lyrics which are brilliantly put into the tune by Amit, with Garba beats and flute - this one lingers in your mind for long. Manhattan - is clearly a situational one, yet works with the fast beats and the vocals of Clinton + Bianca Gomes. While Gustakh Dil is a standard, predictable 'pathos by AT' template, sung by Shilpa Rao. Lastly, taking cue from Marathi folk, Navrai Majhi - is a cheerful, foot tapping mix of sounds. Sung by Swanand, his mother Neelambari Kirkire and Sunidhi Chauhan - the track is addictive.

A perfect - verfect soundtrack for the movie. Amit Trivedi continues spreading brilliance with his own - tried tested sounds.

My Picks : Dhak Dhuk, Badla Nazara

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Student Of The Year : Music Review

I don't understand the fascination with the English lyrics to make a song 'happening'. In most of the songs, it kills the mood in this rather mixed bag album of Student of The Year (SOTY). Radha is the perfect example for this. Starting with very interesting piece sung by Shreya, the song picks up with (lame) English lyrics, but its the Vishal's part, the looped 'radha teri chunri...' saves the track and making it an ear-worm. Shreya has done a perfect job here. Oh wait, there is a surprise - Udit Narayan, though as a cameo, he steals the show. Taking cue from prelude of 'Adha Ishq (BBB)', Salim, Shekhar & Sunidhi's Ishq Wala Love is flawless. Ratta Maar - with its 3Idiots inspired lyrics, has interesting tune and use of chorus, making a fine listen. 

Glitch comes in form of The Disco Song. Yes, the Disco Deewane. Some says its superb, some says its not. I am in the later category. The newly added 'pacey beats and other ingredients' work only when the original Nazia Hassan lines appear. While next two tracks Kukkad and Vele - both are just good to play loud in a car, in North India, specifically. Finally, the mashup - a fine mix that doesn't harm much as the last tracks do. 

Can't believe this is the soundtrack of a KJo film ! Vishal-Shekhar has given some great sounds through this year. Here, its opportunity wasted or  performance (producer) pressure ?

My picks : Radha, Ishq, Ratta. 

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