Tanu Weds Manu : Music Review

This is...a total surprise ! Wasn't expecting such an interesting soundtrack for a fun movie. RDB's composition 'Sadi Galli' is an absolutely addictive punjabi track that [as always] makes you want to move your feet. Sung by Lehmber Hussainpuri, the track makes a fun start. The scene totally changes at next smooth track by Mohit Chouhan, in his 'sharaabi' voice he sings 'Yun Hi' [Kitne Dafe] a charming track composed by Krsna-the debutant composer of the album. Backing vocals by Ujjaini-the song steals heart at first listen.

But the highlight of this album [for me] is 'Rangrez'. Sung by Krsna himself that [i suppose] is a cover of Wadali Brothers' original [Puranchand Wadali, Pyare Lal Wadali]. That is also there in the album. Some really really good lyrics to watch out for. Written by Rajshekar - first antara is amazing word play. If these two Qawwalis are not enough, Roop Kumar Rathod is waiting to give another superb track - Piya , a tabla laden track is sheer bliss. Its been a long time we heard Rathod in such track. Love it.

Capturing the flavor of movie, Mannu Bhaiyya is a track that is quite situational but still works well as a standalone track too for its funny words about Delhi and Kanpur. Continuing the northern touch-Jugni , another version of traditional Punjabi song, is as good as Mika's recent songs are. 

The line up of songs is as interesting as the first promo. Raising my curiosity for the film to see how they fit in the film. My picks : Piya and Rangrez

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  1. It's become a habit now for me to say this to you, Darshit, but hope it's not any less effective, eh. Thank you so very much for your recommendations. I really really like Rangrez, think it's the best filmy qawwali since 'Haan Rehem' from 'Aamir'! 'Piya' also, simply sensational. I think these two (or three because of multiple version) tracks, way more than the rest, overshadow the rest. Not their fault, they'd probably overshadow stuff by any other two-song jodi. :)

  2. eagerly awaiting this film... Have only heard saddi galli... and I must say it'll be doing rounds in all shaadis this season...completely louv it!

  3. @tbf Hey... glad my reccos are of some use. :) absolutely, one can easily put that amazing qawalli in the league of Aamir. Oh btw, ek mistake ho gayi, thats not Roop Kumar Rathod-its Shafaqat Amanat Ali.

    @mansi same here, waiting for Kangna [<3] in a different role.

  4. Hey Darshit .. thanks for the review... and the song is actually by Roop Kumar Rathod only and not Shafaqat Amanat Ali...

  5. Its good to see Kangana Ranaut cheerful and dancing to Sadi Galli. "Yuhi" and "Peeya" are also two refreshing songs!Thanks for the review Darshit!

  6. Ya this movie was good and kangana is looking different and very beautiful .


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