Ashleel Geetmala : 2012

If you are still wondering what's this title of a post. Ashleel Geetmala actually was mentioned in Aiyyaa. And there, I got the idea about posting an actual one here. Since we are having more and more such 'double meaning' songs in the name of 'Item song', why not a yearly countdown of such songs? 

Lets start the 'Indescent Countdown' I mean 'Ashleel Geetmala'. 

The silliest 'I want to create controversy' effort by the makers. The first teaser of Joker had 'just you...' in background. But then, 'I want "fuqt" you' (that sounded like I want FUCKt you) was 'leaked' and then Shirish Kunder said 'we do not want any controversy' and then 'I want just you' was released. No wonder this didn't help the film. 

If you still don't know what 'Pungi' is - just Google 'Hello Brother Pungi'. And you will know why this song has made it to our list. And sad that the song was a huge hit among kids. 

"Sweet, this salty water is". Yeah baby, my Halkat Jawani. Really, Bebo? The movie itself was halkat-like that no one went to watch it. 

"Pallu ke niche chhupa ke jo rakha hai, utha lu to hungama ho" - Enough. What can be done with this lyricist - Sameer Anjaan? 

A hunter and his extremely long gun. This got extremly popular everywhere, on social meadia and off. Though mostly in 'Englis', you can't deny the clear 'Dwiarthi' lyrics. Though the song is one of the biggest hit (I too loved it a lot, who didn't)

Extreme is understatement. Poore ka poora nanga song hai yeh. Talking about masturbation to luring the boy. And from foreplay to climax (aaah....aaaaah). Sala, this song made me skip the soundtrack for days. So angry I was with AK and AT. As I tweeted earlier too, Anurag you should take initiative and put up 'Explicit Lyrics' sign on your CDs. Truly, you've mastered the art of double meaning these days. 

But seriously, this was the issue of last year too. When we had Boss DK singing kids in our streets. Can we have a self-rating of the songs please? (And what surprised me was - the 'adult' movie Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum did not have a single such song !!!)

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