About BigRock.com and Discount coupon giveaway

Well, I am not a techie when it comes to register or design my own site, work with domains etc. And like anyone else, I was relying on GoDaddy's domain plans and services. Frankly speaking, they confuse me a lot with their cluttered layout of the website. And one fine day, I got this mail in my inbox. As I usually do [lazybum I am] I ignored it for days, untill few days back I read it and went through the website. BigRock.com . Was surprised that a domain provider/website hosting services website can be so simple !

Compared to other such sites, BigRock has really really easy and clean layout of the site that wins hands down.

Tanu Weds Manu : Music Review

This is...a total surprise ! Wasn't expecting such an interesting soundtrack for a fun movie. RDB's composition 'Sadi Galli' is an absolutely addictive punjabi track that [as always] makes you want to move your feet. Sung by Lehmber Hussainpuri, the track makes a fun start. The scene totally changes at next smooth track by Mohit Chouhan, in his 'sharaabi' voice he sings 'Yun Hi' [Kitne Dafe] a charming track composed by Krsna-the debutant composer of the album. Backing vocals by Ujjaini-the song steals heart at first listen.

But the highlight of this album [for me] is 'Rangrez'. Sung by Krsna himself that [i suppose] is a cover of Wadali Brothers' original [Puranchand Wadali, Pyare Lal Wadali]. That is also there in the album. Some really really good lyrics to watch out for. Written by Rajshekar - first antara is amazing word play. If these two Qawwalis are not enough, Roop Kumar Rathod is waiting to give another superb track - Piya , a tabla laden track is sheer bliss. Its been a long time we heard Rathod in such track. Love it.