Dabangg 2 : Movie Review

So, the big Dabangg Theory got repeated (as expected), but with a different director. Now that's fine they did not retain the original director, but a first timer - that too - actor turned director. Well, you got my messege, hai na? It was Kashyap and the 'new, fresh' factor that worked in the first one, while in this, the 'repeat' theory makes everything predictable, and at places - lethargic. Well, keeping it shot, here's what worked and what not -

What Works...
1. Sal-Man-Khan. Of course. He still manages to keep eyeballs glued on screen. Be it his mannerisms, or his own style of fight-dance-romance. Chulbul Pandey - still is as likable as the first one. 
2. First half. It passes out fataafat. With some quirky fights scenes and the standard Chulbul fun. 
3. Crisply done action sequences. One can't help but shout at all the moves of our superhero. 
4. Music. Yes, don't kill me for this, but the songs 'actually' works well in the film. Especially, 'Pandeyji seeti maare'. 
5. Ah..well, that's it !

What doesn't ....
1. Same old premises. Offers nothing new, exciting. Despite of having some brilliant actors on 'villain' front. 
2. Sloppy second half. Things get too slow you tend to think if the script has got stuck by Fevicol. 
3. Exciting fight sequence in climax - that ends so unexciting-ly.
4. Boring-yes, boring item song of Bebo. Was expecting a blast, that was missing. 
5. Bimbo - a.k.a. Rajjo a.k.a. Sonakshi. Who does nothing but overtly sweet somethings with hubby dearest. I mean come'on, who agrees such movie where you are limited to "Baba aap roti khaiye. Aur khaiye na" kind of silly scenes. (though both of them look great together, kaun-baba?, nahi yaar, sallu) 

Overall, its not good, not great. Just a timepass flick, that you can watch with friends in upper stall, to shout together and have some fun. 

Oh wait, there is a 3rd installment too. Its clearly hinted. Go save your souls. 

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